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  • Some common game scenarios that occur can be screamingly funny for one or all of the people involved. For instance:
    • If lynched as the Jester, you get a brief window of opportunity (plus your will) to ruthlessly mock the poor bastards who decided to hang you.
    • Being a member of the Mafia or Vampires when you realise that your group outnumbers the other players can also be pretty funny — especially if there are no other killing roles left, so you can't be killed at night or lynched (due to your majority), which gives the victors a lot of time to mock the losers.
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    • All Any mode can produce an entire game with no evil roles — only Town roles and certain Neutral roles whose victory condition doesn't trigger the end of the game (Amnesiac, Jester, Survivor, or Executioner). If this happens, day and night one play out as normal... but when everyone wakes up on day two, they're greeted by the Town Wins pop-up!
      • It's possible, as an arsonist or a witch, to accidentally burn down the entire town, including themselves in this mode — arsonists light all ignited targets.
    • Amnesiacs can provoke hilarity — for instance, if one Amnesiac dies before remembering, the other can remember that they're an Amnesiac. If there's more than two Amnesiacs, they can all remember as that first Amnesiac. The achievement I am who I am is earned by doing this.
    • Sometimes, a Jester will claim to be an Investigator, Sheriff, or Lookout and get someone lynched, in order to make themselves look suspicious (because if they kill a good role — especially a powerful good role — they're going to look like mafia). There is, of course, always the chance that their victim is actually an evil role...
  • Some of the in-game achievements relate to funny or unusual scenarios, and so have amusing names:
    • If a Janitor cleans up their own dead body, they get the achievement "Impossible!"
    • A Consigliere who finds a Veteran (which means that there's a decent chance of said Veteran killing them in the process) earns the achievement "Uh Oh". On the other side of the Town, the Spy can get the achievement "Saw it coming!" if they see the Mafia visit them (which probably means they saw their own death).
    • There are specific achievements for a Medium who seances with the Arsonist, the Serial Killer, or the Godfather, which is not what you're meant to do...
    • A Transporter who makes someone attack themselves gets the achievement "Stop Hitting Yourself".
    • An Arsonist who ignites while being doused themselves will get the "It's gettin' hot in here" achievement.
    • Yes, you get an achievement for the aforementioned "An Amnesiac has remembered that they were an Amnesiac" event.
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    • Generally speaking, any instance where a role performs their night action on themselves when they aren't meant to will get an achievement. A variant is "How'd that happen?", where the Consigliere finds the Godfather. The Forger gets two (one for forging their own will, and one for forging a Mafia member's will), and the Framer will get the achievement "That was pointless" for framing themselves.
      • The Coven Expansions adds "You were confused" where a Hypnotist hypnotizes themselves.
  • Players can get a lot of mileage out of the game naming system:
    • "You have decided to resurrect Jesus tonight."
    • "You have decided to resurrect Jon Snow tonight."
    • "You have decided to kill Yourself tonight."
    • "You have decided to douse A Sponge tonight."
    • "You have decided to watch porn tonight."
    • "You have decided to kill Your Mom tonight."
    • "You have decided to kill Me tonight."
    • "You have decided to watch [name of movie/tv show] tonight."
    • "You have decided to investigate yourself tonight."
    • "You have decided to clean a huge mess tonight."
      • Related: If the janitor cleans someone, it says "(Cleaned)" next to their name rather than their role. Cue players named "Laundry" being cleaned just so it says "Laundry (Cleaned)".
      • "You have decided to clean house tonight."
      • "you have decided to clean up tonight."
      • "You have decided to clean your room tonight."
    • "The town has decided to put The Joker on trial."
    • "The town has decided to put Humanity on trial."
    • "You have decided to kill Sans tonight."
    • "You have decided to investigate pillows tonight."
    • "You have decided to plunder Booty tonight."
    • "You have decided to resurrect Ozpin tonight."
    • It can also get rather funny when you have a fitting name for your role, which usually happens unintentionally unless some players decide to have fun with scrolls. Some examples include Doctor Elise being shot by Xander, who proceeds to commit suicide the next day, or Kylo Ren the mafioso attacking Han Solo, or Dumbledore turning up dead and everyone suspects Snape, or Roy Loukas getting killed by a mafioso called Lorenzo Sims. Bonus points for things such as a player named Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes being the investigator, Al Capone being the Godfather, or Bigby getting the Sheriff role.
    • The sheer amount of people who've named themselves after actual people can turn into this as well as Discredited Meme given how popular they were. Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Vladamir Putin, Angela Merkel, and David Cameron are popular targets.

    Troper Experiences 
  • One that happened to this troper personally: I was playing with a few friends, and we were in a call with each other. I was Forger, one of my friends was Godfather, and none of the Mafia had died yet. Our Mafioso sacrificed himself to take out the Arsonist, who had managed to douse all three of us. My Godfather friend was singing "I'm Still Standing" in the call, and then we all got ignited and died. Turns out, there was a second Arsonist in the game. Said second Arsonist proceeded to leave the game shortly afterwards, giving Town the win. And that wasn't the best part. The best part was, I was recording this. (A few warnings: one, there's some strong language, and two, the audio quality isn't amazing. Skip to 16:20 if you just want our reactions to the second Arsonist).
    • Even more funny when an all-any game had multiple arsonists and a witch. Everyone leftover was doused... and a witch accidentally made one of the arsonists ignite, which caused the entire town to show up dead.
  • Same troper that put up that first experience, here with another one: I was Blackmailer who wasn't doing their job in order to pass as spy. One of my friends was Godfather. Our Mafioso got memelynched early on, but we survived. With 6 left, including a revived Vigilante, I got voted up. Three TI's were dead already, making my Spy claim nigh-impossible. I got pardoned. Then, my Godfather friend got voted up, claiming Bodyguard, despite there being a doctor claim. My friend also got pardoned. And then they lynched the Doctor claim, who was actually Doctor. Oh, and I was recording this one as well. (The day in question starts at 16:15.)
