Disproportionate Retribution: Fan Works

Ace Attorney

Axis Powers Hetalia
  • The 'World Financial Crisis Gangbang' comics. I mean, really - was raping America really the best way to sort out the financial crisis?
  • There has existed at least one Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic in which Canada brutally tortures or murders another character in response to their heinous crime of not remembering Canada's name.

Calvin and Hobbes

Cross Over
  • In Christian Humber Reloadednote , Vash kills a hunter for setting a trap that he stepped in while hunting that did not even harm him because it broke on his leg. To make matters worse, the trap may not have even been intended for him.
    • He also plans to "wipe out (Soku's) entire gene pool" for turning him in to the police. For the record, wiping out her gene pool would involve wiping out the entire human race. Apparently for him it just means killing her extended family.
      • After he gets shot in the shoulder after accidentally teleporting to the Super Bowl, he kills 6 million people just to prove a point about how dangerous angry Horteka are.
  • In "Days of Futures Past What Does That Mean It Kinda Sounds Sexy" Kurama tells Robin That someone once insulted ramen in Naruto's presence so Naruto retaliated by tying them up to a Prius and throwing the person off a bridge. Kurama doesn't say if the Prius was used to suspend the person off the bridge and dangle upside down or if Naruto threw the car afterward to help sink that person to the water bed bellow. Most likely the latter due to the fact that Naruto doesn't like Prius vehicles for some reason.
  • Death Note Equestria: Twilight, as Kira, kills criminals of various caliber - her main targets are Karma Houdinis and those she considers unrepentant - so a pony with a life-long history of minor offences might also be offed. Second Kira (Fluttershy), meanwhile, openly kills those who speak against Kira.
  • The Prayer Warriors often engage in this, particularly by deciding that anyone who disagrees with them deserves to die. One example is Idiosy, for whom hacking into the author's account is cited as an in-universe reason for having Rachael kill him and burn down his house, killing all his wives and guards.
  • In Renegade, the Global Defense Initative uses this as a basic part of their military doctrine. If someone fucks with a GDI colony, their response is to utterly destroy whoever attacked them with overwhelming force. This doctrine lead to them obliterating the pirate bases at Torfan from orbit, and results in full-scale war with the Batarian Hegemony due to them supporting attacks on human colonies. One Citadel politician accuses GDI of "making an example" out of the batarians, which GDI pretty much agrees with.
  • Thinking In Little Green Boxes: when Beast declares that Harry Potter does have a mutant power—hair regeneration... and that's why Professor X became Onslaught.
  • Turnabout Storm
    • Murder is shown as a very rare and serious crime in Equestria, and the punishment for the guilty is banishment... to the Moon or the Sun. After hearing this, Phoenix immediately takes it as going too far.
    "Geez, being sent to the Sun is 'Going easy on someone'? Remind me never to do anything bad in this place."
    • Then there's Trixie, who took the job as the prosecutor as an opportunity to get revenge on Twilight and the mane 6 in general for revealing her as a fraud. Although it's implied later that that is not Trixie's main reason for wanting to back at Twilight, as indicated by the presence of black psyche-locks when asked about it.
    • In a less serious note, Rarity wants Phoenix to sue the post office for not having enough pens.
  • X-COM in XCOM: Second Contact outdoes the GDI in this. The Relay 314 Incident? X-COM's counterattack on the Turian patrol involved 400 fighters, a dozen cruisers and two dreadnoughts. Mindoir? Two words, "Chryssalid strikes".

Dragon Age
  • Most of the main cast in Dragon Age: The Crown Of Thorns, and some others, feel that the DN protagonist lashes out at Isolde a bit too strongly, although, true enough, she did outright accuse him that he doesn't mind killing children. Basically, he makes her cry with "The Reason You Suck" Speech and even deliberately makes her think he is going to/did kill Connor. Fortunately, he'd only gone upstairs to give the kid a hug and a So Proud of You, plus talk to the demon possessing him face to face.
    • When Connor is finally exorcized, the DN gets quite angry at Alim's impersonation of the Grim Reaper and, instead of congratulating him and whatnot, drags the mage over to give him a What the Hell, Hero?? rant in private. Alim counters it by calling him out on how he reacted too harshly, showing off his own Guile Hero traits by perceiving one of Raonar's biggest regrets.

