Characters / Flint the Time Detective

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Flint Hammerhead / Genshi

A young, strong caveboy and the main character of the series. Flint was fossilized by Petra Fina, and wasn't freed until the 25th century. Flint was quickly enrolled as part of the Time Police, who must protect the flow of time.

Rocky Hammerhead / Dad-tan

Rocky is Flint's father, who was also fossilized by Petra Fina. Unfortunately, his defossilization didn't turn out quite right, as he is now permanently a slab of hard stone. He was fashioned into a high-tech stone ax, and serves as Flint's mentor.

Dr. Bernard Goodman / Professor Yamato

A brilliant but somewhat goofy scientist. He's in charge of the Bureau of Time and Space, and is responsible for restoring the Hammerheads.

Sara Goodman / Sora Yamato

The older Goodman twin, and the doctor's niece. She joins Flint on his missions.

Tony Goodman / Tokio Yamato

The younger Goodman twin, and nephew of the doctor. Like his sister, he joins Flint on his missions.

Pterry & Getalong / Puu & Love-Love

Pterry is a robotic pterodactyl, who serves as a guide to Flint and company. He's also responsible for wiping out any trace of their presence in the past. Getalong is a Time Shifter. Her power is making people get a long and be happy, but her power weakens with constant uses.

Merlock Holmes / Kyoichiro Narugami

A dhampir time detective, who shows up later in the series. Bindi, another Time Shifter, is almost always by his side.


Petra Fina Dagmar / T.P. Lady

A seasoned time thief who is wanted for messing up the timeline. She's allied herself to the Dark Lord, and is trying to get the Time Shifters before Flint and friends. When not traveling through time, she's under her alter-ego "Miss Iknow", a strict teacher.

Dino & Mite

A humanoid eel and frog, respectively. They serve as loyal henchmen to Petra, and provide comedic relief. Like their boss, they take on civilian form when not traveling through time.