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The Hatbox ghost was Cousin Huit.
Disney released two souveniers featuring the Hatbox ghost with a tombstone from the que. One says "Cousin Huit,we know you didn't do it." Hat box ghost's head appears as part of the tombstone. he other one says " Here lies Fred; a rock fell on his head." The O-Pin house event revealed that Hatbox ghost goes by the name H.B. Ghost. Of course H.B. could very well just mean hatbox, but H. could also stand for Huit and B. stands for an unrevealed middle name. Huit was accused of killing some guy named Fred with a rock. Huit was found innocent at his trial, but red's family believed tat Huit was truly guilty. They took the law into their own hands and beheaded Huit. His head was hidden in a nearby hatbox. Huit's family insisted tht he was innocent and wrote it on his epitaph.
The Hatbox Ghost is connected to Constance.
Now that he's back, the Imagineers have filled up the Attic with hatboxes, and placed the HBG on the exiting balcony. Perhaps he was another one of Constance's victims, but not one of her prospective husbands. His famous trick implies that he was beheaded, and Constance killed by decapitating her husbands. Maybe the HBG was a hatter who provided the hats for one or more of her grooms, and got suspicious. When he threatened to expose Constance, she cut off his head and threw it into a hatbox after disposing of his body to hide the evidence. Now he waits outside the attic, unable to "join the party", but unwilling to face Constance.
In the earliest days of the Mansion, the Bride was malevolent.
One of the motifs of the opening-days Attic was heads in hatboxes. There were several hatbox props with heads that would pop out of them, like the pop-up ghosts. The Bride seems to be the central figure, and her heartbeat dominates the room. After the cars passed the Bride, they were met with the Hatbox Ghost, whose head was supposed to disappear and reappear in his box. With the preceding props and the accompanying horror cliche, one was supposed to assume that Hatty was done in by the Bride, which is a concept later reused for the Constance character, and possibly even by HBG's return. The very first version of the Bride figure was made to appear as a skeletal corpse, which allows the connection to be made far more easily. However, since the Hatbox Ghost didn't work, the pop-up heads lost their buildup and the Bride had to become the climax. From then, the original Bride was known as a mournful figure. More info can be found here.

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