  • Another personal experience to be had here: In my first game as the Transporter, I decided to call myself NebbyGetInTheBag, while someone else was Solgaleo. Night two, I decided to experiment with using my power between myself and Solgaleo. The next morning, they reported getting the transport notification three times in a single night. While it would later be revealed that this was due to one of the random roles being a second Transporter who also messed with them that night, I thought it might have been a bug and decided to see if I could replicate it, and thus repeated the combo that night. The next day, they found Solgaleo dead in their home, killed by a member of the Mafia. His role was Mafioso.
  • So this happened over the span of two "All Any" games. First game my friend and I went in, I had got Doc, he had Mafioso. Mafia is picking off everyone left and right, until one of their members backstabs the group, giving up on maf, proceeds to bring it down to him an SK and then a witch. The SK DC'd during day, so they decide to wait until next day. Turns out he betrays him too to become the only survivor. Flash forward one game, we get paired with the same guy, using the same name. I get pissed and use "____ the idiot", I just to happen to get Jester. Throughout the game I piss him off by calling him an idiot, everyone thinking I'm an SK votes me up and I get a three vote lynch. I die. The guy I was taunting didn't vote for me, so I take out one of the others, turns out I take down the Arso who was about to ignite. Cue town cheering for me, but then the next night the local Vig decides he hates the guy I was taunting too. Come the next morning the guy was dead and was a Jester as well, and this was the deathnote... "This is for '____ the idiot' you asshat". Cue dead and living chat to erupt in laughter, turns out the vig was also in that last game with us and was the witch from that game.
  • A less than impressive victory, this troper was playing an any all game and ended up being one of two forgers in a fairly robust mafia. It was a surprisingly even game where it could really go either way when I was brought up to the stand. Having no idea what would be an appropriate bunch of BS, I simply said "Yeah, lynching me would be for the best. I'm totally mafia." AND THEY PARDONED ME OUT OF JESTER PARANOIA. Later on, when things were getting rough, a townie asked for a role call. The other two surviving mafs gave plausible lies, one claiming bodyguard and the other claiming something else innocuous, escort I believe. I said that I was mafia scum. And they just ignored me! We mafia eventually won that game! I was thoroughly non-instrumental in the process, but I like to think that my aggressive honesty helped in some small way. Especially since I survived all the way to the end.
  • Veteran Night 1 alert kills Godfather Night 2 goes alert kills Serial Killers Night 3 didn't go alert Night 4 goes alert kills Werewolf dies and loves myself
  • This troper had a fairly interesting experience as a Serial Killer. Once the game started, the first words out of my mouth were "Hey, guys, for a change of pace, I'm the SK, but I'm not gonna look for people to kill, just cut out the Mafia." Apparently, a Cassandra Truth goes a long way in Salem... every one of the townies with an investigative ability came to visit me later in the game (including, memorably, an aggressively investigative Jailor), and got stabbed for their trouble. The mafia followed suit, with first the Mafioso and then the Godfather killing themselves by visiting me (the framer ended up being lynched due to wills). The game lasted a few more paranoia-filled days, with the rest of the town lynching itself out of paranoia, and ended with only the Serial Killer and the Executioner left standing. That's right, the Ax-Crazy Serial Killer won just by saying so.
    • How'd that happen? People don't die from visiting a serial killer unless they're escorts/consorts
  • Honestly this was just such a total fail. I was playing transporter and I was avoiding transporting too much. Then I found one target that was almost definitely Mafia and another who was dead silent the entire time. I, being a total idiot, switched them. The next morning, the silent player was dead. The first message was that they were killed by a vigilante...and by guilt. I realized then that the vigilante had, like me, been onto this guy for a while and was going to kill him, and I ended up making them kill themselves! I asked the other townies to just lynch me right then and there out of shame. Later, after the mafia killed me, I groaned in the dead chat that I was the worst transporter ever. The vigilante I murdered agreed.
  • Another fun thing that happened: I was playing a vigilante and, on the first night, a witch controlled me and made me kill a townie and I was bitten by a vampire. The next day, many of the townies observe that the vigilante (that no one knew was me) was gonna die. I didn't say anything, since I didn't want to be lynched as a vampire, so I merely kept quiet and explained what happened to the other vampire that night. The next day, no one had died, and the chat exploded with confused townies wondering how the vigilante wasn't dead and if I was a hacker. Me and the other vamp played along, and I simply revealed what happened in my will. It was great.
  • Funny in a sort of "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!" kind of way... I was playing as an Arsonist on an All Any server, and had managed to stick around by claiming Survivor (fortunately, nobody thought it worth contesting). It was down to me, a Mayor, and two other guys, and I had doused the last of them the previous night... and then the other two guys both disconnected, leaving just the Mayor and me, the obviously-not-Survivor. This resulted in the following conversation:
    Mayor: Sucks to be you, huh?
    Arsonist: ...I don't suppose I could talk you into waiting a day? On principle?
    Mayor: No.
    Arsonist: flummery. Oh, well. GG - WP - FU. *lynched*
  • During Lovers Mode, I was Werewolf and my lover was Arsonist. On day 2 I decided to whisper my role to them, but accidentally whispered to the person 2 houses to the left. After they, who turned out to be Plaguebearer, exposed my role, I tried playing it off by claiming I was asking if they found the WW. I managed to get them lynched, but not before my lover was killed by a Trapper, leading to my heartbreak. Even if I lost, it was still thrilling in my opinion.
  • I recently played as a forger in a game of Mafia returns. I didn't do much forging, but one hilarious thing I did at the end was forge the last townies will to read: "I love my new mafia overlords. They are my sweet cupcakes. I love them". Just to be a total troll. You can really get alot of fun out of forging wills like that.
    • Also, in one past custom coven game, I got the role of jailor, and the guy I locked up on the first night was the serial killer. And since I couldn't execute on the first night, I died. But the kicker is that, we had a retributionist, and they revived me. I told them about the serial killer, but they didn't lynch him. But I still locked him up the next night and went right to executing him. I even bragged about how he was going to die to him... but a guardian angel protected him that night and I failed to kill him, and I just died again. I was just so cheesed off when I saw the message saying they'd been protected. Luckily the town still won in the end, so I got the last laugh over the serial killer.
