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  • Annoying Video-Game Helper:
    • Displacement abilities such as Leon's tongue, Lonestar's bull, Skølldir's caber toss, and Coco's lighting ball can easily allow an enemy to escape an otherwise fatal situation if used incorrectly.
    • That is to say nothing about when a friendly Lonestar's bull pushes Clunk towards you far faster than you can run away from his Self-Destruct...
    • The most annoying is when a friendly Ix decides to Displace with you just for the hell of it. It's really satisfying and fun to use that skill as Ix. It's not as amusing to get your momentum interrupted and be pulled somewhere else.
  • Artificial Stupidity:
    • The AI in the game thus far is severely limited in quality; while strategy is encouraged, the AI only ever picks Lonestar, Clunk, Froggy G, and Leon and employ basic rush tactics and flee once their health gets low. This can make winning a practice match as characters like Voltar or Coco difficult.
    • Averted after the 2.6 patch. The AI can now use more of the characters including Starstorm 'Nauts. They are also a bit smarter, with support characters staying by teammates and backing them up and the bots generally playing better. They can still do some pretty stupid things on occasion, unfortunately.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Broken Base: Patch 2.13 introduced the xp and level system, which polarized the players. Supporters of the patch like how the xp system makes damage and health upgrades less of a requirement, allowing more space for other utilitarian upgrades. Non-supporters dislike how the leveling system changed the way the game was played and its balancing changes.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Most players would rather purchase damage and health upgrades more than anything else. Ronimo addressed this in the 2.13 patch by implementing the xp system, which increased the damage and health of the team automatically as they leveled up through the match, while also nerfing damage and health upgrades.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Vinnie & Spike and Genji very quickly became fan-favourite characters, partially because of their Ugly Cute appearance, partially because of their unique mechanics, partially because of their Large Ham personalities, but mostly because of their voice actors.
    • Ayla is also this, partially because of her actress, but more because of her adorable appearance and general attitude. It also helps that she's really fun to play. That being said, she has a far worse reputation in lower leagues...
    • The Scoop of Justice has had a fanbase even before his announcement. A concept sprite of him was leaked, leading to much speculation and love over the design. Then it really exploded when people found his sword in the background of AI Station 205. He only grew more popular with the reveal of his lovable Boisterous Bruiser personality.
    • Ix the Interloper. He's rapidly gathered tons of artwork, catching up in popularity to long-standing artist favourites like Gnaw. He has a very distinctive face and personality. The amount of community involvement with his design has helped soften hearts too, as he was the second fan 'Naut to be added to the game, his splash art was drawn by a community artist, he was voiced by a player, and his theme song was even performed by a community member. He's also one of the most fluid and fun characters in the game, at least to play.
    • As a meta example, an intern named Davey quickly gained meme status in the forum in a very positive way, at first because of his appearance, but later because people loved his work on the game. He was the main designer of Chucho Krokk, and did most of the work on Ix. He also livestreamed his dev process quite often, usually about once a week, and took constant feedback during the streams. People were pretty upset when his internship ended.
      • Cue much chat spam when Davey showed up in the middle of a Ronimo livestream and announced that he'd been officially hired.
      • Jasper, the temporary lead balance designer, seems to have filled the role Davey left. He also does frequent livestreams, and he opens up community feedback threads all the time. People are generally quite pleased with his changes.
  • Game-Breaker: Almost every character has been through a period where they could be considered this. A large number are on release (for obvious reasons), but some others have received some overwhelming buffs.
    • In the release version of the game (the one not even available on console anymore), Froggy G's attack speed upgrade was bugged, and allowed him to reach up to 3000% of his normal attack speed. He could melt Clunk in about half a second.
    • One very notable example is 2.12 Lonestar, which buffed an underused itemnote  as well as a few price drops and balance shifts, turning him into a brawling and pushing monster.
    • Skree briefly became this in 2.13.5. His auto-attack was buffed to chain back to its original target as long as there were two enemies in range. It also received a damage buff and a buff to the number of targets it could chain to. The result? Hundreds of unavoidable damage as soon as Skree got near your team. They eventually reduced the number of targets and severely reduced the firing angle of the lightning, making it harder to start crazy chains.
    • Jimmy and the LUX5000 had one of the most disastrous launches in the game's history. His charge made him nearly nonpunishable, his missiles were easy to hit and dealt tonnes of damage, he was tanky and had lots of shields, and the AoE part of his AA was massive and actually interrupted enemy momentum, making it hard to escape. Needless to say, he was hit hard with the nerf stick, becoming underpowered for a bit before settling into "strictly okay" ever since.
