Characters: The Haunted Mansion

This page covers a few of the characters from the ride.

The Ghost Host

Voice Actors: Paul Frees (original ride), Corey Burton (Haunted Mansion Holiday, film, Kinect Disneyland Adventures), Tony Jay (DVD bonus features), Teichiro Hori (Japanese)

The Host and The Narrator of the rides, the Ghost Host is the unseen voice that accompanies guests around the mansion. He was Driven to Suicide by hanging from the rafters in the mansion's cupola. The Ghost Host uses Black Comedy to entertain and possibly intimidate the guests, scaring them several times, and often invites them to join the mansion's residents as resident number one-thousand. Contrary to Word of Dante and some adaptations, he is not called Master Gracey.

The Phantom

Voice Actors: Vincent Price (English), Gérard Chevalier (French)

The Host of Phantom Manor. Unlike his original precedessor, he's the main villain of the ride. He's a very mysterious character and as a matter of fact there are two hypothesis who could he be: an evil spirit who fell in love with Melanie and then killed her groom hanging him by the neck from the rafters and then he condemned the poor bride to haunt the house forever. In the second one, he was Henry Ravenswood, owner of the manor and Melanie's father. He disapproved of her wedding and plans to leave town and combined with his losses in his Big Thunder Mountain gold mine holdings, he snapped when an earthquake came and killed him. But his restless spirit would not be denied. What he did is the same of the first hypotesis.

  • Ax-Crazy: There are some clues in the attraction who suggest he mustn't be well composed.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: He's always seen in a fine suit and a Cool Hat.
  • Big Bad: Not just of the ride, but of Frontierland as a whole if you think about it. He started the mine in Big Thunder Mountain, which causes the earthquake that your train hits riding up the third lift hill. And that's just his backstory. This might explain why the roller coaster is themed to appear like it's been abandoned for years.
  • Dem Bones: He's an undead skeleton in the graveyard scne.
  • Evil Laugh: Vincent Price's evil laugh is used.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Gerard Chevalier's voice is this.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He apologizes to the guests for having'em scared, like his precedessor, but he's more scarcastic than affably.
  • For the Evulz
  • Ghostly Goals: Apparently, of the 2nd type.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Unlike the rest of the ghosts who are tormented soul, he's a pure evil and homicidal spirit who enjoys doing bad.
  • Large Ham
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Expecially in his last appearence as a ghoul - like creature.
  • Obviously Evil
  • Overprotective Dad: He could be Henry Ravenswood's soul.
  • The Spook: He's literally one. His origins are vague in the attraction itself, but the backstory spells out his identity pretty well.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Attraction actually, which is not really saccarine anyway.

Madame Leota

Voice Actors: Eleanor Audley (Original Attraction), Susan Blakeslee (Haunted Mansion Holiday, Kinect Disneyland Adventures), Oona Lind (Phantom Manor)

The spirit of a psychic medium, whose head appears inside a crystal ball. From her chamber, she performs a Spooky Seance to contact the spirits from beyond. She has a tombstone outside the ride which has moving eyes.

The Bride

Voice Actors: Oona Lind (Phantom Manor (voice)), Katherine Meyring (Phantom Manor (singing)), Kat Kresida (Disneyland, Walt Disney World)

The Bride is an iconic character in the rides with the most different character interpretations. The original lacked an official name or backstory, appearing in several designs with a visible beating heart, until 2006, when she became Constance Hatchaway, The Bride With A Past and a Black Widow, having married at least five men and murdering them to gain their fortunes.

In Phantom Manor, the Bride is Melanie Ravenswood who wanted to marry the man she loved against her Overprotective Dad's wishes. On her wedding day, the Phantom killed her groom via hanging but she has remained unaware of this, and decided to wait for her groom to return so they can get married. She wanders the halls of her home singing for her lover, and scenes showed she aged and then died at some point, but lived on as a ghost, still waiting for her groom to come.

The film's incarnation of the Bride is Elizabeth Henshaw, a woman of mixed race who was to marry Master Gracey. However, not wanting a scandal, the butler Ramsley poisoned her and faked a suicide. She lived on as a ghost ball, and was reunited with Master Gracey after the curse was lifted and the truth was revealed to him. She is mistaken for a woman named Sara Evers, who Master Gracey believes to be a reincarnation.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts

There's a little thing that should be mentioned: Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts. These three ghosts appear at the end of the ride, hitching a ride in the guests' Doom Buggies. The Ghost Host comments that the ghosts will follow guests home after guests pass by a row of mirrors to see them sitting in their Doom Buggies. The three ghosts are now commonly known as Phineas (the obese ghost in a top hat), Ezra (the tall skeletal guy) and Gus (the hairy dwarf prisoner). These names originally came from fan fiction written by cast members but became so well-known that they are now often included in official Disney-sanctioned material. They are quite the Ensemble Darkhorses and the iconic characters of the ride. They only make a brief appearance in the film.

The Hatbox Ghost

Voice Actors: Paul Frees (original ride), Corey Burton (Haunted Holidays)

Perhaps the biggest Ensemble Darkhorse for the fans after the Hitchhiking Ghosts. The Hatbox Ghost was a skeletal spectre seen in the attic with the bride, his head vanishing into the hatbox he carried and back to his body. Unfortunately, the character's trick often didn't work so he was quickly removed from the ride. However, he is so memorable that fans have been requesting his return for years. It seems they may get their wish with Guillermo Del Toro's announcement of remaking the film, and the Hatbox Ghost is to be involved as a focus point. After gauging fan response to the idea of bringing Hattie back by dressing up a generic A-100 as Hattie for the D23 Expo, Disney set to work on bring him back for real.

  • Big Bad: Considered by some to be the villain of the ride, even though he isn't in it. Apparently he will be in Guillermo Del Toro's planned film.
  • Dem Bones
  • Evil Laugh: Gained one in 2015
  • Losing Your Head
  • Put on a Bus: And absent for over forty years, though an advanced animatronic appeared on display at 2013's Disney D23. Imagineers dodged any questions about a return, which many take to mean "yes".
    • The Bus Came Back: The Hatbox Ghost reutrned to the Mansion beginning on May 9, 2015. It is an entirely different figure from the one at D23 and more faithful to the original character.
  • Special Effects Evolution: Went from a very simplistic figure with a failed lighting gimmick, plastic wrap covered body and a little animation in his cane hand to the most fluid moving figure in the attraction with a detailed skeleton sculpt beneath his transparent clothing and a mixture of digital techniques and physical heads to achieve the effect.

The Singing Busts

A quintet of singing busts found in the graveyard scenes. They sing the ride's Theme Song "Grim Grinning Ghosts". Four members of them appear in Phantom Manor, and four other versions appear in the film singing different songs to answer Eddie Murphy's questions.

Little Leota

Madame Leota's daughter, Little Leota appears at the end of the ride, bidding guests farewell but eerily invites them to "hurry back" and bring their death certificates in order to join the Haunted Mansion as new residents. Also known as the Ghostess.