  • So, I was playing a standard game, and had the role of Executioner. The round went fairly normally until right up to the end, where the only people left were the Mafia (all of them), myself, and my target, who asked for a role call. (It should be noted that I played nice with this target the whole time, backing her up on assertions of guilty parties and the like.)
    Target: Okay... so we've got three mafia, a townie, and someone who started as an executioner...
    Exe: Ya-huh.
    Target: I know this guy, this guy, and that chick are all mafia...
    Exe: With you so far.
    Target: So you're a Jester now?
    Exe: I didn't say that.
    Target: Really? So who's your target?
    Exe: ...
    Target: Oh. flummery. *lynched*
  • While this isn't particularly funny, I had a tragically comedic experience happen to me while I was playing Ranked Practice. I was the Godfather in a Mafia team, with a Consort, Consigliere, and Mafioso. For myself, I usually like confirming and checking with the rest of the family to make sure they agree with who I was ordering to kill at night. Unfortunately, the first night ended with me talking to myself and not killing anyone because no one responded. Come morning, my Mafioso and Consort had committed suicide. All the family has are a Godfather and a Consigliere. Being optimistic, I thought I could work with the set up, but he did not respond that night. Day 3 comes and as you would expect, he had committed suicide, too. I was then hung that same day for some reason. The experience left me with some internal crisis about if I was a pathetic Godfather or not and the feeling of wanting to curl into a ball and cry.
  • This troper was placed in an all any game as the jester. At first things started out as normal, until one of the mafia members was lynched and their will exposed everyone else in the mafia. After the rest of the mafia died the mayor asked for the serial killer to step up, seeing my opportunity I said I was the serial killer and the next day I was put on the stand. (Though my plan almost went horribly right when I was jailed and I was almost executed for my troubles) After the votes were counted I told everyone "Ba doop doop! I'm not SK at all!" The entire town wasn't even mad, they found it actually pretty funny. When it was my turn to haunt I decided to choose a random target, turns out the person I haunted was the actual serial killer! The chat was laughing so hard that most of them forgot about the mafia gamethrow in the first place.
  • This situation was kind of funny. I don't remember the exact situation leading up to it, but I do remember the important part. I was an SK, and I had successfully noticed that someone was being framed by the Mafia (they were still lynched, however). Because of this, the Investigator trusted me. The next day, I, just for fun, decided to reveal myself in my death note. Because of both those events, this happened.
    Invest: OK, Bacon Mage(me), good eye on that framer. You're a nice guy.
    My Death Note (at that exact moment): Bacon Mage here, yeah, I'm gonna kill you all.
  • Now the achievement that is unlocked by having all townies survive in one game can be a pain in the butt. You have to be coordinated, intuitive and it requires a lot of knowledge of the game to execute the perfect moves. Or you could be like the town I had for one game and do.. Nothing. Yeah you read that right. Nothing. So I ended up in an All Any match with seven players. I was the veteran and so I alert on night one. Nobody came. The next day the town sees over half of the players dead. I don't remember the exact roles but I know the vampires and a mafioso killed each other off, one witch had the serial killer kill themselves and the remaining vampire and mafia member left the game. The rest of the town was shocked to see the message "Town Wins". Some townies commented on how easy that was. Then I made the obvious quote:
  • This troper experienced an interesting game quite some time ago, so there may be some missing parts. I was playing a standard game, where there were five mafia members, and I was the Godfather. I believe it was on the first night, where I was imprisoned by the Jailor, who threatened to kill me if I didn't tell him my role. I proceed to tell them that I am the Godfather, and even told them how many mafia there are, and of which roles, although I didn't name the people. I may have even told them to execute me. Before the night ends, they say something along the lines of "OK" or "Thank you", and leave me to discover what will happen. Next morning, I'm STILL ALIVE! Turns out they either didn't believe me and let me live, believed me and chose to keep me alive, or maybe they were just satisfied that I stated a role and let me live, just because that was all they asked for.
    • I believe that because they had jailed me that night, they also ironically saved me from someone.
      • Jailor can't execute on the first night. That was how you were alive.
  • You should listen to advice when it's given. I was Sheriff, but due to a multitude of leavers and very bad luck, the match went into 3 mafia, two townies (the other was lookout), SK, and jester by day 3. After the lookout, jester, and mafioso were killed, I told the remaining two mafia to hang me. (through sheer luck, I had managed to investigate all three mafia one after the other, but paranoia kept me quiet. Having a second sheriff didn't help.) In the process of telling the mafia to hang me first, I realized that if they did that, the SK had a 50% chance of killing the framer and winning. I told them this warning them to hang the SK, but they hanged me anyway, but before I died, I took revenge in the form of telling the SK who to attack to win. Sure enough, the final day ended with the framer dead, the mafioso from earlier in shock, and a big fat SK victory in the middle of the screen.
  • I once wound up in a custom game that was just plain crazy. Six Jesters, Four Executioners, a Medium, an SK, a Werewolf, a Vampire and a single Neutral. Medium got killed Night two, and after that things got nuts. Everyone was screaming increasingly silly things in chat, claiming to be roles not even in the list, yelling quotes from movies, singing random songs in the chat. People getting near-lynched left and right, then getting saved by a single vote. I was Jester, bitten night 4. In the end, it came down to four vampires, and we hanged the SK. I'd been killed at night by this point, mauled by the WW, and everyone in dead chat was bleating on about the vamps winning... then all four got ignited and died. Turns out there'd been an Arso filling the neutral role the whole time, and he'd ignited all of us. We couldn't bite him as we had to cool down, having bitten someone the night before. Entire server promptly screamed 'THERE WAS AN ARSO THIS WHOLE TIME?!' amidst profanities and congratulations to the Magnificent Bastard the Arso tuned out to be.
