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Undyne, filling the Royal Scientist role, discovered the tapes that Alphys would have covered up, and then revealed their contents to the Underground.
This would be Undyne's "Discovery" and partially explain the hostile approach of the Underground towards the humans.
  • Confirmed in Part 23 by Mettaton, although he also revealed that Papyrus was involved in said unearthing.

Regarding the spoiler track...
  • 0:00 - Megalovania (Chara's theme)
  • 0:35 - It's Raining Somewhere Else
  • 0:53 - sans.
  • 2:38 - MeGaLoVania (Vriska's theme not Chara's)
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  • 2:55 - Dating Start
  • 3:13 - Heartache
  • 3:30 - Megalovania (Chara's theme)

The opening piano solo is definitely a bit of Megalovania (Chara's theme), implying the song has some relation to them. Since their character is much more fleshed out than in the game, it is likely a major plot event. Given how they have stated that they aren't the biggest fan of being dead, perhaps the song plays if they get a physical body?

  • Actually, some have noticed that in every track even tangentially related to Sans, Megalovania plays in some capacity, and indeed quite a few motifs related to Sans play throughout the entire spoiler track. Not every AU creator leaves Megalovania as Chara's motif.
  • Jossed, as Dorked explicitly stated that IF uses MEGALOVANIA as a motif for Sans instead of Chara, with “Once Upon A Time” and “Undertale (beta)” being used for Chara instead.

The spoiler track plays over a battle with the five surviving humans.
It is explicitly stated that the track "has no canon equivalent," so it must be something completely unique to the new timeline. Aside from the appearance of beta monster Doge, the only completely new event is that Toriel spared five of the human souls.
  • But the humans, whether they were spared or not, could not still be alive—the monsters still possess six human souls, meaning that all the humans to fall since Chara have died.

Undyne will manually control Mettaton's body and force him to fight Frisk.
Time and again, Undyne has wound up hurting her friends while reassuring herself that her actions serve 'the greater good'. Such as how she ignores or discounts the fact that by releasing the Dreemurr Tapes, she has driven her Queen into self-imposed isolation and despair, or has been insisting that Papyrus is being manipulated and/or mind-controlled by Frisk because that's easier than facing the fact that he's choosing to support them. Having her hijack Mettaton's body carries that theme of willful ignorance forward, and stomp on Frisk's Berserk Button even harder.
  • For bonus points, Undyne may actually be aware that this is a sore spot for Frisk — and in deliberately using that to try and manipulate them into making mistakes, further continues slipping further away from any legitimate claim of heroism. For what kind of 'hero' banks on a 'villain' showing mercy, care and compassion towards others?

Undyne's injections of Determination are distorting the Save Points because she's trying to build up enough Determination to take full control of them.
Just like how Flowey lost control of the Save Points to Frisk, except that Undyne is deliberately aiming for that power. In her mind, it's win-win: she's wrenching that power out of the hands of someone she's convinced would only ever misuse it, and if she can tap into it for herself, she'll be able to
Save-scum her way towards her idea of a Golden Ending. One where, ideally, she'd be able to convince Papyrus and everyone else that she only ever did what she had to do for the greater good, win Alphys over, and obtain everything else she's ever wanted.

After all, she'd have all the chances in the world to make things right... wouldn't she?


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