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  • The opening of the game is fairly standard for an RPG of its type, but has its funny moments peppered in there. Of note is the ending, where the Warrior goes to fight the dragon. Sword and shield drawn, he gets ready for a fight, only to see that right behind him are the Alchemist hiding behind him, the Thief getting ready to Kill Steal, and the Magician playing a videogame. How does it all end? The fighter gets roasted by the dragon, The Alchemist cowers, then is punted aside by The Thief, who proceeds to get the kill, only to be electrocuted by the Magician. The kicker is that said Magician's overall value skyrockets, breaking the others rating lines which advertises that screwing over everybody else is perfectly acceptable in this game.
  • The thief's ability to steal random items from the players he passes and their ensuing frustration is par for the course. However, that ability also activates when they land on the same space. The thief has enough balls not only to pickpocket the person they are standing right next to, but to stay there and watch as their victim only stomps in frustration.
    • The ability also activates each time they pass the same player. For the best results, use a 5 Spinner when another player is in a loop of spaces to get a lot of items (and really upset said player as well).
  • If the winner at the end of the game is a female character, the king is shocked showing that he never planned for the possibility that a girl might succeed at the quest.

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