  • The worst of luck followed by the best of luck. After a round as amnesiac where I was crapped on over and over by the escort blocking me and the jailor executing me, my morale was low. Didn't help when the next round gave me Godfather, which I really do not like. The round went normally up until a certain point. The vigilante had killed the transporter, and the jester was hanged. It was 6 V 2 when the night began. We chose our target, and my mafioso was planning on leaving (I personally didn't mind). The next day began.
    Mafioso: WTF?
    Me: I don't know.
    • This outburst came from the fact that 4 townies had died in one night. The vig from guilt, the jailor, the jester's victim, and our target. It was now 2 V 2, an investigator and a retributionist who already revived.
      Me: You still gonna leave?
      Mafioso: Yea no.
  • Funny in the sort of You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! way. I was an Executioner in a custom game consisting of a team of three Vamps, a three-man mafia consisting of a Mafioso, a GF and a Framer, a pair of Amnesiacs, a Jester, a Medium and a Doc, a Witch and an SK. My target was the Doc. Jester got killed Night 3, Amnes-turned-Jester died Night 4, along with two others who met the WW at night. SK took out the framer and I got my target lynched Day 6, mainly because he literally asked for it. Fast forward a couple nights, and its just the WW, three Vamps and me. Vamps and I agree to vote to lynch the WW after they find they can't turn him at night, I avoid getting turned due to my basic defence when I'm attacked. We vote and end up one short. Turns out the last vamp we needed to vote was AFK, and we drew the game as a result.
  • I was a complete and utter Butt-Monkey in my last custom game. I healed the Retrib night two, but got killed by an SK in the process. I sit in dead chat for a day or so, then get revived. Healed another townie, a vigilante. Cue the townie being witched and shooting me, although I did manage to save them from an attack. Next morning, cue the Vigilante I saved having a complete meltdown in the chat as I turn up dead for a second time. And then the Vig I saved died the very next night. Town won regardless though, when we lynched the GF and won with two members left.
  • This troper experienced a particularly hilarious event during a Ranked Practice game. Fourth or fifth day or so, the day saw a mafia member get exposed and executed. Cue the night, and the dead mafia was utterly angry at the supposed incompetence of the rest of his team, endlessly ranting about them, names included. With the unusually silent medium, myself, sitting completely silently in a corner. A few seconds before the night ended, I finally interceded:
    Medium(me): Thanks most sincerely for your aid, sir.
    Mafia: *beat* Flummery.
    Needless to say, the rest of the mafia met a swift and untimely end.
  • I really mucked up my last game of Ranked Practice. Had the misfortune of getting the Jailor as a role. Proceeded to jail literally everyone in town while noting down their claims in the event that I get killed. That was actually my whole strategy: note details down, get killed at some point. People get killed- I stay silent, do nothing. More people get killed, the Mafia (bar one Mafioso) is wiped during lynches, and then someone starts going on about having the Jailor jail 10 (me). I jail her, she claims BG, I execute thinkin' she's lying. Cue it turning out she really was BG, leaving me against a WW and a Mafioso. I jail the WW and die. Cue the entire dead chat screaming at me about how much of an idiot I was, cursing me out, or asking me why I was even playing this game if I performed so badly, or agreeing with mu statement that I was the worst Jailor ever.
  • So, this troper here got into a Ranked Practice match. I got Sheriff. A guy literally named Jailor claims such, and turns out to be true. I go ahead and interrogate the first guy on the list: it fails, as he is sent to jail, and he is lynched due to unresponsiveness, turning out to be a Vig. Next night I interrogate another guy, who is also sent to jail, and is executed by the same reason, turning out to be Doctor. We are all up in rage due to how idiotic the townies are, and we go back home for the day. I try, one more time, to interrogate someone; it turns out to be a Mafia, but he is immediately killed the same night, along with the Jailor and a few others. By the end it's only 3 townies, 1 mafia, an Executioner and one more guy. We go ahead and grab the Mafia.. who immediately just gives up and leaves. We vote innocent. We then move on to the "one more guy", who does exactly the same thing. We stand there in confusion, and hang the Medium for the Executioner to get his win... and then Town Wins. I was laughing my ass off for around a minute, and the whole chat was like "what the hell just happened here". It was glorious.
  • A short, but sweet conversation when I was found out as the framer.
    Jailor: I'm Thomas, BTW. (Planning to execute me)
    Mafia notification: The mafia has chosen to kill Thomas.
    Thomas has been found dead last night.
  • I was playing a Ranked Practice as a Doctor. Everything was going fairly bad for the townies: before the first mafia member died, we lost no less than five townies, and if weren't for our retributionist (who died in the very same turn he revived someone), we could have a gross disadvantage against the evil roles. To make things worse, we had an arso with a killing spirit, and worst of all, the town lynched two innocent people. However, in an impressive twist (ironically enough thanks to the arso on some degree), we were two townies left (me included), two mafia members (Framer and Godfather) and the arso. By this point, both town and mafia managed to spot him, but lynching him would have risk the town to lose, but in the end we didn't care and both town and mafia lynched the arso. But there was something that no one expected: My partner was also a doctor. Cue the mafia getting frustrated because the two doctors keep healing themselves, as if they attack him, I would have healed him, and if they attack he, he would have healed me, locking the mafia into a pointless kill-heal loop. The game ended as a draw because no party could terminate with each other.
  • I got into a Coven all any as a jester once, forgetting to give myself a name. I was worried about my chances of winning since Coven was different from regular. I survive night 1, and day two roles around. The psychic tells people about their vision, demanding roles from Sarah, Myself, and Doo. Sarah doesn't say anything, while Doo claims doctor and Myself claims tracker, so she ends up voted to the stand. It took me half the defense time to realize I was Sarah. So, I simply state I didn't realize they were talking to me. Two people vote me guilty, and I give my thanks to the psychic. Turns out the easiest way to be lynched is to forget your name.
