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This part contains unconfirmed theories introduced during season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

Yuya will later obtain Ritual, Synchro, and Xyz versions of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.
He's already got a Fusion version in the form of Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and by extension Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, so this might be a possibility.
  • To clarify, this WMG is not about the counterparts like Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, but Odd-Eyes' own versions.

When it really counts, Sawatari will be the one to take down Kurosaki.
Kurosaki's Rise Falcon is incredibly powerful, but only against Special Summoned monsters. Sawatari's latest deck uses Monarch, which are all Tributed summoned.
  • Except he ditched decks again for Yosenju, which has a heavy Pendulum focus.
    • But with the way his deck works, allowing for multiple Normal Summons and sending his opponent's cards back to the deck under the right circumstances, if Sawatari makes the right tactical decisions, he could still defeat Kurosaki unless he has a counter for multiple Normal Summoned monsters as well.

Future antagonists will start using Shaddolls, Qliphoths and other archetypes
And those duelists are aiming for The End of the World as We Know It, they may also be connected to Yuto and Kurosaki.
  • There is already a WMG with the Qliphoths. Another WMG also speculates the Shaddolls.

The Time Traveling of the last season of 5D's resulting in a split timeline, whose branches are fighting one another.
It is known that Duel Monsters, GX, and 5D's all exist during different times in the same continuity, due to Bonds Beyond Time. It is unknown when or where ZEXAL fits into this; monsters from Duel Monsters and GX exist in historical records, but there is no mention of either the events of 5D's, or Synchro monsters. Conversely, 5D's never mentions either the events of ZEXAL or Xyz monsters. The theory is that the time travelers from 5D's created three universes: one is the one shown at the end of 5D's, where the Meklord genocide is averted, and another is the past of ZEXAL, where it was not. However, rather than the complete genocide that Ylliaster came from, th world of ZEXAL was able to fight back, due to the development/discovery of Xyz monsters, which would No-Sell anything the Meklords would try against them. Thy were able to rebuild, and the concept of Synchro summoning and anything related to it was Un Personed. The former is the timeline of the Synchro Faction, the latter is the timeline of the Xyz Faction. The third timeline is the one where Paradox succeeded. He didn't stop the game from taking off (it was already way to late for that), but he did make it so that neither Synchro nor Xyz Summon was developed. This universe also averted the Meklord Genocide, but the best it can come up with is Fusion summon. This is the timeline of the Fusion Faction. Something is bringing the three of them together, and everyone is fighting just to survive.
  • So where does the Arc-V timeline come in?
  • Arc-V would be the unified timeline (hence having all of them).

Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and maybe Yuzu are keys to larger plot.
Someone has a plan that involves "masters" or a specific Special Summon type. Three of them are already known, Yuya (Pendulum), Yuto (Xyz) and Yugo (Synchro). which leaves Rituals and Fusions. These five are keys to a mysterious plot that may be revealed later in the series.
  • Confirmed at this point except the ritual summoning weren't that prevalent

Odd-Eyes is the Crimson Dragon
Odd-Eyes is red, and Rune-Eyes has the exact same roar like the Crimson Dragon from 5D's. Yuya will evolve it so much, that it turns into a god.

Yuya will reacquire a copy of his original Odd-Eyes Dragon card.
All we know for sure is that just Yuya's copy of Odd-Eyes Dragon transformed into Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, not every single copy of it in existence, meaning there is a chance he could find the card of his dragon's original form and add it to his deck for double the dragon beat down. Besides, if Yuya does manage to gain an Xyz version of Odd-Eyes like a previous WMG says, he's gonna need all the support he can get, since Xyz Monsters do require at least two monsters of the same level to summon and so far, Yuya doesn't really have any other level 7 monsters in his deck.
  • Assuming that his Odd-Eyes Dragon wasn't an original card that didn't have any copies. The Signer Dragons didn't have copies (except the three Red Dragon Archfiend fakes), and the Numbers were obvious.

There will be a 15th anniversary film.
Similar to Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Beyond Time, it will have Yuya teaming up with his two immediate predecessors; Yusei Fudo and Yuma Tsukumo.

The true reason for Yusho's disappearance
  • Something to do with Leo Akaba. If his claim of Leo kidnapping Ruri is correct, then it's not much of a stretch to presume that he could have done the same to Yusho. Reiji seems to affirm that his father is beyond the Moral Event Horizon.
  • It's possible Leo threatened Yusho instead of kidnapping him. He may have used Yuya as his bargaining chip so Yusho would comply to his wishes.

If Yuya ever becomes evil, his Performapals will turn into dark slave animals, cage animals or both
Remember the Evil HERO monsters? What would make circus animal look dark or more dangerous? Slave or cage animals.

If Yuya ever becomes evil, he will be the most terrifying Dark protagonist to date.
He's going to go on putting on a show, but in full Monster Clown mode. He will put on a performance even Rakdos would find impressive. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to hear the screams of condemned.
  • That actually sounds awesome.
  • With inspiration from Sora, I guess.

Reiji erasing the LDS trio's memories will come back to bite him in the ass.
  • His expies (barring Kaiba) tended to receive a comeuppance or Humiliation Conga for their morally ambiguous/wrong actions.
  • Masumi might even remember due to the results of her duel with Yuzu.

Masumi and Yuzu will be in a tag duel together at some point.
  • Gem-Knight Seraphinite requires a LIGHT monster and is a Fairy-type Fusion, it is perfect for them.
  • Or maybe Hokuto since it looks like a Fusion of Lazuli and Constellar Virgo, according to trivia.

Yuya will gain new monsters with Pendulum Effects that provides very good support towards Synchro and Xyz summoning
And that will be how Yuya takes Pendulum Summoning even further. This is based on the fact he currently has a monster whose pendulum effect allows him to fusion summon once per turn. And the effects that might work for this idea:

Leo and Himika Akaba will use "AA(A)" and "BB(B)" monsters respectively.
  • Aqua Agent (Admiral) and Brutal Beast (Baron), respectively?
    • "AA(A)" could be "Aqua Actress", which is what Ayu used. The extra "A" for the extra deck monsters could be "Ace" or something.
    • "Aqua Actress" is written in kanji, though. Whereas DD(D) and CC(C) use the English letters.
      • It's not in kanji, it's in katakana.

