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Due to being a game about deception and winning against seemingly hopeless odds, Town of Salem can lead to plenty of amazing ways to end the game.

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     Unique game endings 

This is for game endings and role win conditions.

  • Successfully getting lynched as a jester on the first or second day.
    • Alternatively, getting lynched as a jester in a game that ends with no survivors. Bonus points if you kill the last player from the grave.
  • Getting your target lynched as an executioner on the second day.
  • Winning with all the mafia members alive. This is especially significant with an "All Any" game, where there can be four mafia at once.
  • Multiple Neutral roles of the same kind winning simultaneously. This becomes increasingly hard the more lethal the role is. While Serial Killers might win with each other, they could potentially rat one out on an incorrect suspicion. For Arsonists, this becomes nigh impossible due to the nature of how they kill people.
  • More than five members of the town dying at once, and the game ending with a mafia win.
  • Ending the game on the second night, because either the mafia or the town all expire.
  • A hidden Mayor revealing on the last day, and lynching the mafia single handedly.
  • A Veteran winning the game by alerting on the last night with only killing role(s) remaining.
  • A Medium surviving the game. While several roles are hard to win with, this one in particular is difficult to survive the whole game as, because of the infamous "Curse of the Medium".
  • A witch-only ending. When witches win with other neutral roles, the other neutral roles take priority, ie, serial killer won, or arsonist won. The only way to achieve a witch-only ending is if the witch or witches managed to eliminate everyone else in town, which is one of the most difficult things for a witch to do.
  • An immune role surviving to the end of the game against a helpless mafia and/or townie. An arsonist that survives with one other role that is not a Werewolf can be an awesome moment, because it takes awhile for the arso to end the game, all the while being smug at it.
  • Winning the game with 15 town members. Although nigh impossible, an All Any game has the potential to spawn this on a given roll.
  • Reversing an obvious win on the last day by voting against a specific role.
  • All the Mafia being killed except the Godfather, and the Godfather survives
  • Winning a game where there were no townie casualties. There's even an achievement for it!

As of the Coven update, there are several more unique ways to end the game.

  • Becoming Pestilence and winning.
  • Winning with all Coven left alive, in the same vein as the mafia above.
    • Alternatively, winning as the Hex Master, whose win condition is reliant on the town not lynching you before you hex them.
  • Managing to plunder two people as a Pirate.
    • Or better yet, plundering multiple people as Pirate. Or killing all of the town or evil roles as Pirate.

     Game Role Techniques and specific results 

This is for very specific results that occur when several roles converge upon one person or several actions produce an unintended result.

  • Veterans are possibly the most susceptible to a multi-kill as a town role. When several mafia or neutral killings converge upon a veteran on alert, the game balance can instantly shift into the town's favor. One can get an achievement for slaughtering five players.
    • Because Werewolves can kill whoever visits their target, this becomes doubly significant when the Werewolf manages to slaughter several people on contact, including their target.
  • Killing Sprees are most always awesome to experience, depending on the role being played:
    • A Jailor can jail three people, execute all of them, and get a bad role on each execution.
      • So too can the Vigilante, who can shoot three people maximum and can kill three bad roles maximum.
    • A Mayor can accuse several people at random and lynch a bad role each time.
    • Two arsonists working together can burn three people on the second day. They can increase their kill count when one douses each night, and one ignites, because arsonists will ignite any doused targets, whether they were doused by said arsonist or not. Not to mention, the Arsonist's attack is an unstoppable one.
    • A Serial Killer can act as a gracious murderer, hunting down the mafia for the town. Then kill the town.
      • Inversely, if the mob tries to kill the Serial Killer, who is immune, they might leave a note on their next victim about it.
    • Depending on the level of sadistic tendencies, a Jester can deliberately kill a town member, even when it is painfully obvious that doing so will let the mafia win. Jesters have also been known to not help vote and deadlock the town, until the mafia win anyway. Survivors have been known to do this as well, when they decide to side with the mafia.
    • Amnesiacs can become Mafia at any given time, provided there is a dead mafia in the graveyard. This can horribly change the game when several amnesiacs change at the same time.
    • Transporters can switch a mafioso with the mafia's target. The result: the mafioso kills themselves.
    • A well-played and lucky Witch can tear the Town apart, forcing Vigilantes and Jailors to kill other Townies, preventing Town Protectives from acting, rendering Investigative results useless, and even throwing people at the Veteran or Werewolf.
    • A pirate can duel a person each night and win multiple times in a row if lucky.
    • A Witch who controls a Mafia Killing role or Serial Killer and go on a spree is already badass enough. A Coven Leader controlling the Godfather and slaughtering anyone not on their team while the Mafia can likely do very little about it? Even better.
  • The roles that can kill and are immune at night are awesome by proxy, as they can cause serious damage without worry of a night kill by shooting.
  • Related in all roles, is the ability to lie and connive one's way through the game. This game is unique, where it actually rewards lying and B'sing, and a successful heist carried out violently well is always a good feeling for the winner.
  • Certain roles can surprise other players with their presence and change the game completely.
    • If the Neutral Killing doesn't attack, they can stay hidden until the late game and strike against a weakened Town or Mafia. The Arsonist, however, doesn't need to hide, because their douses are silent. It's entirely possible to wake up one morning and see half the Town lying dead on the ground out of nowhere.
    • A Mayor reveal in a Town with six people or less can be devastating, because the Mayor at that point can lynch alone. There are many stories of evil roles who find themselves in a 1v1 against a seemingly defenceless Townie, only to be blindsided by a sudden Mayor reveal from their opponent.
    • A Veteran who gets their first kill late in the game upsets the balance of the Town. If they manage to stay hidden until very late in the game, they can conceivably even pull off a 1v1 victory.
    • Vampires are the true masters of surprise, however. If they're not specified in the role list, they're very rare (in Ranked they can only appear in the Any slot) and so are usually not expected to appear. A sufficiently stealthy group of Vampires can control Town from the shadows, especially if they were originally confirmed Town roles.
    • A Plaguebearer who becomes Pestilence, a Purposefully Overpowered role that rampages and is able to No-Sell any attack (including ones that can't otherwise be prevented, such as Jailor executions or an Arsonist's ignite) that isn't being lynched. Especially if they transform as early as day three.
    • When an Amnesiac remembers a role, they can easily make or break a game for one side or the other depending on what they choose to remember, leading to an Oh, Crap! moment for whichever side it doesn't favor. Especially noteworthy are becoming an Arsonist and igniting everyone who had been doused before, a town role when it seems as if town had been outnumbered by evil, or Pestilence.
    • The Necromancer is able to "revive" anyone and send them to another player. This includes Pestilence. Killing the last town member, even if they're otherwise immune, is awesome. Bear in mind that reviving Pestilence will kill you, but it can be Worth It.
    • A Hex Master who will suddenly kill anyone not Coven with little warning, abruptly ending a match.

     Troper Experiences 

  • One that happened to this troper personally: It was down to the final night. All Townies (Including myself) were dead and only one of us remained, sandwiched between a member of the Mafia and the Serial Killer. Everyone dead was whining about the inevitable through the night and we all knew the outcome. However in the morning there was only the townie left standing. He was a Veteran. Cue the entire Town losing their minds. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny due to some of the things that were screamed including "You are the new Jesus", "This guy has my permission to bang my sister" and "BA GAWD! BA GAWD! HE DID IT!".
  • Different troper; different experience: I had gotten the Executioner role in a Classic game. Having this crazy strategy that involved letting my target know that they're my target and working with town in return, it turned out my target was a medium and everyone who died either left or went AFK. That was before they were lynched, though. After they were lynched, I literally took near full-control of the town and made them win. Half of the remaining players were shocked this even happened, and the other half were just amused.
  • This one was way back when Werewolves could be killed at night if it wasn't a full moon. The werewolf, very cleverly, managed to convince the Mayor that he was the investigator, and had helped us to systematically take down the mafia and a few threatening townies. Ultimately, it was me, the Mayor, and the werewolf, and the werewolf had already gained the Mayor's trust. The Mayor was all set to lynch me the next morning and the Werewolf would have had an epic win... except I was a vigilante, and shot the Werewolf one night before he was set to win. As for my death note: "You're no wolf. You're my bitch."
  • One time, this troper got the role of Transporter in Ranked Practice. On Night One, I decided to switch myself with a random person, because why not? Well, that person turned out to be the Veteran. I died, but so did the Mafioso and Disguiser. The GF left the game, the Serial Killer got lynched after killing the escort, and the town won on Day 3.
