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Reliquary is a hand-drawn fantasy webcomic by Sooz. An acolyte is brought back from death as a superpowered "angel," and finds her life significantly altered, particularly when she's called upon to fight strange monsters called Demonseeds.


  • Alcolla- The manmade angel, who's having trouble adjusting to her new "life."
  • Yakuv - The physician assigned to take care of Alcolla.
  • Prior Fredakh- Yakuv's boss and Alcolla's "creator."
  • Chiruli, Muuta, and Haruti - Alcolla's school friends, who help keep her sane.
  • Hakelda- A guide for travellers with a very sunny disposition.

This webcomic is unrelated to the Agent Pendergast novel of the same name.


This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Distinguishing Mark: Alcolla has a relic embedded in her chest, Yakuv has a transplanted arm, and Hakelda has massive scarring across the left half of her body.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Hairstyles are determined by rank; when Yakuv is promoted, he receives a slight change of hairstyle.


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