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Awesome: The Haunted Mansion
  • Jim and Megan fighting off the zombies, also has some funny moments.
  • Jim and the kids storming the shame wedding service.
    Jim: (bursts in) Yeah, I got a few objections!
  • Madame Leota's Rousing Speech to Jim after he falls into despair trying and failing to get back into the mansion to save his family.
    Jim: Hey, you leave me alone. Just get out of here and leave me alone.
    Madame Leota: Oh, I see. You're just going to sit there, feeling sorry for yourself.
    Jim: Tell me why not. This whole thing was my fault. We should've never been here in the first place. Supposed to be at the lake. We'd be sitting by a warm fire right now. And I made us come here. And now it's too late.
    Madame Leota: No. It's never too late.
    Jim: Hey, look, I tried to get in there, and I can't, all right? I tried! I failed!
    Madame Leota: You try. You fail. You try. You fail. But the only true failure is when you stop trying.
    Jim: What do you want me to do? Huh?
    Madame Leota:...Try again. (cut to Jim, behind the wheel of his car, preparing to plough through the mansion wall)
  • Mystic Manor itself. While extremely different from all other Mansions it has amazing special effects and really conveys a magical atmosphere. Bonus: Danny Elfman did the music for the ride!
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