The MCS Finals will be...
  • Yuya vs. Kurosaki. Yuya obviously wins.
  • Yuya vs. Sora, who has shown his true colors as the Big Bad. The only reason he helped the other was because he wanted someone interesting to duel. Yuya wins, and Sora vanishes to cause more trouble in the next arc.
    • This one is Jossed, with Sora's loss to Kurosaki.
  • Yuya vs. Yuzu. Yuya loses. (AHAHAHAHAHAHA No. If only it were possible, but alas, Yu-Gi-Oh! must be Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Or the tournament will be interrupted, before it can even finish by the villains.
    • The last one is confirmed.

Leo Akaba is the same Leo from 5D's. Not Rua! The son of Yusei's landlord, the clock guy (known as Lyndon in the US version)
He married Himika for money and also took her last name. After event of the show, he became too obsessed with clocks. He studied them so hard that he accidentally broke the very fabric of time and space. It lead to chain of events, which created a lot wormholes from different times and alternative timelines, centered in Maiami.
  • Doubt it, not a single person liked that character, no one would bring him back.

One of Odd-Eyes' evolutions will have wings
The wings symbolize the evolution and Yuya will use its flying abilities to increase his skills in Action Duels.

Similarly to how Yuzu initially mistook Yuto for Yuya, someone Yuto knows will at some point initially mistake Yuya for Yuto.

The Leo Corporation rocket in the second opening is actually an ICBM
  • Leo Akaba, being a megalomaniac, decides that his course of action will be to Nuke 'em. It will be disarmed in the nick of time, however, thanks to the protagonists defeating him at a children's trading card game.
    • Naturally, the dub will refer to it as a "Shadow Realm Rocket" or have some other ridiculous excuse to enforce the Nuclear Weapons Taboo.
      • I'd like to question how the above poster thinks they're going to get it past FCC without neutering it or... turning it into a laser. Laser would be cool

Pendulum Monsters existed before, but were Ret Gone'd out of existence
For an instant, Yuya knew exactly what to do with the Pendulum cards once he got them, and the technology had no trouble handling them as well. We also know that Leo Corp has mind erasing tech. All of his Pendulum Monsters were sealed before he got them, but his pendant unlocked the seal, reintoducing Pendulum Monsters to the world. For a second, he broke through, and remembered how his father did it, but that moment soon passed.

Reiji's Lancers will be Summoning Specialist
A specialist for each summoning method. That would be Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum. Also Tribute. Bonus specialists would be Contact Fusion, Accel Synchro and Xyz Change if he really wants them. Putting them aside, Reiji would have five or six Lancers, with him as the Big Good. Five-Man Band with Sixth Ranger or The Magnificent Seven Samurai?
  • Not likely. When Kurosaki broke out Rank-Up Magic, Reiji had no idea what it was. And the preview of ep. 37 has Yuya be shocked that someone would duel while riding a motorcycle. Doesn't mean that, when the actual WAR comes to Standard, they wouldn't have developed their own RUM from Kurosaki's example, but Accel Synchro seems unlikely simply on the sheer fact of not everyone is doing Riding Duels. Contact Fusion is another matter entirely, since it's an easy enough mechanic to include in card text.

The threat to the Astral World at the end of ZEXAL was Academia and the ZEXAL cast was defeated and/or killed off
Kurosaki's and Yuto's flashbacks show a completely destroyed Heartland City. Yuma and co. are seen flying to the Astral World at the end of ZEXAL to face some new threat—Academia. They failed to subdue the threat and were killed in the process. This allowed Academia to cross over to Heartland City and start their hunting games as the world was powerless to resist due to their strongest all dying. Basically, Yuma and crew fucked up and Heartland (and presumably the rest of the world) went under siege as a result. The Resistance is the remainder of the world that decided to fight back.
  • Additionally, Academia is the Duel Academy from GX, which was conquered by some evil forces. Judai suddenly left the Duel Academy in the end of the series and the rest graduated (except Kenzan and Rei). So there was nobody left except the facility (and Kenzan and Rei) to protect the school.

Sora has some kind of Split Personality.
It's entirely possible he is actually pure evil, but then why would he help Yuzu when he had no reason to? He even mentioned he might get in trouble if he did, but agreed to anyway. Presumably it isn't a Vector situation either, since Bloom Diva isn't a card he pulled out of thin air. And while he's gotten irritated at people belittling him before, it was only when dueling Kurosaki, an Xyz that he flew off the handle. So it's possible there are two Soras - one who is prideful, but still well-meaning, and another who is completely smug (looking down on Kurosaki's ace monster having weak attack, when before he was able to identify how this meant another was a threat) and cruel, and was the one who fought the Resistance. When Sora wakes up in the next episode the first one will be in charge, and the only thing he'll remember is Kurosaki humiliating him.
  • Alternatively, he could have just been trying to recruit Yuzu into his Fusion cult.
  • Quite possibly. If he was, though, you'd think he would try to avoid looking as suspicious as he did against Kurosaki - even if they couldn't hear what he was saying they did see how aggressive he was acting. And that could be another hint of this being true.
  • He might have Jumped Off The Slippery Slope because he was unable to handle the fact an Xyz duelist was counterplaying him so soundly. Extra points for being explicitly bigoted and being accustomed to defeating them with ease. He didn't mind getting defeated by Yuya because Yuya isn't "Xyz scum."

An ARC-V episode or movie will live up the promise between Atem, Judai and Yusei
Several posts above mention that Time Travel may occure in the future and the five protagonist will meet together. In the 10th Anniversary movie, Atem, Judai and Yusei promised that they will meet each other again. ARC-V might give it the opportunity to make it come true.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! movie site teases silhouettes of Yugi and Kaiba.

Tatsuya is more than meet the eye
He wasn't the member of You Show Duel School from the beginning, he joined only after learning about Yuya's Pendulum Summoning. We don't know a lot about him, we never saw his parents, unlike with Ayu and Futoshi. He is way too smart for his young age (as we saw during Quiz duel). Also, accidentally(?) he has the same hair and eyes color as Yugo The Mysterious Rider.
  • His mother appeared in the first two episodes.

Either Yuto or Yugo will be revealed to have a last name with "Jo" in it... fill the quota of obligatory YuJo friendship/rivalry of franchise.

