Video Game: Musashi Samurai Legend

The sequel to Brave Fencer Musashi, with more Cel Shading. The main character, named for Miyamoto Musashi, is brought into a fantasy world to save the Mystics and their magical city from Gandrake Enterprises. Namely by gathering the The Five Swords and rescuing the Princess of the Mystics who summoned him there in the first place, and finding the scattered citizens of the evacuated village. Oh, and he gets to collect cards of the friends and foes he meets during his journey.

Musashi: Samurai Legend wasn't quite so well liked as the original, due the lack of the original's quirky charm, but it worked well as a standalone game. It also has more of an adult tone and a higher rating (T for Teen) rather than the childish tone of the original.

Like its prequel, Tetsuya Nomura (of Kingdom Hearts fame) is its main character designer (with its style being very close to what The World Ends with You would have later). Its main theme is composed by The Surf Coasters, and is featured in an animated opening of the game by Studio Gainax.

This game provides examples of: