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It's an Undertale fanfic. What did you expect? OST here.

  • The intro theme, "Back to Zero", sounds quite similar to "Once Upon a Time", yet gives off the impression that something's different.
  • Here we go again. Flowey’s new theme feels like a reprise of "Your Best Friend", with 16-bit instruments in contrast to the 8-bit instruments of "Your Best Friend". The melody of "Finale" is used during the second half of the song. The theme is notably more upbeat, reflecting the fact that Flowey’s friendly facade is a long-term plan this time.
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  • "Stay Determined!", Asgore's equivalent of "Fallen Down", is a warm, gentle yet regal-sounding reprise of “Determination”.
  • The new Ruins theme gives off a sense of warmth and comfort. Rather than using the original Ruins Leitmotif (which is instead used for Undyne), this theme used Asgore’s motifs, with a bit of "Your Best Friend" thrown in, representing Flowey pushing Frisk along.
  • "Ain't Afraid", Napstablook's boss theme, is a catchy, upbeat dance remix of "Ghost Fight", perfectly fitting the lighthearted performance Frisk and their new friend Blooky put on in the Ruins.
  • "Regret", the theme for the first part of Asgore's fight. A much grander take on a Heartache-style song. Then there's the updated version, which incorporates "Your Best Friend".
  • "A Desperate Plea + Righting Wrongs", the theme that plays during the second part of Asgore's fight, mixes together "Small Shock", Asgore's normal theme, and Frisk's leitmotifs ("Reunited" and "Stronger Monsters") for a somber, yet hopeful and uplifting song befitting the situation.
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  • "Your Theme", Frisk's theme, has a feeling of warmth and sincerity to it. The track was inspired by "Run away, Fugitives" from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.
  • PAPYRUS, THE VERY COOL SCIENTIST!, a fittingly goofy and sciency-sounding track for The Great Papyrus.
  • heya., Sans’s theme, has the same basic melody and laidback feel as “sans.”, except played in a style reminiscent of "Nyeh Heh Heh!" from the original game, fitting the way the characters' roles have been swapped.
  • Papyrus's battle theme, "THE GREAT PAPYRUS' INCREDIBLY COOL BATTLE SONG! (ALSO KNOWN AS BONETROUSLE!!!)", manages to capture both the feel of the original "Bonetrousle" while also reflecting Papyrus's focus on science. The fact it incorporates the trailer version of "Bonetrousle" is just icing on the cake.
  • "Lazybones", Sans's fight theme (collab with Jimmy the Bassist and Keno), which incorporates "It's Raining Somewhere Else", "Heartache", "Bonetrousle", and even "Megalovania", which all work wonderfully in creating a serious-sounding theme that fits the dynamic of the battle it's used for whilst still feeling true to its counterpart song from the original game.
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  • The new Waterfall theme is an awe-inspiring reprise of the original. This track feels even more melancholic than its counterpart from the original game, due to the circumstances surrounding Waterfall in this new timeline, particularly the Waterfall Incident.

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