Characters / You Only Live Twice

Characters specific to You Only Live Twice. For those in the entire film franchise, see here.

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     Ernst Stavro Blofeld 

Ernst Stavro Blofeld
"You only live twice, Mr. Bond."
Played by: Donald Pleasence

You Only Live Twice is both the start of Blofeld as a central villain in the movies and the end of his role in the books. In many ways, the quintessential Bond baddie (camp, horribly scarred, vaguely-European), which might explain his longevity.

As hinted in the other films, Pleasence's Blofeld is revealed to be a businessman in the business of terror; a man willing to push the world towards nuclear war for his own material gains.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Sean Connery's Bond, definitely.
  • Bad Boss: Blofeld has a pool filled with pirahnas in his office, complete with a bridge that underlings are forced to cross when they entered and exited.
  • Bald of Evil: Possibly the Trope Codifier.
  • Big Bad: After being the Greater Scope Villain of all the previous movies except Goldfinger, Blofeld becomes the main antagonist in this film.
  • Blofeld Ploy: Does this twice, no wonder why it was named after him. First he uses it to kill Helga instead of Osato, and then later he hilariously (in a gallows humour kind-of-way) points a gun at Bond, and when it looks like he's going to shoot him, he shoots Osato first, for failing so much, only to attempt to kill Bond again mere seconds later in another location where before he can shoot Bond he's conveniently subdued by one of Tiger's shurikens.
  • The Chessmaster: His Evil Plan involves pitting the United States and the USSR against each other by making each think that the other is stealing its spacecrafts to ignite a global nuclear war.
  • Death Trap: His pirahna pool as a mean of executing troublesome / incompetent minions.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: Blofeld became the textbook example of this in fiction; sitting in a chair with one hand idly tapping a Trap Door button and the other stroking his pet cat while at the top of SPECTRE, his criminal resources rival those of a developed nation.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: The vertical scar over his right eye.
  • Karma Houdini: In the first time in the series that this happens, Blofeld escapes after activating his base's Self-Destruct Mechanism.
  • Lack of Empathy: A complete megalomaniac.
  • Nebulous Evil Organization: SPECTRE, of which he's the head.
  • Obviously Evil: Just in case that the description in Diabolical Mastermind didn't make it clear.
  • Psycho for Hire: SPECTRE is hiring out its services to Communist China.
  • Red Right Hand: A disfigured eye and scar. His baldness has also become synonymous with the character in a manner similar to Lex Luthor.
  • Right-Hand Cat: He and his ever-present fluffy white cat provide the page image, and is probably the Trope Codifier, being responsible for most, if not all, of the parodies and references of it in media. A Funny Background Event shows that while the base is being attacked in the climax, the cat is dead scared and trying to escape Blofeld's grasp!
  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil: Blofeld is the mastermind in this movie but he's still behind a number of minions.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Save for a scene in which he roars at Osato, "Kill Bond! Now!", he's calm and polite.
  • The Spook: The film version. (The book version gets a very detailed backstory.)
  • Terrorist Without A Cause: His plan isn't motivated by any ideology, but because Mao's regime is paying him for it.
  • Title Drop: "You only live twice, Mr. Bond."
  • War for Fun and Profit: Mostly profit; he was paid to try and start World War III. He even extorted money out of his client in the middle of his plan.
  • Western Terrorists: The CCP are paying him to start World War III.

     "Tiger" Tanaka 

"Tiger" Tanaka
"Rule number one: never do anything yourself when someone else can do it for you."
Played by: Tetsurō Tamba (丹波 哲郎)

The head of the Japanese secret service.


"I think I will very much enjoy serving under you."
Played by: Akiko Wakabayashi (若林 映子)

An agent of the Japanese secret service. She is Bond's first contact in Japan and assists him.
  • Action Girl: For her limited screen time, she manages to pull quite the nice car stunts.
  • Badass Driver: She has downright mean driving skills, shown for example when Bond is escaping from the Osato Chemicals building.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Comes to save Bond twice.
  • Cool Car: Toyota 2000GT.
  • Death by Sex: Is poisoned after spending a night with Bond.
  • Dies Wide Open: Bond closes them soon after.
  • Informed Ability: Claimed to be equal to Bond in his abilities, seduction included. However, apart from her awesome driving skills, we never see her fight, shoot, or even run without Bond dragging her along.
  • Kidnapped by an Ally: She lures Bond into what seems to be a trap... which is actually the way to bring him to meet Tanaka.
  • Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow: "I think I will very much enjoy serving under you." Eventually a fatal example, but otherwise played very straight.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Works alongside Bond for a little more than half of the film before she's killed by a SPECTRE assassin who was trying to kill Bond. Although given her scarce personality, this makes her redundant by the time Kissy arrives.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Has little character outside of her interactions with Bond, and is so barely distinguishable from Kissy that her death might as well have not happened at all. Robert A. Caplen, author of Shaken & Stirred: The Feminism of James Bond, describes her as "a mere accessory whose actions consist of standing and smiling".
  • Sexy Secretary: Described as being one to Tanaka by a Playboy review.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Little about his character is known before her death.

     Kissy Suzuki 

Kissy Suzuki
"No honeymoon. This is business."
Played by: Mie Hama (浜美枝)

One of the agents working for Tanaka, she is assigned to partner Bond after the death of Aki. She "marries" Bond in a mock wedding ceremony as James goes undercover, posing as a Japanese fisherman. Bond and Kissy eventually find Blofeld's secret base and Kissy is sent to alert Tanaka. While swimming to her destination, she is pursued and fired upon by a SPECTRE helicopter, but her experience as a Ama diver note  enables her to dive underwater and stay there long enough to convince her pursuers that she drowned.
  • All There in the Script: Kissy's name isn't mentioned in the movie.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Never gets dirty scaling a volcano in a bikini.
  • Faux Action Girl: Despite being physically capable enough to climb a volcano, or to swim around in a dark bay dodging bullets effortlessly, while Aki can at least boast saving Bond a couple of times, there is almost nothing that shows her capability of being an agent. We never see her help Bond fight, and she spends the last portion of the movie cowering behind Tanaka while they were raiding the SPECTRE hideout.
  • Girl of the Week: The main Bond Girl of this film.
  • Hollywood Homely: Invoked. Tanaka claims this is the case, though it may just be to tease Bond.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Spending the entire climax in a bikini certainly counts her as one.
  • Satellite Love Interest: In fact, her personality is barely distinguishable from Aki's.
  • Stripperiffic: The plot sure manages to leave her in that bikini in the climax.
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: After she and Bond set out to investigate SPECTRE's volcano lair, every scene of Kissy for the rest of the movie is a Walking Swimsuit Scene for her.
  • When She Smiles: Kissy starts up emphatically insisting that her fake marriage to Bond was strictly business and would not be consummated for their "honeymoon," but this being a Bond movie, she eventually lights up a beautiful smile at him.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: In her first scene.

     Mr. Osato 

Mr. Osato
"I gave Number 11 the strictest orders to eliminate him."
Played by: Teru Shimada (島田テル)

A Japanese industrialist secretly allied with SPECTRE.
  • Affably Evil: When Bond goes to Osato Chemicals to meet Mr. Osato himself, masquerading as a potential new buyer, Osato humors Bond, but after their meeting, he orders his secretary, Helga Brandt, to have him killed. Cue assassins opening fire at Bond outside the building.
  • Blofeld Ploy: Happens twice to him. The first time, it leads to Helga Brandt's execution, the second time, Blofeld aims his gun straight at Bond, before shooting Osato.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: The president of Osato Chemicals and an ally of SPECTRE.
  • The Dragon: Of the "smart, detail-oriented administrator" type to Hans' "ferocious fighter" type, which makes Osato more of an...
  • Evil Genius: He and his company were delivering elements for rocket fuel to Blofeld and SPECTRE.
  • You Have Failed Me: As seen in Blofeld Ploy, Blofeld kills him for failing him so much after it looked like he was going to shoot Bond first.