  • This is another one sort of similar to the first one. I was playing Ranked Practice and I was a Veteran. My rules are usually to stay on the down-low on the first night and go active on the second. Lo and behold, I get the kill and take down the mafioso going to kill me and the janitor going to wipe me clean. The mafia get kinda antsy because they know what I am and avoid me for a little bit. Flash forward a few days and I still have two alerts left, and there's four of us (me, two another town members, one confirmed mafia) left. I go on alert and take down the new mafioso. Game doesn't end, though. Long story short, I accidentally hang my other town member (to be fair he wasn't really convincing me and doing nothing to help himself), leaving just me and the hidden fourth, and last, mafia member left. I take a risk and say that I ran out of alerts the night before, acting all frustrated that I cost us the game. The Godfather was going crazy in the chat, saying how he's won the game and cussing me out, the usual. Night comes, we go inside. I go on alert. Sure enough, I walk outside the next day, a dead Godfather on the lawn. My death note? "You ain't won nothing yet, motherf*cker". Town wins. Group chat turns back on and the dead are going insane. Mafia guy was cussing me out the whole time. And that's the story of how I singlehandedly took down the mafia as a Veteran.
  • One time I was a Jailor and in a horrible mood. So I decided to be an ass to everyone I questioned. I demanded to know who they were with zero time to stall. It went like this; Jailor: Role. Now. -Presses the execute the button in advance-. I wiped out the entire Mafia by day 4. The SK was killed Night one. Not only this but during day chat I was doing the best trash talking I've ever done.
  • In one game, I was a serial killer, and on the final day, I was lynched. Once I died, it was revealed that another player and I had won the game. Why? Turns out that player was also a Serial Killer. Cue the remaining players replying with "Wait what?!"
  • In one game, the vampires seemingly took over the town and in the remaining match only left 3 vampires, a doctor and two mafia (Godfather and Blackmailer). I happened to play the Godfather and assume there's two vampires. While the next night I manage to take out one of the vampires, the blackmailer dies by the vampire but not without using his skill on the Jailor (who was turned into a vampire) to shut his chat. So I ask the role of the other two members, which one says that he's survivor (which he's actually a vampire) while the other didn't say much. Ultimately we lynch the doctor even though I vote innocent. Ultimately... Mafia wins and I become the last man standing for that town itself. The group chat turns back on and the dead was shocked and surprised that I didn't die even when there's two vampires sandwiching me. Reason to that? The vampires forgot that Godfather role has Night Immune ability while Vampire role doesn't. If it wasn't for the Blackmailer who used his ability on the Jailor, which he knew I was Godfather, none of this amazing plan works.
  • This troper has been playing for quite a few years, and has a nice selection of fun stories:
    • While playing as doctor on day 1, the other doctor was revealed to me by an investigator. After a short series of whispers, we ended up healing each other several nights in a row. The mafia repeatedly attacked us and nobody else, meaning that the town managed to win with only 1 townie death.
    • As a jester, I felt particularly fed up with playing and decided to throw in the towel by making myself obvious as such. I figured some people might think I was only faking jester, and it was my best shot at that point in time. I threw my suspicion at a spy who had already passed a spytest way back in day 2, hoping that somebody would call me out and lynch me. To my surprise, the town actually lynched the spy in question. The next day, I was put on trial. My defense was weak, and I said "Trust me, I can swear to you that I'm not mafia". The town, especially the sheriff, then proceeded to ridicule me and call me an idiot. My final words were "Who's the idiot now, sweetheart?"
    • In another round as jester, I was having quite a bit of difficulty. My plan was to lynch a townie and get lynched the next day, though I chose a target who wasn't as obvious. This target turned out to be the mafioso. I tried again, getting the town to lynch the arsonist. A third time, and the town lynched the SK. The town hailed me as an incredibly capable investigator, much to my dismay. Afterwards, I ended up with one other townie and three mafia. The mafia, thinking that I was actually an investigator, decided to lynch me that day. My final words that day were "I'm sorry for deceiving you, friends." Cue the graveyard chat exploding.
    • As an arsonist, I was able to go many nights without getting caught. The other killing roles were busy trying to attack each other, meaning that there weren't many casualties. Pushing my luck for quite a few days, I managed to ignite 7 people in a single night, including the SK, godfather, arsonist, and werewolf. It was a very nice day.
    • Probably the most difficult feat I've ever pulled off: I was the godfather of a mafia with one person. It very quickly became evident that there was no other neutral killing roles, and the remaining members consisted of an amnesiac, survivor, and a dozen townies. Despite this, I was able to stay on the low-down long enough and be convincing enough to get the town down to three members, just me and two other townies. Of all people, one of them was the remaining sheriff, but the sheriff hadn't happened to have checked either of us beforehand. I was able to convince the sheriff to lynch the only other townie, and then killed him off. Once the game had ended, the group chat was flooded with "How could you?"s and "I trusted you!"s.
  • During one game in Classic, I was a medium. We all went in for the night and came out to find two people dead on the ground. I'm sure everyone started groaning the minute the words "he was killed by a veteran" popped up on the screen, but to our relief it was a mafioso that had picked the wrong target. The next person dead was the serial killer that had quit during the night. None of the town members had died. Right when the chats turned back on, another person bolted from the game as well. Day 2 rolls by and we go in for the night. Next day, we come back to see that the only death was the dude who had left the previous day, who was in fact the Godfather. Because the mafioso and Godfather were both still alive at the beginning of day two, and the framer doesn't become a killing role until the dead roles are recorded as dead, he couldn't kill during the night anyway. To the framer's credit, he gave up and allowed us to lynch him. Thus, we all got that elusive "perfect game" achievement thanks to some super lucky veteran and a really gracious mafia member.
  • Once, as Jester, I tricked the Mafia into thinking that I was the Arsonist. I was talkative, but never said anything of value. This got me on the stand and blackmailed multiple times, but I never quite got lynched. On the last day, it was me, 3 Mafia (including an Amnesiac), and the real Arsonist. I was blackmailed, and assumed that the Mafia were just trying to make the Jester shut up while they won. Nope. They voted me up, gloating about their win over the Arsonist as they did so. All I could do was giggle and write a thank-you note in my will, in which I promised to try to kill the Arsonist (who was voting with Mafia). When the "The Jester will get their revenge from the grave!" notification popped up, both the living and the dead had a complete meltdown. That night, I learnt that the dead had found me suspicious from day two, and had also concluded that I was probably the Neutral Killing. I successfully fooled the entire Town.
  • Game 3, and I was the Executioner. Someone else managed to kill my target, then I managed to somehow convince everyone I was faking being a Jester (which I was), claiming I was for the Mafia. The game ended by the Serial Killer dying. I'm still surprised I managed to convince almost everyone that I was Jester Faking.
  • Another one from the above (The Jester Faking), I was the Arsonist, and I managed to not only survive to the last day, but get someone who was using my name lynched, and win the game! And nobody had no idea I was the Arsonist!
  • Another one from me. I managed to (as a DOCTOR), not only survive til the end, but successfully figure out who the second Serial Killer was! Thank you, Negan! If it weren't for you, we may have lost.
  • With the Coven Expansion (or the beta testing, anyway), I played a game where I was the transporter. We got down to four people, me, a revived doctor, a Retrebutionist, and the Necromancer. Due to a bug with the psychic, he got the Necromancer as a confirmed townie, noting it in his will. We hang the Retre, thinking he's the necromancer, and that night the doctor dies, leaving me and the necromancer. I swap myself and him around, and the necromancer sends his ghoul after me, resulting in his death, not mine.
  • I have an interesting story about a custom game I had. I got the role of Coven leader, and my first night, I ended up controlling the mafia Godfather! I proceeded to use him against his will, killing off everyone one by one, even his own Mafioso. In the end, not only did I basically single-handedly win the game for my Coven team, we won without any of us dying!
    • Also, this one time, I played a classic game and got the role of framer. The serial killer died early on, which I personally didn't like, since we could've used him to kill more townies. But despite that, the mafia still managed to win, AND with none of us dying! I think that it helped that the sheriff had found me early on, and I deflected the suspicion by accusing him of being executioner.
  • This one isn't a CMOA for me, but rather for someone I was playing with. It was my first game as a Serial Killer, and I somehow managed to avoid being lynched the entire game. On the last day, it was just me and another player that I had already written off as a newbie and/or jester due to their chat patterns, so I started celebrating and preparing my final death note for them. Come nighttime? I get the "You were hauled off to jail!" notification. Turns out that that player I'd dismissed was the jailor- and they still had an execution left, which they wasted no time in using on me, earning the Town an unexpected win. Props to you, Dog, for one of the most effective uses of Obfuscating Stupidity I've ever seen.
  • Blue Panda providing a awesome tear jerker, allowing us (three other vamps) to sacrifice him so Maneater could become a vamp. It was so heartwrendingly beautiful.
  • I was practically a noob on my first match as a Serial Killer. I had always been in a Townie role, so I was a bit anxious. I updated my will every night thinking I would get killed. People were accusing each other of being Neutral Killing roles and Mafia, to the point a Doctor was lynched out of pure paranoia. Meanwhile, I killed more than 5 people and the townies were none the wiser. My name never made it into the chat and generally no one paid me any attention. On the last night, the Vigilante and the Veteran killed each other and the next morning, it was just me and another guy whom I've tried to kill before. "The Serial Killer won the match", the other survivor congratulated me and the people in the graveyard weren't even mad that they got owned by a rookie on their 4th match.
