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  • Some common game scenarios that occur can be screamingly funny for one or all of the people involved. For instance:
    • If lynched as the Jester, you get a brief window of opportunity (plus your will) to ruthlessly mock the poor bastards who decided to hang you.
    • Being a member of the Mafia or Vampires when you realise that your group outnumbers the other players can also be pretty funny — especially if there are no other killing roles left, so you can't be killed at night or lynched (due to your majority), which gives the victors a lot of time to mock the losers.
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    • All Any mode can produce an entire game with no evil roles — only Town roles and certain Neutral roles whose victory condition doesn't trigger the end of the game (Amnesiac, Jester, Survivor, or Executioner). If this happens, day and night one play out as normal… but when everyone wakes up on day two, they're greeted by the Town Wins pop-up!
      • It's possible, as an arsonist or a witch, to accidentally burn down the entire town — including themselves — in this mode, since arsonists light all ignited targets.
    • Amnesiacs can provoke hilarity — for instance, if one Amnesiac dies before remembering, the other can remember that they're an Amnesiac. If there's more than two Amnesiacs, they can all remember as that first Amnesiac. The achievement "I am who I am" is earned by doing this.
    • Sometimes, a Jester will claim to be an Investigator, Sheriff, or Lookout and get someone lynched, in order to make themselves look suspicious (because if they kill a good role — especially a powerful good role — they're going to look like mafia). There is, of course, always the chance that their victim is actually an evil role…
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    • It's possible through a variety of events that a Werewolf will kill four or more players in a single night. The players then have to sit through constant Werewolf death notes over… and over… and over… and over…
  • Some of the in-game achievements relate to funny or unusual scenarios, and so have amusing names:
    • If a Janitor cleans up their own dead body, they get the achievement "Impossible!"
    • A Consigliere who finds a Veteran (which means that there's a decent chance of said Veteran killing them in the process) earns the achievement "Uh Oh". On the other side of the Town, the Spy can get the achievement "Saw it coming!" if they see the Mafia visit them (which probably means they saw their own death).
    • There are specific achievements for a Medium who seances with the Arsonist, the Serial Killer, or the Godfather, which is not what you're meant to do…
    • A Transporter who makes someone attack themselves gets the achievement "Stop Hitting Yourself".
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    • An Arsonist who ignites while being doused themselves will get the "It's gettin' hot in here" achievement.
    • Yes, you get an achievement for the aforementioned "An Amnesiac has remembered that they were an Amnesiac" event.
    • Generally speaking, any instance where a role performs their night action on themselves when they aren't meant to will get an achievement. A variant is "How'd that happen?", where the Consigliere finds the Godfather. The Forger gets two (one for forging their own will, and one for forging a Mafia member's will), and the Framer will get the achievement "That was pointless" for framing themselves.
      • The Coven Expansions adds "You were confused" where a Hypnotist hypnotizes themselves.
  • Players can get a lot of mileage out of the game naming system:
    • "You have decided to resurrect Jesus tonight."
    • "You have decided to resurrect Jon Snow tonight."
    • "You have decided to kill Yourself tonight."
    • "You have decided to douse A Sponge tonight."
    • "You have decided to watch porn tonight."
    • "You have decided to kill Your Mom tonight."
    • "You have decided to kill Me tonight."
    • "You have decided to watch [name of movie/tv show] tonight."
    • "You have decided to investigate yourself tonight."
    • "You have decided to clean a huge mess tonight."
      • Related: If the janitor cleans someone, it says "(Cleaned)" next to their name rather than their role. Cue players named "Laundry" being cleaned just so it says "Laundry (Cleaned)".
      • "You have decided to clean house tonight."
      • "you have decided to clean up tonight."
      • "You have decided to clean your room tonight."
    • "The town has decided to put The Joker on trial."
    • "The town has decided to put Humanity on trial."
    • "You have decided to kill Sans tonight."
    • "You have decided to investigate pillows tonight."
    • "You have decided to plunder Booty tonight."
    • "You have decided to resurrect Ozpin tonight."
    • It can also get rather funny when you have a fitting name for your role, which usually happens unintentionally unless some players decide to have fun with scrolls. Some examples include Doctor Elise being shot by Xander, who proceeds to commit suicide the next day, or Kylo Ren the mafioso attacking Han Solo, or Dumbledore turning up dead and everyone suspects Snape, or Roy Loukas getting killed by a mafioso called Lorenzo Sims. Bonus points for things such as a player named Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes being the investigator, Al Capone being the Godfather, Honest Abe being a Vampire Hunter, or Bigby getting the Sheriff role.
    • The sheer amount of people who've named themselves after actual people can turn into this as well as Discredited Meme given how popular they were. Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Vladamir Putin, Angela Merkel, and David Cameron are popular targets.
  • In order to properly show who visited you and what effects were laid on a player at any given night, their death note shows every way they were killed, not just the one that "actually" killed them. So for a particularly troublesome player, you'll sometimes get messages like "X was attacked by a serial killer. They were also attacked by the mafia. They were also ignited by an Arsonist. They also died from guilt over lynching the Jester. They also died from guilt. They also committed suicide." And so on and so forth. Even better, the death message itself changes: a single attack gives "X died last night," and more than that can give variations of "X was brutally murdered last night" and "X was slaughtered last night" depending on exactly how many players decided they needed to die. In the Unity port, though, these were removed to only say that the player died last night, and that they died 1 way and by X other ways.

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