Five Nights at Freddy's

For Better or for Worse
  • In The New Retcons:
    • Gavin Caine opposed Tracey's campaign to investigate whether Millborough being built on a former nuclear test site had an adverse effect on the population. Why? To get back at his son Anthony through Tracey and her husband Gordon, first for Anthony working for them instead of him, then for opposing his expansion plans for being outdated.
    • Kortney Krelbutz wanted revenge on Moira and Elly, the former for firing her, the latter for not hiring her back. (Never mind that she was busted stealing.) She steals Elly's husband John from her (not that she ever knew, given her untimely death), inherited his millions when he died, then used that to buy out the store she was fired from and fire Moira in turn, then bought out most of Millborough to have it absorbed into Greater Scarborough.

Harry Potter
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness:
    • When Renny, a young Slytherin, gets caught with a copy of the Quibbler in his bag, he gets his arms broken by Crabbe and Goyle for being a "blood traitor." Then his dad pulls him out of the school. Then Voldemort murders him along with his whole family. Renny's story was one of the greatest Tear Jerker moments in the fic.
    • The Death Eaters respond to the students rebelling by inviting Hans Belsen (a cross between Mengele and Tomás de Torquemada) to make an example out of a few students.
  • Remember in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Ron and Harry were having an argument, because Ron was feeling Overshadowed by Awesome and he felt Harry was hiding something from him? Well, Rose Potter of The Girl Who Lived responded to this by throwing Ron around the room and carving words into his forehead.
  • In Heir Voldemort hates muggles because as a child he was picked on at the orphanage and they killed his baby snake in front of him. Voldemort tracked down his childhood tormenter years later and killed her child.
  • In My Immortal, "Samoro" (allegedly James Potter) and "Lucian" (allegedly Lucius Malfoy) are in a band together. Lucian plays a few wrong notes during a concert, and Samoro responds by attempting to shoot off Lucian's arm. But it was later revealed that Snap(e) used Demonic Possession on Samoro to make him do the above, meaning this trope is subverted.
    • Not to mention when Ebony's friend Willow becomes a 'prep', she is then murdered and her body is dumped in the woods. And is raped by 'Loopin', because he's a 'necphilak'.
    • When Ebony and Britney have a confrontation, Britney makes a few off-hand remarks and mocks Enoby. What does Ebony do in response? Use a curse to torture her.
      • Granted, Britney did free Snap, Loopin and Hargrid free from "Azkabian."
    • A more extreme example: When Ebony and "Satan" are making out while taking each others' clothes off and someone tells them that they can't do that (since they're watching a movie in public), Ebony drains her blood.
      • Interestingly, though, the author seems to try to justify the murder, claiming beforehand that the woman was a prep out of nowhere.

  • Hitman Miami: In one of the chapters, it is mentioned that should 47 even trip off a metal detector, an army of guards will shoot him to death, "as is standard procedure in the event someone sets off a metal detector, anywhere, in the entire world." (This parodies the All Crimes Are Equal trope from the original games.)


  • In Used, Tritter uses kidnapping, gang-rape, murder, stalking, and beating House half to death with his own cane to get revenge for the thermometer incident.

The Hunger Games

  • The Bombshellhas a double whammy. The protagonist Ada has a...thing about being touched. In kindergarten, she recalls, a little girl surprised hug her from behind and wouldn't let go. So she kicked her. Then, in response, every student in school shunned her for eight or so years. Those kids really know how to hold a grudge.

  • Tends to be a trend with Post-Kickassia fic where Critic is concerned. Yes, we know he was an epic dick during that week, but is it really necessary to make him the recipient of a dub-conny gangbang?