    • I forgot to mention, there was a role call on night 4 and I didn't know what to do, so I just typed "sk" in defeat, but no one noticed it. I confessed and got away scot free!
  • I once played a custom game with 14 SK's and 1 Arsonist and named myself "Serial Killer" thinking that would be my role. Nope. I got Arsonist and won the game without being suspected once.
  • I honestly can't believe the game I had recently. The town won with ZERO deaths! The enemies were 2 vampires and 4 mafia. I got the role of Veteran. On the first night, the mafia's Consigliere died. Then we lynched the mafioso (Though it seemed very random with not much proof tbh). Next night, I alerted, and killed a vampire and the godfather, while the Jailor executed the Consort. And finally, after letting 2 more people go who claimed to be the Retributionist and Vampire hunter, we lynched the second and last Vampire! If only I hadn't gotten the perfect town achievement before in a dud 1v1 game, that would've been an awesome way to get it.
  • I was Werewolf for this game. Almost everyone had a food name and those who didn't have one were lynched on the first 2 days. I killed 3 people on night 2. Fast forward 3 days; Town was frantic, Mafia was long erradicated and the losses were too much to handle. I had a good cover (Executioner whose target was already lynched for not having a food name), and killed another 3 people the following night. Finally, on the last days, the Vigilante announced they were going to shoot at random, killing a Mafioso in the process, then I attacked them since they ran out of bullets. Finally, it was only the Medium and I. Medium asked me if I was the werewolf, and braced for death. Werewolf wins! And as a bonus, the people in the graveyard, far from being angry, congratulated me! Werewolf only victories are indeed a rarity.
  • It all started with a "bad" host in a custom lobby. Most people were insulting the host who I may call Scorpino, for anonymity's sake. I ended up being the host and picked the roles the others wanted, but I hated the list I made because I couldn't choose what I wanted (If i didn't do the list the way they wanted, they'd repick the host and that's kinda humiliating; take Scorpino's case as an example of how bad being repicked can be). It ended up being 8 random townies against an Arsonist, a Serial Killer and 5 Jesters. I used Scorpino's name as a joke, and miraculously got a Jester role. On the first day, everyone was insulting me because they thought I was the real Scorpino (and apparently too dumb to think of a different name) and the morning after, I was voted to be on the stand, merely because of my name. The real Scorpino whispered to me "Ha ha, very funny pretending to be me" before the votes tallied up. When they hanged me, I mocked those poor saps as my will appeared; it read nothing more than: "SIKE YOU IDIOTS, I'M NOT THE REAL SCORPINO". Needless to say, the whole server exploded. I haunted a guy who had barely spoken. To add insult to injury, there was a "Scorpino purge" where people with names like "Scorpino sucks", "autisticScorpino ", etc. got killed at night or lynched. Fast forward a few nights and the real Scorpino was killed at night, their will read: "I'm the real Scorpino, you idiots"
    • Of course, I far from insulting the real Scorpino, I apologized for all the crap they had to stand during the match and added them to my friends list. (screenshots coming soon!)
  • So I ended up as the jester, at the time my least favorite role in the game. When the mafia kills someone I pin the blame on a townie and the town actually believes me. So when the townie is hung I say to them "Thanks for the exe win". After that I lie low a little bit with everyone thinking I'm immune, get the town to like me as I help them hang bad guys. Then I tried to help in hanging a person that was the last townie (though I didn't know at the time). The next day that townie was killed by the serial killer and so I was made the prime suspect. After I was hung I randomly chose one of the three remaining people. Turns out the person I killed was the godfather while the other two were a survivor and the real serial killer. Que the dead chat exploding and the serial killer praising me as their new best friend. And that's the story of how I learned to love the jester role.
  • This is the story of the Arsonist who won without burning anybody. It happened in an "all any" game, where roles were obstructed so you had to trust the other people's word. I claimed Survivor on day 2, just as the town was suspecting a person who claimed Doctor and healed the same person two nights in a row, and said person who insisted on the doc's innocence. Fast forward 3 days; half the town died (including half the people I doused in secret) and the Doctor was still a prime suspect, so we hung him. He WAS a Doctor, and the next day, the person he healed died. With the last townie out of the way, the Mafia suddenly got involved in yet another conflict with the Vampires, who were discovered just the night prior. A mafioso whispers to me: "If you don't vote 2, I will kill you". "Why are you threatening me?" I reply. The Mafioso argues that "number 2" is a Vampire, and he wanted to win with me, but if I didn't obey this order, I'd be no use for him. Thus an untrusting alliance was formed. And when the last Vampire is hanged, the remaining 2 people (the Mafioso and I) got the message "The Arsonist has won!". Cue the dead chat exploding "THERE WAS AN ARSO THIS WHOLE TIME!?" among profanities. The mafioso, who just realised he got played, typed in defeat: "I'm not even mad, that was impressive. Did you get an achievement for that?"
  • I was Vampire along with another player and there were two Vampire Hunters. One of them died to mafia on day 1. We bit the Jailor who cursed us and then died a day later. I sat through the whole game as partner after partner were first bitten, then killed. A mafia of 4 people was down to the Godfather, who was quickly discovered by a Witch and promptly lynched. Before dying, he said "(my name) is vamp", Vampire Hunter assured him he'd visit me, so in a last ditch attempt to win, I bit the Vigilante who just ran out of bullets. Next day, ex-Vigilante confessed he was bitten and the VH said "Let's just lynch the witch". "Actually." the young Vampire said "Hey Witch, let's team up and hang the VH" Cue victory from the not-even-trying Witch and all the dead Vampires who decided to stay in the match.
  • So this one game, I'm the Mafioso victim of a gamethrower working with the Escort, cue the Framer getting called by an Escort's last will note . He then leaves... leaving a last will with all our names in it -_-. I decide to take the rare opportunity and proceed to spend the next few days having a ball not even trying to pretend to be innocent, just straight-up murdering people and cutting a bloody swathe through the town while "singing" the lyrics for Blood Red Sandman note  (and of course listening to the song to make sure I get the lyrics right). I was eventually lynched (after the SK) for a town victory, but even my last words are part of the moment for me:
  • I was part of a two-man mafia in a custom game, with the town made up of a single Veteran and a ton of Docs and Transporters, with a few Amnesiacs and a Jester to round things out. I was the GF, with a single Mafiosi on my side. We took the Veteran down the first night, with neither of us dying in the attack. The town promptly started lynching each other out of pure paranoia, and we were able to take out a couple threatening townies (namely a Trans who was trying to convince others we were evil) at night. They then lynched the only person who knew we were Mafia. the We won the game when we lynched a Transporter who'd tried to kill us by switching us at night, hoping we'd kill each other. Dead chat turns back on and the dead are going nuts. Turns out they'd suspected my partner from day two and he'd almost gotten lynched on several days, but they all thought I was an Amnes-turned-Transporter 'till the victory note popped up. First game I ever won without losing a single Mafia member!
  • I once got an executioner win on the second day. I noticed that most of the players in the town were quite new, and so I decided to go for it. As the second day dawned, the first casualty was shown to be a doctor. When the Discussion phase came, I announced to the town that 'it was a game rule that someone be lynched on the first day' . Then, as Voting started, I voted for my target. The newbies jumped on the bandwagon and created a domino effect. So far, so good. My target dug himself deeper. He claimed (and turned out to be) the Random Townie, with the same exact role as the guy who had died the previous night Now, even the experienced players were on my side. My target got lynched by a landslide. Cue crowing and bragging from me.
  • I ended up as Amnesiac in an all any game. I wanted to remember a Mafia role for an achievement, and I didn't care if I was killed or not; I didn't even try. On day 3, the Godfather was lynched, so I remembered it that night. The next day I joined in the collective exasperation over the evil Amnesiac, and instantly after that, a Mafioso (the only mafia left) was put on trial and hung. There were other 5 people with me included after the trial, 2 of which were killed by me and a Werewolf. Finally, it was just a Sheriff, the aforementioned Werewolf, and I. Sheriff accused me of being mafia and I told him he should worry about the Werewolf more than me, since he's dead either way. The Werewolf was hung, the Sheriff was killed by me later that night and the next day, I won. Cue the dead mafia congratulating me ("Good job, amne-mafia! You accidentally won!"), and I, baffled out of my mind only managed to type: "I PICKED MAFIA FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!?"
  • As a veteran I defended someone claiming Survivor being unjustly voted to the stand. The others insulted me and threatened me for no good reason and so, I was one vote shy from being put on trial. That night, enraged, I used my first alert and wrote threats and profanities in my will. I killed 4 people. 2 of them were mafia. The rage turned into karma-induced Schadenfreude laughter and I mocked the dead saps relentlessly on the chat. Another player just typed: "well... (my name) is confirmed vet..." Even though the Survivor who was an actual Survivor died, the rest of the townies learned not to mess with the pissed off Veteran.
