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Due to being a game about deception and winning against seemingly hopeless odds, Town of Salem can lead to plenty of amazing ways to end the game.

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     Unique game endings 

This is for game endings and role win conditions.

  • Successfully getting lynched as a jester on the first or second day.
    • Alternatively, getting lynched as a jester in a game that ends with no survivors. Bonus points if you kill the last player from the grave.
  • Getting your target lynched as an executioner on the second day.
  • Winning with all the mafia members alive. This is especially significant with an "All Any" game, where there can be four mafia at once. This is referred to as a "Perfect Mafia" game.
  • Multiple Neutral roles of the same kind winning simultaneously. This becomes increasingly hard the more lethal the role is. While Serial Killers might win with each other, they could potentially rat one out on an incorrect suspicion. For Arsonists, this becomes nigh impossible due to the nature of how they kill people.
  • More than five members of the town dying at once, and the game ending with a mafia win.
  • Ending the game on the second night, because either the mafia or the town all expire.
  • A hidden Mayor revealing on the last day, and lynching the mafia single-handedly.
  • A Veteran winning the game by alerting on the last night with only killing role(s) remaining.
  • A Veteran successfully baiting and taking out 3+ evil roles on night two.
  • A Medium surviving the game. While several roles are hard to win with, this one in particular is difficult to survive the whole game as, because of the infamous "Curse of the Medium" where Mediums usually died on night one.note 
  • A witch-only ending. When witches win with other neutral roles, the other neutral roles take priority, ie, serial killer won, or arsonist won. The only way to achieve a witch-only ending is if the witch or witches managed to eliminate everyone else in town, which is one of the most difficult things for a witch to do.
  • An immune role surviving to the end of the game against a helpless mafia and/or townie. An arsonist that survives with one other role that is not a Werewolf can be an awesome moment, because it takes a while for the arso to end the game, all the while being smug about it.
  • Winning the game with 15 town members. Although nigh impossible, an All Any game has the potential to spawn this on a given roll.
  • Reversing an obvious win on the last day by voting against a specific role.
  • All the Mafia being killed except the Godfather, and the Godfather survives to the end of the game.
  • Winning a game where there were no townie casualties. There's even an achievement for it!
  • Town is at a one-to-one standstill. All looks lost, since surely this townie will lose to the killing role that night… and then they reveal as Mayor.
  • In this troper's opinion, there's no feeling more awesome than carrying the town to victory after confirming yourself on Day 2.

As of the Coven update, there are several more unique ways to end the game.

  • Becoming Pestilence and winning.
  • Winning with all Coven left alive, in the same vein as the mafia above.
    • Alternatively, winning as the Hex Master, whose win condition is reliant on the town not lynching you before you hex them.
  • Managing to plunder three people as a Pirate.
    • Or better yet, plundering multiple people as Pirate. Or killing all of the town or evil roles as Pirate.

     Game Role Techniques and specific results 

This is for very specific results that occur when several roles converge upon one person or several actions produce an unintended result.