The Fusion Faction will give Yugo the card Miracle Synchro Fusion
Because with a name like that he's gotta Fusion Summon one way or another.
  • But he would only use them in a Turbo Duel, since it's a Speed Spell Card.
  • There could be Speed Spell and non-Speed Spell versions.

Yuya will have Odd-Eyes, Rune-Eyes and Beast-Eyes at the same time on the field in the middle of a duel
The 2nd opening might has given Foreshadowing. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a Pendulum Monster, so it can be easily Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck even when one or both of the Fusion dragons are on the field.
  • It's possible to do in the real game. Had all three out at the same time in a duel. Though I had multiple copies of Odd-Eyes Pendulum.

Fusion, Synchro and Xyz monsters in the ARC-V world were introduced by LDS
And are not native to their world. They are copies of the summoning styles found in the other worlds, hence why they aren't real. Pendulum monsters are the native summoning of the ARC-V World.

Yuya will overlay Rune-Eyes and Beast-Eyes to perform an Xyz Summon

Yuto, Kurosaki, and the Academia Duelists are Psychic Duelists
Similar to the Arcadia Movement, Academia takes in Psychic Duelists for nefarious purposes. Like Aki and Divine, Kurosaki and Yuto have abilities to inflict real damage, but lack the purple special effects present in Shadow Duels, suggesting that they may simply be Psychic Duelists as opposed to drawing on the powers of Black Magic.
  • It's implied that the Duel Disks can seal people into cards. Sora was warped back to Academia because of his Duel Disk. So, it's possible that the Duel Disks can make the holograms "real".
  • It's now confirmed that the Duel Disks allow this power, since Reiji was able to stop Kurosaki from carding Dennis by sabotaging his disk.

All the summoning factions involved in the summoning war are unwitting pawns to something.
  • Since the show is called Arc-V, we could suggest there will be 5th dimension - and real evil masterminds will be from there. That dimension will be populated by absolutely terrifying villains - people who don't play Card games at all!

  • We'll also find out that he doesn't even work for Academia, he only goes into the other dimensions to find fun duels.
    • Well, he doesn't work for Academia, but he is looking for "something precious" that was taken from him, heavily implied to be Synchro Yuzu.

The events of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX happened in every dimension.
The Synchro and Xyz dimensions appear to be the settings of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (which is confirmed to take place after Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) and Yu Gi Oh Zexal (which is implied to take place after Yu-Gi-Oh! GX). And the Fusion dimension's Academia appears to be an evil version of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX's Duel Academia. There isn't really any evidence that Yu-Gi-Oh! GX happened in the "Standard" dimension but it would be odd if something happened in every dimension except the central one.

There will be a Ritual Dimension
Ritual summon is very (and tragically) underrated; it deserves a dimension!
  • It's possible, but it should be noted that Rituals are different from Fusion/Synchro/Xyz. They are not using Extra Deck.
  • If a Ritual Dimension exists, it is either already completely destroyed or it is completely ignored during the war.
  • Since it's called ARC-V, it five should be the Arc Number of the series.
  • Unless the Pendulum Dimension theory turns out to be true.

"Standard" is the nuclear dimension from which all the other ones spawned
"Standard" is the Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters' dimension, where Yugi, king of games lived and Pegasus created the game that conciled ancient powers. This powers, after the return of Atem to the afterlife, when out of control and started to create new dimensions based in the different summonings in order to fullfil their ancient mission of destroying a world (since in "Standard" it became impossible thanks to the pharaon's actions) and with new people who hold mysterious powers in order to fight evil back (the Supreme King, the 5Ds, the holders of the Numbers). The Fusion Dimension is the most closer to Standard since it was the first created (that's why an older version of Yugi appeared in the beginning) and as the other ones where created, they were getting more and more away of Standard, missing their rots with it.

The Crimson Dragon didn't send Yusei back in time, but send him through dimensions, in BBT
Considering that Paradox's actions were causing Yusei's and Judai's respective eras to be erased from existence, I think it's safe to assume this is Jossed. Unless they retcon.

Standard will have its name changed to Pendulum Dimension

In the Fusion Dimension, there will be a master of the Cyber Style of dueling who will perform a Heel–Face Turn.
They will start as purely a fusion user, with Cyber End, Cyber Twin, and Chimeratech Fortress Dragons, but will eventual defect to protect the Xyz Dimension, also obtaining Cyber Dragon Nova in the process.

Yuya & Yuto will tag-duel Yugo & "Fusion Yuya"
Yuya and Yuto seem to symphatize with each other, while Yugo is an adversary to Yuto and is aided with Academia. If Academia has a "Fusion Yuya", then a tag duel might be possible.
  • "Fusion Yuya" seems to be Yuri.
  • Jossed. If Yuto isn't Dead Yuto and Yuya did an unintentional Namekian Fusion.
    • I believe that you either mean mean Yoshi Fusion or demon Fusion, not Big Green Fusion.

Yuya, Yuto & Yugo along with their cards are dimensional keystones
The fact that all of them apparently have the same face, as well as have similar ace monsters can't be a coincidence. Furthermore, all of them have the "Yu-" prefix, which usually denote a main character. Not to mention their dragons stats are all the same as the ace cards of main characters (2500 ATK and 2000 DEF).
  • In addition, Yuzu and Ruri might also be dimensional keystones. In the ending for Ep 37, the baddies referred to Yuzu as the possible fourth piece that they're seeking. This also points to there being a Fusion and Synchro counterpart of them too.

Yuya will learn Synchro Summon and Xyz Summon from Yugo and Yuto respectively
Ties in with how Yuya now uses Fusion in tandem with Pendulum. Though depending on what kind of person Yugo is, Yuya might end up learning Synchro from Gongenzaka instead.
  • Maybe sort of confirmed with Yuto...maybe?

Yusho disappeared, because he was (somehow) in the way of Leo's ambition
Reiji stated that the conflict between dimensions is due to his father's ambitions, which seem to entail using dueling as a weapon. It could be that the reason for Yusho's mysterious disappearance is because the entertainment duels that he pioneered may have potentially caused problems for Leo's plan, especially since Action Duels could easily be used as a weapon.
  • Aren't Reiji said that Yusho is working with their enemies?
  • Yusho the Big Bad!

Yuya will obtain Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and the ______ ______ Fusion Dragon
Since Yuya now has Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon as of Episode 37, there is a possibility that Yuya may obtain Yugo's dragon and Yuri's dragon at some later point in the series.

The Fusion Dimension is trying to stir up conflict between the Xyz Dimension and the Synchro Dimension
While Yuto and Kurosaki call Yugo the pawn of Fusion, his statement in Episode 37 (You took away what I held precious), suggests that he may be as much a victim as them in some way.

The Summon Dragons (excluding Odd-Eyes) might have a Numbers-like effect on their users when resonating
In Episode 37, something was DEFINITELY off with Yuto and Yugo in their duel after both their dragons entered the field.
  • If this turns out to be true, then either Odd-Eyes is the Hope/Utopia of the dragons (and thus does not wish to destroy), or Yuya's Pendant acts like the Emperor's Key, protecting him from the harmful effect.
  • Or maybe its Yuya himself who has that power, possibly gained from his Entertainment Duel philosophy.
  • It might be because his dragon transformed. Odd-Eyes Dragon would have had the same effect... but Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon does not.

Yuto didn't actually die
Yuzu approaching the scene caused him to teleport away suddenly, along with Yugo.
  • While he didn't teleport, he did merge with Yuya and it's currently unclear if he can return.

Yuya and Yuzu having doppelgängers is NOT because of alternative dimensions having counterparts of everybody
The show would get pretty crowded real quick if EVERYONE had look-a-likes. Can you imagine there being four Soras, four Reijis, four Gongenzakas, four Kurosakis, four Leos, heck, even four Sawataris, four Masumis, four Mierus, four Yushos, four Yokos (the list goes on,) all with differing personalities? It would be a mess, not to mention a pain to write. So, to prevent this, it will be revealed that Yuya, Yuzu, and their doppelgängers only have counterparts because they are very special people. HOW they are special is unknown, but at the end of episode 37 the Professor says Yuzu could be the fourth piece that he is looking for, implying that there is something special about her. As for Yuya, considering Yugo is confirmed to be able to talk to (or at least feel,) his dragon, and Yuya being implied to be able to, along with the fact that Yugo and Yuto got Glowing Eyes of Doom during their duel, with Yuya also being implied to get them (in episode 26, the star on Yuya's goggles briefly glows two times for some reason,) it is probably safe to say that SOMETHING is special about them.

Kurosaki will attempt to track down Yugo against Reiji's wishes.
The room in which he and Reiji were watching the duel between Sora and Yuto lost the signal when Yugo entered the scene and presumably crashed into the lamppost the camera was on. Kurosaki wanted to go help Yuto, but Reiji told him to stay as to not cause any more commotion since they don't know for certain whether the Synchro Dimension are their enemies or not. Sometime after the duel, Reiji sent Nakajima to investigate and all he could find was Yuto's duel disk, which was left behind when Yuto disappeared. Once Kurosaki learns of Yuto's disappearance, he might try to track down Yugo in order to demand answers about what happened to Yuto.

Yuzu's bracelet is a defense mechanism for the Yu boys.
Should one of them lose to another, they would be absorbed by the other/be destroyed/otherwise remove one from existence. This is why Yuzu's bracelet keeps Yuya and Yuto, and possibly Yugo and Yuri away - it's to prevent any of them from going Highlander on each other. Whether this applies to other doppelgangers or just the Yu boys is unknown.
  • Yuto was defeated by Yugo, but it would appear as if Yuya was the one who unwittingly absorbed Yuto, assuming the theories about those two becoming one are correct. Perhaps Yuya's pendant has something to do with it as well?
    • A slightly different spin— whenever 2 Yus duel, it will inadvertently result in them gaining Glowing Eyes of Doom and going into Omnicidal Maniac mode, being possessed by the dragons. Note how Yuto averted this during the duel with Yuya by negating Odd-Eyes' attack, and he even suggests that he's aware of what goes on in that state. The bracelet's teleport functions as an emergency defuse.

Should Yugo ever go through a Heel–Face Turn, he will help Gongenzaka perform an Accel Synchro Summon.
Aside from the actual cards, to pull Accel Syncro off, you need both Clear Mind, and a high speed. Yugo has a fast bike, but doesn't appear to have a very calm personality. Gongenzaka has a steadfast heart (making Clear Mind easy for him), but doesn't move at all when he does. If Gongenzaka sits in a sidecar or something, they could work together to make it work.
  • Hard to tell if he really needs a 'heel' from what we saw of him/
  • The rest of it might be possible if Yugo and Gongnenzaka ever team up.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon will have Yuya learn that Pendulum monsters detached do not go to the extra deck the hard way

Pendulum Dimension is the fifth dimension.
Because there's no proof that Pendulum Summoning originated in Standard Dimension.
  • Meaning that the pendant could be an artifact from said dimension?
  • The show's Arc Number is 5. Pendulum summoning is the big focus of this show. I'd say it'd be surprising if there isn't a Pendulum Dimension...

Yuya has new Xyz Monsters thanks to Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
When Yuto gave Dark Rebellion to Yuya, it was reacting to his Extra Deck. Due to this Yuya will have Xyz Monsters for the Performapal and Odd-Eyes Archetypes.

Yuto has had Glowing Eyes of Doom before and is aware of them.
In episode 18, during his flashback, Yuto says "I...I don't want to hurt anyone anymore!" While he's saying this, he looks like he's tired and on the verge of tears. At first, these words seem to be referring to his regret for all the fighting he has to do during the war he's in, but in episode 37, when he snaps out of his trance, he says them again "I... don't want to hurt anyone..." Once again, he looks tired. Taking this into consideration, it can be assumed that his words in episode 18 were, instead, referring to the way he gets when he has Glowing Eyes of Doom. This would mean that Yuto is not only aware of his.......problem, but also remembers what he does when he's going through it. The fact that he says "anymore" the first time also implies he has gone through it MANY times before. The real evidence of this, however, comes from episode 37 in the way Yugo and Yuto come out of their respective trances. Yugo comes out of his like someone who just woke up from sleepwalking; confused and asking "Huh?! What have I been..." Probably not remembering anything of their duel past the point of Yuto bring out his dragon. Heck, he may not remember anything about their duel AT ALL, considering he didn't even seem to be aware of his surroundings when he came to. Yuto, however, comes out of his saying the above mentioned words and seems more like someone who just managed to get a hold of himself. He's NOT confused, is still aware he's in a duel, still aware of his surroundings for that matter, and is seemingly aware of what he was doing and what he was about to do.