  • I was once a doctor in a custom game, and ended up healing a couple townies, getting killed night two in saving another player from a WW attack. Turns out the guy I saved was retrib, and I came back the next day with knowledge of who the SK was. I heal someone again, nearly getting killed, then getting saved by a second doctor. Few days later, the SK has killed the whole maf and a few townies and vamps, the witch died to WW attack and the other doc died when he disconnected. Its down to three players, me and two other I don't know the roles of. Cue them revealing they are vampire and WW. I join the vamp and hang the WW, then get turned the next night. Vamps win.
  • I got the role of escort in a custom game and had the misfortune to be killed by a SK that I roleblocked, then cleaned by a janitor sent to wipe the SK, all on night frikkin' one. I manage to put him in my will, he isn't hanged the next day. Day three, and the Sk, GF and a janitor (the one that wiped me clean) got killed by a veteran, the witch was jailor-terminated. Three-quaters of the mafia, the only neutral killing and a witch, all killed in the same night. By a single Veteran. He pretty much single-handedly won the game, with the jester DC-ing during the night and the Consig being lynched while AFK.
  • I was Plaguebearer, back in an custom coven match. Had most of the town infected by infecting an Investigator and a Pirate, IIRC. Only four more to infect, and I choose a default-named player. I go to the player. Four players get infected. I get lynched the next day from paranoia and investigative results. Next morning, 'An amnesiac has remembered they were like the Pestilence'. They turn to Pestilence. They eventually kill everyone. I win from beyond the grave.
    The first guy I infected: 'So... we got the plague guy.'
    (Next morning)
    *Pestilence is back*
    Entire Town: Oh flummery!
    Me (In dead chat):*Laughs my ass off*
  • I was playing ranked practice as a Werewolf, which is a role i'm not very fond of. About 5 or 6 people had quit during the match, so I was having an easy time going under the radar and not being suspicious. On the fourth night, it's down to me and five others (a jailor, two townies, two mafia) and the attention's not really on me. Unfortunately, I was jailed and I had absolutely no preparation for it, because most of the roles were already confirmed. So, I chanced it by saying I was bodyguard. To absolutely no surprise of mine, the jailor doesn't believe me and decides to execute. I basically say "c'mon man" as I frantically end typing up a will and pasting it in the chat. For about 10 seconds, nothing happens, and then the jailor decides to let me live just as the final second runs out. Well, big mistake for him, because I slaughtered him and two others who who were visiting. Come out the next morning for the final nail in the coffin—the last town member quits the game, leaving me with just a mafioso left. Werewolf wins. Everyone (except, to be fair, the jailor, who was pretty peeved at himself) was congratulating me, but I was laughing my ass off at the sheer improbabiliy of my own win. Just goes to show that you should always keep your cool in the jailor chat instead of losing it.
  • Now when in an all any game, the last thing you would want is to be stuck in a two man mafia. You may think, well it's game over, we have no chance. Not necessarily as I learned one day. I was put in a two man mafia as the consigiliere and the other was a mafioso. So we did what mafia does best, get the job done. I would investigate the townsfolk and then I told the mafioso their roles. If they were townies they were dead. If not we spared them. We stayed below the radar, not calling attention to ourselves. That is until I found the jester. There were only five of us left; two townies, us mafia and the jester. Earlier, an investigator found out the three roles I could possibly be so I claim investigator and say the jester could be Bodyguard, Godfather or Arsonist. The town bought by claim and one townie voted him guilty with me abstaining at the last second. Cue the 'jester will get his revenge from the grave' message and an evil laughter from behind the computer as the mafioso targets the townie that abstained and we let the jester take care of the other townie.
  • Not at all that long ago, this troper had the role of a Witch in a custom game. Mostly random roles, six-odd neutrals, one any, townies filling all the other slots. The two Jesters (One natural, one former executioner that went nuts after his target- the Doc- died at night) get killed a few days in, and the Doc, BG and Vig had all died night one. I was witching people left and right, failing to find an NK- the Arso had been hung and Witch two had been killed at night via the Jailor, who had in turn been mauled by the WW. I'm just about ready to declare my role outright and die when I control the WW. I have him kill the Mayor I found N4, then I whisper at the end of day 7, asking for an alliance between us. WW agrees. Eventually, We take out a Spy and the other townie DC's, leaving me and the WW gloating over our victory over the remaining two townies. The first target persuades us to kill him at night. We agree. Come night 12, he switches me with his mate, causing the WW to chew me up. He then votes up the WW and gets them hanged. He wins with the other townie. Very well done, townie, very well done.
  • One that doubles as a Moment of Funny, I was a Jester in Ranked Practice. I'm not normally a fan of Jest, because I'm bad at it. So this time around, just for fun, I decide to claim Survivor day one, thinking it would out me as the obvious Jester but it's worth a shot. Somehow, this claim convinces the Town that I'm an Arsonist trying to fake Survivor or Jester, and I get lynched the next day. Somehow. That's not the end, though. The next night, I decide to haunt the main person accusing me, as punishment for falling for my really obvious Jester play. At the end of the night, I got the achievement for haunting the Godfather.
    • Another one from yours truly, I was a Veteran in the middle of a day where the Town of Salem fates decided that it was "shit on (redacted) day". So I alerted night 2, didn't hit anyone. The next day, a Spy was found dead and they left. Noting this and the fact that the Doc had left after dying as well, a plan began to form in my head. I raged heavily at the two leavers, yelling at people to not leave after dying. This was essentially me soft-claiming Retri. The next night, I alerted. Come morning, the one dead by my hand is revealed to be the Arsonist. I claimed after this, and after some suspicion thrown around, I lasted a few nights longer. Come Day 6, we were suspecting someone who claimed Vet despite me being mostly confirmed, but brushed him off as Jester. That night, I alerted because I was being quite leader-like and was thinking Mafia would try to surprise me. In a questionable move, they sent the Janitor after me as well despite me being basically confirmed Vet, earning me a double kill. We ended up lynching an Exe the next day, thus proving that my CC wasn't a jester and was in fact the Godfather. We lynched him and then the Consort the next day for the victory, heavily carried by myself.
  • One time, I played jester. I don't claim to be good as a jester, and I mainly have pure luck to thank for this. One time, I noticed the jailor execute an innocent townie, so I knew they wouldn't have any executions left. At that point, there was an executioner, jester (me), jailor, and godfather left. When the last townie asked for a role call, I claimed jailor. Nobody else said anything. That night I was jailed, and, thankfully, the godfather targeted me. The next day, no one was dead, and the jailor, of course, implicated me. I tried to claim jailor again, but I was voted up. I kept trying to claim jailor, but the jailor voted me guilty. Only the jailor. After that, I was revealed to be jester. Even one of the townies were impressed by the play.
  • This one didn't actually happen to me but they seem worthy enough to mention. On day 2, we found 5 people dead; one was a spy that committed suicide, two of them were Bodyguards who managed to kill the Godfather AND THE FREAKING ARSONIST. Cue townies going crazy.
  • In one game, I was Veteran, but I decided not to obviously bait. I spent the entire game merely socializing in the game chat, asking for roles from people acting suspicious and if there were any results. It was known that we had a Janitor in the game, since one of us were cleaned. By the second night, the not cleaned Sheriff died with them having visited me as their last target. Thinking this would be a good time to alert since Mafia probably thinks I'm a support or investigative role, I did so on the following night. I ended up bagging the Mafioso, the Janitor, the Witch, and some curious Investigator who I apologized to. Then I survived to the end, town winning no doubt helped by three evil roles dying night three, with both town and Mafia impressed by the play.
  • This moment goes to another player, who was the Jailor in my game. Near the end of the game, we found that there were four people still alive: the Jailor, the Executioner, the Godfather, the Mafioso, and the Framer. I was the Executioner, and I had already hanged my target. I announced this publically - I had no more reason to lie. With three Mafia and only one Town, they should've been able to hang the Jailor, but they didn't. Perhaps they feared an Executioner-turned-Jester. That night, the Jailor executed a Mafia member. Luckily for the Town, it turned out to be the Mafioso, so no one was able to murder the Jailor. The night after that, the Jailor executed the Godfather. The next day, I realized that I could play the Kingmaker, by being the tie-breaking vote for lynching. But I wasn't sure which of the other two players was which. So I asked them. They didn't answer. Instead, person A voted against person B, while person B voted against me. I didn't want the game to keep dragging out, so I voted against person B. Turned out that A was the Jailor and B was the Framer-turned-Mafioso. The Town won. The dead people who had stuck around were all surprised. It's hard to achieve a Town victory once the Mafia outnumbers the Town.
  • In a game I was in I was a witch. Now I have been wanting to play as witch for a while and got the roles that I could claim before hand. I claimed surv, which was possible because it was all any. So I acted like I was on the townies side by helping with the mafia. Not much really happened until the end. So there's me, the mayor, and jailer. I'm able to convince the mayor that the jailer is the sk and after he hangs I say simply say GG. The dead chat blows up. Most of the dead are saying things like "BETRAYED!" and "OH MY GOD"s. This is my favorite win.
  • I was playing in a mafia as a framer with a mafioso and a janitor. I chose the name Daniel Howell as a reference to danisnotonfire, and another player chose the name Phil Lester in response. What follows is me befriending him, conveniently refusing to tell them my role, then framing them just as the sheriff goes to investigate them. I play dumb, even using the fact that no one had been defending the Mayor against them when they claim Crusader. They are lynched and are proven to be Crusader, but no one suspects me to be mafia. That might, mafioso goes to kill someone and ends up killed by Werewolf, and I become the new mafioso. That leaves me and the janitor versus the confirmed sheriff and two others, one of whom is the werewolf and the other we don't know. That night, I kill the Sheriff to keep them from turning the other three against us and ask one of the two remaining if they are a Jester. They are purposefully vague and trying to make us doubt ourselves, while the other one is claiming bodyguard. That night, I choose to kill the vague one after the janitor and i flip out a little, knowing that if I choose wrong, the werewolf will kill me. I get lucky and they are a jester. Finally, the final day has come, and the werewolf, not aware that they are outnumbered, accuses me of attacking them the night before and tries to have me lynched. Me and the janitor hang them, securing a mafia win. The mafioso who died messaged us afterwards congratulating us on our win and for being smart about it, giving us their username so we could friend them. All in all, it was the best win I've ever gotten.
    • In another game, I was a godfather to a mafia that was getting annihalated by a werewolf, and I'm the only killing role remaining. There is no chance of a mafia win, so the me and the other remaining member agree to basically sacrifice ourselves to get that werewolf, not wanting them to win after screwing us over. I reveal myself as godfather to tell the townies who the werewolf is, and even go a night refusing to kill anyone to prove I'm the gf. I promise that I won't kill and they can lynch me without a fight if they lynch the werewolf. After days of convincing, largely in part to the werewolf having earned the towns trust, they agree and lynch them. The final night I thank the last maf and the next day i thank the townies for a good game and get a tearful send off as I'm lynched. Strangely heartwarming as well as awesome.
  • In Lovers Mode, I got Mayor, a role I hate due to how terribly it is usually played in games I come across it. I decide to bide my time, remaining rather silent, until one killing role, the Godfather is left, and one player is acting suspicious. I reveal myself just before voting and immediately send the suspect to the stand. They play around a bit but are voted guilty and realized to be the Godfather. Town wins.
  • In a game I was in a while ago, I was a town role (don't remember which—something boring like escort or med) that got killed around night 3. I hang around because I'm in a rare server where everyone's actually super nice and we watch the game unfold. It's ranked practice and there's three mafia and a werewolf left. Players slowly dwindle down one at a time until it's day freakin' 10 and it's just a single town member and the werewolf left. As the werewolf congratulates himself on a win and the dead town members groan at the loss, the werewolf asks the remaining town member who he was. And all he says is ":)". I still can remember very clearly the reactions of the six or seven people in the dead chat as the guy revealed himself as mayor and lynched the werewolf on the final day. Mr. Mayor, I don't know who you are, but you're a legend in my book and I respect the hell out of you for showing me how to play a great mayor.
  • One game was seemingly hopeless for town as there were only a Mafioso, a Serial Killer, an Arsonist, as well as myself and a revived Transporter being the only town members left. Put on the stand, I spell it out to the three remaining evils that they all would have a lesser chance at winning if I was lynched and should try to lynch the others instead. All of them (except for the Arsonist, who voted guilty) agreed and let me off. What followed was the day ending with none of them knowing who to vote for, leading to the Serial Killer to die to an Arsonist ignite as the only victim. Also that same night, they would have the misfortune of finding out that I was a Doctor who was quietly healing the Transporter. We all agree to lynch the Arsonist who voted guilty on me the day before, I whisper to the Transporter to have me and the Mafioso switch while I heal him, leading to a win-win situation that resulted in the town winning.
  • One game, I was in all any against a bunch of Neutral Killing roles. I was vet, and there was a vigilante, a Serial Killer, a Mafioso, and a Werewolf left after a ton of deliberating and hanging. I had mostly given up on winning at that point. On an odd-numbered night, I used my second alert to kill the Serial Killer. Sensing that this might not be that lost of a cause, I really quickly whisper to the vig to claim vet in my place, and to trust me. They complied, acting happy that they killed the Serial Killer and bragging about it, really putting on a show. The day ends with no one getting hung, and that night I use my last alert, hoping that the Werewolf and the Mafioso would be fearful of hitting who they think is the vet,and would be baited into attacking me. Sure enough, I got both of them, dying to the WW in the process. The vig shot the mafioso for good measure. Town wins, the vig being the last one standing. It was a good win and we both got praise for our teamwork.
  • I got the role of investigator in a classic game i had, and pretty much single-handedly won for the town. so, what happened was, for the first two nights, the person i wanted to investigate was jailed, so i got nothing there. But at the same time, the killers didn't actually kill anyone believe it or not. Anyway, from night 3 onward, I got results that confirmed genuine townies, and eventually, from my investigation results alone, I got evidence that about 4 people were all innocent, I found the Executioner, AND the last two members of the mafia, with one of them along with the Serial killer being hung earlier. I was pretty much the sole driving force to my town winning with about half the group still alive!
  • I wound up being the Doctor in a practice game. I got killed fairly early, but then Resurrected, so I was confirmed doctor. Once I got rez'd I got a whisper from the BG to heal him as he would protect me. Figuring it was a good idea, I kept doing so for the remainder of the game, and the BG eventually managed to get two mafia killed, without dying himself because of the heals. Eventually, near the end, I got Witched and was pulled away from the BG, who died, and it was down to me, the Witch, and a mafia. They put me on the stand, planning to kill me right then an there, and I had a sudden thought, and told the Mafia, "You do realize that the Witch can hex you and make you kill yourself, right?" That caused the Mafia to switch their vote, and we both ganged up on the Witch, hanging her. While I did die and Maf won, I was proud of myself for outsmarting the Witch.
  • Managed to outplay everyone, shifting the blame onto others, and kindly providing a "Last Supper" to the last survivor, a Medium, as a Forger-Turned-Mafioso.
  • In one game, I was a forger and I had literally no idea what to do. Towards the end of the game I decided to try forging a will, and since I didn't know what to write I just put "6 is immune". The town immediately voted for that person and had them lynched. Cue the mafia winning. Even I was surprised at how well that went.
  • Same troper from the above story. In this game I was a retributionist and I couldn't actually revive anyone since the dead players kept leaving. On the last day, everyone but me had been killed in some way- I think two died of a broken heart since I was playing lovers mode. Since I didn't have a lover, and I was the only townie standing, Town won. So I basically won by doing nothing.
    Me: ...
    Me: Himiko wins by doing absolutely nothing.
    (Note: I had named myself Himiko as a Danganronpa V3 reference.)
    • Same troper again. This one is more towards another player. I was an ambusher and died pretty early because of a pirate attack, so I didn't really do much. About halfway through the game, the Pestilence is awakened, and there was one player - let's call them G - that the town suspected at one point. I didn't really think much of it at first. On the last day, G was the only player standing, as they had killed everyone else as pestilence. The dead chat was exploding now; it was mainly the other maf members that were beyond confused as to how they all got wiped out since they were in different areas.
  • So, I was playing a Coven all any as a forger. In total, there were three members of the mafia. Day two, one of them disconnects, leaving just me and the mafioso. Not only that, but we end up having at least a potion maker in town. Day four, my mafia friend ends up being killed by the potion master, letting me get promoted. The same day, we end up lynching the potion master, who claimed to be investigator, and they call me out as forger in their will. By pure luck, nobody alive noticed this. I managed to win the trust of the psychic, and we lynched the coven leader. The next day, only three of us end up being left after I kill the bodyguard. Using the psychic's trust, and taking advantage of the fact the other psychic never made a will, I claim vig and state that he's immune. The psychic believes me, and we lynch the guy, who turned out to actually be another psychic. Cue the psychic realizing what had happened. I ended up killing him at night. The results were a mixture of praise from the town members from later in game and my mafia friend, and the other dead members yelling at town for not reading the potion master's will. Good times.
    • Same troper. Anyways, I wanted to give a CMOA to another player, whose name I don't actually remember. It was another Coven all any, since that's my favorite game mode, and we seem to just have mafia. As the doctor, I'm useless the first two nights. The consort disconnects, eliminating a member of the mafia. An investigator also ends up dead to a werewolf. Come night 3, and I end up actually saving a player. They end up claiming vig and saying somebody was immune, and they turn out to be werewolf. I whisper to them, saying I'm the doctor. That night, I end up being bitten by a vampire, who turns out to be the "vigilante." Due to the fact we're both "confirmed" townies, everybody trusts us. Come day 5, and we've lynched the mafioso and killed the forger at night. The next day, a ret brings the investigator back. We chose to bite him, hoping for no tp, and get another confirmed townie in our ranks. The next day, a vampire hunter reveals themself. Misunderstanding the role, they think they visit somebody only once to prove they're a vampire. We lynch a townie. Next day, we lynch the vampire hunter, who we claim clearly was faking being a vampire hunter because they hadn't found the vampires. That leaves us with one mafia and one townie. The mafia kills the townie, who we tried to turn. Only us and a mafia are left. Blissfully unaware that we're all vamps, he tries to convince the two of them to lynch me. We play along for a bit, then they vote me innocent and lynch the mafia. The vampires win, all thanks to one guy paying his cards right. Whoever you are, you were amazing.