  • Veterans are possibly the most susceptible to a multi-kill as a town role. When several mafia or neutral killings converge upon a veteran on alert, the game balance can instantly shift into the town's favor. One can get an achievement for slaughtering five players.
    • Because Werewolves can kill whoever visits their target, this becomes doubly significant when the Werewolf manages to slaughter several people on contact, including their target. Since current Jailor meta in ranked usually pulls all town protectives and Lookouts to the Jailor, the Werewolf can clear the whole slot of important town roles (including Jailor and often Transporter) if they're willing to risk the presence of a Bodyguard.
  • Killing Sprees are most always awesome to experience, depending on the role being played:
    • A Jailor can jail three people, execute all of them, and get a bad role on each execution.
      • So too can the Vigilante, who can shoot three people maximum and can kill three bad roles maximum.
    • A Mayor can accuse several people at random and lynch a bad role each time.
    • Two arsonists working together can burn three people on the second day. They can increase their kill count when one douses each night, and one ignites, because arsonists will ignite any doused targets, whether they were doused by said arsonist or not. Not to mention, the Arsonist's attack is an unstoppable one.
    • A Serial Killer can act as a gracious murderer, hunting down the mafia for the town. Then kill the town.
      • Inversely, if the mob tries to kill the Serial Killer, who is immune, they might leave a note on their next victim about it.
    • Depending on the level of sadistic tendencies, a Jester can deliberately kill a town member, even when it is painfully obvious that doing so will let the mafia win. Jesters have also been known to not help vote and deadlock the town, until the mafia win anyway. Survivors have been known to do this as well, when they decide to side with the mafia.
    • Amnesiacs can become Mafia at any given time, provided there is a dead mafia in the graveyard. This can horribly change the game when several amnesiacs change at the same time.
    • Transporters can switch a mafioso with the mafia's target. The result: the mafioso kills themselves. In one instance, a Juggernaut is denied of what they thought was an easy win. Cue Who's Laughing Now?
    • A well-played and lucky Witch can tear the Town apart, forcing Vigilantes and Jailors to kill other Townies, preventing Town Protectives from acting, rendering Investigative results useless, and even throwing people at the Veteran or Werewolf.
    • A pirate can duel a person each night and win multiple times in a row if lucky.
    • A Witch who controls a Mafia Killing role or Serial Killer and goes on a killing spree is already badass enough. A Coven Leader controlling the Godfather and slaughtering anyone not on their team while the Mafia can likely do very little about it? Even better. The fact that the Witch can control the Godfather into destroying his own faction? Priceless.
  • The roles that can kill and are immune at night are awesome by proxy, as they can cause serious damage without worry of a night kill by shooting.
  • Related in all roles, is the ability to lie and connive one's way through the game. This game is unique, where it actually rewards lying and B'sing, and a successful heist carried out violently well is always a good feeling for the winner.
  • Certain roles can surprise other players with their presence and change the game completely.
    • If the Neutral Killing doesn't attack, they can stay hidden until the late game and strike against a weakened Town or Mafia. The Arsonist, however, doesn't need to hide, because their douses are silent. It's entirely possible to wake up one morning and see half the Town lying dead on the ground out of nowhere… or for a Serial Killer, for example, to get 3 Bodyguards and the Godfather lynched on suspicion of being Arsonist before making their first kill.
    • A Mayor reveal in a Town with six people or less can be devastating, because the Mayor at that point can lynch alone. There are many stories of evil roles who find themselves in a 1v1 against a seemingly defenseless Townie, only to be blindsided by a sudden Mayor reveal from their opponent.
    • A Veteran who gets their first kill late in the game upsets the balance of the Town. If they manage to stay hidden until very late in the game, they can conceivably even pull off a 1v1 victory.
    • Vampires are the true masters of surprise, however. If they're not specified in the role list, they're very rare (in Ranked, they could only appear in the Any slot, which is now removed) and so are usually not expected to appear. A sufficiently stealthy group of Vampires can control Town from the shadows, especially if they were originally confirmed Town roles.
    • A Plaguebearer who becomes Pestilence, a Purposefully Overpowered role that rampages and is able to No-Sell any attack (including ones that can't otherwise be prevented, such as Jailor executions or an Arsonist's ignite) that isn't being lynched. Especially if they transform as early as day three.
    • When an Amnesiac remembers a role, they can easily make or break a game for one side or the other depending on what they choose to remember, leading to an Oh, Crap! moment for whichever side it doesn't favor. Especially noteworthy are becoming an Arsonist and igniting everyone who had been doused before, a town role when it seems as if town had been outnumbered by evil, or Pestilence.
    • The Necromancer is able to "revive" anyone and send them to another player. This includes Pestilence. Killing the last town member, even if they're otherwise immune, is awesome. Bear in mind that reviving Pestilence will kill you, but it can be Worth It.
    • A Hex Master who will suddenly kill anyone not in the Coven with little warning, abruptly ending a match.


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