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The Hatbox ghost was Cousin Huit.
Disney released two souveniers featuring the Hatbox ghost with a tombstone from the que. One says "Cousin Huit,we know you didn't do it." Hat box ghost's head appears as part of the tombstone. he other one says " Here lies Fred; a rock fell on his head." The O-Pin house event revealed that Hatbox ghost goes by the name H.B. Ghost. Of course H.B. could very well just mean hatbox, but H. could also stand for Huit and B. stands for an unrevealed middle name. Huit was accused of killing some guy named Fred with a rock. Huit was found innocent at his trial, but red's family believed tat Huit was truly guilty. They took the law into their own hands and beheaded Huit. His head was hidden in a nearby hatbox. Huit's family insisted tht he was innocent and wrote it on his epitaph.
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