      • Who doesn't like a chaotic yet satisfying game? One where town is destined to win, with less causalities one way. This one goes to a bodyguard who was great at Obfuscating Stupidity. In another all any, I become the jailor. I get some information from somebody claiming to be a tracker. The next night, a very chatty person tries to distract me. I execute the mafia. Two coven members disconnect, and the sheriff finds the last coven member, who complains. Most of the evil members die off quickly, until we're left with one mafia member. However, I am unable to execute anybody due to an investigator who claimed he didn't bother keeping a will. It turned out it was true, which confused me. That's when issues began to arise. The tracker claims I never visited anybody N2, which I did, and I have not yet realized the tracker can't see what the jailor does. We vote them to the stand, then give them innocent as they point out the person who accused them has yet to claim a role. We vote the other person to the stand, but inno them when they claim amnesiac. That night,I jail somebody who claims bodyguard, and they claim to have been attacked that night. The same events happen the next day, and I am unable to change who I jail while caught up in everything. The bodyguard gets angry at me as I apologize. As I wait for the inevitable attack, I get a message that I was attacked but protected by a bodyguard. It turns out that the one afk guy who would sometimes participate in votes, randomly, was a bodyguard who had been guarding me for the past few nights, as he realized I was the jailor. We had two bodyguards the whole time, which nobody knew. The "amnesiac" is found dead, and town wins, with many people congratulating the bodyguard. Seriously, great job.
  • This troper was a Medusa in a Coven All Any game in a two man coven. This seemed to look like yet another loss for me as the potion master died night one. However there came hope in the form of a Crusader who was asking for psychic claims. Seeing my opportunity I whispered to him and lied about being psychic complete with a fake vision. I was tempted to use my gaze to turn him to stone. But I decided instead to play the waiting game, letting him take out anyone that tried to investigate or kill me. Then once I got the Necronomicon I'd go around turning people to stone with the crusader being none the wiser. I even convinced him to hang the survivor claim when it was just us "townies". The survivor turned out to be the godfather and so the crusader was left at the mercy of my stone gaze. If there was ever a game that made me feel like an evil mastermind, this was it.
  • I was playing a game where I was Retributionist and the first useful role to die was a Transporter. I revive him and we basically truck through to late game, where I become a vampire. Being the nice guy i am, I tell my revived pal, who belts it out to the town. I tell the truth, and get lynched. My will read “Go, Swiip. Follow your destiny and save the town.” The dead chat explodes with “MY HEART” and “OMG IT’S TRUE LOVE”. And you know what? SWIIP SAVES THE FREAKING TOWN!
  • I just had the perfect game. It was a normal all any game, and I got serial killer. I decide to try my luck at the long game. Day one, and the godfather is killed by a bodyguard, which is awesome. Nobody gets lynched, so night comes. We wake up to a forger who left the game, an exe who left the game, and a consig who got killed by a ww. In his will, he lists the name of a witch, and the name of the werewolf. Nobody pays attention to the witch part and we lynch the ww. The next night passes, and a witch controls me and I'm attacked, and worry about my cover being blown. Luckily, a doctor heals me, making it look like I was saved. For some reason, me announcing I was healed makes everybody trust me. The next night, two witches control me, much to my surprise. I wake up to a dead townie and whispers. One of the witches makes it clear they know my identity. They tell me the name of a vampire. We just whisper for a bit before time passes. I end up being controlled by one witch and kill somebody else. Next morning, I whisper to the other witch, from the will, and I make sure the two witches know who the other is. We lynch the vampire, and realize our mayor only had one vote, so she must be a vampire. I coordinate the witches so one makes me kill our former mayor, and the other makes the one afk guy visit himself. I was worried if he was a vampire they'd have superior numbers, causing the last witch to turn on me. The next morning, both of them turn up dead. It turns out the person I thought was a vampire was a mafioso who had attacked me and been on the down-low, and the witch had made him kill himself. We end up celebrating our victory, Plauge Doc, the first witch I mentioned, makes things sweeter by revealing he had caused the mafia and the werewolf to get killed earlier in the game, saving me a lot of trouble.
    Ibuki Mioda (Me): GG! Thanks for the win! I love you witches! You guys are awesome!
    Gandolphin: Thanks! Great game! :D
    Plauge Doc: We still had a mafia?
  • A CMOA that also is a CMOF. The cleanest coven win in VIP I've ever had. N1, after somebody claimed crus, we control them into medusa. i poison a random person, and we attack somebody who is revealed to be a sheriff. The next day the psychic has been found plundered, the crus stoned, the sheriff just dead, and some poor guy is poisoned. We end up getting a pirate claim up to stand, who then switches to crus. With no help from the coven, she's lynched by one vote, revealing herself to actually be crus. Somebody claims bg at last second. We celebrate in chat for how easy this is. I poison somebody else, coven leader and medusa work together to get the bodyguard, and the potion master heals the coven leader. the next morning, we wake to find somebody random stoned, and the guy I poisoned, revealed to be a transporter, dead. We receive a coven win notification on Day 3. In his final moments, the transporter swapped the bodyguard and VIP, caused him to be controlled to medusa. We celebrate, happy to have a very nice victory with no lose on our side.
    Nino (Potion Master): LMAO
    Monika (Medusa): This is easy.
    Zwei (Me/Poisoner): That was great. Thomas?
    Salty (Forgot the full name/Coven Leader): Thomas.
  • A VIP game that taught me that sometimes unknown game mechanics are best left unknown to some people. I was the sheriff of the town. Night 1 comes and I find myself transported and poisoned. We manage to lynch a coven though, much to my relief. Come Night 2, I'm healed, confirming one of our tps as a doctor. We lynch another coven who tried to claim ret despite having a confirmed transporter. It's Day 4 now, and I check the VIP name as I didn't know who it was. I see my own name there, confused. I realize that I wasn't the VIP, somebody else was, but find out they disconnected, and were the doctor. Something I didn't know was that if the VIP disconnects, a new one is chosen. With new confidence, I start asking for leads rapidly. We get nowhere, though that night the coven leader, unaware that I have a guard, tries to control me. With only one suspicious person left, we quickly lynch them, and reveal that I had become the VIP after the disconnect. I learned a new mechanic, which I fell in love with. And it was a good thing VIP saved me. I did become the new VIP myself, you know?
  • In a normal All Any, I got mafia. Now, the blackmailer happened to be offline, so me and my buddy, the friendly mafioso who hated the pressure of picking right, started to go nuts. I roleblocked while he killed. The transporter caused us issues, though since most of the town was a mess, it wasn't hard. My friend gets caught, sadly, and we lynch him, though he frames somebody. But the best thing is the blackmailer comes back, and blackmails the most annoying person in town. We get the mayor and escort to vote guilty, after I kill the transporter, and low and behold the guy we framed was an exe turned jester. The mayor is killed, while I get roleblocked. A townie disconnects. The jester, still blackmailed, votes escort. The escort taunts me, stating he will make a draw, and I let my blackmailer friend make his grand reveal and vote. The escort leaves, though we still lynch him, and mafia wins. Thank you Samuel Parris, and Barry McCormick, for being the best guys a consort could ask for.
  • Not me, but a story I saw that I decided to post here. The original player was one Vampire in a group of three. One of the other vamps didn't know that Vampire Hunter can see Vamp chat during night, getting one of their members killed by saying their name. Cut to later. The vamp from before screwed up again, saying a specific name in chat, with the first player acting in shock. At least, that was what the Vamp Hunter thought as he called the vampire an idiot in his will.
    (Vampire Hunter) was found dead last night. He was killed by a Veteran.
  • I was playing a classic game and it was down to the Executioner-turned Jester (me), the Veteran, and the Godfather. I whispered to the Veteran and told him to claim Exe and I would claim Vet. He agreed, and he and the Godfather voted me up. They both voted guilty. I then laughed at the Godfather for his foolishness, as he begged for his life. Turns out the Vet had an alert left. This was the message the next morning:
    (Godfather) was found dead in their home last night. He died from guilt over lynching the Jester. He was also shot by a Veteran.
    • A more recent story. Playing classic as an Executioner. My target was a Vigilante. Someone accuses him of being evil on day two. He claims to be the Vig, and I chime in with "Vig is a common mafia claim." On night 2 the Jailor kills him, so now I'm a Jester. Someone in the town asks for Jailor to reveal himself since he killed a townie. I claim Jailor in hopes of either getting lynched or tricking the mafia into killing me instead of the actual Jailor. Everyone believed I was Jailor the entire game, and after I died to mafia, the Framer told me that the mafia was convinced I was Jailor and that I caused them a lot of panic. Job well done I guess.
