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  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • The Vampires are the biggest base breakers. On the one hand they offer a new and admittedly fun twist to certain games. On the other hand they blatantly break several fundamental rules for role creation, and are pretty much responsible for what is generally agreed to be of of the worst roles in the game (Vampire Hunter).
    • The Spy. You either hate it or love it. You either find it Difficult, but Awesome and an incredibly unique role, or you find it an annoyance for making several mafia roles useless and for being too focused on defeating members of the mafia.
  • Broken Base:
    • Many of the roles are controversial in their balance. There is debate over whether the Vampire Hunter is overpowered, the town's only slim hope of winning against the overpowered vampires, or needs to be reworked entirely. The Retributionist is either overpowered or useless depending on who you ask. Whether or not Spy's loss of ability to hear whispers or see Mafia's chat makes Spy balanced or useless. The Medium either needs to be buffed or is fine the way it is. The Neutral Killers should stay as a hard to win role or be buffed, depending on the player.
      • This especially tends to happen whenever a role receives a major update or rework between those who liked the role and/or found it balanced before the change, and those who feel the new version is more fun or balanced.
    • Custom Games have a significant divide between players who want a balanced role list and players who want something creative. If you're the host, no matter what sort of role list you create, you're going to get some people criticizing you.
      • On this note, All Any has the same divide for this very reason. Some players love the unpredictability of the make-up of the town, others hate it for the very same reason.
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  • Character Tiers: Has its own page for space
  • Memetic Badass
    • The Pestilence, for obvious reasons
    • The Mayor, for being able to force ANYTHING to lynch itself late in the game.
    • The Arsonist. It isn't every game he's able to kill everyone at once, but it does happen.
    • The Jester no sells everything but Pestilence. He can also be the sole winner when no one survives the game.
    • And the Veteran, for being able to kill everyone that visits up to the Werewolf.
    • In a bizarre case of an inanimate object becoming this, the gallows have become this for being the only thing capable of killing Pestilence.
  • Memetic Loser
    • The Survivor, for doing almost nothing.
    • The Vampire Hunter for being such an awful hardcounter.
    • The Crusader, for killing other town members (including protective townies a LOT).
    • The Framer is widely considered the worst mafia role that goes from only situationally useful to downright useless if there are no Investigative roles left in the game.
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    • The Firefighter. A poorly conceived role-idea that never made into the game (for obvious reason) designed sheerly to hardcounter Arsonists (Who at the time had the hardest time winning) has become the crowning example of a terrible role idea.
  • Memetic Mutation: Now has its own page!
  • Memetic Troll: The Jester. Obviously.
    • The Forger and Disguiser have gotten this for being better at trolling than being useful.
  • Narm: For a brief while after the mobile Kickstarter, the game login screen had a different wallpaper that represented the people of Salem with ACTUAL faces and costumes. While is was meant to be serious, the fact that they seem to be trying too hard to look angry, combined with real people in a very cartoony game just leads it to be taken humorously by many.
  • Narm Charm: The spam filter.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The final seconds of night time, when you are scrambling to finish your will and don't know whether or not you'll live. The night time theme can also come off as this for some.
  • Tear Jerker: Often, pets will start crying if their master is lynched.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • The Arsonist was lambasted for its ineffectual and slow dousing abilities. Since they became unkillable by Bodyguards (and single handedly ruining a complacent gaming system), the hate has died down a bit.
    • People like Vampire Hunters a bit more when playing the "Dracula's Palace" Mode. Mostly because outside of Dracula's Palace and Custom, there's no guarantee one will appear in a regular All Any game (as they only have a chance appear when Vampires do).
    • Vampires have been irritatingly shoved into custom games, due to their relative rarity (only appearing in All Any and Custom as mentioned above. Their own game mode has led to less Custom/Vampire Takeover games.
    • In the recent updates as of August 2020, three of the basic neutral killing roles received buffs that made them much better. The serial killer can now choose to not kill their roleblocker and when roleblocked, the killed roleblocker's will will be ruined. The werewolf now gets full moon nights every night after the 4th night. The arsonist will passively douse anybody who visit them at night and is able to see ALL doused targets, including those doused by other arsonists.
    • The Forger used to be regarded as one of the weakest Mafia roles in the game due to having an incredibly situational and niche ability and being basically a worse Janitor. They then got buffed into being able to choose the role the person they were forging would appear as after dying which made it a lot more useful and gave it a distinct role to the Janitor.
