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Characters: Tekkaman Blade
Here be the characters of Tekkaman Blade

Introduced in Tekkaman Blade
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    Protagonist Tekkamen 

D-Boy/Blade/Slade/Takaya Aiba/Nick Carter/Ness Carter/Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman Slade

The titular main character of the show. Takaya is the 2nd son of the Aiba family and was to become a Tekkaman, until his father saved him and had him launched to Earth, in turn becoming Tekkaman Blade, a being hell bent on Radam's destruction. He joined the Space Knights to defeat the Radam (getting the nickname D-Boy), succeeds, but there's a lot of sacrifices that he had to made. Eventually, however, he becomes more stable and assists his girlfriend Aki in training new generation of good Tekkamen.

Miyuki Aiba/Tekkaman Rapier/Shara Carter

    Space Knights 

Aki Kisaragi/Star Summers

Noal Vereuse/Ringo Richards

Miletta 'Milly' Le Rouge/Tina Corman

Heinrich von Freeman/Commander Jameson

Honda/Mac Macelroy



    Human Army 

Balzac Asimov / Balzac St. Jacques

General Colbert/Galt


Kouzu Aiba/Ulysses Carter

Patriarch of the Aiba family, he rescues his second-eldest son from the Radam, launching him in an escape pod to earth, before dying from the after-effects of a failed transformation.

     Radam Tekkamen 

Shinya Aiba/Cain Carter/Tekkaman Evil/Teknoman Saber

Fritz von Braun/Tekkaman Dagger

Goddard/Tekkaman Axe

Molotov/Tekkaman Lance

Feng Li/Tekkaman Sword

Kengo Aiba/Conrad Carter/Tekkaman Omega/Darkon

Introduced in Tekkaman Blade 2

Yumi Francois/Tekkaman Hiver

David Krugel/Tekkaman Sommer

Natasha Pablociva/Tekkaman Vesna

Tekkaman Aki

Dead End/Tekkaman Dead

Tegami BachiCharacters/AnimeTen

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