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Fairy Dust was an Urban Fantasy hosted on ComicFury that drew elements from the fantasy genre, but didn't claim to follow one single inspiration. It's set in a world where many mythical, fairytale and fantasy monsters are real. Its cities are modern, although civilisation missed generous areas as well.

When a half-troll is born among a suspiciously tame tribe of fairies on one of the primitive islands, a fairy dust farming operation is geopardized. The trolls that survived their forest's destruction, which made room for the plains fairies thrive in, were a nuisance already, but if they start making contact with the fairies, the whole thing might go haywire! For now, the Amicale is unaware of that child's existence, but as it's growing increasingly larger than the regular fairies, hiding it will soon become impossible...


The comic has several subplots driven by one unespecified main story, with occasional bouts of comedy.Fairy Dust is written in French and translated in English in real time. The odd awkwardly fitting speech bubble and untranslated background text sometimes witness for it.

This comic was deleted in 2020.