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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Princess Penny the true power behind the throne, using her buffoonish father as a Puppet King?
    • Dr. Exiles is really a kindly doctor taking desperate measures to cure the kingdom of its biggest malady: Greed. The real reason he was exiled from the kingdom was because his value of health over money was seen as destructive to the status quo. By constantly charging exorbitant amounts of money regardless of his patients' level of wellness, he hopes to expose the ridiculousness of living one's life solely for financial gain and shows people that there is life without money by forcing them to go without.
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    • Leane uses her "innocent village girl" image as a facade for drug trafficking. She continually pops up asking players to deliver parcels of food to different towns, but every item — including a full pizza — is presented in a pouch too small to carry what she claims it to be. Some of the "meal" names get pretty exotic, too. Seriously, replace her introduction with, "Hey buddy, wanna make some money?" and the whole thing takes on a different tone.
  • Character Tiers: Because of the uneven nature of stats, jobs that can pump up AT, SP, and HP have a tendency to perform better throughout the majority of the game, and in story mode/low week normal mode, can win by ending the game quickly before other classes pick up. This is due to DF being a Dump Stat and MG becoming increasingly less effective near the end game as players and monsters get stronger defensive magic, which reduces damage by a large percentage regardless of their MG stat and regardless of whether they actually use the skill. Meanwhile, HP and AT tend to be better than their respective counterparts and SP is always useful for increasing your dodge chance. The usefulness of certain skills over others also creates a severe gap in classes of similar requirements.
    • Among the starting three classes of Warrior, Thief, and Magician, the Thief is generally credited as having the better stat growths, field skill (steal items simply by passing through other players), and level 4 ability in Escape, which remains relevant even as you advance into other jobs.
    • Later on, Spellsword falls behind the triangle of Ninja, Monk, and Alchemist. Its stat growths are pumped into both AT and MG, making it inefficient since it's better to specialize in one over the other. While it has a decent field skill, its battle abilities are not that great in comparison to the other three.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Rico Jr. when he's a Degraded Boss. His stats are the average of all non-Darkling players, so no amount of grinding or buying weapons will give the player an easy win. It's especially bad if one player has managed to get a rare weapon and/or shield to put their AT or DF ahead, or he has high MG and attacks a player with poor MG, since either can allow him to one-shot a player
  • Designated Hero: The Player Characters often do things that make them end up as this in order to win. This includes: sending thieves and assassins against the competition, robbing shops, attacking towns, Kill Stealing, and not delivering items from a little girl like they promised to.
  • Game-Breaker: There are several ways to break the game.
    • The Alchemist class can multiply useful items at random, and its Alchemy ability allows you to rack up ridiculous amounts of money. They have small inventories to compensate, but it doesn't help much. They can invest their ridiculous earnings into castles, and take the items to the king for end-game money that cannot be removed.
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    • If you're lucky enough to get the Acrobat, you can pretty much expect to never die, as their field skill gives them a 50% chance of being revived from death, even in battle.
    • In normal mode, where you aren't blocked off from other continents, you can access the mid-level continent Aphrike near the starting area and attempt to steal from the weapon store there, giving access to a level 30+ weapon at level 1. The same concept can be applied to item and magic shops, which give you an assortment of 3 expensive, usually powerful items/magics to use at your disposal, assuming you win the Roshambo match.
    • The game also provides an intentional Game-Breaker in the Darkling class, which exists solely so that the player in last place can screw over everyone else as badly as they've been screwed.
      • The Darkling class, if paired with a co-operative player, results in someone getting Game-Breaker equipment for the rest of the game without having to worry about the equipment reverting. Of course, if four people are cooperating together, high-level players will throw fights against low-level players JUST to even out the levels.
      • Even better when the Darkling isn't cooperative, and simply got punched out by a Crazy-Prepared rival.
      • The darkling class will also remove all debt, in journey at least. Depending on how things go and when you get it, the class may just allow you to completely ruin the other players. Of course, it was designed for that purpose — and can be especially satisfying against Hard CPU opponents.
  • Ho Yay: Female heroes are just as motivated by the Standard Hero Reward as the male heroes, and if a girl does win, Penny does not mind the idea of marrying the other girl.
  • Memetic Mutation: Several lines from Hans the Arms Dealer (the guy at the Weapon Store), thanks to The Runaway Guys' Let's Play of it. Especially "We're havin' a SALE!" and "Heeeeeeeey, thanks a lot!"
  • Moment of Awesome: Any time you can defeat a Darkling or any other opponent meant to serve as a Hopeless Boss Fight.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Combined with Paranoia Fuel, the Robo-Agent seems nice enough, to the point that one may wonder how effective he would be at stopping other players. Then he transforms into the significantly more menacing Robo-sassin and hunts the poor target down for a week non-stop. You can bribe him to attack his original boss for twice the price if you have the money...and he makes sure to offer in his Robo-sassin mode to make it more enticing on top of that.

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