Fridge / You Only Live Twice

  • Fridge Logic:
    • Brandt traps Bond in the airplane by making a board come up... from where, exactly?! (also, the entries on Surveillance as the Plot Demands)
    • Why exactly did Bond have to actually be buried at sea during the faking of his death, rather than just going into hiding and meeting up with MI-6 later?
    • How did Bond know the pool was full of piranhas? He hadn't been in that room before.
      • This troper believes that he was only aiming to dispose of Hans long enough so he could be free to terminate the rocket with the keys he'd just seized from Hans (he's got only less than a minute left), not necessarily kill him. Since the "river"'s surface is so far away from the ground, whoever falls into it could have a hard time climbing out of it anyway. If 007 had fallen in (even without the dangerous fish inside) without a Grapple Gun or sth, he would've lost already.
    • Why did Bond attempt to board the SPECTRE spacecraft (and get caught out in the process) Surely it would have been more sensible to send either the American astronaut or one of the Soviet cosmonauts, who would have been much more able to fly the spacecraft or whatever else was planned.
      • Sending any of the friendly astronauts aboard would have been a death sentence, as if the US didn't destroy it he would suspect (rightfully) that Blofeld intends on destroying it in space to get rid of the evidence, and Bond doesn't like to let allies die for nothing. It can be presumed had Bond gotten aboard the ship wouldn't have needing an experienced astronaut regardless as he would have found some way to ground the spacecraft and stop the launch entirely.

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • In From Russia with Love, Bond refers to a Noodle Incident involving himself and M in Tokyo. But in this movie, he tells Henderson he's never been to Japan. This seems like a continuity error, but considering M's freaked reaction when Bond mentions it in From Russia with Love, it's entirely possible the entire incident - and Bond's trip to Tokyo - is officially denied!