If the above is true, then it would further explain why Yuto is a Reluctant Warrior. Sure, Yuto probably just hates fighting and hurting people in general, but the underlying reason for his reluctance would be that, every time he duels, he's terrified of losing control. Think about it, you wouldn't want to be dueling much either if you knew dueling sometimes makes you become a crazy person who wants to kill/destroy everything.

The Yuyas and Yuzus are the defense mechanisms of their dimensions.
The reason so far Yuya and Yuzu are the only ones to have alternative selves is because they are defense mechanisms to stop invasions. The Yuyas are the warriors getting glowing eyes and turning destructive to destroy the enemy. While the Yuzus are the defense with their bracelets teleporting people from other dimensions away to save the residents of the current universe.

All the Academia Duel Soldiers are Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Considering the type of show this is, it is very likely Sora and Yuri will end up getting a pass because of that.
    • This is kinda needed otherwise they risk pissing off the GX fanbase.

Yuri's ace monster
The name of Yuri's ace monster will end in "Fusion Dragon" as the other counterparts all reflect their method of summoning: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.
  • Probably "Yugo Dragon" in the Japanese dub, since all Fusion cards have "Yugo" in their names and Fusion Summon is called "Yugo Shoukan" in Japanese.
  • My guess is that it will require very generic Fusion Materials, so any player can summon it without difficulty (depending on the deck, of course). To makes it even easier, the dragon might even be a Contact Fusion Monster, but that might be a stretch.
    • Alternative Theory: The only way to summon "____ ____ Fusion Dragon" (as that's how it will inevitably be translated), or at least Yuri's preferred way to do it, is to use his opponents monsters as fusion material (a al Super Polymerization). That way, he's literally using his opponents monsters against them. Bit of a stretch, but that seems like the kind of sadistic thing Yuri would do. It should be noted that in #47 (the first and currently only appearance of the thing), Yuzu had no monsters when Yuri had it out, possibly indicating that Yuri used them all up.
  • Possibly confirmed. The name seems to be "Starve Venom Fusion Dragon".

Yuzus and Yuyas aren't real.
They're all clones, and each dimension has them. That's why there aren't lookalikes of other characters from the other dimension. The reason that they are clones is because when a Yuya and a Yuzu are together, they provide stability and balance to the dimension that they are both from. However, after Leo's abduction of Ruri, the barriers around the Xyz Dimension fell apart, allowing the Fusion Dimension to invade and destroy them. Furthermore, Leo is attempting to capture all the Yuyas and Yuzus from the different dimensions for some diabolical plan, probably having something to do with monopolizing all of the types of summons.

During the Yuya vs Kachidoki duel...
  • Yuya will gain another evolution in Pendulum summoning, assuming the translation of Reverse Scale Awakening is accurate.
  • He will awaken the dark mode like Yuto and Yugo, and then horrifically beat down Kachidoki. I hope that happens.
  • The theories about Yuto merging with Yuya will be confirmed, and Yuto will help Yuya figure out what he needs to do in order to win, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon probably being involved in some way.
  • Yuya will play Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
    • The first is jossed, the third is heavily implied, and the fourth confirmed. The second didn't quite happen as described here, but it's close enough.

Fusion Yuzu's personality will be...
Harsh Tsundere to Yuzu's Sweet Tsundere. I base this on the way she was dressed and her smirking at Sora getting held down by the doctors.

4Kids will censor Kachidoki in a very stupid way
Considering that Kachidoki physically attacks people in the middle of the duel to prevent them from getting Action Cards, there is no way that 4Kids will tolerate that.
  • Preeeetty sure that 4Kids don't exist anymore. EDIT: I stand corrected, it does. DAMNIT.
  • Not sure it really has the Yu-Gi-Oh license though....
  • It's 4K Media now. But it's owned by Konami and probably has a different staff from the older 4Kids. The censorship could still happen but that depends on where it airs and what the FCC regulations say.
  • Since the names of certain characters have already been changed (Ayu to Ally, Reiji to Declan, and Gongenzaka to Gong), I'm sure that censorship will happen.
    • Ah mou, you act as if we haven't had the names changed all the time already. People, 4K Media has censored almost nothing out of Zexal while under Konami. Oh no, Shark wasn't stabbed all the way through. Oh no, they changed the implication so that Kite MIGHT have survived his moon duel. Oh no, they decided that maybe Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder's... grinding might have been pushing it for a G rated show. All it's been is the really obvious stuff so far. Kachidoki is going to be a hard thing to do, but Arc-V is already looking like it'll be hard to keep G. Also, might I remind you that even before 4Kids became 4K Media, they still showed both Yusei and Kallen/Kiryu beating people up? Besides Declan most of the dub names don't look all that far removed anyway. Gong could be short hand

Yusho and Yoko come from the as-of-yet-unseen Pendulum Dimension
We haven't seen it yet, but there's another dimension that focuses on Pendulum summoning. Yusho and Yoko come from this dimension, and for some as-of-yet-unknown reason they left and came to the Standard dimension.This means that Yuya is, unknowingly, actually native to the Pendulum dimension- hence why Pendulum cards showed up in his deck and he instinctively knew how to use them. Either his parents left before he was born, or they left when he was so little he doesn't remember anything about his home world.

Oh, and another version of Yuya will show up of course- one who really is native to the main character's home dimension, and the "Yuya" representative/incarnation for that dimension, since Yuya himself is the representative/incarnation for the Pendulum dimension.

ARC-V is meant to deconstruct Yu-Gi-Oh series tropes
So far, we've seen the dark side of the following common techniques.
  • Pulling cards out of nowhere (Yuya gets flak for it)
  • The missing parent (Yuya has issues, severe issues)
  • Card Games deciding everything (it turns into something war-like)
  • And most recently (as of this posting), the super powered alter ego (Yuto and Yuya)

How many more common ideas will be deconstructed is yet to be determined.

It was actually Yuto that took control of Yuya in episode 39.
While he probably had good intentions, things didn't go as planned, either because of Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon's influence, or simply because Yuto may not remember how to duel any other way than how it's been since the Fusion Dimension attacked his homeworld.

