Characters: Vampire Academy

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Warning: this page contains many unmarked spoilers for all six books.

     Main Protagonists 

Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway

Always… always I've done something to fight for myself… for others. No matter what.

The main protagonist of the series, a 17-year old dhampir who is best friends with Princess Lissa Dragomir. After being brought back from the dead by Lissa, Rose is mentally bonded to her, and can regularly see through Lissa's eyes. Rose is sarcastic, quick-witted and defiant, and throughout the series trains to become Lissa's official guardian, while in the process of falling in love with her mentor, Dimitri Belikov.

Played in the film by Zoey Deutch.
  • Affectionate Nickname: "Little Dhampir" as nicknamed by Adrian and "Roza" as nicknamed by Dimitri.
  • Allergic to Evil: She has the ability to sense when Strigoi (a.k.a. the undead) are nearby (this is one of the effects of being "shadow-kissed", or having returned from the dead). While this ability proves useful in terms of self-defense, it manifests itself as severe nausea whenever Strigoi are in the area, which is extremely unpleasant and inconvenient, particularly when she's trying to actually fight the super-strong, super-fast, undead vampires.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Described as naturally tan and black-haired. Her father is Turkish, which explains where she got her looks from.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: When she starts seeing ghosts, she questions her sanity. Because as she puts: "while I believed in vampires and magic and psychic powers, I most certainly did not believe in ghosts".
  • Badass: Rose is tough and physically strong. She is highly capable of kicking major ass when she has to.
  • Back from the Dead: She died in a car crash along with Lissa's other family, but Lissa revived her, making them psychically bonded.
  • Better as Friends:
    • How she thinks of Mason. In Frostbite, she eventually agrees to date him (in an attempt to get over Dimitri) but she's never truly attracted to him.
    • Ultimately, her and Adrian too.
  • Brutal Honesty: She isn't shy to speak her mind, regardless of how inappropriate the situation.
  • Can't Catch Up: In Vampire Academy, having missed two years of training, Rose can't catch up to the rest of her classmates. That is why she needs extra training from Dimitri. Averted by Frostbite when she mostly catches up. She ends up graduating at the top of her class.
  • Clear My Name: In Last Sacrifice, she is framed for the murder of Queen Tatiana and spends the brunt of the book as a fugitive on the road.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Rose is known to have a very dry wit and sense of humor. Her mouth has a habit of getting her in trouble sometimes.
  • Detect Evil: Probably her most useful power is the nausea she develops whenever a Strigoi is near.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: She finally gets her happy ending after one of her closest friends dying, nearly going insane, the love of her life being turned Strigoi and gets eventually turned back after she nearly kills him twice, being tortured both through the bond with her best friend and actually tortured, getting accused of assassinating a monarch and nearly executed before she finds out that one of the people she trusts, likes and admires was the killer and set it all up on her.
  • Fiery Brunette: Rose is a brunette with some tinges of red in her hair, described to be extremely strong-willed, stubborn, passionate, feisty, fiery, proud and impulsive.
  • The Final Temptation: In Blood Promise, Strigoi!Dimitri offers to turn her Strigoi so they can be together - she comes very close to accepting.
