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Unrequited Tragic Maiden

Eponine: He was never mine to lose.

She is beautiful. She is sweet. She is sincere. So why can't she get the guy already? The Unrequited Tragic Maiden is (usually) a female character that seems to have all the perfect characteristics to make her the ideal romantic interest or even The Ingenue of the story, but alas, for some reason the object of her affections does not view her as such. Usually this is because she is overshadowed by another female character who has captivated the heart of the guy, placing the Unrequited Tragic Maiden on the sideline only to be seen as a friend or ward.

No matter how painful her yearning for love is, the Unrequited Tragic Maiden never truly achieves her happily ever after with the one she loves. She endures it all with a sad smile and is often reduced to a tragic fate. She is the poster child of Unrequited Love. In the end she will often sacrifice herself or her happiness to make sure her beloved is happy.

Fan reactions to her tend to be mixed. Many fans will cheer and push for the Maiden's success, to the extent of calling The Hero an Ungrateful Bastard if he doesn't fall to the girl's feet (because the often never asked for pining and sacrifices are seen by fans as him owing her affection or sex no matter what he actually thinks or says) or Slut Shaming any possible female love rival (because The Hero is seen as a tool of women's validation and some think that women shouldn't act on their own romantic feelings if it interferes with others); and if the Maiden doesn't succeed, much bashing of the author shall be expected. On the other hand, others will turn against the Maiden and call her insulting names; this is especially obvious if either The Hero has another prospect love interest or female friend who's perceived as being "stronger" and "cooler" than the maiden herself, or the Maiden herself has a prospect male love interest whose (canon or not) feelings she passes up on to favor The Hero.

(It should also be pointed out that, specially in modern times, several of these Maidens are also full-blooded characters with motivations, relationships, backstories and/or interests that go beyond their Unrequited Loves... and yet many fans will insist on only focusing on their love woes, either ignoring or refusing to see their non-romantic character depths.)

Compare to Hopeless Suitor and Romantic Runner-Up, who is the brother of this trope but usually with a less tragic end. May wind up becoming The Lost Lenore after death if the person they loved grieves for them, blames themselves for her death or else only discovers that he loved her when it was too late. Contrast to Green-Eyed Monster, in which the woman is more prone to sabotage and a devious nature unlike the docile nature of the Unrequited Tragic Maiden.

This is starting to become either a Discredited Trope as romantic portrayals of females become less dependent on the male characters, or a Deconstructed Trope to showcase a point-of-view of it being an unrealistic idea of romantic love.


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     Anime and Manga  


  • In the original story of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, "The Little Mermaid", the mermaid rescues and falls in love with a prince. He marries a different girl whom he believes had rescued him, and who actually did help in his rescue (and in some versions she was actually his bethrothed from before the mermaid incident happened). Because she was unsuccesful in making the prince fall in love with her, the mermaid turns to sea foam, choosing his happiness over her own life. In some versions she is rewarded for her sacrifice with a new life as an air sprite, during which time she will earn a soul (mermaids don't naturally have them) and go to Heaven.
  • The Lady Of Shalott (the page image) from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem of the same name which is based on the Arthurian Legend character Elaine of Astolat, who pined after Lancelot (who, of course, only had eyes for Guenivere) and eventually died of a broken heart.
  • Rebecca of York to Ivanhoe, due entirely to the fact that she's Jewish. She warns Ivanhoe not to fall for her at their first meeting and does a graceful I Want My Beloved to Be Happy bow out at the end allowing Rowena and Ivanhoe to be together and devotes the rest of her life to doing good works. Notable in that even the author preferred Rebecca and Ivanhoe, but couldn't pair them up due to Moral Guardians.
  • Actually subverted in the original Les Misérables with Eponine - she's more pitiful than tragic, and far from selfless. She despairs when he falls in love with Cosette, so she figures she'll just have him die with her.

     Live Action Television  

  • In Smallville, Chloe is solidly pining after Clark for the first five seasons, and even after getting together with Jimmy for season six and seven, it is pretty obvious that she would be with Clark if she gets to choose. Not to mention an Anguished Declaration of Love in late season seven. Subverted when she seems to be Happily Married with Jimmy. Double subverted when Jimmy divorced her for always taking Clark's or Davis' side. Triple subverted when she ends up with Oliver. Although that probably counts as being Strangled by the Red String.
  • Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was this for a while, pining away for Xander, until she got a boyfriend of her own. And then became (or realized she was) a lesbian or a lesbian-leaning bi.
  • Emma on "Bates Motel" seems to be one of these. She is every bit as hot as Bradley, but Norman just likes Bradley better.