When Reiji's lancers come into play again...
The LDS trio will be made part of the Standard Dimension lancers. Since they are already involved, and fans would be upset if they weren't since they are popular. And they will get their memories back.
  • As long as Hokuto comes back. It is possible that they end up being in the background.

Yuya and his other three look-alikes are Literal Split Personality
Once there was a dangerous person. Maybe even it was some Divine entity - some malevolent God. To stop him, he was divided into four (or five) separate boys, each one represented some part of his peronality, but later they grew into independent people. Since there still was a chance of them merging together back, they were sent to different dimensions. There were also created four maidens with safety devices (braseletes), and it was made sure, that boys and girls are growing up together. That "original persona" is still sleeping in every boy, and can gain temporary control of them, when they are close, or their Dragons are resonating.

Yuya was controlled by the same personality when he first created the Pendulum cards
Watching the first episode you notice that when the Pendulum cards were made, Yuya quickly knew how to use them and then after the duel he forgot. Which people see as a split personality, this was furthered when he used the phrase "I summon my monster servants" which he didn't use besides when he was controlled in Episode 39. Just like in the first episode, Yuya forgot what happened after he won in Episode 39. Or that he acted a lot like Yuto did when he had the glowing eyes of doom in Episode 37. Side note, it probably wasn't Yuto as how did Yuto learn how to Pendulum summon so fricking fast?

Yuya will duel Yugo at some point and add Synchro summoning to his deck by taking Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.

There is a reason Yuzu has the Yu in her name while Serena and Ruri do not
There might just be something special about Yuzu. After all, even if it one bang, her hair does happen to exist in two colors....and has a Yu name.
  • Her Yu is shorter than the guys' Yu/Yuu, though.
  • Just realized she had a hair color difference as well. But hey, multi-colored hair is a sign of importance in the Yu-Gi-Oh World after all.

Yuu Sakuragi is a Last-Name Basis character
His name just screams for that.

Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes will at least cameo in ARC-V
All of them have somehow appeared in all spin-offs. Dark Magician Girl dueled Judai in the Halloween Episode, and she and Dark Magician appeared in the last duel. Blue-Eyes was used by Kaibaman, and Red-Eyes by Fubuki. Even though Bonds Beyond Time is a crossover movie, it's mostly a 5D's thing and it is related to the 5D's plot; the DM duo and the Malefic versions of the dragons appear there (also we see the original dragons as cards briefly). ZEXAL shows stone versions of the four, with all of them turning "alive".

Sora teaching Yuzu Fusion will bite him in the ass.
Sora explicitly said that he taught Yuzu to take advantage of an opposing Duelist's Fusion in order to further her own Fusion tactics. Well, now we have Academia as the main antagonists... an entire facility's worth of Fusion Duelists. Sora might've just signed his own dimension's death warrant with that.

Masumi will get seriously injured, her soul will be stolen or suffer other unfortunate fate
Kachidoki beat Yaiba to the point he had to be hospitalized, and Serena sealed Hokuto's soul in a card. After that, the last member of the LDS trio got a big target painted on her back, so the question is what, exactly, will happen to her?

One of the duelists from the Fusion World will use Ritual Beasts.
Considering how the show has given us players using actual decks from the game and we've already got one character (Sawatari) playing a Tribe Force/Secret Forces archetype.

Or... someone from this world will use Ritual Beasts, and show everyone that Polymerization isn't necessary for a Fusion Summon.
  • In other words, Contact Fusion.

Nobody of any importance actually knows that Yuya is important.
Let's look at Yuri, Yuya's fusion counterpart. He's sent to catch Yuzu. Fine, dandy, but would he be sent if the Professor had plans for Yuri? Remember Serena has a bodyguard, wasn't supposed to leave her dimension, and she's clearly marked as "important" to Academia. If Yuri is part of some larger plan, he wouldn't be sent out to another dimension where he could be captured so easily. I think it's more likely that Yuri is very talented, and is just seen as an elite prodigal soldier. If other versions of Yuri show up, Academia probably think it's because alternate versions of Yuri are as talented as their Yuri is, and are being sent on the most dangerous missions (traveling to other dimensions) because they're elite.

Even Reiji seems to suspect Yuya of being a plant. When they first see Pendulum summoning, Reiji talks about the possibility of Yuya's father having sent him. Furthermore, look at Sora — we know from what Reiji told Kurosaki that Reiji already knew that Sora was from Fusion. But he didn't apprehend Sora and let him enter the tournament. Why? Isn't the tournament so Reiji can find his "lancers"? Well, he could easily have more then one purpose for the tournamen — finding lancers, as he told Kurosaki, and observing his enemies in an environment he has total control over. Personally, I think Reiji is using misdirection tactics — he's not letting enemy spies (or people he thinks are spies, in Yuya's case) know he's onto them so he can mislead them more easily, spying on them in the process. Stratagem thirty-three in action.

I don't think anybody knows that the Yu's are important. Skilled warriors and therefore powerful weapons or agents or spies, but not important in a cosmic-magical sense.

There weren't always four dimensions
Instead, they branched off from each other as new summoning methods were discovered. Originally, only Standard existed. Sometime after the original Yu-Gi-Oh, the Fusion dimension branched off of Standard, and that in turn branched into the Synchro dimension and Xyz dimension. This not only explains why no one at all uses Synchro in Zexal, but also the 10th anniversary movie still makes sense.

Sora will eventually be caught between his friendships with the main cast and his beliefs.
Sora's shocked at being asked to capture someone who looked like Yuzu shows he at least cares for the friends he made in the Standard dimension. Since it looks like the main cast might end up in the fight against Leo, Sora might end up facing his friends, which will force him to make a choice, his friends or his beliefs.
  • Take a look at Zexal— the only recurring villains that didn't ultimately get reformed and befriended were No. 96, Mr. Heartland, and Don Thousand. This is in keeping with franchise tradition, so yeah, eventually he'll end up as a good guy, unfortunately.