  • First-Person Perspective: The books are told entirely through her perspective.
  • Frameup: In Last Sacrifice, she is framed for the murder of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov.
  • Going Cold Turkey: Her way of dealing with her dependency of the endorphins released by being bitten and drank from.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Trait amplified by spirit effects. But even as a 5-year-old, she called her kindergarten teacher a fascist bastard and through a book at him/her.
  • I See Dead People: A side-effect of being shadow-kissed is that she can see ghosts and has to concentrate to shut them out completely. She first gets this ability in Shadow Kiss, and it complicates her field experience— not to mention her life— a lot. It also becomes extremely useful later on in the series.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: In Blood Promise, it is revealed that Rose's father is Abe Mazur. Funny thing is, she doesn't find out till after she's back on the other side of the world. And then her reaction is just priceless:
    “Oh God,” I said, “I’m Zmey’s daughter. Zmey Junior. Zmeyette, even.
  • Miscarriage of Justice: In Last Sacrifice, she is convicted of regicide and sentenced to death, based only on circumstantial evidence. She is innocent.
  • Official Couple: With Dimitri.
  • Parental Abandonment: It's common for Dhampir's to have a Disappeared Dad, but her mother dumped her at St. Vladimir's when she was 2 in order to continue her Guardian duties. Eventually averted, both her mother and father begin to take a decent part in her life by Last Sacrifice. Her father more than her mother.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Rose is a medium-sized girl who is highly skilled in killing Strigoi.
  • Psychic Link: She and Lissa have a one-sided mental bond through which she can see through Lissa's eyes at will. This comes from the fact that Lissa used her rare ability to control the element Spirit to unknowingly bring Rose back to life after a car accident. Lissa's power is also Power at a Price and can make her very depressed or downright insane with overuse, and Rose can take the effects away from Lissa and suffer them herself.
  • Race Lift: Played by the decidedly white Zoey Deutch in The Movie of the Book.
  • Slut Shaming: She suffers from this in the first book when both Jesse Zeklos and Ralf Sarcozy claim to have had sex with her and were allowed to drink her blood.
  • Spider-Sense: Because she was "shadow-kissed" (brought back from the dead by a spirit-using Moroi vampire), she has the ability to sense when Strigoi (murderous, soulless undead vampires) are nearby. Unfortunately for her, this sense manifests itself as severe nausea whenever Strigoi are in the area, which is not helpful when you are trying to fight super-strong, super-fast creatures who want nothing more than to kill you.
  • Staking the Loved One: Rose has to do this to Dimitri in Blood Promise.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Rose's relationship with Dimitri, due to their age difference and student-teacher relationship. Eventually subverted, as at the end of the series their relationship is accepted.
  • Tarot Troubles: She sits through two readings. Her cards tend to appear ominously reversed.
  • These Hands Have Killed: She has one of these in Last Sacrifice, for killing Victor.
  • Unwanted Harem: By Last Sacrifice, she has more guys casually, or not so casually, interested in her than the rest of the characters combined.
  • Wrongful Accusation Insurance: In Last Sacrifice, whilst trying to clear her name of murder, she breaks out of prison, resists arrest, assaults fellow guardians, and steals cars. She faces no consequences.
  • Your Cheating Heart: She has done this multiple times, but only properly gets called out on it in Last Sacrifice.

Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir

Everyone here thinks they know who I am.

Rose's best friend, a royal Moroi who is the last remaining member of the Dragomir family after her parents and brother were killed in a car crash. Throughout the books, she has to do a lot of political maneuvering, especially at the Royal Court, to live up to the ancient name she carries.

Played in the film by Lucy Fry.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: A sweet princess, sure, but her spirit abilities are nothing to laugh at.
  • The Call Put Me On Hold: All young Moroi have elemental magic since birth, but in their adolescence they "specialize" when one element of the four grows much stronger than the other three. Lissa is gradually growing depressed because she still hasn't specialized at sixteen, but we later learn that this is because she has specialized in spirit, a forgotten fifth element few people have nowadays, which involves uber-powerful abilities like Mind Control and raising people from the dead. Unfortunately for her, side effects include mental instability.
  • Deuteragonist: Her storyline is secondary to Rose's, and is always seen through Rose's eyes.
  • Die or Fly: She had her spirit powers (which includes the power to bring the dead to life, at the possible cost of her own sanity) when a car crash kills her parents, brother, and best friend, while leaving her alive. In the moments after the crash, she unintentionally, brings her friend back to life, though at the time she does not realize that she was actually dead.
  • Element Number Five: She discovers she's a spirit user, which puts her outside the regular elemental magic-set.
  • Hollywood Nerd: She has model looks but Rose refers to her as a nerd for taking advanced calculus as a class, and acing all her tests.
  • Last of Her Kind: She is the only Dragomir left. Until Spirit Bound, where it's revealed that she has an illegitimate half-sibling.
  • Master of Illusion: She exhibits such powers in certain moments. Her first notable feat is making Jesse Zeklos have the illusion of spiders crawling all over him.
  • Messianic Archetype: A charming, beautiful and naturally regal princess who heals the wounded, inspires the common people and brings back Strigoi to their original state.
  • Official Couple: With Christian.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her parents and brother died in a car crash.
  • Psychic Link: She and Rose have a one-sided mental bond through which Rose can see through her eyes at will. This comes from the fact that she used her rare ability to control the element Spirit to unknowingly bring Rose back to life after a car accident. Her power is also Power at a Price and can make her very depressed or downright insane with overuse, and Rose can take the effects away from her and suffer them herself.
  • Self-Harm: She used to cut herself when depressed.
  • The Unfavorite: A major source of angst for her is how she was always walking in her brother's shadow.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: As a Moroi spirit users she is effected mentally by spirit use, as it is drawn from herself (as opposed to an element, such as air). And the more she uses it, the worse it gets. It manifests as her becoming extremely depressed at one point, which causes her cutting,

Dimitri Belikov

If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.

Rose's mentor and Lissa's guardian, a respected guardian in his twenties. He is a tough, no-nonsense Russian, and even when Rose starts developing feelings for him, it takes him a long time to admit he has them too.

  • Anti-Hero: Dimitri is heroic, however, he is also rather brooding, intense and mysterious and therefore, doesn't exactly exhibit the classic traits of the ideal hero.
  • Back from the Dead: His return from Strigoi to Dhampir is treated as this.
  • Badass: Dimitri is a strong, capable fighter and he can kick ass whenever he has to in order to protect the people he cares about, especially Rose.
  • Badass Longcoat: He is often seen wearing a long, black coat has part of his attire. Lampshaded in Last Sacrifice, when Rose gives him a hard time about leaving his duster behind after the Guardians invade the Mastrano house, trying to capture him and Rose.
  • Badass Normal: Doesn't have any magical powers like the Moroi or Rose, but is so Badass in battle he is considered a god by other guardians.
  • Badass Teacher: A badass dhampir guardian who teaches Rose how to use a stake. Eventually fights in a huge battle against Strigoi and takes several down in the process. Characters outright use the word "badass" to describe him!
  • The Big Guy: Dimitri is very tall at 6'7" and is also physically broad in physique.
  • Came Back Wrong: In Spirit Bound, after his recovery from being a Strigoi, he is convinced this is the case. He was wrong.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: His feelings for Rose are intense and genuine, but boy does he take his time to admit to it.
  • Husky Russkie: Tall, incredibly strong, and from Siberia.
  • I Uh You Too: Strigoi!Dimitri's inability to tell Rose he loves her makes her realize that he just thought of her as a conquest. It was the main reason she finally decided to get off her drug-addled butt and try to kill him.
  • Kuudere: Dimitri is Type 1. He is calm, cool and composed most of the time and he is not particularly emotional by nature.
  • Official Couple: With Rose.
  • Sexy Mentor: To Rose. He is seven years older than Rose, and most of the series plays off their troubles in getting together. By the end, they do. The main reason that they're able to get together publicly in the finale is because Rose has finished her education (both mundane and combat-wise) and he's no longer her teacher. Before this occurs, their illicit attraction is only consummated once, and the subject of blackmail from the Big Bad.
  • Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Uses this tactic to get Rose in contact with certain Strigoi in Last Sacrifice.
  • Son of a Whore: He is a minor example, since the dhampir women who end up single mothers (bloodwhores, as they're called) genuinely thought that the Moroi guys loved them.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Dimitri's relationship with Rose. Something always tries to come between them and tear them apart.
  • The Stoic: He's known to be calm, cool, collected and he rarely loses his cool or his temper.
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome: He's described to be extremely tall (6'7") with chocolate brown eyes, and long, dark hair which he wears in a ponytail. He is also described to be very handsome and rugged in physical appearance with God-like angular, masculine features. In terms of his physique, he is lean, well-built and muscular.
  • We Can Rule Together: He is turned into a strigoi and comes face to face with his ex-girlfriend Rose. He wishes to turn her into a strigoi too and uses this as one of methods to coerce her. It nearly works too, but she eventually manages to decline.
  • Wife-Basher Basher: His father used to abuse his mother. A 13-year-old Dimitri beat up his father to defend his mother.

