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YMMV / Inverted Fate

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  • Better Than Canon: It's got all the charm and heart of Undertale, but it's longer. Frisk is a fleshed-out character instead of a silent protagonist, the great Papyrus is the secondary protagonist, and in general, a lot more character interaction is able to be shown with the comic not necessarily being limited to one perspective. It isn't difficult to see how it's viewed like this by many, especially with the characters and story being the main draws of the original game for a lot of people, and it even has its own soundtrack, another beloved aspect of the game, helping it further.
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  • Word of God: This AU is frequently confused for Underswap, which is simply just Undertale but with all of the roles reversed. Dorked says that's the only similarity it has to Inverted Fate, and even then it's handled much differently.

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