Adorkable: Western Animation

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Zuko's adorable face + hilarious failed attempts at being social = this trope. Zuko's adorkableness started in season 2 in "Ba Sing Se", particularly his date in Tales of Ba Sing Se. Exhibit A. His Fan Nicknames are "Zudork", "Dorko", and "Failko", and that encapsulates his attempts at being normal. Poor guy really Cannot Tell a Joke. It's rather funny and odd because he spends most of the time being a no-nonsense warrior, Wise Prince and stern pursuer. But when he's forced to be social, he fails hilariously.
      Zuko: (after months of trying to capture or kill Aang, wishing to now join the group and teach Aang firebending) Hello, Zuko here. But I guess you probably already know me, sort of. Uh, so, the thing is I have a lot of Firebending experience and I'm considered to be pretty good at it. Well you've seen me... you know when I was attacking you? Uh, yeah, I guess I should apologize for that, but anyway I'm good now. I mean, I thought I was good before but now I realize I was bad, but anyway... I think it's time I joined your group and taught the Avatar Firebending...
    • When Zuko and Mai are together and not fighting, their combined adorkableness reaches critical mass. Mai is not normally very adorkable, but around Zuko she gets all giggly and blushy. They express their love in very awkward and adorable ways. The B-story in "Nightmares and Daydreams" is a good example.
    • The Earth King who is extremely naive for his age since he was kept in the palace his entire life while Evil Chancellor Long Feng took care of politics. He is sometimes even called "King Adorkable." Seriously, his pet bear is much more worldly and mature than he is.
    • Meng from "The Fortune Teller" is a female example. A young girl with pigtails that defy gravity and a missing front tooth, who believes Aang is her destined lover solely because of his big ears.
    • The professor/archaologist Professor Zei from "The Library." Loves his work with a passion, fanboys over Aang not because he's the Avatar but because he is a "living fossil," tries to communicate with Appa (while hushing Momo), admires Won Shi Tong's "foxy assistants" (actual foxes) for being handsome and clever, and can not understand what is so funny about the term "flying buttresses" because he's too busy being genuinely enthusiastic about architecture. He's also almost a Perpetual Smiler in a non-creepy way. Yeah, he lives in his own little world. Although this fascination with Won Shi Tong's library ends up getting him killed.
    • Sokka, on occasion. His moments of over-enthusiasm are the farthest thing from cool, but still endearing in their way.
    • Azula of all people has her moments, as her tendency to be perpetually grim and morbid make her extremely socially awkward. Especially evident in "The Beach", where she tries to act normal and socialize at a party.
      Azula: That's a sharp outfit, Chan. Careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea.
      [Awkward Pause]
      Azula: ...Because it's so sharp.
      Chan: Umm, thanks...
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes:
    • Most of the science types are your classic hot badass types... then you have Hank Pym, who will geekily squee about the science-influenced powers of a guy trying to kill him.
    • On the female side of things, there's Wasp, who also happens to be Hank's not-girlfriend. Seriously, she's d'awwww-worthy in most of her scenes.
  • Batman: The Animated Series had quite a few. Most of the rogues can fall into this category at some point in their portrayal, and characters like Alfred have their moments. The series is simply full of it. Harley Quinn is probably most notable for being painfully adorkable when she tries to interact with the public after her release from Arkham (short lived), but also good examples are the Ventriloquist, when he's simply being Arnold, and Jervis Tetch, when he's either at war with himself, or prior to his spiral into madness. Tetch in particular, had some incredibly adorable moments of complete social ineptitude in his office; talking to people, especially pretty people was not his forte.
  • Quite a few characters in Camp Lazlo are this: including Slinkman, Raj, Clam, Edward, Sampson, Chip and Skip and Lazlo. Dave also has shades of this.
  • ChalkZone:
    • Penny Sanchez with her glasses, studious personality, and an utterly adorable voice courtesy of Hyden Walch. Helps that she is only ten years old, making her even more adorkable.
    • Rudy Tabootie is also pretty adorkable. He's a little shy and awkward, an absolute sweetheart, and acts dorky around his crushes (such as Penny and Trina from "The Crush"). The fact that he has buckteeth and big ears just add to his dorky cuteness.
  • Lola from Charlie and Lola. She's eccentric, clumsy, and at times rather annoying - but you just gotta love her.