Christian Ozera

Lissa's primary love interest. He is an outcast because his parents willingly became Strigoi. He's a royal Moroi who holds radical ideas about fighting against Strigoi. He specializes in Fire magic.

Adrian Ivashkov

A royal Moroi and great-nephew of the queen, he's known for being a bit of a party boy. He is first introduced to the group after taking a romantic interest in Rose.

  • The Alcoholic: He is addicted to alcohol, played with in that it's more to block out spirit.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Towards Jill especially after they were bonded
  • The Casanova: Adrian is seen to be a player, party boy and a womanizer who loves a lot of women.
  • Cigarette of Anxiety: He had (mostly) quit smoking while dating Rose, but fell off the wagon after she cheated on him and broke his heart brutally.
  • Dreamweaver: He has the ability to enter the dreams of other people and shape them.
  • Ladykiller in Love: A serial womanizer who fell hard for Rose.
  • Must Have Nicotine: He is addicted to nicotine. He is often seen searching for a cigarette.
  • Never Live It Down: In-Universe. He seems to get a lot of grief for drinking and smoking when he has an legitimate reason for doing so, rather than to annoy people.
  • Non-Action Guy: He tends to avoid fighting and is unskilled in it.
  • Romantic False Lead: He was developed as a romantic lead almost as long as Dimitri was. Rose even convincingly seems like she’ll choose him until Dimitri comes back to life again, where it's immediately obvious she prefers him over Adrian.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: As a Moroi spirit user he is effected mentally by spirit use, as it is drawn from himself (as opposed to an element, such as air). And the more he uses it, the worse it gets. It manifests itself as bipolar disorder.


Victor Dashkov

A royal moroi, Natalie's father and a dear friend of Lissa's father who specializes in Earth magic. Played by Gabriel Byrne.

  • Affably Evil: A kind older man who is hiding a psychotic streak and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.
  • Not Me This Time: In Last Sacrifice, Rose asks him if he had anything to do with the murder of Queen Tatiana Ivashkov. He replies negatively and adds "I have much more sophisticated methods to accomplish my goals".

Natalie Dashkov

A royal Moroi with jet-black hair and jade green eyes who specializes in earth magic. She is very awkward among other royals and is known for talking a lot. Played by Sarah Hyland

  • Dropped A Bridge On Her: Well, The Reveal about her true nature, her changing into a Strigoi and dying at the hands of Dimitri all happens within the span of a single chapter.
  • Evil All Along: Turns out she was doing Victor Dashkov's dirty work the whole time.
  • Face Monster Turn: She turned Strigoi in an attempt to get her father out of jail.

Mia Rinaldi

A non-royal Moroi whose element is Water. Mia holds a grudge against Lissa (and by default, Rose) because of the way Lissa's older brother, Andre, used her and broke her heart.
  • Important Haircut: After her Heel-Face Turn, she turns up about three books later with a slight tan and much shorter hair. Averted in the movie, where she starts out with a pixie cut whereas in the books she started out with Princess Curls.
  • Making a Splash: A water magic user who manages to temporarily incapacitate a Strigoi by drowning him.
  • Older Than They Look: Due to her short height, a 16-year-old Mia still looks 11-year-old.
  • Your Cheating Heart: She slept with both Jesse Zeklos and Ralf Sarcozy while still dating Aaron.

