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Characters: Musashi Samurai Legend
A list of characters from Musashi Samurai Legend.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

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     Main Characters 


Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (Japanese), Lenne Hardt (English)

The Hero and main character, Musashi is a wannabe samurai warrior who was summoned by Mycella to save Antheum from the evil clutches of Gandrake Enterprises. Along the way, he rescues the mystics and recovers the elemental swords in order to defeat Gandrake.

Princess Mycella

Voiced by: Miwa Kouzuki (Japanese), Jasmine Allen (English)

Antheum's princess, and the one who summoned Musashi in first place. She's kidnapped by Gandrake and must repeatedly be rescued. She develops a crush on Musashi.

  • Big Good: She is the one responsible for summoning The Hero for help, as well as being Gandrake's main target for use of her powers for world conquest.
  • Distressed Damsel: She's kidnapped at the very beginning of the game, and the prologue consists of rescuing her.
    • This happens a total of three times in the game. To list:
      • 1: The beginning of the game, where she is kidnapped by Rothschild and kept at a tower to be saved by Musashi. After the rescue, Musashi and Mycella venture to the peak of the tower, where Mycella gets knocked out and re-kidnapped by Gandrake.
      • 2: During a mission to rescue Maribo from the same tower where Mycella was first kept, Musashi learns from Maribo that the princess is held somewhere else within the same tower. He finds and frees her again, and successfully brings both of them back to Antheum.
      • 3: Later on, Clochette finds Mycella at Antheum, kidnaps her at gunpoint, and sends her to Rampart Isle, the final stage of the game. When Musashi recuses her from there, Mycella even lampshades that this is the third time Musashi had to do so.
  • Designated Love Interest: Although Musashi has to save multiple girls, Mycella is by far the most important out of them plotwise, and the one Musashi has the most feelings for.
    • First Girl Wins: She's also the first main female Musashi rescues after her summoning of him.
  • Disney Death: She was killed by Gandrake & the Archnembulus for assisting Musashi in the final battle. The Anthedon being restored to its full power from all 5 swords allowed it to revive her.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses
  • Intimate Healing: A rather innocent version: During the battle against Shadow Musashi, she can heal Musashi if he carries her.
  • Leitmotif: "Mystical Princess"
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Not only in her clothes, but also in her magic.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: She even assists Musashi during the first battle against Gandrake, who has changed into Shadow Musashi.

Master Mew (Master Mao)

Voiced by: Takeshi Aono (Japanese), Barry Gjerde (English)

An old humanoid cat who knows the Mystics. He finds Musashi who was summoned by Mycella in the beginning and trains him in the "Way of the Stray Cat". He later appears on Antheum in hes his dojo to give you advice on how to use your elemental attacks and occasionally teach you new techniques.


Mycella's father, he's the leader of the Mystics of Antheum. He can help Musashi during his quest by driving the Anthedon to the needed location.

     Elemental Maidens 

Burrini (Tamie)

Voiced by: Nanri Yuuka (Japanese), Vicki Glass (English)

The Earth Maiden, a kindhearted girl who works at her father Tunnbrod's Bakery. She's very close to animals and enjoys picnics.

Fontina (Ricotta)

Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki (Japanese), Michele Stayner (English)

The Water Maiden, she was kept prisoner in the Roquefort Mine and used as a power source. At first, she's quite hostile and rude to Musashi, even after he's just rescued her and repaired her glasses, and states that they don't need his help. She eventually mellows down and decides to help Musashi.

