Awesome: Dinosaur

  • The whole opening scene, complete with James Newton Howard's Crowning Music of Awesome.
    • The pteranodon swooping under that brachiosaurus' tail.
  • Aladar's first encounter with the herd is pretty breathtaking.
  • Aladar leading the herd in repelling the Carnotaur with their bellowing. While this happens, you can see the beast actually stepping back to avoid them.
    • Even the tiny, squawking struthiomimus manage to help!
  • The Courtship. Just the music and the lemurs' just feels so right.
  • Upon reaching a dead end, Aladar begins to lose hope, after repeated failures and the loss of Bruton. Baylene steps forward to reassure him and begins demolishing the wall. His friends all join in breaking down the dead end, which leads to the "Nesting Grounds".
  • Neera saving Aladar from Kron.