    • Patch 1.5.9 featured a total rework of the Disguiser, changing them from a useless name-thief to a Mafia member that can alter the role they appear as, both to Investigators and during the post-death role announcement (if they died that day). And in 3.3.0. Disguisers now disguise other members of the Mafia as Townies. Disguised Mafia don't show up as Mafia visits to the Spy, and since the Disguiser visiting other Mafia members is considered a Mafia visit, being visited by the Mafia is no longer a guarantee that the person is innocent.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The Crusader is widely hated for its mechanic of randomly shooting a visitor of its target which generally leads to a town member being shot. This becomes ESPECIALLY frustrating when the target in question has asked for protection, leading to the Crusader shooting another protective role. Two Crusaders killing each other off is rather common, and generally met with amusement and/or annoyance.
    • Coven: Rivals, and Vigilantics were both loathed by players. The former for being almost unwinnable, and the latter for being so boring nobody would play it.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • The Poisoner becomes MUCH less effective when many players have basic defence.
    • The Mayor. In a game where the challenge comes from not knowing who is what role and being unable to openly communicate for fear of giving the wrong information to the wrong people the mayor's ability to display his exact alignment to the town is a borderline game breaker. A smart mayor can make the game so centralized that it just stops being fun for many players and a stupid mayor can ruin a game just as easily by hindering the town with his/her poor decisions and voting power. Thankfully, they made Mayor unable to whisper or hear whispers in a recent patch, but a good one is still nightmarish for the evils.
    • ANY Investigative or otherwise inactive role once the number of surviving Mafia outnumber the Townies.
    • The Sheriff tends to become this in game modes outside of Classic due to a combination of being a relatively common claim for mafia and neutral killing roles to fake (meaning real Sheriffs are likely to be mistakenly lynched if there aren't other Investigative roles to confirm their innocence), often being mistaken for an Executioner if they first announce a suspicious target too early or too late in the game for the town's liking, and being unable to detect a number of evil roles. The latter issue is most prominent in the Town Traitor game mode, in which three out of the five evil roles present in the game are undetectable to the Sheriff (the Godfather, the Witch, and the Town Traitor), rendering Sheriffs virtually useless if/when the Mafioso and Random Mafia die.
    • While the Crusader is hated due to being RNG based, the Trapper is widely hated due to being regarded as an incredibly inefficient and weak role as you have to wait one night to build a trap and can only have one trap at once, the fact that the trap gets triggered by any visit and not just attacks doesn't do it any favors either.
    • The Vampire Hunter is hated by vampires for being too good at killing them AND having the ability to eavesdrop on them. Their one function is to kill Vampires (one of the rarest roles) leading to very dull gameplay. They can be VERY hard to lynch due to Enemy Mine and their investigative results. All of this is not helped by breaking several foundational rules of TOS roles (No hardcounters!).
    • The Survivor has no actual goals other than staying alive, which leads them to be extremely boring to play as. The fact that they have no actual allegiances leads to them being massive trolls and backstabbing factions, and/or being killed on sight/claim just in case.
    • The Framer is slightly better than the Forger, but it relies on a Sheriff or Investigator even being in the game, let alone investigating their target. If the Sheriff or Investigator dies, they become useless.
    • The Juggernaut of all roles seems to have become this. The reasons behind that seem to be that they die too quickly, are very hard to become (making the easy deaths worse), and are almost impossible to win as.
    • The Jailor is the other end of the stick, being an overpowered Creator's Pet that holds the distinction of being the only fixed town role in the ranked role list, and the center of an annoying meta where the Jailor claims on Day 1 and demands the Town Protective and Lookout camp them because there's no way to punish them for it since the also fixed (at the time of this writing) Witch cannot force the Jailor to kill a member of the town without a lucky guess. Very tellingly, the Mayor was once able to receive whispers from other players and be healed by Doctors while revealed, which caused "Mayor games" where the Mayor immediately reveals and demands everyone to whisper their roles to them. This was shut down with the current Mayor being unable to be whispered or healed while revealed, but nothing has been done to prevent pretty much the exact same thing from happening when the Jailor is at the center of it. Isn't that weird?
  • Vindicated by History: The Neutral Killing roles being featured on Ranked games, many people used to loathe playing as NK on Ranked due to the fact that it's insanely hard to win as them. Once they were finally removed from Ranked many players began to miss them as the games started to get more repetitive and boring without them. Some people also miss playing as them because, even though they knew they were most likely not winning, they still miss the tension of those games. There's also the fact that Blank Media removed the NK roles right after they were buffed to become more stronger, which can come off as a weird decision to some people.
  • What an Idiot!: Has its own page now

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