  • Blind Without 'Em: So much that she falls asleep without her glasses, and they're made from a very rare material to boot.
  • Dub Name Change: From Ricotta.
  • Elemental Eye Colors: This Maiden of Water has blue eyes.
  • Eureka Moment: She's the first to discover that the Anthedon can revive Mycella, when the fountain in the middle of Antheum lights up at the end of the game.
  • Hot Librarian
  • Leitmotif: "Aqua Memory"
  • Making a Splash
  • Meaningful Name/Punny Name: She's named (in both versions) after an Italian cheese. Furthermore, the ricotta has also a bitter taste, but its very soft.
    • Her Japanese name could also be referring to her element. Water can be calm or fierce depending on its mood.
  • Meganekko: One NPC even says her glasses are her biggest appeal. Said NPC offers her flowers during The Stinger.
  • Red Baron: Glogg dubbed her "The Water Wench".
  • There Are No Therapists: Eventually she gets over her issues after talking to Musashi.
  • Tsundere: Only at first, but quickly grows out of it.
  • Ungrateful Bitch: After Musashi saved her from the mines, bring her back home and bring her new glasses, the first thing she does is to insult him and say that they can beat Gandrake without his help. After getting into an argument with Musashi over this, she eventually breaks and then gets better once he offers her some prep talk.

Mirabo and Maribo (Murol and Murolait)

Both voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Bianca Allen (English)

The Fire Maidens, a pair of cute twins with powers over fire. They went to Mount Terroir to calm down its guardian, Moltan, but they're captured by Gandrake's men who are operating in the vicinity.

  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Mirabo has a pink dress while Maribo has a dark red one.
  • Cute Witches: Although they're not actually witches, their clothes give off this allusion.
  • Dub Name Change: From Murol to Mirabo, and Murolait to Maribo.
  • Elemental Eye Colors: These twin Maidens of Fire both have red eyes.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Mirabo's point upward while Maribo's point downward.
  • Leitmotif: "Symphony of Fire I" for Mirabo, "Symphony of Fire II" for Maribo. Together, the contrasting moods of both songs represent the twins' own Red Oni, Blue Oni. See below.
  • Playing with Fire: Each twin shares half the power of what a different Maiden would've had, due to their small size and young age.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Mirabo is spunky and light-hearted and even has a crush for Musashi, while Maribo is calmer and clever.
  • Token Mini Moes: Mirabo and Maribo are the smallest and youngest of all the Maidens Musashi has to rescue, whereas all of the other Maidens and even Mycella herself are teenagers.
  • Talking To Herself: Their Japanese & English voice actors are the same.
  • Wonder Twin Powers: They can only release the power of the Fire Sword if both of them are present.

Istara (Maki)

Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka (Japanese), Gerri Sorrells (English)

The Wind Maiden, a skilled swordswoman who lives in the Picodon Jungle and protects it from the invading forces of Gandrake.

  • Action Girl: Due to her training, she's the most powerful and skilled of all the Maidens, and it shows.
  • Badass/Badass in Distress: You need to carry her only for a short sequence.
  • Blow You Away: Her element as a maiden, which she can also use for battles.
  • Bonus Boss: After completing her chapter in the game.
  • The Determinator: Nothing will stop her from saving Picodon Jungle from Gandrake's forces.
  • Dub Name Change: From Maki.
  • Elemental Eye Colors: The Maiden of Wind has gold eyes.
  • Gainaxing: A gratuitous closeup on her chest while she counts down before unleashing a One-Hit KO on a Ninjaroid.
  • Leitmotif: "Aeolic Guardian". It's the longest Maiden theme in the game, and also plays when you get to fight her for yourself.
  • Meaningful Name: "Maki" can refer to Whirwinds.
  • Odd Name Out: She's the only Maiden whose name isn't a cheese pun, and she's also the only one whose eye color (yellow) doesn't match her element at all.
  • Tsundere: Goes into full dere dere mode when you give her the "Champion Belt" from her master, or compliment how she looks in her ceremonial garb.
  • Would Hurt a Child: She was ready to shank Malbec at one point. In her defense, Malbec is kind of a dick.


Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (Japanese), Rumiko Varens (English)

The Void Maiden, she left Antheum long ago and was hired by Gandrake. Eventually she's discovered and used for reviving the ancient temple where the Void Sword is kept. She's eventually saved by Musashi and brought back to Antheum.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Actually parodied, when Musashi ask her to tell a serious reason why she sided with Gandrake, she pulls out several clichèd excuses.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Well, at least not at first.
  • Easily Forgiven: Sort of averted. Banon still holds a grudge against her, but Musashi thinks otherwise.
  • Face-Heel Turn: She sided with Gandrake and even kidnapped Mycella (the second time). She later pulls a Heel-Face Turn.
  • Jerkass: She complains a lot.
  • Leitmotif: "Vixen Maiden"
  • Ms. Fanservice: The biggest example in the game. She even makes an ambiguous proposition to Musashi at one point...
  • Slapstick Knows no Gender: After being revealed as the Maiden of the Void, the villains revive the temple her sword is in by strapping her to a wheel-like stone and spinning her like a combination lock. She doesn't take it well.
  • The Power of the Void
  • Walking Spoiler: The sole fact that she was a Maiden that pulled a Face-Heel Turn makes her this. To drive the point home further, she's the only Maiden not labeled as such on other websites, promotional artwork, and even the game's opening, where they all only focused on her being a villain.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Violet, actually.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A


Gandrake a.k.a. Ganryu

Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Douglas Kirk (English)

The evil president of Gandrake Enterprises, and a powerful swordsman. He's kidnapping the Mystics in order to use their powers to fuel his Nebulite engines and is busy mining as much Nebulite as he can. He's actually revealed to be Kojiro Ganryu Sasaki, dragged into this world by the demon Amestris (trapped within the Archnembulus) in order to free her. He gets totally nebulized by the evil goddess but is defeated by Musashi.


Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu (Japanese), Michael Rhys (English)

The Director of Administration and leader of Gandrake's Gonin (Gandrake's Five Directors). He's a cold, calculating man who sports a cultured, polite demeanor. He's the one who initially kidnaps Mycella, and is in charge of the Nebulium Tower in Wellspring Woods. He's actually planning to take over Gandrake and even suggests that Musashi join forces with him to do so.

Glogg (Ducassa)

Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (Japanese), Murray Johnson (English)

Director of Negotiations, he's the (physically) strongest warrior amongst the Gonin. He's in charge of Roquefort Mine and guarding the Water Maiden.

Riesling (Dio)

Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese), Michael Naishtut (English)

Director of Security. He's one of the strongest Gonin, but sadly not the brightest. He's quick to anger and is the butt of many jokes. However, he admits that he and Glogg form an invincible pair. He's in charge of Mount Terroir.

Malbec (Albert)

Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese), Yuko Yunokawa (English)

Director of Research and Development. He's a 10-year old genius working for Gandrake. He created all the robots and machines used by the corporation. He plans to create a new base in Picodon Jungle.


Voiced by: Ryusei Nakao (Japanese), Jack Merluzzi (English)

Director of Intelligence, is a disturbing, quiet cyborg who works for the Gonin. Despite his calm, polite looks, he's a ruthless, bloody killer, and possibly a cannibal. He tries to revive the Temple of the Ancients where the Sword of Void is kept.

Amestris, Goddess of Destruction

Voiced by: Ikue Otani (Japanese), Kether Donahue (English)

Alias the Archnembulus. Is an ancient being sealed away in the past. She manipulated Gandrake into breaking her seal and freeing her.

    Swords Guardians 


A giant scorpion-like monster who rampaged through the Wellspring Woods before being sealed. Sadly, the Sword of Earth is also the lock on his prison.

Scarlet Kraken

The huge guardian of the Sword of Water, he sleeps in the lowest level of Roquefort Mines He must be awakened and defeated in order to gain the sword.

Moltan (Vallord)

A big lava monster and the spirit of Mount Terroir. Mirabo headed there to calm him down, but Riesling kidnapped Mirabo and used her accidentally used her to drive the beast insane, not reading his instructions or knowing that Maribo was needed, too. Moltan must be put back to sleep in order to stop the destruction.

Arachnolia (Aracuria)

Queen of the Picodon Forest, this huge spider used to be kind and gentle, but was turned in a ruthless cyborg by Malbec and now must be stopped at all costs.


Guardian of Mouna Temple, a large machine-like monster who dwells in the temple's inner sanctum. He's the keeper of the Sword of the Void and awakens when the temple is restored to its ancient glory.

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