  • This goes out to Coven VIP players Chun Li, Kit Kat, and speed is speed. I get pirate, and, naturally, confused, I go for the ga claim, figuring nobody will miss them. Well, they dodge my scimitar. The next day, Chun Li claims trapper and says they've been witched, and Kit Kat, later revealed to be a crus, admits to being poisoned. Coming up with a gamble, as I'm pretty sure there isn't a doctor, I tell them I'll use a pistol on them, getting them to agree since they might as well use their death to help me, letting themselves become the Sacrifical Lion. I kill them next night as they succumb to poison, getting one kill. speed is speed, our resident awesome GA, realizing the pirate only needs one more kill, performs a Heroic Sacrifice and says in chat he'll backpedal, since he can still help from beyond the grave. I go to visit him, shoot him, and sure enough, I wake up to getting my second kill, securing my victory, which is good. We lynch the person we suspect of being coven, though there was another confirmed, as Chun Li had been a witched trapper before. It turns out this person was the trapper. Cue a massive Oh, Crap!! moment as all three of us realize Chun was lying. I go for the PM, and become very grateful for speed is speed's sacrifice, as I die to a witched crus when attacking a confirmed PM the next night, speed is speed delaying the game by saving the crus for just a day. As we wait for the end, Chun being congratulated for deceiving everybody, everybody in the dead chat warmly welcomes me in, either talking about how dumb town was or saying how glad they were that pirate won, or both. Kit Kat and speed is speed seemed especially happy, though speed is speed left early. Kudos to you guys. If you all ever see this, Candy, usually Zwei, the pirate owes you a debt of gratitude for your sacrifices, and greatly admires Chun for the stellar strategy.
  • In a classic game, I had a CMOA by pure mistake. The town lynched me, a confirmed exe turned jester, since the vig had shot my target. The vig never speaks up and the dead are clueless, leaving me to guess. The person I haunt is revealed to be the Godfather. Then, the CMOA extends to the vig who pulled a Batman Gambit and wanted me to haunt somebody else in the hopes I'd kill somebody in the mafia.
  • A CMOA that doubles as a CMOF. I get veteran in a classic game. In the end, it's just me and a mafioso. Having no alerts left, I begin to bluff, laughing and gloating about how I have two alerts left and the mafia is screwed. Much to my shock, the guy leaves the game. I managed to bluff a mafioso into quitting the game. The dead chat is just as shocked, though they're more than happy to congratulate me.
    Tama (Me) Holy flummery, that actually worked.
  • This occurred some time ago in normal All Any. For context, a) I was a framer turned mafioso, b) earlier in the game, the janitor had managed to clean one person on night 3 (who turned out to be medium, and left right after dying), c) there were no vet kills after night 2, and d) I had managed to convince the doctor that I was sheriff (mostly because my name was Shion Yorigami and he was a Touhou fan). By the last day, all three of the other mafia had been lynched, and all that remained was a veteran, the aforementioned doctor, and me. I knew I was probably doomed, but seeing the one cleaned person, I had an idea. I "deduced" that the person who had been cleaned was the actual veteran, and that the veteran claim was actually the mafioso, hence the lack of kills after the cleaned person died. Miraculously, this worked- the vet claim was lynched, cursing the two of us all the while. The doctor was a good sport about the whole thing, and I made sure to thank him for inadvertently helping me (and the janitor as well, though he had also left by this point). Never doubt the power of a well-picked name, a janitor's cleaning, and a dogged determination to win against all odds.
  • A CMOA that doubles as a CMOF occurred during a classic game. As serial killer, the escort visits me N1. I quickly choose to try and prolong my life by killing somebody random that night while leaving a note saying I'm helping town. My random target was the jailor. The medium outs me, though it's lost in the confusion. i don't kill anybody. The town then starts to attack me after the medium's will, though some townies defend me. I live and the medium tells me to attack the inves because they're annoying. I try to do so, but the rt trans swaps them with the godfather. We lynch them, and the framer leaves. I end up finding the godfather. As a reward, they let me kill the inves as a last action. However, the exe turned jes prevents me from being lynched. I manage to kill the sheriff. I convince the transporter to lynch the jester and let him decide what happens, with me laying out the terms both of us stay at home. Well, that night, after we lynch him, I'm transported, and wake up to see the transporter dead, having saved me by breaking the promise while pointing out he never said he wouldn't do anything. So, even though I was a confirmed serial killer day 2, I managed to win the game.
  • Once in ranked I was able to identify all 4 maf *in the first 4 nights* (I was sheriff). With nothing but deduction and chat-scumming, I found one based on their shady behaviour and contradictory statements, that lead me to another because of they whispered to each other, and the Godfather based off of process of elimination. We only lost 2 townies, I gave the appropriate response.
  • This is a shoutout to Apple, a great godfather and a better bodyguard. In the game I was in as executioner, I reveal Day 1 who my target is. Despite the fact the framer framed me and I narrowly avoided being lynched twice because of an annoying investigator who didn't know how framing worked, Apple always supported me and won over most of the town into helping. Towards the end of the game, we haven't found any of the mafia due to the focus being on me. My target is also alive. The night ends and I find my target alive and three other players standing there. Apple, being Apple, decides to let me in on a secret.
    Apple: The package has been delivered as asked.
We lynch the medium and win, with me feeling very grateful and awed. The next game and annoying investigator, myself, and Apple are all in the same game, with me and the inves snapping at each other while Apple tried to play middle ground. The inves dies N2, and I continue to heal Apple. Apple is attacked, and I whisper. I learn Apple is a random town bodyguard and we proceed to make a doctor-bodyguard combo. We end up winning as the last two left, lynching the only other player left after the suspected mafioso disconnected just to be sure. Apple, you are amazing.
Apple: We won this for you, Sarah! (the inves)
Zwei (me): ... I won this for you, Apple.
  • This troper wants to share her best (and most unexpected) Vamp win. It happened in Custom if I recall correctly. So, on night one I try to bite someone. They're immune. On the second night, I'm jailed, I panic because I don't have a plan and I produce a Sheriff claim on the spur of the moment. Next day, there are no Mafia kills. Third night: I'm jailed again, the Jailor calls me a "snap crackle pop" when I try to make small talk to distract them. Again, no Mafia kills, so the Jailor is certain that I'm Mafioso and jails me yet again. They try to execute me... and someone roleblocks them. The next day, we see that both the Mafia and the Arso killed people, so the Jailor doesn't suspect me anymore. We lynch the Arso and that night I bite the Jailor. They're surprised and infuriated when they see I'm a Vampire. Next day, we lynch *another* Arso who claimed doused. Now, remember the person who was immune on night one? I'm fairly certain they're a third Arso so we're doomed, *but* next day I live to see that the Arso ignited both the former Jailor and *themselves*, and Vampires win.
  • Another one from the last person. This particular game is one hell of a ride. It's Ranked Practice, and I's BG. There's an Arso who keeps killing people one by one, so there's one death every two days. Day 2: we discover we have Janitor, and A says that B came up as Mafia. We don't lynch anyone, but that night I protect A because I have a hunch they're legit. I die protecting them and the person whom I kill is cleaned. They tell me they were Vig. Some days later, person C says that they're Sheriff, and they confirm that B is Mafia, so B is lynched. Fast forward. After Janitor has fucked with everyone and the Arso has killed some more people, the Jailor is killed. A says that person D came up as Mafia too, but the Jailor's will says that D was jailed the night before. They almost lynch D, but D somehow convinces the Town to use their brains. The dead, both Mafia and Town, are sure that person E is the Arso, but they're not lynched despite all the evidence pointing to them. Eventually, the only people left are A, D, and E. We think that A is Mafia because of the roles in the graveyard, but then the dead GF reveals that *there is no Mafia left*. The "Vig" who was killed by me was cleaned thanks to the Transp. So, the dead Townies are pretty happy about it, because it means that as long as E is lynched Town will win. But, surprise, surprise: D and B are too busy arguing over who is the real Sheriff to lynch the obvious Arso ("YOU ARE MAFIA, YOU CAN'T GET MY ROLE IF I'M JAILED", "WELL I DID"). And that night, someone is doused by the Arso. Next day, B is finally lynched, because you *can't* get someone's role if they're jailed. Their last words? "Long game ftw." And as their dead avatar swings on the rope, the words "The Jester will get his revenge from the grave!" are displayed. Yeah. But it's not over yet. Since D is the only guilty voter, we *know* that E, the *obvious* Arso is going to win, but when the next day comes, we see *two* dead bodies on the ground: D, haunted by the Jester; and E, incinerated by D. Jester win.
