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Headscratchers: The Haunted Mansion
  • I am still confused as all hell about what Ramsleys intention really were. It would appear as if he was trying to lift the curse on the mansion. Which if I remember correctly was keeping all the ghosts from going on to the next life. But as we see after the curse is lifted, Ramsleys next destination was Hell. SO why on earth would he want to lift the curse, the only thing i could think of was he didnt know that he was headed to Hell, but I dont know, it still seems kinda outta whack
    • As you say, Ramsley probably doesn't know what the 'next life' contains, so he won't know that he's headed straight for Hell. But as well as that, he believes he was doing the right thing by killing Elizabeth, keeping it from Gracey, tormenting Evers and killing Sarah. He probably wouldn't put himself down as a bad guy, even though he is transparently evil.
  • Master Gracey tells Sara his story under the claims that it's about his grandfather and he shows Sara Elizabeth's wedding dress and says she never got to wear it. So if Elizabeth died before the wedding and Grandpa Gracey killed himself out of grief, how did Sara not notice the massive Plot Hole in the story - the Gracey she's talking to shouldn't exist because his "grandfather" died without children? Even if she doesn't figure out that the Gracey she's talking to is the same one from the story, she should still realize that something doesn't add up with the family lineage.
    • She may have thought they had a child before Elizabeth took her own life, and that having a child out of wedlock contributed to her suicide.
  • Was Ramsley a demon of some sort? He was able to open a Hell Gate in the fireplace and summon evil spirits by saying "Damn you all to hell!" Not to mention the threat he gave the other two ghosts, saying "there are worse things than purgatory", implying that he had the power to send them to hell too.
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