Funny / Monster

  • Detective Runge has a few, however unintentional they might be.
    "Oh no! Another mistake! Boy I'm clumsy today! Whoops!"
  • I couldn't have been the only one who laughed when Tenma told Gillen—an old classmate that though Tenma looked down on him for cheating on his medical exam— that he cheated on the test too, could I? Gee Dr. Gillen, those years of resentment must have felt kinda pointless after that revelation, huh?
  • This may have been unintentional, but...
    Tenma: DON'T TAKE ANOTHER STEP!!! *guy falls down*
  • Dieter trying to be badass in the club. He orders an alcoholic beverage, drinks without problems and walks away... only to throw up outside.
  • Heckel's reaction to that rare rug being destroyed in order to stop the Turkish district fire from getting worse.
  • In "Be My Baby", Heckel and Dieter playing soccer... or rather, Dieter trying to play with Heckel and Heckel becoming increasingly annoyed about it.
    Heckel: Ow! Sonova... after getting hit in the face with the soccer ball
    Dieter: Hey, nice header!
    Heckel: Did I look like I was ready to you!?
    Dieter: Hey! Remember what I said, you can't use your hands! That's a yellow card.
    Heckel: I'm throwin' this into traffic if you mention the rules one more time!
    Dieter: If you keep talkin' like that, you'll get a red card.
    Heckel: Shut up!
  • The Baby's reaction to Nina leaving after she pointed a gun at him. "But first, I need some new briefs."
  • Martin's reaction to getting shot in the stomach. "You idiot! You're supposed to aim for the head!"
  • Everything with Gustav and Helene, Those Two Guys in episode 54 at least until Gustave gets hit by the police cruiser:
    Helena: (whining) Gustaaaav, I wanna make babies!
    *Gustav slams the car door in her face*