  • First time on this page. I was Coven Leader, and found the Vampire first night by sending them to Janitor. Mayor had revealed immediately, likely for the achievement, but coven all slept on this for a bit. What really turned this game on its head was the next night. I send Vampire into our Medusa who was stonegazing. While this ended up being a mutual kill, it earned me the biggest diamond in the rough I have ever found: A GY with a lot of stoned corpses, an out Mayor...and a VH freshly turned Vig who proudly declared that to the town the next day. The Necronomicon was incoming that night. I had a galaxy brain idea the likes of which I'll never have again, and sent the new Vig into mayor. At this point, my other coven were dead, but there was nothing Town could do about it...or so I thought. The night after, I found the Arsonist, but more importantly, secret Retri came out of hiding and revived Mayor into a spot that they could lynch singlehandedly. I lost right then and there, but the last mafia refused to go for mayor, and mayor voted them out, giving Arso the solo win. The whole game was an enormous ride, and the sort of game I play All Any for.
  • I've got a hilarious Springtime for Hitler moment in my first game of Lovers. I was Werewolf with a town lover, and I, being a newbie, went for a worst possible choice on night 2 - a Doctor with lover claim. And I killed four people: the Doctor in question, Arsonist, Serial Killer and Pirate. Town won easily, and my lover carefully explained the strategy of Lovers to me.
  • Another one from the troper above. I actually got to play Rainbow mode, and got Serial Killer. I successfully survived quite a lot of nights and days despite never claiming. Late in the game, the Witch found me, exposed my role to town, and agreed to cooperate with me. In the end, it was me and the Witch vs 2 Arsonists. The Witch held them back, and I was sure the game would end in a draw, but no. Witch told one of the Arsos that he could only win alone, and that the other Arsonist needs to be lynched [[note: Which isn't true.]]. And guess what? It actually worked! Next morning, the Witch outright tells the noob Arso that she tricked him before hanging him and winning with me. The best part is that she could easily turn on me and win with the Arsos, but preferred to stay with me. So thank you, Witch, for that awesome piece of BS.
  • Played a game of Dracula's Palace (a new mode that replaced Vigilantics) that stared me as a Lookout against a town with 1 other LO, a jailor, a vig, a doc, a vampire hunter, a witch, some other assorted town roles, and 4 starting vampires. The game starts with one LO dying and the only vampire hunter leaving, putting town at a severe disadvantage to win. By Day 2, I had found one of the confirmed vampires and helped to lynch them, starting my reign of control over the entire town. With help from "Yall Might" the transporter and "Nerf Bastion" the doc, we go around and start killing every single vampire through some good transports and some lucky nights where I watched the right person. Several died on stand; one died to a vig and two others left on stand before getting hung. Eventually, it was just me and the doc left standing as we lynched the last vampire, putting our kill total at a whopping 8 vampires over 11 days. It was a total marathon march but it was a great win after I basically seized control over the entire town and dragged them by their ankles to victory.
  • All Any game, Veteran. First alert is on N2 because I assumed WW would be in this round. No one visits. Next day, many people die by mafia, arsonist, SK and disconnect. We ignored the jester, and I alerted that night so that arso won't douse me. Imagine my shock when arso and SK both visited me that night. So I used my last alert that night, and I bagged 2 kills this time too: ANOTHER arso and the mafioso. But Town isn't winning just yet- it was between me, jester and an amne turned sk. Thinking quick, I suggested to give Jester the win, hoping on the chance that SK doesn't have the guts to kill me. Jester kills SK, and as it turns out, I ended up solo winning along with said Jester because the other Town were 5 other people who died and quit early. Shame they weren't there to see the glory of my veteran game.
  • Ranked game. At the last day, there was only me (the mayor, unrevealed), the witch, and the werewolf. At that point, I had no idea who the werewolf was, and given that I was unrevealed, they thought I was an investigator. Beforehand, they kept their identities private, but now that I was the only townie left, they proceeded to blow their cover by revealing the werewolf. Right before voting phase, cue me pulling out the mayor card, and immediately putting the werewolf to the stand. The witch tries to make it out by saying that I was tricked this whole time, but I don't buy it, and end up lynching the werewolf. Note that this was the day of a full moon, so if I lynched the witch instead, town would've lost.
  • In a Coven All Any game that was only about half capacity, I was the Necromancer in a two person coven with a coven leader. I had chosen the name Death by Sadness because another person in the game was named Death by Joy and I thought it would be cool. Night one, I get jailed, but I claim Retributionist and the jailor believed me. Next day, Jailor and Coven Leader are both dead, along with Mafioso. Jailor has me put as ret in their will, so I am left unquestioned. Night two, I decided to send a maf zombie after someone, which makes everyone believe there is still a mafia. On top of that, the amnesiac, who turned out to be Death by Joy, decided to remember as coven leader. By this point I'm giggling with delight. I remain pretty inactive for a couple of days while people are getting lynched, then it ends up being me, Death by Joy, a tracker named Love, and a player who reveals themself as the mayor to vote me up. Love is gunning for me to be lynched, but Death by Joy kept pointing out there was a maf unaccounted for, and I then promised to resurrect the Doctor if the mayor took down Love. Mayor votes innocent and we put Love up for trial, but the mayor votes innocent again because they feel unsure. That night, I sent a ghoul to kill the mayor and Death by Joy and I lynched Love the next morning.
    • Adding on to the previous story with a moment of awesome from Love, the next game I played (another All Any) had Death by Joy and Love in it again, but this time Love was disguiser and I was hypnotist, putting us on the same side. I get murdered night one without being able to do anything, but when I get murdered I usually just chill in the dead chat and talk to anyone who happens to have died. As I waited, I eventually get joined by a vamp and a few others, and we casually chat as the game goes on, updating each other about the status of maf/vamps because there was no medium and ret died early on. Vamps die out the same night our maf gets ignited and leaves, leaving the arsonist, Love, and a veteran with who knows how many alerts and only one confirmed death. Love convinces vet to lynch arso with them and then begins the Clint Eastwood standoff. There is bluffing and posturing and dead chat sighing and preparing for a draw. Love and the vet try to out bluff each other and finally Love goes for the kill and dawn breaks on the vet's corpse. Maf wins due to Love managing to wrangle a victory out of a situation most would find unbeatable.
  • Honestly, this situation was very annoying at the time, but this troper can now acknowledge the genius behind it. In a Coven Lovers game, one of the townies hadn't played Lovers mode before, and a werewolf realized this and decided to take advantage of this by informing the player that they were lovers when they were not. Not knowing much about Lover's mode and thus unaware of the panel that tells you who your lover is, the townie fell for it and so the werewolf managed to go unlynched for a long time, and with the townie backing them up we had no reason to doubt them. Even when we figured out the werewolf was a werewolf and got concerned, the townie quickly sided with them on things and we couldn't do anything about it. The werewolf killed me at one point, and I started having my suspicions about the relationship, and those suspicions were confirmed with the townie was killed and their "lover" wasn't. The townie was horrified to learn that they had been played. The werewolf won all by themselves and the dead chat was not happy, but admittedly the fact that they managed to get away with such a gambit was pretty impressive.
  • This trope had an interesting experience worth mentioning here. I was Sheriff, and invested on someone N1 (We'll call him Bob) and got a Suspect result but worried about Framer, so I mention it in my will. Day comes out, no one dies, no one lynches. Spy reports that one Maf visited Bob so I whispered to Bob that I invested him, confirming that he was framed. Second night, SK and Mafia both get a kill (I die to Serial Killer) and Bob was jailed so I knew he wasn't the SK. Here's where things get interesting. They successfully lynch someone claiming to be Lookout and had been watching Bob. Turns out to be Mafioso. Night passes, and the next day, SIX people died: A Consort to a combination of a Vet and a Vigilante; the FRAMER to the same Vet; the GODFATHER to a Bodyguard, an Executioner to the Jailor, and another Sheriff to the Serial Killer. That's right. THREE Mafia all died at once, and they successfully lynch the Serial Killer.
  • New troper here. Earlier today, I had a streak of bad luck: 4 losses in a row. First, I was a Lookout in Classic mode and the town lynched me even though I was confirmed, wasn't that mad because most gamers who play on Classic mode are still learning the ropes. Second, I was a Veteran in Ranked Practice, I accidentally vet bait the Vigilante and the Investigator. Okay, that one was on me. Third, I was a Medium in a Custom game, med curse. Fourth, I was a Doctor in All Any mode. I fall for a Blackmailer's claim of being the other doctor and I find a false Investigator claim and try to warn the town, but nobody believes me until evil roles have the majority. Then I entered an All Any game as the executioner. My target, an investigator, gets incinerated, so I become the jester. I ask the remaining playerd if they would be nice enough to let me win by lynching me. They agree, one of them, called Crusader America, even does so on the condition that I spare him/her/xir. I agree. I get lynched and end up helping the arsonist who killed my target as well. Gg, an Awesome moment that doubles as Heartwarming because it goes to show that some gamers are willing to go out of their way, and possibly even risk losing their game, to help a player who's having a bad day. Shoutout to everyone who was in that game, Bad Luck Becky (my name in that particular game) sends her respect your way!


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