Kids Incorporated
  • A rather brutal example occurs in The Kids Who Cried 'Ouch', an answer fanfic to the episode "The Boy Who Cried Gorilla." In the fanfic, Ryan, Connie, and Renee get their "just desserts" for their initial treatment of Richie when he first sees the gorilla. Among other things, Ryan gets beaten to the point that he suffers a drug addiction that causes his grades to fall to flunking levels, Connie gets a knife up the vagina rendering her sterile, and Renee winds up repeatedly getting raped to the point that she winds up pregnant and ends up suffering a miscarriage.

Kill la Kill
  • Don't take Ryuuko's toys or else. To elaborate, Nui is took Ryuuko's stuffed rabbit and Ryuuko's response, rather than tell on her, was to threaten her with an AK-47.

Lucky Star
  • In The Day Everything Changed, the main antagonist of the story, Sakura Takahashi, went on the attack, giving Kagami the mother of all beatdowns and injuring the poor girl so badly that she had to be rushed to the hospital. What the hell did Kagami do to deserve this? The fact that she simply scored higher than Sakura on a midterm (and considering Sakura has been held back twice, and got a 36 while Kagami got a 96, she should have realized this would happen). If that's not Disproportionate Retribution, then I don't know what is. It doesn't help that she had secretly had a grudge towards Kagami for god knows how long. Luckily, justice quickly catches up with her.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Cadance Of Cloudsdale: Lady Prisimia was banished from Equestria because her boyfriend grew bored of her and started spreading Malicious Slander so intense that Celestia herself exiled her. Actually a Subversion, as Cadance notes how Prismia was under the spell of an evil amulet that amplified the negative traits of her personality and altered her perceptions of reality. It was far more likely that Prismia grew increasingly scathing and hostile until a real incident happened, and she chose self-exile than stay any longer in Canterlot.
    • Same with Prismia's reasons for stealing love from everyone in Reduit. Because of her nasty breakup with her coltfriend, she decided to take love from these people "because they didn't deserve to be happy" while she was miserable.
  • Celestia VS Cleverbot: Luna gets upset with Cleverbot and takes out her anger by destroying the computer and setting it on fire.
  • In The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum The Man Behind the Man is the Bag of Tirek, which wants to destroy all of humanity because Megan destroyed its creator.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves: Why is Checker Monarch so intent on destroying Trixie's life? Because she exists.
  • In the Lunaverse story At the Grand Galloping Gala, Night Light blocks the sending of emergency funds to Ponyville just to punish Trixie for insulting Twilight. And it gets worse: he tells Trixie the only two ways he'll accept her apology are if she resigns from the Night Court, giving up her life dream in the process, or if she finds and returns Twilight to him. Failure to do either will result in him preventing her from advancing past Representative.
  • My Little Unicorn:
    • Titan got his face disfigured in his past and was shunned by everyone for his hideous looks afterwards. Years later, he kills his entire species and starts to destroy parts of the multiverse for no other reason than that it is fun. His former fiancee, Serpentari also has a similar motive.
    • The author wrote the entire fanfic, which insults bronies as being losers who dare to believe in positive things, because one single brony made fun of him.
      • In the sequel he makes Cadance suffer, just because he does not like the fact that in the show, she got happily married.
    • Ace Ray gets sent to an insane asylum and essentially brainwashed into liking Star Fleet, for the crime of... saying mean things about them. Sure, he beat up his sister but the way it's worded, it sounds like Starfleet was looking for an excuse to arrest him.
    • Frosteye had been trapped in a frozen cavern for a century by Princess Celestia due to being a mocker.
  • Hey kids, is the nerd asking questions that the teacher holds off recess to answer? That's not cool! Let's trick her into going into a forest full of hungry monsters to an ancient and quite possibly cursed ruin where she'll get mind raped by memories she didn't know she had! Sound harsh? In Past Sins Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon did it! Although, to be fair, they didn't know that the mind rape thing would happen. The monsters, on the other hand, are common knowledge.
  • One conclusion to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Dark Fic "Pattycakes"note  ends with Fluttershy singing to Rainbow Dash about how Dashnote  will never hurt anyone's feelings again now that she's been mentally regressed to an infant. The other conclusion has Scootaloo fail to grasp Fluttershy's philosophy after going through the series of (twisted) tests, and if she fails the final test by drinking water instead of milk, she's regressed even further than Dash (Dash had Baby Talk, Scoot loses the power of speech entirely), with no hope of ever recovering. (For your daily humour-so-dark-light-cannot-escape-its-surface needs, her cutie mark takes the form of a baby's pacifier, since she's not exactly going to have the chance to demonstrate any other talents, now is she?)
  • In Shining Armor's side story in the Pony POV Series, the arc's Big Bad Makarov's reaction to Shining not knowing who he is is to try to assassinate him. And that's plan A — plan B is to instead subject him to a Fate Worse Than Death.
    • When Diamond Tiara went through her mother's jewelry and "borrowed" a tiara (earning her cutie mark in the process), her mother didn't take it well. And by that I mean she tried to strangle her own daughter to death.
    • Let's not forget the Dark World arc, where Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox, formerly Twilight Sparkle, has been rewinding time simply to continue to make Discord suffer. An interesting example, because Discord really did enough to her to warrant a truly horrific punishment, Paradox managed to go so far, her revenge went into this trope despite how much Discord did to her.
  • In Sophistication And Betrayal, Cashmere wants to ruin Rarity and destroy her business, simply because the latter declined her affections.