  • Jérémie from Code Lyoko. He's got a 99.87 grade average and ungodly computer programming skills, and has worked tirelessly for two years to give Aelita a normal, stable life. So that makes him a colossal nerd, an angel of a love interest, and just downright adorable physically.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • In his comfort zone as The Leader of Sector V, Numbuh One is a calm, collected Badass. Outside of his comfort zone—i.e. during father-son bonding, or in romantic situations—he is a total nerd.
  • Danny Phantom, especially in his human form. Sweet, awkward, shy, clumsy, those wide baby blue eyes, and more. His phantom form in the earlier episodes could count, being nervous and scared when he started out.
  • Cleveland Jr. from The Cleveland Show is tubby, mildly geeky, somewhat naive, sweet, and has an adorable voice. Kevin Michael Richardson has got range.
  • Daria, while she's not shy, is unpopular due to her passive, anti-social and snarky attitude and it somehow makes her more relatable and endearing as a character despite her emotionless personality.
  • Doug:
    • Doug Funnie. He's a shy, clumsy, awkward young boy with an enormous heart, which makes him adorable.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • Ed. He's a lovable oaf with a silly, playful and innocent personality, and has a number of odd obsessions including sci-fi movies and comic books.
    • Edd. Everything about him is adorkable. He's cute, geeky, neurotic, endearingly shy, kind, polite, and quite a Shrinking Violet, especially around girls. And that's why all the girls (In-Universe and out) find him adorable.
    • Jimmy being a cute, delicate, accident-prone kid who cries easily and has a lot of Woobie moments.
    • Jonny, a weird but good-natured Cloudcuckoolander. He's especially adorkable when he's interacting with his Companion Cube Plank, a piece of wood who is also his best friend.
    • May Kanker, Ed's female counterpart: she's naive, goofy, clumsy, Ugly Cute and the sweetest of the three sisters.
  • Family Guy:
    • Meg Griffin because she looks like a geek (she wears glasses), she's called a "wannabee loser", and because of her Butt Monkey status she's constantly picked on and made fun of. You can't help finding her downright Adorkable.
    • A parody of Hugh Grant, poking fun on his many roles and typecasting: "I'm just so charmingly befuddled."
  • Phillip J. Fry from Futurama. Mostly due to his childish nature and his kooky mannerisms, and he's a Trekkie. He's not seen as particularly attractive in-universe, but he manages to date some fairly hot women at times.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • Dipper is an "awkward and sweaty" pre-teen who is absolutely horrible at interacting with people (to the point where he has to make a list when wanting to speak to his crush) - however, this makes him a very endearing character, along with the fact that he'll do just about anything to impress people and make his twin sister happy.
  • KaBlam!:
    • Larry. He's sweet, shy, and a bit nerdy.
    • Sniz and Fondue. Comic book obsessed buddies who are ferrets (or cats!)
    • June in the first season. For the rest of the show, the "dork" part was removed but she remained cute as a button.
  • Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible's best friend/boyfriend, is a huge dork, but his loyalty to Kim and his unabashed optimism make him adorable.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Bolin. This comes of being a painfully naïve sixteen-year-old boy who is spoiled by his older brother, as well as just an absolute darlin' and the team Butt Monkey. His pet fire ferret also helps a lot. He's also The Charmer who clearly succeeds because of his Adorkable nature rather than sex appeal, and to top it all off, he has a Cat Smile! He is the fandom's puppy, and can do no wrong in their eyes.
    • Tenzin, which is especially funny because he spends most of his appearances being super serious and pretending to not have a sense of humor. And then Korra brings up his romantic past with Lin Beifong. Tenzin's Not So Stoic/The Comically Serious moments are largely what contribute to his Adorkable status. A lot of his facial expressions during his Not So Stoic moments wouldn't exactly look out of place on his dad.
    • Opal Beifong from Season 3 is a shy, sheltered girl who blushes and stumbles her way through her introductions when Team Avatar arrives in Zaofu. Naturally she and Bolin quickly bond with one another.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series
    • Lilo. She's such a friendly, sweet-natured, but socially awkward girl who has a strange obsession with Elvis and taking photos of fat people, and loves hanging out with her best friend, Stitch, an alien from outer space.
  • Ingrid Giraffe of My Gym Partner's a Monkey may be the tallest in the class but she's shy and tries desperately to fit in with her classmates.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot:
    • Jenny whenever she deals with the real human world. Her appearance is quite cute and her insecurities and innocence can be quite endearing.
