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Being very faithful to its source game in terms of writing, this is only natural.
  • Papyrus is every bit the goldmine he was in the original game, only heightened by his now significantly increased presence. Particularly great moments involving him include:
    • From part 6b, Papyrus trying to ease Frisk's worries by informing them that their safety is assured by "PAPILLION PERCENT!"
    Frisk: I don't think that's a real number...
    • After joining in on the battles, Papyrus' narrations, actions and statuses prove to be truly incredible. Some notable ones include him accidentally getting the Greater Dog to sit on him during the battle against it in part 8, causing his status to transition from "WARY..." to "BOLD!!" to "REGRET!!!!" within the span of three screenshots, him trying to set up a date for the two Royal Guards in part 18, complete with him serenading the two using his voice and an accordion and statuses like "I SHIP IT!!" and "ROMANTIC!", and his flex-off with Aarmor in part 19.
    • Possibly one of the best of all has to be his absolutely out-of-nowhere grand entrance during Fort Aquarius in part 18 following Royal Guards 01 and 02 discovering Frisk, complete with animation and him smashing through his own dialogue box. It must be seen to be believed.
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    • In Part 34 Papyrus hacks a couple of puzzles to speed things along. His hack confirmation screens are...something else.
      Frisk: (I will never unsee this image.)
  • Some of Chara's narration is pretty great, too. Some of the best ones include "Sans' ketchup addiction shows no signs of stopping. Please, Sans, think of the children!" in part 12 and "I refuse to narrate this." during Frisk and Flowey's "conversation" about 'Heat Haze Volume 3' in part 17.
    • Their description of Mettaton's poster in the Ruins is no slouch either:
      Chara:(It looks like a calculator with giant shades.)
      Chara:(What has science done?!)
  • In part 8, Frisk ends up battling Lesser and Greater Dog, and tries to pet them but they refuse, so instead they call Papyrus over and pet him, causing his status to become happy. Temmie then appears and ends up getting pet by Frisk. Papyrus then pets Greater Dog, causing him to get tackled and coated in slobber. Frisk then goes to pet Lesser Dog, causing it's neck to shoot up. Frisk continues to pet Lesser Dog until it's neck has left the screen twice, upon which Flowey appears, only for Frisk to pet him.
    • And Chara has a gem to say about it.
      Chara:(You pet Flowey. You officially have a problem.)
  • In part 18, Alphys gives a foreboding announcement over the speakers at Fort Aquarius reminding all guards to take any suspicious individuals to her for interrogation... and then begins to talk about getting back to ranting at an unknown "idiot" about Mew Mew Kissy Cutie, not realizing she's still audible to the entire fortress.
  • The encounter with the Annoying Dog in the Artifact Room. Despite Frisk and Papyrus's efforts, they can't stop the dog from absorbing the artifact, nor can they stop it from flying away. It also leaves a gold pineapple behind, the same one that Papyrus wanted Frisk to use during the earlier date with Sans only for it to be missing. Chara's narration as they collect the item reminds them that yes, this really did just happen.
  • Part 31 features the first Mettaton show...a ridiculously hammy Sailor Moon parody with Mettaton as Sailor Moon, Undyne as Tuxedo Mask, Frisk playing the villain, Papyrus their "brainwashed underling," and Monster Kid a bystander.
    • It should be noted that Mettaton is dressed as Sailor Moon...but he's still in his box form. With the spiked shoulder pads. And the Triangle Shades.
    • Apparently, Chara is the Man Behind the Man to Frisk. Their reaction is amusing.
    • As if the sight of Mettaton dressed as Sailor Moon isn't enough, he shoehorns in a toy advertisement after his transformation. Among the credit cards one can pay with is a Sans card that, apparently, is just a sheet of paper with Sans's name written on it. Another card has the Annoying Dog wearing a bikini (a reference to What Could Have Been as a "reward" if gameplay of Undertale was finished fast enough).
    • Remember Undyne's puzzle idea if you called her in certain rooms in Hotland, involving the basketball hoops that have to be puked in? She actually makes a real puzzle involving this. Thankfully, Frisk manages to avoid having to throw up by using Dog Residue instead.
    • The fact that Chara can feel everything Frisk feels is quite humorous, especially when they start to complain about the conveyor belt's effects on them.
  • Instead of Sans selling Hotdogs in the room after the elevator on Hotland's second floor, we instead have a portable shop just like the one seen back in Snowdin, with an umbrella that has shades on it, and is run by a robot version of Papyrus, who sells spaghetti whilst saying random phrases about it.
  • Papyrus references a Noodle Incident that taught him that steam vents are awful when you're wearing a dress. He offers an "abridged version" of the story.
    Frisk: How abridged?
    Papyrus: SANS.
    Frisk: ...That explains so much and so little all at once.
  • Frisk and Papyrus are finally confronted by Mad Dummy, who is about to start a fight with them...only for Royal Guards 03 and 04 to show up, send the Dummy away, and start a fight instead.
  • Part 33 chronicles Mettaton's second show - an anime-style tournament. It's arguably even crazier and more hilarious than the Sailor Moon parody.
    • The tournament's sponsor is the Annoying Dog, who for some reason set up the Dog Shrine from the PS4 version of Undertale right behind the arena.
    • The first competitor is Mad Dummy, though they don't get to attack at all before being knocked away by Jerry, still in a snowball. Jerry turns muscular for his fight, then at the end of it gets thrown out via snowball by Mettaton.
    • A later competitor is Sans's pet rock. Which can somehow attack. Frisk "defeats" it by throwing it out of the ring, accidentally hitting Undyne.
    • During the final match, Frisk eats the spaghetti received from the Papyrus robot in the previous part. It heals Frisk and applies a bonus effect: turning the BGM into a dog version.
      • The Annoying Dog shows up, and Frisk throws it at Undyne.
  • For the Trial, Mettaton is the judge. This means he's wearing the standard gown and wig, but still in his box form with the spiked shoulder pads and triangular shades. Oh, and the wig is pink and sparkly.
    • Papyrus and Undyne dress up for the Trial, with Papyrus having flames on his suit.
  • Remember the Dog Shrine from earlier? Frisk and Papyrus find it in their hotel room. Hilarity Ensues when Frisk donates their money to it, but just like in the game, they can only donate 1G at a time, and Chara asks them if they really want to. They do anyway, and there's a Time Skip with the image of the dog in a bikini.
    • After the donation box is filled, the objects that appear in the game appear in the hotel room. Papyrus confronts the dog about it, only for it to make the shrine fly away.

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