    • I have another good example. In one game of To S, I got sk in, you guessed it, Coven all any. Most of the town members were afk, with only 4 of us being active. It took three days to lynch an ambusher after the medium called him out. I choose not to kill anybody, and people end up assuming I'm town through my authority and reason. I end up confident I can trick the town as more people seem to grow active. Then I get a message that I have been killed by an arsonist, with some other town members. Cue me screaming in the dead chat. Not only that, but this has happened every single time I have tried to use this strategy with sk since.
      • I promise this is the last one for now. I got spy in a Coven all any game, and I realized I was screwed. I was so miserable that when an obviously suspicious person told me they were bodyguard, I just told them to kill me. A werewolf kills them, and it turns out they were an arsonist. I continue the game, and town manages to get rid of coven, and we discover there are THREE spies. We lynch the a mafia member, and lose a spy. We finally find the other mafia member, which convinces us we have a chance. Suddenly, we get a notification that there's a Pest. Cue a massive Oh, Crap!!! The other spy tells me we've been had. I go to sleep that night, and wake up to my fellow townie dead. Since the werewolf can't kill that night, the two try to force me to chose who to lynch. Realizing Pest wins because of his high attack, I just refuse to vote, making the werewolf angry. He dies that night, respectfully saying he wished I would have at least voted for him if he was going to die in his will, and the Pest and I have a nice conversation. He thanks me for the win, and gives me a last meal of my choosing. Thanking him and saying good game, I die, giving him the win. Chat is losing it, finding the scene heartwarming yet hilarious.
  • I once played a Coven all any mode. The town was... interesting. Anyways, I was the medusa of the coven, with a hex master friend, but our coven leader was afk, meaning it was impossible to get the necro. We plan to have my friend claim sheriff and get our coven leader lynch. Come morning, and I see my friend disconnect before I see his body. It turns out the mafia was suspicious of him, leaving it to me to try and get the necro. I claim sheriff and get my coven leader lynched, convincing the town I'm sheriff. I might've been too convincing, however, since a serial killer killed me that night. In the morning, after the reveal I'm medusa, many people were confused as to why I got my coven leader killed. Well, the serial killer gets lynched and it becomes very obvious who the werewolf is... except the town is too dense to pick up on who it is. A townie, the veteran, tries to warn them, but they lynch the veteran instead. The two of us had a lovely conversation about how much we hated the town and loved Danganronpa, as I named myself after the Ultimate Musician and she had named herself after the Ultimate Inventor. It took them three more days and two near draws before they finally listened to the advise of the veteran and the will of the sk. Both of us were pretty angry, and the townies themselves admitted they were stupid.
    Ibuki: Seriously guys. The sk left you a will, and you lynch the veteran!? I was hoping the werewolf would win
    Miu: I told you guys! Even after you lynched me and saw my role, you didn't listen! Worst town ever!
    Sapphire: Yeah, we were pretty dumb.
  • One day, I was in Classic mode and got the role of serial killer. Since I usually don't do well with this role, I curse my luck and just wing it, playing quite horribly. However, the town honestly believed that I was medium of all things and kept me alive. Except for one player, Ex (yes, this is S O S). Then I get figured out by the town, who has four members by this point, and they try to vote me up...only to realize they were a vote short because one of their members was AFK. They plead for me to throw the game but I decide to be a dick and get that sweet serial killer win. But this isn't the funny part...
    • Afterwards I get into another Classic game with two members of the town I just killer, including Ex. I got the role of vet and Ex was mafioso. Since I usually don't alert on night one, I do the stupid thing and get killed by Ex. However, the next day the town and maf accidentally lynched jester thinking they were serial killer. I then convince the jester to kill Ex. Cue rage as I kill Ex again.
    • Then the trio of us got into another game together! And I was serial killer again! I decide to be ballsy again and claim lookout, creating a pretty good fake will. I kill Ex the first night and convince the town that I did not kill him and that his note of me being sus was a Running Gag, which the other player agreed. I keep the other player alive and go through the whole game manipulating the town into thinking I'm the lookout, even with the random town being dead since the real lookout wouldn't speak up. I then convince my Unwitting Pawn to kill the real lookout, lying about how they visited the serial killer victim. And then I kill him. Cue me winning and all but Ex being surprised that I actually managed to kill Ex the third time in a role.
    • For the last game of all of us together, we actually were all town. And then we were the only ones left standing after town wins. We were like we're actually a pretty good team when S O S isn't killing everybody and now we're all Town of Salem friends.
  • I was playing Coven Vip. I was a member of the coven, along with amazing player Born Zip. It ends up with the two of us left after the other two perish. Both of us are named in an evil psychic vision, with no claim space so we have to lie. We both realize we're dead. They vote up the Coven leader, but realize my claim is fake and inno the CL. They try to vote me up, but run out of time. The Coven chat has us ask how we are still alive. Realizing we have to kill the VIP as fast as possible, my coven leader chooses to drain the psychic. We end up winning, as the pirate blocked the crusader for us since town failed to vote me up. Cue everybody complaining that it was obvious, and Born Zip and I being very confused.
    Betty Paris (Me): How are we alive?
    Born Zip: I have no clue.
    • Plus next game, with Born Zip still there, as well as the pirate, and a whole lot of familiar faces. I'm in a four man coven. We end up having two crusaders murder each other, and stone somebody. I find out Born Zip is the Guardian Angel. We pass a day without lynching. Thinking we've narrowed down who the VIP is, we control and stone somebody else, I attack somebody, and somebody commits suicide. We wake up to frame somebody as planned when we get the announcement Coven has won. We're all shocked. It turns out the person we made walk into Medusa was VIP, by pure luck, and nobody guarded them. Cue us celebrating a win on Day 3.
  • This troper was playing on All Any and got the role of Vigilante. The Vampire winds up dead on Night 1, and there are multiple people claiming Vampire Hunter-turned-Vigilante. The first person to claim this gets lynched, and they're actually Vigilante, but that's not it. I decide to shoot the other Vigilante claim for fear of them being Mafioso, and they're Vigilante as well. Cue my suicide the next day... and yet another Vigilante dying due to ANOTHER VIGILANTE SHOOTING THEM. Next night, an Amnesiac turns into a Vigilante (probably to compensate for all the other ones dying) and the town lynches another Vigilante, followed by two more Amnesiacs turning into Vigilantes. Long story short, the only non-Vigilante roles in the game at the end of it were the aforementioned Vampire, an Executioner, and a Godfather. The original Vampire Hunters/Vigilantes and I were losing it.
