Heartwarming / Thunderball

The Film

  • M, who in every movie is usually irritated by Bond and always chastises him, backs him up twice. First when Bond says he saw Derval's dead body at the health clinic the night before even though he was also seen on boarding the NATO bomber that went missing. Bond's word is enough for M to initiate inquiries. Later in London when the home secretary grumbles about Bond's search for the stolen warheads in Nassau having appeared to run dry, M stands up for him.
  • A behind-the-scenes example: during the shoot actress Molly Peters (who plays the physical therapist, Patricia) was going through some difficult personal issues. One day Sean Connery found her crying on the set. He put an arm around her and demanded to know who had been mean to her. She explained that it was personal and he took some time to comfort and cheer her up.

The Novel