     Helga Brandt 

Helga Brandt
"You should have killed him yourself. You had plenty of opportunities."
Played by: Karin Dor

Osato's secretary and SPECTRE assassin, codename Number 11.
  • Almighty Janitor: She plays Osato's secretary in the daylight, but not only is she a skilled assassin, she has a code number and Osato doesn't, which implies she's on the board and outranks him.
  • Asshole Victim: Her death may have been pure Nightmare Fuel, but she still choose to have sex with Bond instead of killing him as assigned, and tried to make an excuse for failure and try to place the blame entirely on Osato.
  • Dark Chick: She manages to convince Bond that she switched to his side, and it seems that Bond didn't realize the deception until she tried to kill him.
  • Death by Sex: Since she had sex with Bond rather than killing him immediately, she gets executed by Blofeld for her failure.
  • Evil All Along: Bond thinks that he has managed to convince Brandt to free him and she flies Bond to Tokyo, but, en route, she sets off a flare in the plane and bails out, intending to kill him in the plane crash. Bond manages to land the crashing plane and escapes.
  • Evil Redhead: A member of SPECTRE with red hair. Weirdly enough, her actress said the producers were looking for a blue-eyed blonde.
  • Expy: Of Fiona Volpe from Thunderball.
  • Fed to the Beast: Her punishment for not killing Bond is being fed to Blofeld's piranhas.
  • High-Heel–Face Turn: Subverted. She sleeps with Bond, but doesn't join him. She still gets executed for not eliminating Bond.
  • Ms. Fanservice: In her first scene, she wears a form-fitting blouse to Sweater Girl-levels. "Healthy chest," indeed.
  • Sexy Secretary: She poses as Osato's secretary.
  • Torture Technician: Implied when she threatens Bond with surgical knives. She's not very competent around Bond, though.
  • The Vamp: She seduces Bond and makes him believe that she jumped to his side in an attempt to kill him.
  • You Have Failed Me: She gets fed to piranhas by Blofeld for her failure.


Played by: Ronald Rich

Blofeld's personal bodyguard.
  • The Brute: A ferocious fighter.
  • The Dragon: Of the "ferocious fighter" type to Mr. Osato's "smart, detail-oriented administrator" type.
  • Fed to the Beast: Bond throws him into the pirahna pool.
    Bond: Bon appetit!
  • Only One Name: Only called "Hans" and is also the only name with which the actor is credited.
  • Shark Pool: Takes care of Blofeld's piranha pool, which claims his life in the end.
  • Undying Loyalty: Amidst all the chaos in SPECTRE's lair during the climax, he still makes sure to cover Blofeld's retreat.
  • The Voiceless: Only speaks during his final scene, with his last words being "No!"
  • You Shall Not Pass: He covers Blofeld's retreat.

     The Driver 

The Driver
Played by: Peter Fanene Maivia

A henchman working for Osato. Bond kills him after a brief but tough fight.

     Dikko Henderson 

Dikko Henderson
"That was stirred, not shaken? I hope I got it right."
Played by: Charles Gray

A veteran British/Australian field-agent in Japan, he had lived there for 28 years. Bond is taken to his estate (which is an odd hybrid of old English comfort and Japanese style) for information about Tanaka, but Henderson is killed before saying anything further.
  • Artificial Limbs: He has a wooden leg.
  • Fantastic Racism: In the book, he despises Aborigines and is horrified at the idea that they should be given the vote.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Henderson is talking to Bond when he suddenly stops talking mid-sentence. As Bond approaches him, he finds that a knife was stabbed into his back through the shoji wall.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Stabbed In the Back by one of Osato's mooks after one scene. His role was much bigger in the book, where he was a foul-mouthed Australian.


"Darling, I give you very best duck."
Played by: Tsai Ching (周采芹)

A Chinese woman seen in the pre-credit sequence. After being in bed with Bond, she presses a button on the wall flipping the bed into an upright position with Bond still on it. She then lets in a couple of gunmen who shoot at Bond. The killing, however, is staged.
  • Dragon Lady: Despite her brief appearance, she hits all the check-boxes: She's overtly sexual and seemingly untrustworthy Mysterious Woman. Turns out that she wasn't that bad, however.
  • Honey Trap: She seemingly led Bond into a trap and his death. Or it seems so.
  • The Vamp: Seems like she led Bond into his death. Except not.