  • This troper was playing some ranked practice and named himself Hodor, and only communicated by saying "HODOR!" No one suspected that I was actually the godfather, not even when I was jailed and the jailor demanded my role and will, and all I replied was "HODOR!" Mafia ended up winning with no casualties.
  • In a classic game of Town of Salem, I got exe, and became the resident Butt-Monkey. The second day, I question if politely asking to lynch my target will work. Well, the inves asks me my role just as I ask town, and they get quiet. Of course, an obvious jester claims exe, and I start getting votes. I got roleblocked that night, much to my own irritation. Come third day, and some guy starts screaming at the top of his lungs I'm mafia. However, I'm saved because the investigator's will confirmed my claim. We lynch the jester, me whisper-begging him to leave my target and me alone, and he does. He kills the guy asking to be killed. I am promptly jailed that night, but the jailor, being calm and rational, believes me as I line up the evidence. The guy the next day keeps screaming I'm mafia, and that one of my defenders was sk. They openly admit it, and state who is immune. Despite my protests, the guy doesn't believe me. We lynch the sk, and then we wait a night. Nothing happens. Finally, in a Pet the Dog moment, ignoring the fact the mafia and serial killer actively avoided hurting my target, the town lynches my target, the escort, after seeing how horribly I'm being treated, the one screaming guy being the only person to inno. Ecstatic, I thank them all, though the guy makes it clear he doesn't believe me at all. The next night, the godfather gets executed. Ignoring the guy who is sheriff, the one accusing me, we find the framer, and hang him, and one of my biggest supporters during the discussion and voting phases, who reveals them self as the jailor, makes it clear they were happy to help me win, and several townies seemed to agree. Feeling confident, knowing the game is going to end, I give the sheriff "The Reason You Suck"Speech, doubling as The Dog Bites Back, saying I was a confirmed exe, they never listened, pointing out they attacked me all game, and to top it all off, they only voted against me instead of the confirmed evils, so tarnation them. The people are either torn between laughing or saying I was a little harsh, but we lynch the framer. We win, and, smugly, I taunt the person. They leave without responding. To top it all off, the jester apologizes for making things harder for me, and we get married. A hilarious game where the Butt-Monkey truly has to go through the trope of Earn Your Happy Ending, and the jailor and the exe are best friends.
    Zwei (Me) Oh, would you look at that, GG. I guess I really was the exe. Tarnation you, sheriff. Mafia my pillion.
  • This troper was doing a round of Coven All Any as the Godfather of a 3-person Mafia. Eventually, it got down to a Hex Master, Consigliere-turned-Mafioso, and a Spy. An evil faction wins, right? Well... the Mafioso and the Hex Master targeted each other, handing the win to the Spy who had done nothing all game.
  • This troper had a CMOF in a classic game. I was the serial killer, and had managed to avoid the limelight for most of the game. Suddenly, a guy asks for my role, and I claim doctor, and he seems to accept this. I'm attacked two nights in a row. I try to lynch who I assume the executioner's target is, and suddenly the person reveals them self as the godfather and calls me out. They're lynched, and I try to attack the real doctor, the guy asking me my role, only to fail. The next day, waiting for the votes to be stacked against me, they decide to lynch the jester, telling the jester to lynch me. I vote innocent, assuming they're just playing a game with me, only to become very surprised when it turns out I was the only person to vote innocent. The jailor, who had wasted their execution on an rt medium, ended up being killed by me and the jester, and the doctor complained about the jester causing town to lose, with me defending them. Overall, I ended up getting an achievement for killing 5 people, and a serial killer win.
    (After jester is lynched) Zwei (me): You guys really didn't think this through, did you?
    • In a game just before this, I had gotten framer in a competent mafia. N2, I die to veteran, though, hoping to help out somehow, I never wrote down who I visited. The town ends up getting superior numbers towards the end, 3, when the jester is killed by mafia, and the mafioso is lynched. Both of us, with me also in an argument with two others dead players mocking the sheriff, wait for a loss when it turns out my gamble worked out, as the last town member votes up the veteran, despite the fact the godfather had basically been outed, and lynches them. The town is shocked as we both celebrate our win.
      • In a VIP game I played just moments ago, I was the potion master of the coven. Our medusa had created convincing bait and stone gazed, and our coven leader added an extra person to the mix. I ended up doing nothing, and our necromancer couldn't. Nobody dies because of the doctor, and because the person we witched was pirate. Our necro is nearly voted up for their behavior not matching previous behavior. Next night roles around, and medusa decides to save their gazes. I do nothing again, and coven leader randomly controls somebody. The next day somebody turns up plundered, and we receive a "Coven Wins" message. As it turns out, the crusader who was plundered was the VIP, something none of us expected.
  • Winning as an amnesiac turned consig on the second day in a custom game? Awesome. Winning as an amnesiac turned consig because nobody saw the message because they were trash-talking another player, allowing you to troll them by claiming survivor? Very, very funny.
    • As a vampire, I made it my goal to entertain the vampire hunter in chat, even if the witch keeps controlling me. Well, I'm cornered and forced to admit I'm vampire, but I manage to convince the town to focus on the serial killer. Awaiting my fate, I bite somebody, the transporter messing up my results. I'm alive the next day, much to my shock. The town is outraged, and the vampire hunter admits they found me too sweet (And my name was Sweet too) and wanted to give me a day. Well, the veteran decides they want to be a vampire, and we turn on the vh and lynch her. We suffer two days because of the transporter who keeps insulting me, and when we bite him, we all agree to hang him to prevent a draw. We then wait two days, the other vampire complimenting me for being willing to bite their friend, and we win.
