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  • Goddamned Boss: Some characters who are useful when on your team are very annoying when they're on the opponent's team:
    • What Pepe Le Bard (Pepe Le Pew as he appears in The Scarlet Pumpernickel) lacks in Defense, he makes up for in his ability to heal every party member in the party for a chunk of health every turn. While it's a welcome ability when he's in your party, it's frustrating when he's in your opponent's party, as your progress in whittling down their health can very well be negated bit-by-bit by Pepe whenever he acts. It gets worse if a defensively-oriented toon decides to use Taunt, disabling you from being able to hit the darn skunk in the first place. Your best bet when facing him in a party is to just simply get rid of him as quickly as you can before he can act.
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    • Astronaut Sylvester has the unique ability to receive a 100% chance to dodge an attack after being hit for the rest of the battle or until an attack (which he will immediately dodge) is used on him again, and is a toon with the ability to taunt. Useful skills for making sure both your team and Sylvester himself are safe when he's on your team, but a frustrating one when he's not. When Astronaut Sylvester is on the opposing team, these two abilities of his mean that more often than not your toons will be stuck using their attacks on a single enemy that cannot even be damaged by them 50% of the time while being unable to pick off any other opposing team members (who will still be free to wail away on you) at the same time. Your best bet for dealing with this version of Sylvester is to bring a toon with the ability to negate the effects of taunting such as Penelope or Outlaw Foghorn, and even then that won't help you in the main Space campaign (since you cannot take them there) nor will it prevent Svlvester's annoying insta-dodging.
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    • Penelope and Road Runner are quite agitating because of their ability to sporadically dodge your attacks.
  • He Really Can Act: Do you need further proof that Eric Bauza is a Man of a Thousand Voices? This game has him voicing almost every character!
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: While not entirely without flaws (leveling and ranking your characters up to be their very best is a grind-fest for example), the game is surprisingly competent for a mobile RPG based on Looney Tunes. There's actual strategy to the battles and the graphics and animation captures the spirit of Looney Tunes pretty well. It also helps that the energy system in place is considerably less of a hindrance here than in, say, the controversial Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, mostly because not every action requires the use of it and you actually have other stuff to do and methods to get more beyond premium currency whenever you run out.
  • That One Level:
    • The last level of the Sam Sheepdog/Ralph Wolf-oriented special campaign "Double or Mutton" (Act 3-5) has one of the most insidiously-designed teams in the entire game. The team consists of Foghorn Leghorn, Sam, the aforementioned Pepe Le Bard, and Miss Prissy. Foghorn will always open up the battle with a Taunt, meaning immediately getting rid of Pepe or Miss Prissy is out of the question, and oftentimes, Sam will Taunt the moment Foghorn's wears off (and vice versa), ensuring that you'll rarely be able to get a hit on Prissy or Pepe. So what's stopping you from hitting them with an attack that hits all team members? The fact that you are limited to only Rare or Epic Farm toons (Foghorn, Sam, Ralph, Prissy, and Barnyard Dawg), and between the five there's exactly two attacks that hits all party members (Prissy's special attack and Dawg's Hidden special) and the former is pretty much useless unless you can get a critical hit with it. Having your Foghorn and/or Sam taunt will not save you either, as Prissy counter-attacks every toon that attacks a Farm toon (of which three out of four of the opposing team is), so Prissy will still happily whittle away at your non-defensive toons' HP no matter if you have Foghorn or Sam taunting (or having any of your non-defensive toons Hidden) or not. And on top of all that is the fact that Pepe heals his entire team each time he attacks, so it's very possible that the opposing team will be gaining more health than they are losing. Expect to lose many times unless your toons are leveled-up/tuned-up high enough to the point that Foghorn and Sam's status as Mighty Glacier and Stone Wall Damage-Sponge Boss respectively that can tag-team taunt if on a same team together is a non-issue.
    • Act 2 of the "Beep Beep" special campaign is also difficult, seeing as you can only use Mastermind toons. Doesn't sound so bad, since you can only use certain toon in the other acts of the campaign, right? Well, since Marvin the Martian has not been released yet, you can only use three toons, and none of them heal on a regular basis. Many players feel that it's the hardest act in the campaign.
  • Unexpected Character: One of the alternate forms of Yosemite Sam in the game is K'Chutha Sa'am, a minor antagonist from the Duck Dodgers TV show and not any of the original Looney Tunes shorts.

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