  • Giselle from the ballet of the same name. In some versions, Giselle falls in love with Albretch, but Albretch is engaged to Bathilde. After dying of a broken heart, Giselle becomes The Lost Lenore.
  • Ophelia from Hamlet might be seen as one. Against the warning of her father, she's fallen in love with the Prince, and as soon as Hamlet begins to feign madness, the first thing he does is try to break off his relationship with Ophelia. She doesn't take it well, and then things go From Bad to Worse. At her funeral, Hamlet sobs profusely for his love for her.
  • Eponine from Les Misérables is in love with Marius and does everything she can to help him, even though he is in love with Cosette and only views Eponine as a friend. This portrayal contrasts with the one she has in the original book, where she's more of a Stalker with a Crush.
  • Helen Chao from "Flower Drum Song" is one of these. Like Eponine, she gets one of the arguably better songs in the show and does everything she can to be a supportive friend to Ta. He first rejects her by chasing the wrong love object before again passing her over.

     Video Games  

  • Namine from Kingdom Hearts is drawn to Sora and wishes she were Kairi. In the end, she wants Sora and Kairi to be happy and merges with Kairi thus destroying her own identity and existence in some ways.
  • Fire Emblem has a few of these due to most characters being given multiple romantic partners.
    • Path of Radiance has Titania, second-in-command and Team Mom of the Greil Mercenaries. It's revealed in her Supports with Ike that she grew close to and became enamored with Ike's father Greil while training under him, but she pushed away her feelings for Greil when she discovered that he was already married with children. It should be no surprise that she (along with Ike and Mist) is hit the hardest by his death at the hands of the Black Knight (to the point that she breaks down into tears in their A Support when Ike thanks her for taking care of his father in his final years). She does have Ship Tease with Ike, Boyd, and Rhys in Radiance, but ultimately ends up single by the end of Dawn.
    • Blazing Sword has a Double Subversion in Priscilla. She does have a number of possible lovers she can Support with, but due to her status as nobility, she ultimately ends up in a Star-Crossed Lovers situation — with all but one of them the magician Erk, who has peerage only due to his tutelage under Pent, the Count of Reglay.
      • Also, if Eliwood reaches an A support with anyone but Ninian, she will become this since her romantic feelings for Eliwood are set in stone regardless of support levels and she must return with her brother Nils to the land beyond the Dragon's Gate anyway. Though she also has several other reasons to be depressed, and if she has to leave for the Dragon Gate lands, she is able to tell Eliwood goodbye without crying a single tear, having recovered from her former trauma.
    • Cordelia in Fire Emblem Awakening is in love with Chrom and is hurting badly over it, but will never say anything because she's sure it'll never work out. The game mechanics don't even let you pair them! Sadly, while this aspect is a prominent part of Cordelia's character, the Fan Dumb ignore her other reasons to be depressed and in the process completely flatten her into either a Chrom-dependent weepy maiden who deserves his affection better than any of his other prospect girlfriends, or a creepy Stalker with a Crush who thinks she's entitled to Chrom and will throw everything away for him. And that, in a further subversion, she can be romanced by other male characters — including yours, should you make the Avatar a male).
    • Julia from Geneaology of the Holy War predates them all. She falls in love with her half-brother Seliph, but cannot pair with him... without glitches and lots of patience in the player's part. (And it's even lampshaded in-game, with Seliph's potential love interest Lana actually feeling guilty upon having her feelings requited.) Averted in the Oosawa manga, where the ending strongly hints at them ending up together even after finding out that they're half-siblings.
      • Sylvia also is this in the Oosawa manga. She fell in love with Lewyn after he showed her the kindness nobody else would and proclaims her feelings for him more than once. However, Lewyn also has feelings for Ferry, whom he professes his love to during the Silesia arc, after apologizing to Sylvia due to being unable to like her back.
    • And Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones gives us the VERY rare male example as well: Prince Lyon of Grado, who has always had feelings for Princess Eirika and a very complicated bond with Prince Ephraim. Then it all goes From Bad to Worse...
    • Actually, the Trope codifiers for Fire Emblem come from from the Archanea continent. Not only that, but they're sisters: the Lady of War and the eldest of the Pegasus Knights sisters, Palla, is in love with the cavalier Abel who marries her youngest sister Est, while her second sister Catria has feelings for Marth who is already in love with Princess Caeda.
  • Dragon Quest V: Potentially Bianca, provided the hero chooses to marry Flora instead. She helps him complete his Engagement Challenge, gets her hopes briefly raised, then dashed, and proceeds to get bodyslammed by a load of extra angst just to drive home to the player they made the wrong choice. At least the remakes dial it back.

     Visual Novels  

     Western Animation 
  • Up to episode 50, this seemed to be Daphne on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. And that was mainly because Freddy was acutely clueless about Daphne's love for him.

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