  • In my first game as Coven, I was Necromancer, and we had a Medu and an AFK Coven Leader, meaning we had no access to the Necronomicon...but we wouldn't end up needing it. Medu stonegazed the Sheriff, and otherwise Town mostly took care of itself. But wait, what of the Mafia? Well, about that. Mafia had one Mafioso and some other roles (including Hypnotist, whose corpse I used at one point to fuel the Town's idiot ball addiction), but no GF. That meant that when the original Mafioso died, one of the others would become Mafioso in their stead. When the first one died, I decided to use their corpse and take a shot...and hit the new Mafioso. This happened over and over until the entire mafia was dead. At that point, it came down to just us of the Coven and the Veteran. Unfortunately, with CL being AFK, we can't vote to off the vet. However, I still have one Mafioso corpse! But unfortunateky AGAIN, said Vet still had an alert and blew that corpse away...BUT luckily for us, our CL finally D/C'ed that night, allowing my Medu partner and I to take it home at last.
  • This moment has mostly to due with the shorthand names the playerbase has for roles. Transporter, specifically, is usually shortened to "trans," which can sometimes result in some not-so-nice jokes from some players. But just as much as people can be not nice, people can be great. One game, when the Transporter (whose name that round was Jesus) died, another player said in chat the next morning, "Jesus is trans? He passes well." I was playing with a group that game, and all of us immediately screenshotted the game chat, wanting to immortalize that gloriously hilarious and good-natured moment.
  • In another game, I had decided to go with the name Deirdre, and ended up with the role of Serial Killer. Remembering what happened to my namesake character in that game, each kill I made saw another raving of an Ax-Crazy murderer giving the souls of the innocent Town over to Loptyr, the game's rough equivalent of Satan, added to my death note. Prime examples included 'SERVANTS OF NARGA SHALL BURN" and "ALL SOULS TO LOPTYR." The best part? I actually managed to win, plunging Salem into the darkness, all on my lonesome, and Sigurd, the Framer, had been the first to go.
  • In a game of All Any, I had decided to take the name of Sayori, due to another player being Monika. We both ended up as Lookout, but that's not as important. What was important was that due to some random putting random suspicion on me, I was forced to out early, and thus got targeted by the Mafia Night 2. But luckily for me, BG protected me, letting me continue to see if anyone would attack Monika at night. Not too long later, said BG is revived by Retri. That very night, I am attacked AGAIN, only to have BG protect me AGAIN. Apparently, if you just follow the DDLC fandom meme of "Protect Sayori," you bag two Mafiosos as BG!
  • The cycle of life and death
    Mark: So, who are we biting tonight?
    Jailor(Me): ... Hi
    Mark: Flummery
    Jailor: (Chosen to execute)
    You have been bitten by a vampire!
  • I was the Jester in a Ranked Practice. Normally I hate the Jester role so I was just writing a false investigative will to look like a Consigliere in the hopes of getting lynched so I could join another game. The other players saw through it and ignored me. Eventually it gets down to me, the Mafioso, the Arsonist, and the Doctor. They FINALLY decide to just lynch me and let me have the win. While I'm on the stand, Arsonist admits that he already doused the Mafioso and Doctor, so he whispers me telling me to haunt one of them. As soon as I can see the dead chat, I immediately write "yeah nope arso is dead". Come the next morning, all three of them are dead and the "Jester Wins!" notification pops up. Me and the rest of the dead chat are laughing our pillions off while the arsonist was just in pure shock.
  • I was an Executioner in Coven All Any. My friend and I were already dreading the game, due to a few players being annoying or toxic. First day comes, nobody's dead. Psychic gives a vision, and the evil is determined to be the Pirate. The Pirate is helpful and says they pirated 15. We vote 15 up and they are lynched, revealing them to be Mafioso. Town Wins! The entire chat exploded into WHAT and similar exclamations of surprise. And I got a small bit miffed because I was screwed out of an Exe win *and* the perfect town achievement, but it was negated by the hilarity.
  • So I got WW in Coven All Any. I'm never a fan of being WW, especially when i just miss my vig scroll. So being named Joseph Joestar, I decided to make my deathnote read "Star Awootinum," as I was playing with friends who would immediately catch it out (though i admitted to it in voice chat earlier as they both died quickly). I proceed to use my first attack on guardian angel for the memes, guaranteeing i wont get extra kills as they claimed. I am literally confirmed at this point. However, night 3 I cant attack so town votes up the guy who should be SK given escort death...only to find that they were in fact ARSO. The next day, town has a new SK suspect, and I promise to safely rampage at home if they vote him up. They do at the last second, only to find he is exe turned Jester-he started doing gloaty things a bit too soon. Town tries to vote me up, but to no avail. A second escort dies. At this point, about every faction in coven not named vampires or pirate is now in a free for all with one person each. Poisoner, the only real threat to me, goes down as the third escort of 5 town roleblocks me on my odd night. I knock out the real SK and the game boils down to a WW win as only the last escort and I are left. When I killed him, I write in death note, "WW wins by being conf n2, ELO 900000000 strats." Too bad I wasted such high-tier "strategy" on my first WW win!
  • This was at least a year ago, maybe more, and I was Godfather. I died, I believe I was lynched because the framer didn't do their job.note  So then I thought, "If I can't live, nobody will." And so I told the Medium who the other Mafia Members were. Unfortunately (Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) The Medium didn't believe me. And so when the Town realized I was telling the truth a few ingame days later, it was too late. The Mafia had won, which was the opposite of what I was going for. Moral of the Story: I'm a dick.
  • This was before Spy was changed. I was in a normal match as Spy, which started out uneventful; the Mafia just went around, not saying anything noteworthy. Until one day, no one was killed by the Mafia. Now, this could've been because of a Jailor or Escort, but I found out what really happened soon enough... because the entire Mafia outed themselves in whispers, wondering why their victim didn't die! Fortunately, the Town believed me as Spy, and the Mafia was quickly taken care of.
  • I named myself "Gordon Ramsay" once and someone came up as suspicious. I made the unfortunate mistake of asking "What are you?" And their response was "An idiot sandwich".
