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Tear Jerker / Inverted Fate

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This story has even more emotional moments than in canon.

  • Part 17 has us learn some of the lore regarding what made the Inverted Fate timeline turn out differently. We learn that when Asgore didn't come back and Toriel instated the controversial policy of bringing humans to her to be judged instead of executing them immediately, the underground were less than pleased. She apparently, in response, gave only two words: Remember Chara. This causes both Flowey and Chara themself to react differently, the former just giving a saddened expression and having no comment to make, and the latter having nothing to say at the nearby SAVE point and being seemingly taken aback by the words to the point of thinking they're a joke. Frisk, visibly unhappy themself, seems to catch on and tells them it's okay they have nothing to say and to stay determined.
  • All illustrations of Toriel in this AU thus far show her depressed and disheveled. Knowing that everything regarding Chara and Asriel still happened in this timeline, that Asgore apparently fled to the Ruins one day after getting the first SOUL only to never return, and that the Waterfall incident wouldn't have happened were it not for her policy, and her statement of only "Never again." regarding Fort Aquarius' creation, it's now pretty easy to see why.
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  • During Waterfall, Frisk's mood is clearly greatly dampened by what they find out regarding the history of humans and monsterkind, ultimately culminating in part 21, where they get so upset that they question Papyrus for having trust in them, run off, and pretty much list the positives of if he were to take their own SOUL and how he'd be regarded as a hero for doing so, as well as revealing their own self-hatred they bury underneath their wit and friendliness. Thankfully, Papyrus not only relating but assuring them that they truly are important to him and worthwhile manages to help and also be massively heartwarming, albeit still tearjerking, simply in a less sad manner. The two songs used during the scene help a lot, with the second of which even taking a lot of inspiration from "Defend Globe".
  • Part 24 introduces the town of Forgespring, which was built in the aftermath of the Waterfall Incident. The track that plays here is quite sad yet hopeful, but it's the gravesite for the Waterfall Incident that’s the most heartbreaking. Every monster who was killed in the incident had their favourite possession sprinkled with their dust and placed on the site as their grave.
    • One of these is a Toriel plushie that once belonged to a child...
    • To top it all off, the track “Just an Act” plays during the scene...
  • As if the monster's distrust of humans wasn't bad enough, it turns out they were made aware of Chara's actions that lead to the deaths of Asriel and themself because unlike Alphys, Undyne didn't keep the tapes a secret. It's because of this that Toriel hasn't left the castle in three years.
  • Interlude 2 starts off as a funny news broadcast recapping the events of the TV shows in Hotland so far, but then gets more serious when various guests are invited to share their thoughts on Frisk and how humans have been involved in the past. Then we see a much more sympathetic side to Undyne, who desperately tries to assure everyone that she will free them all, feeling that it is her duty that she must do for them, and does a bad attempt at keeping a positive attitude about it.
  • On the surface, Frisk was abandoned at a young age and brought up in a children's home. No one ever came to foster or adopt them, which gave them self-esteem issues. They also had a friend who felt a similar way, but Frisk feels like they ruined their friendship with her after they went to Mount Ebott, only for their friend to have second thoughts about exploring. Frisk got angry at her and started a fight, which is implied to have ended in her falling from the mountain and getting seriously injured. After that, they never saw her again.
    Frisk: I made a mistake. She didn't die... but she could have.
  • The aftermath of the Undyne fight. Frisk attacks Undyne out of desperation when they're low on HP with no healing items left thanks to Undyne's Save Scumming, only for it to be fatal... but instead of dying, she starts to melt, right as Papyrus and Mettaton show up. Frisk can only stare in horror as Mettaton tries to take her away to the lab, but she ends up melting through his metal body and merging with his ghost. Papyrus tries to deny to himself that this is happening, while Frisk runs off to the elevator and cries, and eventually sits in a Troubled Fetal Position as it takes them to New Home.
    • "ACTing Out", a Dark Reprise of "Just an Act", plays during the end credits. It's even more heat-wrenching than the latter.
  • Toriel's house is in complete ruins, every part of it... except the Mage's room.
  • Flowey genuinely feeling replaced by Toriel after the Mage's room looked all nice while the rest of the house, including Asriel and Chara's room, was left to rot.
    Flowey: Hmph. No wonder the other room's a wreck. She must've replaced them!
    Flowey: No, it's a fact. She let the other room turn into cobweb city. She left it rot. Shows how much her REAL kids mattered.
  • Chara and Flowey both blame themselves for their deaths. Hearing their lines for the first time will make you sad.
    Chara: That foolish human, blinded by rage... Sought to claim six SOULs by force. They forced their brother to carry their corpse toward the city. They urged him to FIGHT... But his gentle SOUL refused to harm a single human. In the end, they both met a tragic fate.
    Flowey: That IDIOT was too soft! They could have fixed EVERYTHING! But he was too STUPID. Too WEAK. And that weakness cost him his life.

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