  • Invoked in Escape From The Hokage's Hat. The council want to banish Naruto, want Sasuke's prison sentence forgotten and were smart enough to get the Daimyo to agree with any of their decisions. Tsunade's response? Shove Sasuke in one of the darkest ANBU cells being kept barely alive, setting up the collapse of Konoha's economy, taking money from the accounts of every clan that ever wronged Naruto and finally making Jiraiya (temporary) Sixth Hokage while she leaves with Shizune, Hinata and Naruto for a six month training trip. When she explains why she did it to Naruto, she has this to say:
    "I decided to teach those meddling old fools a lesson in respect. If the reason I came back to the village is kicked out, I am SO joining in the fun!"
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again! has Tobi mutilate a delivery ninja who was delivering his invitation to the Uchiha family reunion. He also immolates the remains and empties his bladder on the body for good measure. Why? It was for mentioning his real name.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Moon Daughter: A teenager who bullies the protaganist is sentenced be "chained to a giant coach purse for internity."

  • In Latias' Journey, the Ghost King proposes to Latias after sending her several gifts. She refuses his advances, so he kills her family, and then destoys her home, Altomare, along with everyone in it. Judging by the city it is based on, he killed upwards of 800,000 people. Strangely enough, she still falls in love with him.
  • In New World, Maddie smacks Ashton in the face. And he proceeds to savagely beat her. Keep in mind that the reason she hit him in the first place was because he was tring to rape her.
  • In the Hans Von Hozel story Pikachus Umbrella, Pikachu is locked in a prison cell for all eternity for stealing a TV set.
  • In Plasma's Folly, Kelvin assembles an army of fifty kids who can turn into Legendary Pokémon to outright obliterate Team Plasma because his girlfriend was made into Genesect.
  • In the Poké Wars series, Ho-Oh sees genocide as a fitting punishment for humanity's "enslavement" of Pokémon.

