Characters: You Only Live Twice

Characters specific to You Only Live Twice. For those in the entire film franchise, see here.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Played by: Donald Pleasence

You Only Live Twice is both the start of Blofeld as a central villain in the movies and the end of his role in the books.

  • Archenemy: To Sean Connery's Bond, definitely.
  • Psycho for Hire: SPECTRE is hiring out its services to the Chinese.
  • Red Right Hand: A disfigured eye and scar. His baldness has also become synonymous with the character in a manner similar to Lex Luthor.

"Tiger" Tanaka

Played by: Tetsurō Tamba (丹波 哲郎)

The head of the Japanese secret service.
  • Adaptational Heroism: In the novel, Tanaka is essentially a proudly Axis gangster who ended up on the "right" side as a quirk of post-War politics. The less savory aspects of his character are not seen in the film.


Played by: Akiko Wakabayashi (若林 映子)

An agent of the Japanese secret service. She is Bond's first contact in Japan and assists him.

  • Action Girl: For her limited screentime, she manages to pull quite the nice car stunts.

Kissy Suzuki

Played by: Mie Hama (浜美枝)

One of the agents working for Tanaka, she is assigned to partner Bond after the death of Aki. She "marries" Bond in a mock wedding ceremony as James goes undercover, posing as a Japanese fisherman. Bond and Kissy eventually find Blofeld's secret base and Kissy is sent to alert Tanaka. While swimming to her destination, she is pursued and fired upon by a SPECTRE helicopter, but her experience as a Ama diver note  enables her to dive underwater and stay there long enough to convince her pursuers that she drowned.

  • Hollywood Homely: invoked Tanaka claims this is the case, though it may just be to tease Bond.

Mr. Osato

Played by: Teru Shimada (島田テル)

A Japanese industrialist secretly allied with SPECTRE.

  • Blofeld Ploy: Happens twice to him. The first time, it leads to Helga Brandt's execution, the second time, Blofeld aims his gun straight at Bond, before shooting Osato.

Helga Brandt

Played by: Karin Dor

Osato's secretary and SPECTRE assassin, codename Number 11.

  • Almighty Janitor: She plays Osato's faithful secretary in the daylight, but not only is she a skilled assassin, she has a code number and Osato doesn't, which implies she's on the board and outranks him.
  • Death by Sex: Since she had sex with Bond rather than killing him immediately, she gets executed by Blofeld for her failure.
  • Expy: Of Fiona Volpe from Thunderball.
  • Fed to the Beast: Her punishment for not killing Bond is being fed to Blofeld's piranhas.
  • High Heel-Face Turn: Subverted. She sleeps with Bond, but doesn't join him. She still gets executed for not eliminating Bond.


Played by: Ronald Rich

Blofeld's personal bodyguard.

The Driver

Played by: Peter Fanene Maivia

A henchman working for Osato. Bond kills him after a brief but tough fight.

Dikko Henderson

Played by: Charles Gray

A veteran British field-agent in Japan, he had lived there for 28 years. Bond is taken to his estate (which is an odd hybrid of old English comfort and Japanese style) for information about Tanaka, but Henderson is killed before saying anything further.


Played by: Tsai Ching (周采芹)

A Chinese woman seen in the pre-credit sequence. After being in bed with Bond, she presses a button on the wall flipping the bed into an upright position with Bond still on it. She then lets in a couple of gunmen who shoot at Bond. The killing, however, is staged.