Characters / Thunderball

Characters specific to Thunderball. For those in the entire film franchise, see here.

Emilio Largo
Played by: Adolfo Celi

The second-in-command of SPECTRE and architect / supervisor of the events inside the book/movie. He is a brutal sadist.

Dominique "Domino" Derval
Played by: Claudine Auger

Emilio Largo's mistress and the sister of François Derval, the NATO pilot who was killed and impersonated by Angelo Palazzi.

Fiona Volpe
"James Bond, the one where he has to make love to a woman, and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. She repents, and turns to the side of right and virtue... but not this one!"
Played by: Luciana Paluzzi

A high-ranking SPECTRE assassin who is charged with seeing Largo's operation through.

Number One (Ernst Stavro Blofeld)
Played by: Anthony Dawson
Voiced by: Eric Pohlman

The mysterious chief of the SPECTRE organisation.

  • Bad Boss: Doesn't take to suspecting someone stealing from him very well.
  • Bigger Bad: He gives the orders to go forward with the NATO project and also orders two people killed, but is again not directly involved with SPECTRE's field operations.
  • Blofeld Ploy: Trope Namer. He electrocutes one of the henchmen sitting at his conference table for embezzling money from him, only after interrogating another (and totally innocent) henchman for the reason why their drug trafficking ring had turned in such poor profits.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Dubbed by Eric Pohlman once again.
  • The Faceless: Hidden behind blinds, but you can still see small parts of Anthony Dawson's face.
  • Karma Houdini: Since he stays in his office in Paris.
  • Large and in Charge: In the novel, which first introduces him, he is very large, coming in at 20 stone (280 pounds, 130 kg) with the muscle of a former amateur weightlifter. And he is the founder and chairman of SPECTRE, "private enterprise for private profit".

Paula Caplan
Played by: Martine Beswick

Bond's ally in Nassau.

Patricia Fearing
Played by: Molly Peters

A physiotherapist at Shrublands Clinic.

  • Black Comedy Rape: One of the most unnerving pieces of Values Dissonance in the series, as Bond actually blackmails her into having sex with him. She had been sternly rebuffing his advances the whole time beforehand. Afterward though she is hopelessly infatuated with Bond and wants more of his manliness. Interestingly, though, Bond is a little freaked out by how infatuated she is with him post-coitus.

Played by: Phillip Locke

Largo's personal assistant and henchman.

Played by: Bill Cummings

Quist is sent by Largo to murder Bond in his Nassau hotel suite, but blundered into a booby-trap the spy had prepared: an audio recorder disguised as a copy of the Nassau telephone directory. Retracing the sound of Quist's activity, Bond finds him hiding in the shower. After scalding him with hot water, the intruder was quickly overpowered. Rather than kill the man, 007 gives him back his pistol and sends him back to Largo with a message: "Tell them the little fish I throw back into the sea." Quist promptly reports back to Largo at Palmyra, only to be thrown into the Shark Pool for his failing his mission.

  • Asshole Victim: Well, he did slip up his mission.
  • Mook: To Largo.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Only appears twice before dying.
  • You Have Failed Me: He gets caught by Bond in the hotel, and sent back to Largo with the words, "The Little Fish I Throw Back Into The Sea." He doesn't say this or anything else when Largo questions him about Bond, and Largo realizes immediately that he failed. He then becomes shark food.

Ladislav Kutze
Played by: George Pravda

A Polish nuclear physicist who aids Largo with the captured bombs. He eventually redeems himself by releasing Domino following her torture at Largo's hands and expresses regret over his part in enabling use of the atomic weapons, stating that he had disposed of the arming device by throwing it overboard - thus rendering the bombs harmless. Curiously, his fate is unknown. At the end of the film, Bond (perhaps unintentionally) abandons him somewhere off the coast of Florida. It is likely that he perished, as his last words were "I never learned to swim," to which Bond replied "never too late to learn" before throwing him a life preserver.

Angelo Palazzi
Played by: Paul Stassino

SPECTRE operative trained and surgically modified to impersonate French military officer Colonel and pilot François Derval.

Count Lippe
Played by: Guy Doleman

A SPECTRE agent who is charged to guard Angelo Palazzi while the latter recovers from his plastic surgery at Shrublands. There, he tries to kill Bond. His whole experience with Bond, along with Palazzi electing to take advantage of the NATO agreement at the Eleventh Hour for more money, gets both of them killed, with Lippe being blown up in his car by Volpe.

Colonel Jacques Bouvar
Played by: Bob Simmons

The villain of the pre-credits sequence and an influential member of SPECTRE (number 6). Bond and his French liason were present at his funeral, investigating his apparent death. As the pair stand on the balcony outside the chapel, Bond observes Bouvar's widow behaving suspiciously. It is revealed that in an attempt to evade reprisals, Colonel Bouvar has faked his death and disguised himself as his own widow. Bond surprises him at his French château, where a fight ensues and ends with Bond breaking his neck and escaping with the jet-pack.

He was played by Bob Simmons, the main stuntman of the Bond franchise until A View to a Kill.