Queen Tatiana Ivashkov

Ruler of the Moroi and dhampirs. She was said to have a secret relationship with Ambrose and Blake Lazar. Initially she wants to groom Lissa to follow her on the thrown.
  • Dirty Old Woman: Maintained relationships with men forty years younger than her.
  • The Matchmaker: Attempted to set up a match between Lissa Dragomir and her great-nephew Adrian.

Tasha Ozera

Natasha "Tasha" Ozera is Christian's aunt. Like Christian, she has black hair, wintry blue eyes, and is a Fire user. She took care of Christian when his parents turned Strigoi. She is romantically interested in Dimitri, and wanted to have a child with him, but he did not return the feelings because of Rose.
  • Beautyis Never Tarnished: Averted. She has a scar on her cheek from a fight with Christian's Strigoi parents.
  • Face-Heel Turn: Goes from a political activist urging Moroi to learn self-defense and stop using dhampires as shields, to a murderess and corrupt political figure.
  • Rebellious Spirit: A voice for social reform, who flagrantly violates rules and social norms.
  • Scars Are Forever: She has a large scar on her face from a Strigoi attack about a decade before the books start.

Avery Lazar

A royal moroi whose father replaces the headmistress. She befriends Lissa after Rose leaves the school.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Manipulated emotions and perspectives towards her own ruthless goals. Led Lissa towards a self-destructive path and slowly seduced Adrian.
  • Poisonous Friend: She encouraged Lissa to drink, party, and do other sorts of reckless behavior so she could get her killed, then revive her with spirit so they could be bonded.

Ibrahim 'Abe' Mazur

A well-known Turkish mobster, described as the 'knee cap-breaking' type. He is guarded by two Dhampirs and is known for making trades, blackmailing, and other illegal businesses. He also has many connections in the Moroi world.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: In Blood Promise, it is revealed that he is Rose's father..
  • Papa Wolf: He will do anything to protect his daughter Rose, including breaking her out of prison and laying out elaborate escape plans.

Jillian "Jill" Mastrano

Jillian Mastrano is a Moroi who attends St. Vladimir's. She meets Rose in Shadow Kiss, and asks her how to fight strigoi, but Rose refers her to Christian. She is later revealed to be Lissa's half sister and the only thing keeping her sister on the throne.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father:In Last Sacrifice she finds out that Eric Dragomir is her father and she's royal. Subverted in that Eric knew about her and she never meets him due to finding out after his death.

     Dhampirs and Alchemists 

Mason Ashford

A Dhampir who is one of Rose's best friends, and also a novice Guardian. He frequently helps out Rose throughout the series. He is interested in her romantically, and Rose eventually attempts a relationship with him, only to find it fall apart because of her unbreakable connection to Dimitri.

Eddie Castile

A Dhampir and one of Rose's closest friends after the Spokane incident involving him, Rose, Mason, Christian, and Mia. He was also the best friend of Mason Ashford.
  • Killing In Self Defense: In Spirit Bound, he kills James, a Moroi assassin who was trying to kill him with a knife.

Janine Hathaway

Rose Hathaway's mother, a legendary guardian. Her relationship with Rose starts off very rocky but improves throughout the series.
  • Berserk Button: Calling her relationship with Abe, "you just screwed him". She punched Rose out for that one.
  • The Leader: Amongst Guardians, she leads on missions. She is "a voice of reason, a reminder that they had to stay focused and fully assess the situation. Her composure calmed everybody; her strong manner inspired them."
  • Parental Abandonment: She dumped Rose at St. Vladimir's when she was 2 in order to continue her Guardian duties. Eventually averted, she begins to take a decent part in Rose's life by Last Sacrifice.

Sydney Sage

An Alchemist and later witch who helps Rose find Dimitri's hometown, Baia, in Siberia. She later helps Rose break out of jailShe gets a bigger part in the spinoff Bloodlines where she protects Jill and hooks up with Adrian, and also becomes a witch
  • The Smart Guy: Multilingual, car geek, interested in classical architecture, skilled in using computers. All as a teenager.