  • Rather amusing due to the sheer level of fail: During one custom game, I was Jailer. I jail the Doc Night One - the Investigator (who the Doc was going to heal that night) dies. Next night, I jail a player who'd been whispering a lot. They claim BG. I execute, out of paranoia that they're a clumsy Mafioso, or one of the Vamps. Next morning, they turn out to be BG, Doc's dead due to Mafia, and the Sheriff's down (like the Doc, BG was going to protect the Sheriff). Cue my breakdown in chat as literally everyone (dead or alive) begins screaming about how much of an idiot the Jailer is. Then the Mayor reveals "By accident". I spend the next few nights protecting the Mayor via Jailing him as the Town falls apart around us, ending with me dying to the Mafia's lynching when the Mayor leaves. I single-handedly killed the Town, through nothing but my own paranoia. Oh, and just to rub salt into the wound, the Mafioso made certain to mock the Jailer's failure with every death note.
  • A somewhat funny story of how I won as an Arsonist after getting killed by my fellow arso. It was an All Any game and I was an Arsonist (obviously), because of this, I immediately claimed survivor and solidified my lie by claiming I was attacked on the first night but used my vest. During that night a bodyguard was killed and no one was killed by him. Because a doctor also died that night and wrote in their will that they healed someone (let's call him Jeff as I can't remember his name.) I made the deduction that Jeff was the guy that killed the BG. In the following 2 nights I was doused by another arso and jailed, and while I escaped execution from the jailor, the other arso burned both me and a person I had doused beforehand. Fast-forward until the last night and it's down to Jeff, a townie and a SK. Night passes and only Jeff was standing. Reason for this was because the SK killed the townie, and Jeff (the person I initially suspected of being a bad guy) was the arsonist who ignited the SK. Because of this he AND I won (as I was also and arsonist). Following this, in the dead chat I said, "I knew he was suspicious!" I was right, but for the completely wrong reasons.
  • During one game I was killed N1 as the transporter and waited around doing nothing and considering leaving the match. Then Obi Wan the mafioso turns up in the dead chat. Hilarity Ensues
    (Having been killed) Obi Wan: That Sucks
    Troper: Will you return more powerful than I can possibly imagine?
    Obi Wan: Of course

  • Kinda funny to me. I was werewolf in all any mode and played the first few nights. I managed to kill 4 people in one night, which I was astounded at. Then I had to leave, so I said:
    Me: Okay, I'm the werewolf, I did those kills, but I need to leave, you can lynch me now.
    Other player: No, you're probably the Jester.
    • So I left, leaving the game open to get those sweet points whether I won or lost. I come back several minutes later (I honestly thought the game would have ended by then...) to another full moon night. I tell them I'm back, and the night begins. I kill two or three more people (all townies, I believe). And when the morning comes:
    Me: Now do you believe I'm the werewolf?
    Other player: Yeah, okay, we believe you.
  • This troper was an Executioner in a Coven All Any game. My target had died night 1 (he was one of two Transporters, I believe Ambusher killed him) and so I became a Jester. The town's population of mostly evils was quickly whittled down to just five: me, a Godfather, an Arsonist, a Poisoner, and a Vigilante. The Godfather and the Poisoner died the next day, leaving the Vigilante, an obviously-not-Bodyguard, and me. I decided to just admit that I was Jester and ask to be lynched, figuring it was at least worth a shot. Turns out they were happy to let me decide the game. Well... it didn't work out that way. heck, the Vigilante, abstained at the last second, forgetting that Jesters can kill abstainers now. I was ready to kill heck and let Evil Santa (the Arsonist) win... but then Jack the Reaper (the Poisoner) revealed that on the night he died he had poisoned heck. I was then reminded by dead-chat that there was an achievement for haunting the Arsonist, one that I hadn't gotten yet. The result...
    Evil Santa: WHY
    Blaze (me): Because Achievement Get.
    Game: JESTER WINS!
  • Sigh, the issues of being a Forger with a Janitor... One game had me as the Forger with this exact scenario. They agreed not to clean the first night, then clean the second night to make the Jailed on Night 1 suspect. They proceeded to clean the next two targets, to my annoyance, as I wanted to do a forgery. At one point I was jailed and the Jailor told me that the first person he jailed was Veteran, which I shared to my Mafia teammates the next night. Well, eventually it got down to three town and four Mafia. Jailor gets hanged by Mafia, and the Veteran was still alive, with Jailor having run out of cleanings, so I finally had the chance to write something down on the other Townie's will(since we didn't want to attack the Veteran.) ...however, GF and Mafioso said not to attack, just after I finished forging the will, to my annoyance. Next day... the target I wanted to forge ended up dying ANYWAY, because he, the Doctor, visited an active Veteran!
  • So, being Jester in Coven All Any isn't exactly fun. It's harder to get yourself lynched when you always have claimspace. But recently, I discovered a way to play that works out in my favor a lot. Claim Psychic (a role that turns up VERY frequently, and not always alone). Have the first innocent casualty and two others in your first night "evil" willnote . Next night, claim one of the remaining two in your "good" willnote , but not the other. This directly implicates the last person as scum. Sooner or later, when that implicated person is known to be innocent, you'll get strung up pretty quickly and get a LOT of guilty/abstain votes to choose from. In my last Jester game, I did this against a Tracker claim, and successfully got lynched after a couple days of finagling people's attitudes towards offing me. Since it took a while to actually get myself killed, I decided to be extra sassy and haunt the Tracker claim, since I had effectively wanted them dead up to that point. Suddenly, Achievement Get-I had haunted not just a Mafia member, but the Godfather, sharply ratcheting Town's victory chances skyward, and they did indeed win. You're welcome!
  • Using Akechi as a nickname and being picked as the Godfather gives that ironic feeling. Being lynched on day 2 because the Inves whispered to you to ask you if you were a Vigilante in hopes you forget it's the role on the shared list with the Mafioso and not the Godfather... I was actually so impressed I wasn't even disappointed by a day 2 lynch, I actually was a Graceful Loser and handed props to him for that trap.


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