    • Even better, Sheldon. Not only is he a geeky Gadgeteer Genius, but he takes no effort into fitting with society due to his awkwardness. He has quite a crush on Jenny, who he is often helpful and sweet to when he gets the chance. It's really hard not to like him.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight Sparkle is essentially a former shut-in who's just learning how to maintain friendships. Despite this she can still spend days cooped up in her home reading books, and has evinced a tendency toward Super OCD that borders on the scary. It's on full display when we see her dancing skills (or lack thereof) at her birthday party in Canterlot, and she takes it Up to Eleven when she was a filly, in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles". In "Castle Mane-ia", she lays eyes on the library in the castle. She can now squee in three dimensions.
    • Twilight's brother Shining Armor was a huge nerd before becoming a guard. When he gets a chance to talk to his crush Cadance for the first time, he manages to croak out a very awkward "Hello"; Cadance's observation is "Could he be any more adorable?"
    • With the release of "Luna Eclipsed", Princess Luna is adorkable easily, especially with her use of Flowery Elizabethan English and some of her other phrases.
      Princess Luna: Ha-hah! The fun has been doubled!
    • Trixie, of all ponies, turns out to be this once she makes a Heel-Face Turn after her Artifact of Doom is removed. It’s also adorable seeing her trip while she runs away.
    • Rainbow Dash, Passionate Sports Girl and Lovable Jock, can be adorkable, particularly when she's fangirling over The Wonderbolts and Daring Do, an Indiana Jones Expy. She's even willing to wear a very dorky looking sweater while posing with an owl. She also has some really cute moments with Fluttershy like going to see the Butterfly Migration just because Fluttershy asked. She can even be adorkable when she's not fangirling in episodes like Flight to the Finish. Like this.
      Rainbow Dash: Aww... get to the nitty-gritty later! Tell 'em the important stuff! Like, who's the coach?! *blows whistle* That's right, ME!
    • In addition to being the regular kind of adorable, Fluttershy also has her share of adorkable traits as well. Normally she's very well... shy, but if something piques her interest, such as animals, she'll get excited and starts talking your ear off.
  • Recess
    • Mikey's naivety mixed with his Large Ham tendencies make him adorably dorky.
    • The Pale Kids are a group of nerdy ten year olds who spend their recesses playing Daggers & Dragons and reading comic books.
    • Miss Grotke has many cute, dorky moments throughout the series. It's her over-enthusiasm about everything that really hits it.
    • T.J. can be pretty adorkable. His ditzy Book Dumb moments, his overly enthusiastic and optimistic nature, and he's got an enormous heart. And he was a Shrinking Violet in kindergarten! And he's been revealed to be a huge geek when it comes to comics.
    • Gus is a shy cutie who doubles as The Woobie. He's a timid, naive, insecure yet good natured boy.
    • Gretchen's pretty adorkable. She's an intelligent, cute, nerdy Nice Girl, with red hair in Girlish Pigtails, freckles, buck teeth, and Nerd Glasses.
  • The title character from Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown shows shades of this, but Pos the cameraman possum probably fits the trope even better. In the Title Sequence, Pos is shown trying to film Skippy walking towards him but the he trips walking backwards and falls on his butt so Skippy doesn't bump into him. It's only 1 or 2 seconds long and yet it is completely adorable.
  • South Park:
    • Butters. He's so endearing because of how hopelessly naive and innocent he is.
  • Spongebob Squarepants:
    • Spongebob. An endlessly cheerful, optimistic and kindhearted sea sponge with Innocent Blue Eyes.
    • His cousin, Stanley S. SquarePants, is a self-conscious Klutz who geeks out at the chance to take photos with some of the Krusty Krab's customers while working as a cashier, and is voiced by Christopher Guest to boot.
    • Spongebob's loyal friend Patrick also qualifies: he's a chubby, lovable but not very bright pink star who's just as childish and carefree as Spongebob, if not more.
  • Rusty from Squidbillies due to his naive nature. Rusty is the only character who has any sense of consequences or morality and is easily the nicest character on the show.
  • Both Virgil and Richie from Static Shock. Both are Fanboys of comics, superheroes, zombie movies, and video games, and heavily interested in the sciences.
  • In Steven Universe, Steven is an enthusiastic, dorky kid who is awkward about introducing himself to Connie, gets really worked up about things like birthdays or breakfasts, and will adopt as his new best friend and/or beloved child virtually anything that sits still long enough, even acid-spewing bug monsters or fully-grown lions.
    • Despite being a villain, Peridot gets in on this quite a bit, with her overall immaturity, high-pitched voice, and tendency to squeak when startled. After Steven lightly taunts her in a confrontation, complete with Eyelid Pull Taunt, she can be seen mimicking both the taunt and his preceding smug expression later in that episode. Doesn't help that in most of her appearances, she's not that big of a threat.
