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A comic made by a DeviantArt user of the same name. Note: As the comic is technically unnamed, “Blue Lude Bar” is mostly just a stand-in. When the comic gets a name, expect this page to be moved.

The artist/author’s words really are the best summary of this extremely complex and curious tale:

"Some flee their destiny, others run to meet it. But let's say the personification of Fate itself moves into your house—what on earth do you do then?


Kara Quentin, hapless but hopeful high-schooler, would like to know just that. And only that. She'd rather not ask why her TV now picks up "The Destiny Channel". Nor about the whale-shaped portal, just a bike ride away, to Fate's hangout: The Blue Lude Bar. Surreally isolated in the desert, the establishment attracts a quirky clientele: Melvin, trigger-happy but aimless delinquent; Milo, gentleman-turned-bartender; a raucous biker gang composed of philosophers- the list goes on.

Most alarmingly, word of the ordinary girl who somehow caught Fate's attention has reached the Devil herself. Hell's CEO is retired, and has been ever since she got savvy to the idea that human nature does all her work for her. Souls don't interest her these days, especially not wishy-washy ones like the Quentin girl's. Sure, the kid's naive and optimistic, a rarity in a cynical world—but she is no challenge.


But the Devil figures she'll crush the Quentin girl's spirit anyway. You know, just in case.

Caught in the inscrutable plans of immortal forces, heckled by Melvin and harassed by demons: Kara's pages in Fate's book are exploding with activity. How did Melvin, or any of the other wandering souls, become lost? Why did Milo build a bar in the middle of a desert, anyway? Are Fate and the Devil's only true motivations duty and boredom? The Quentin girl has got a lot of questions and one heck of an answer in store.

To survive, she'll have to do just this: investigate fate, evil, good, free will—and hope that by doing so she can find her place in the endless story being written on her own rickety table at home.

That, or bike really, really fast."


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