    • Yuri can still be this in the console versions with the right upgrades, with a time warp that can render droids and allies nearly invincible through healing, a laser long enough to hit a turret from a safe distance, and mines that do the most damage out of any attacks in the whole game. While he was nerfed in the PC version, the policies concerning updates on consoles unfortunately means Yuri will remain broken.
  • Gateway Series: To MOBA games.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: AI Station 404 is named after an infamous error where the server can't find what was requested. That became a Meaningful Name in patch 2.6 when it was removed from ranked play.
  • Memetic Mutation: Over the years, the game has gathered a few memes, especially among the forums.
    • Skolldir's legs. Explanation 
    • Ronma why? Explanation 
      • Romero why? Explanation 
    • Van Leon. Explanation 
      • Silly Meme?? Or Sickening Molestation Joke?? Explanation 
    • Green is for healing. Explanation 
    • #HireDavey Explanation 
    • "Betta watch out!" Explanation 
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Your turret is under attack!" "Your turret is almost gone!" "Your turret has been destroyed!"
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • Any time your character's theme song overrides the background music. That only happens if you've got a good kill-streak going, but when it happens, it's awesome.
  • Painful Rhyme: "Snork is the MAN! He's swifter than a FAN!"
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: For a tough enemy, the Solar Boss gave out a paltry 20 solar when killed, which was less than killing an enemy player or structure. Because of this, players would ignore them. Then the XP system was implemented and Solar Bosses would give out 50 xp when killed, which was much more than any non-player character or structure would give. All of a sudden, players would go for them whenever they could to get that juicy xp boost.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The prestige system would lock certain upgrades of each character and would only unlock them as you play the game. Once you unlock every upgrade, you could start over again in exchange for a cosmetic medal. This was no problem back when there were six Awesomenauts, but as more were added, it would take longer and longer to unlock all the upgrades. With over twenty 'Nauts now, few players would bother giving up the numerous upgrades they earned for a purely cosmetic medal.
  • Serious Business: Less so than other MOBAs, but the element is there (particularly people who complain on the Awesomenauts forum about various "broken" mechanics).
  • That One Level: Opinions on the map "AI Station 404" are fairly split, but a number of players do see it as one. It got to the point where the map was completely removed from ranked matchmaking and a replacement, "AI Station 205", which works out much of the old map's kinks, was added in place.
    • While 205 is usually considered the better map, it still has a reputation as being very "meh" compared to the other maps, mostly because of the uninteresting and annoying mechanic (a large fire hazard that cuts off passage between top and bottom lanes at seemingly random) and the low amount of health packs.
    • Sorona is also the subject of complaint. It's seen as very stally, and the pseudo king-of-the-hill gameplay tends to favour the team that can camp better. It also underwent a huge rework, although not as sweeping as 404's.
    • Starstorm Station very quickly became this, due to the over-focus on the vertical aspect and how easy it was to camp and safe it was to push. Thankfully, it was heavily patched within the month of its release. It's still not the best map, but its considerably more tolerable.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Derpl has been considered worthless at almost every point of the game. His passive traps and easy-to-dodge nuke skill made him unreliable and his main gimmick (becoming a turret) made him an easy target. For a long time, the only viable build, his cat build, was boring to play and obnoxious to fight. It's so bad, the bottom tier of characters is nicknamed "Derpl Tier".
    • Finally averted after so long, as Derpl has had significant buffs and quality of life changes, and is actually playable now.
    • Gnaw is as underpowered as Derpl at his worst, if not moreso. All of his damage comes over time, meaning that any of the plentiful healing will nulify him, and he basically becomes useless as health regen overtakes his DoT speed by mid-game. Weedlings are also unwieldy and easy to get rid of. He also has a very small area of influence, with a rather short and dodgable spit attack and otherwise being melee. Because of his mechanics, most players don't even want him to be buffed.
    • On release, Commander Rocket quickly became one of the most hated Nauts to fight and many fans are calling for a nerf. Laser Trap offers wide area denial and is strong to boot, Rocket himself is agile and difficult to catch, but his biggest claim to fame is probably his Rocket Launch ability. It's ridiculously strong, flies very far and can hit turrets out of their range, but the worst part is probably the recoil Rocket takes from shooting it. The recoil combined with his normal agility makes Rocket one of the most mobile Nauts in the game, and even a mediocre Rocket will never be punished because he'll always escape from battles by jumping away and shooting the big rocket.
  • Ugly Cute: Gnaw. It varies from drawing to drawing.

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