Real Person Fic
  • Inverted in With Strings Attached. Because the four are Actual Pacifists, when they are treated very badly (even tortured in a way) by the Uneasy Alliance in Ehndrisďż˝at one point, part of George's soul is taken from him and have a chance to get some of their own back, they just slap people around for a few seconds. The worst that happens is a few people get slammed into a wall or hosed down, and George does cat tornado on Brox's head.
    • It's even more disproportionate when you realize that George did nothing else during the final battle except try not to get hurt, and Paul did nothing except absorb damage and hold Kerrun upside-down and tap her head on the floor to keep her from concentrating.
  • Most of the Gunge Male Celebs stories. Plenty of times, we have a cocky celebrity, or a celebrity who we are told is cocky, who walks into a trap, and is subsequently humiliated, with everyone, including the narration, saying it's their 'just desserts', and that they deserved it. Here's an example. And it's all because that they are simply cocky.

  • In Saki After Story, by the author of The Day Everything Changed, Saki narrowly wins against Teru in the finals of the mahjong tournament. When Saki approaches Teru after the match, and Teru beats her up badly enough to send her to the hospital (doing the same to Nodoka when she tries to help Saki), the people covering the tournament assume that it's because Teru is a Sore Loser. It's actually because Saki tried to talk to Teru and claimed to be her sister, which still counts.

Sesame Street

Sonic the Hedgehog
  • In Episode 61 of Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Sonic and his friends heavily damage Beelzebub's prototype flagship. His response? In episode 67, Beelzebub brutally tortures Cosmo and nearly rapes Chris to death after luring them to his base.

Sponge Bob Square Pants
  • In Mr Krabs Unquenchable Blood Lust, when Mr. Krabs learns that the health inspector is a fake posing as a real inspector in order to scam people for free food, instead of calling the police and having him arrested, he kills him with a poisoned Krabby Patty.

Star Trek

  • The End of Ends pulls a massive one. The villain, Count Logan, who is Beast Boy after getting a Superpowered Evil Side, sucks people who were mean to him or otherwise were just living happy lives into his book and kills them. He also has his minions blow up Tamaran because Starfire got together with Robin when Terra didn't get together with him. In fact, the entire reason why he was blowing up the universe was because he got "dumped" by Terra.
  • In Joker's Wild, the Joker kidnaps Beast Boy and puts him through horrific Cold-Blooded Torture for weeks on end. Why? Because an action figure of Beast Boy just happened to be programmed to say "Dude, I'm the King of Jokers!"

Touhou Project
  • In Gensokyo 20XXII Ran was scalded with some kind of liquid (hinted at to be either acid or very hot water) for snooping through papers and was left with severe burns, resulting scars after she healed. That is a pure testament to how brutal their captors are.
    • In 20XXV,in chapter 66, we have it where Paintbrush Bitch lets Reimu outside of the apartment building, knowing that would place her in danger, which it does when she goes into The Forbiddens, all because Yukari curb-stomped her for calling her a whore.
    • Arguably, this is case when Reimu stabs Yume Ni with a pair of scissors in response to being kicked in the face, then again, one could say it was an eye for an eye, since Yu dealt her injury and she dealt it back.
  • Yuuka is virtually the queen of this in Imperfect Metamorphosis, along with being Wicked Cultured. She only lashes out when someone breaks etiquette. An example being when she killed the couple in the hotel room, because they screamed in terror upon seeing her instead of giving her a proper greeting. Another example being that she didn't attack any of Yukari's backup teams until they attacked her, thus breaking the rules of her engagement with Yukari. Kanako picks up on this and manages to talk Yuuka into going home for the day.

Warhammer 40,000
  • One tiny piece of artwork describes Makari, Warlord Ghazghkull mag Uruk Thraka's banner carrier, as his one and only genuine friend. You do happen to remember Ghazghkull's crusade to unite the whole Orkoid race and wipe out Humanity, before clearing out everyone else? That's because he hates them for murdering his lucky Gretchin. In the story written for the artwork, Ghazghkull orders his WAAAGH! to occasionally return to the world where Makari's grave is buried. He then goes to the grave alone and just talks to Makari about his WAAAGH's process. So far, he is succeeding.

  • In Son Of Apophis the villain gives a speech about how pointless the whole 'eye for an eye' thing is. It's better to take both eyes, and the other guy's arms while you're at it.

Yogscast Minecraft Series