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Funny: Thunderball
  • Bond tossing a bunch of tulips on Jacques Bouvard after he kills him as a sarcastic condolence.
  • Q equipping Bond in the Bahamas. First Bond's less then enthused reaction to seeing him("Oh no. What a pleasant surprise."). Second his whole tropical outfit: flowered shirt, shorts, socks, and travel hat. Finally Q gives Bond a capsule with a "harmless" radioactive device so that he could be tracked.
    Bond: Now what do I do with this?"
    Q: "You... swallow it of course!"
    Bond: "Now?"
  • Bond screwing with Largo during baccarat by saying he saw the "specter of defeat" on his shoulder.
  • Patricia's "Wait, what" expression after this exchange:
    Pat: I would've thought you were just the type for a widow.
    Bond: Oh not this one. He didn't like me at all.
  • Bond stealing a grape during a round of snooping at the health spa.
  • The effects of the hydrofoil sailing fast looks like it was simply being on fast-forward.
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