  • Octus in his "Newton" disguise and Sym-Bionic Titan. He's nerdy, but also very sweet and often tries to make his girlfriend Kimmy happy. This trait is probably what made her fall for him. He also manages to "own" Kimmy's ex without even trying to ("You better watch it or I'll come after you!" "Do you want my phone number? It might make it easier to find me?") Jason is also the "gawky nice guy" type.
  • Team Umizoomi
    • Bot is a lovable demi-klutz Robot Buddy when he's not doing math work.
    • And when DoorMouse chased his cheese in one of the specials, one couldn't help but awww at the cute, little mouse guard.
    • Squiddy is just adorkable the way his inventions backfire on him.
  • Several characters from VeggieTales:
    • Larry the Cucumber is this in spades, regarding the fact that he is a lovable Cloudcuckoolander.
    • His girlfriend, Petunia Rhubarb, is a Genki Girl, due to her Adorkable-ness.
    • Jimmy and Jerry Gourd also fall into this territory; Jimmy due to his Straight Man and Large Ham tendencies, and Jerry, with his quiet one personality also makes him this as well.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    • While not all iterations count, Donatello tends to fall into this category, particularly the 2003 show's version. Soft spoken and gentle, noticeably awkward and even clumsy compared to his brothers, and that's not even getting into the Teen Genius bit. Considering that the turtles don't have irises most of the time, the amount of emotion he conveys through his eyes alone is incredible, and can make big-hearted viewers want to hug him.
    • The 2012 show has Leonardo take the steed. While still the leader of the group, he also has a fondness for an old Sci-fi show and uses this as his basis of being a leader. And it is adorable. It's approaching ridiculous moe levels combined with his big blue eyes and the expressions he makes.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Starfire's unfamiliarity with Earth customs and overall naivete makes her adorkable.
  • Total Drama Island
    • Cody; just try to watch "Paintball Deer Hunter" without having a sudden urge to pick him up and hug him. No wonder Sierra is so obsessed with him.
    • While this term is used to describe Ho Yay between Noah/Cody, the Paris episode proves that Noah on his own certainly counts.
    • Beth has many traits of adorkability, especially how awkward she acts when she interacts with the other characters.
    • Pahkitew Island brings us Max, the aspiring supervillain whose attempts at being evil always back fire. He's later revealed to be a Nice Guy with a soft spot for kids, and states that he never spent his life being social.
    • The same season brings us Dave, a hypochondriac who often freaks out when he gets remotely dirty and has a tendency to get himself in awkward situations, such as accidentally kissing a bat on the lips, climbing out a confessional toilet, and accidentally telling Sky he's glad she was stung by bees instead of him (believing he's allergic to bee stings).
  • In We Bare Bears:
    • Panda who is emotional, worried about not getting a girlfriend and not as social a his brothers and he's also an Otaku.
    • Chloe Park who is intelligent, cute, socially awkward with humans but gets along well with the Bears.
  • Winx Club: Tecna acts like a robot a lot and it's suspected she didn't have any friends or feel emotions before meeting the rest of the Club, as well as her boyfriend, Timmy. No bowtie, but still adorkable, as the pairing is.
  • Both Scott and Kurt in X-Men: Evolution have shades of this:
    • Scott especially in the episode "Power Surge", where he can't seem to move without tripping, hurting, or humiliating himself.
    • For Kurt, there's his playful nature, adorable elf ears, and constant joking, as well as his tendency to make Sci-Fi references with Scott when the two are doing something.
      Scott: Teleporter to Maximum, Mr Wagner.
      Kurt: Aye Captain!
      Scott: ENGAGE! *Both teleport out of scene.*
    • Kitty Pryde has them both trumped. Geeky, a little on the clumsy side, and just plain adorable, especially when she's dancing.
  • Young Justice:
    • Tim Drake as the new Robin in season 2 has his moments, especially when he gets nervous and flustered when put in charge of leading team alpha and his facial expressions to his teammates' antics.
    • Captain Marvel is this almost from his first appearance, where he clearly just wants to hang out with the Team and be their friend, trying to do everything he can to be nice, friendly and helpful to them. However, since the kids are generally mistrustful of the League (as some of their mentors have been keeping secrets from them), they wind up keeping him at arms length until they find out that he's just a 10 year old kid whose superpowered form happens to look like a 30 something year adult.