Mieru's predictions in 22-23 weren't wrong...they were just at the wrong time.
Listen to how some of them are worded. "I see a great power surrounding you, in the form of a black cloud"? Just over ten episodes later, Yuya gets possessed by Yuto, who certainly makes him powerful if not entirely...right. The "great failure" and the "cunning obstacle that will bind [Yuya] to the ground" will be Yuri; Yuya challenges Yuri to duel in order to protect Yuzu. As a step up from DRXD being immune to OEPD and CWSD being immune to DRXD, the Fusion Dragon will be immune to all of them and Yuya will lose, sending him into a downward spiral.
  • And thanks to that failure, Yuya will try to push his boundaries even further and gain the advance form of Pendulum Summon, a la Accel Synchro.
    • Maybe passing through the limits of the Pendulum Scales. Limit Over Pendulum?

A future episode will reveal that Reiji is a little jealous of Yuya for being Yusho's son
Reiji has stated that he respects Yusho Sasaki deeply, most likely not only for him being the pioneer of Action Dueling, but also because he was indeed a great man; probably Reiji got the chance to meet him in person. After the fiasco with Leo, Reiji internally wishes for Yusho to be his dad.

Yuya's dream from Episode 5 is a huge foreshadowing
Yuya will win Maiami championship. While celebrating, he'll meet his dad (who'll turns out to be evil). And also he'll get some borderline inappropriate hugs from Sora. After that, some calamity will happen and Yuya will fall into dark void.

Serena will duel Kurosaki
Serena will win by giving Kurosaki a Heroic BSoD.
  • Either that or he'll duel Yuzu to similar effect (but still probably win). Either way, he's gonna have to figure out soon enough that his little sister is part of interdimensional counterpart shenanigans.

Yuya will find more Magician Pendulum Cards.
Given that new Pendulum cards are going to be appearing, now would be a good time to introduce more into Yuya's deck.
  • He does not find them, he apparently creates them (either that or he changed some of their effects).

The reason why Serena wants to be a front liner is because of her attraction to Yuri
If we assume that Yuri was a front liner three years ago and they might know each other, Serena wanted to follow him to stay close with him.

Kurosaki is a deliberate human artillery weapon
Three points of evidence:
  • How every major duel we've seen Kurosaki in has ended: with Kurosaki using an overpowered one-hit kill on his opponent(s).
  • The fact that he destroyed an entire holographic city during his duel with Sora.
  • The fact that he has the power to make Duel Monsters real, or at least the technology to do so through his duel-disk.
It's possible that Kurosaki trained himself and built his deck specifically for the purpose of doing massive one-hit kills because of the collateral damage this allows him to inflict. Instead of taking out only the opponents he's engaged directly in a duel with, this allows Kurosaki to hit all the enemies in the area. If the duel with Sora had been in the real Heartland, anybody who wasn't evacuated or underground would have likely been hit by one of the bombs Kurosaki dropped in his final move.

So, if the resistance were to build makeshift bunkers, temporarily evacuate a city, or find a sector where they know the Fusionists have set up camp...

  • It's heavily implied that the Duel Disk makes his monster real.

Specific 'advanced advanced summoning' methods are unique to their dimensions of origin
Reiji didn't have any idea what Rank-Up was, and the guy's pretty skilled. So, under that logic, let's assume that similar methods are probably unique to their home universe. Synchro is somewhat simple, with Accel Synchro being unique to it (or perhaps Double Tuning if we go under the idea that Yugo is not really the kind of guy to use Clear Mind), though Fusion is somewhat more of a question. Considering the change in anime Beast-Eyes summoning to Real Life I'd possibly lean to Contact Fusion there.
  • Well, the Numbers War never happened in Standard, so they would have had no concept due to never seeing Astral Force/Barian's Force. And Momentum doesn't seem to have taken hold as a power source in Maiami, so all of its consequences (Zero Reverse, Machine Emperors, Accel Synchro, Yliaster, Z-One) wouldn't warrant someone like Yusei discovering it. Hell, Accel Synchro might even be a product of Momentum itself.

Kurosaki and Sora will be forced into a temporary Enemy Mine of sorts in order to help stop Yuya's Super-Powered Evil Side in one of the upcoming episodes.

Let's speculate about Ruri!
As Yuzu's Xyz counterpart, we all know that she'll have her same face and body structure, but Serena has confirmed that hair color, hairstyle and eyes are different. Let's guess about her appareance!
  • Ruri will have a dark hair color to match the Xyz black cards, maybe black or a very dark blue with gold eyes match the Overlay and her brother's. Her hair will be short and let down, to contrast Yuzu's pigtails and Serena's ponytail.
    • While the series sets up the idea that she's a Damsel in Distress, this will actually be subverted, and her Establishing Character Moment will prove her to be a Damsel out of Distress. (Hahaha. Very funny. But one can dream, right?)
    • I support you in your dream. But alternatively, Ruri is a Broken Bird Action Girl for the war and all the crap she had to endure.
    • On another tangent, the only reason she's in the Fusion Dimension is because she believes Kurosaki was the one kidnapped by Academia. As the MCS unfolds, she continues to attack unwitting civilians in a city in the Fusion Dimension, hoping to extract any sort of intel that might lead her to her brother, though as of yet her results are fruitless since she hasn't encountered anyone from Academia who could answer her questions, that is until they catch wind of people disappearing and a powerful Xyz Duelist in their midst.
    • Or she is a girlier, softer version of Yuzu in contrast to the dark and tough Serena.
  • She uses the Strike Serpent deck, as a contrast to Kurosaki's Raid Raptors. Instead of delivering Death from Above, they ambush their enemies with Dig Attacks. May keep the mechanical theme (especially with drills) and the DARK attribute, since she's a part of the Resistance and would keep the "Dark Rebellion" motif, but will obviously be Reptiles instead of Winged Beasts. The Main Deck monsters will share the name "Viperidae," while the Xyz Monsters will have the word "Cobra." She's also capable of Rank-Up. She might have a serpentine bang in her hair, similar to Kurosaki's "feather," in reference to the deck.
  • She'll be the last Yuzu to appear in person, near the end of the first half (Episode 60-79). When they find her, she'll be traumatized from all the imprisonment or experiments. It'll take Yuto to cheer her up again.
    • Confirmed, at least the part where she's really the last one to appear.
  • Ruri has blond hair with red streaks, because she was turned into card during Fusion invasion, and this card is... Entermate Trump Witch! What a surprise!!!
    • She's not turned into a card, as stated by Yuri.
  • Ruri may have blond or orange hair to follow a particular pattern. It seems females' hair colours matches a male character of a random dimension. For example:
    • Rin has Yuya's light green hair shine (while not his normal hair colour, he has a light green 'shine' that matches Rin's hair colour
    • Serena blue hair (either her light blue streaks or her base hair) matches up with Yuto's blue (or arguably Yugo's dark blue).
    • Yuzu's purple/pink matches with Yuri's pink highlight
    • Leaving Yugo (or Yuto) remaining. So either Ruri will have blonde (Yugo), navy blue (Yugo) or lavender (Yuto) hair colour
      • Assuming your first point was to include the dark hair as you said in your last point, theory confirmed. Ruri has Purple/lavender/violet hair matching Yuto.

The Berserker Modes are because of their Dragons
In episode 43 when Yuya Xyz summoned Dark Rebellion, he saw Dark Rebellion and nearly went into Berserker mode. I think that means all the Yus' Berserker Modes are due to their Dragons. Which explains how Yuya knew how to Pendulum and Xyz summon in his split personas. The Dragons would know how to summon themselves. My theory is in episode 1 Yuya was under Odd-Eyes' control explain why Yuya isn't crazy. While in Episode 39 Yuya was under Dark Rebellion's control.
  • The reason why Odd-Eyes doesn't turn Yuya into Berserker mode is because it recognize it as its proper owner, unlike Dark Rebellion, which can tell Yuya is not Yuto despite the whole spiritual fusion thingy. Which leads me to thik that the only reason why Dark Rebellion let itself be summoned by Yuya via possesion is because it recognized some part of Yuto in him.
    • That doesn't explain why Yuto and Yugo enter it while in their duel, since they were in their respective owners' control.
      • Possible explanation - Yuya's pendant is actually a safety device that supress Odd-Eyes' control (it's sparkled when Yuya was presumably under OE's influence). It doesn't work on other dragons, that's why Yuya lost it, after absorbing DRXD.
  • Also, the dragons react to each other and turn their Yu-sers into Berserks. Notice how Yuya and Yuto react when they got their dragons in the field in episode 36; I bet they would have go Berserk if it weren't for Sora being forced back to Academia to keep them grounded, which makes me think that the Yus can only snap out of it once the duel is over or by help of external force, like Dennis did in episode 43 for Yuya and Yuya did for Yuto in episode 37.
  • It could be some sort of defense mechanism, such that when a major threat is perceived, they take over and respond aggressively to eliminate it. Furthermore, the dragons all see each other as such threats, and thus are highly reactive because they believe their respective Yu is in danger. Since Yuto knew Yuya was Not So Different, he went out of his way to defuse the situation in the duel so the dragons wouldn't take over. However, when Yugo shows up, the danger is real this time, and when Clear Wing comes out, he can't stop Dark Rebellion until Yuya intervenes. Furthermore, the reason Dark Rebellion takes over Yuya instead of Odd-Eyes in Episode 39 is that, due to its experience with Yuto, it has an understandably itchier trigger finger and is more reactive to perceived threats, and overbearingly jumps to protect Yuya because of Yuto. Yuya hasn't been constantly in mortal danger, so Odd-Eyes is more passive. This also supports why Dark Rebellion is cooperative with Yuya even after he resists its influence thanks to Dennis.

In the end, Leo is an Well Intentioned Extremist
What Leo meant when he said to unite the worlds/dimensions was to pool the strength of all the dimensions against their true enemies. The Ritual Dimension, that loathes the other dimensions and has been arming itself. This all being meta subtext for how the franchise ignores Ritual summoning.

Leo Akaba will use Super Polymerization to unite the dimensions.
And he gave the card to Yuri to complete. Related to this
  • Alternatively, Academia has already unlocked Super Polymerization on a widespread level, and that was what Sora was about to do right before he was called back to Academia. He was saying he was going to show them "true" fusion summoning right before being called back...

Fusion Dragon has various Fusion forms, like Elemental Heroes or Neos
Fusion Dragon can merge with any extra deck card (Fusion Dragon + 1 Xyz Monster, for example) to form a new, more powerful Fusion Dragon. Which is how Super Polymerization is useful to Yuri and he's the only one who can bring out its power, as presumably he has the same card making abilities as Yuya.

The dragons are real!
The cards posses the spirit of each dragon and when summonend they ''actually' become real; the Solid Vision in Action Duels just diguises them and that's why Yuya never notices the difference. That would also explain why they seem to have some sort of consciousness when reacting to each other or possesing their users, they actually have a mind of their own!
  • For the consciousness part, it is mentioned since Duel Monsters and even in the very first chapter of Magic&Wizards that the cards have their own hearts and have some sort of personality.
  • This isn't that new from the original series alone, we had Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Kuriboh and the Egyptian Gods. 5D's which had the same director had the Signer Dragons, which were said to be real Dragons at one point that changed into cards.

The Ritual Dimension will have a lot Mythology Gags about the Duel Monsters series
Fusion Dimension and GX, Synchro Dimension and 5D's, Xyz Dimension and ZEXAL. Duel Monsters is the only series where more than three duelist used Ritual Monsters (Atem/Yuginote , Kaibanote , Jonouchinote , Pegasusnote , Keithnote , Mask of Lightnote , Noahnote , the Big Fivenote , and Dartznote ). Even though Standard has some references to Duel Monsters, there also many other references to other series, so the Ritual Dimension might have a bigger connection to Duel Monsters. Especially, the video games from the Duel Monsters era had very special Ritual Monsters, with many of them being Normal Monsters in real life.

Yuri can use Berserker Mode
Well, since he's another dimentional counterpart for Yuya, this seems to be a given, BUT Yuri's real gimmick will be that he can enter Berserker Mode at will and remain conscious while in it. That's why he seems to be working directly under Leo as his biggest assert and, if he's send by him to go after Yuzu, he was most definetely send to capture Ruri and Synchro Yuzu.
  • Interesting thing to note - in latest episode Yuri was walking around, accompanied by silhouette of his Dragon. Maybe he is actually constantly in Berserk mode? Maybe we haven't even seen his real personality yet?

Tatsuya is a duelist from the Ritual Dimension
Aside that his blue hair might be a hint, he is the character who explained how Ritual Summon worked, and of course he knows the basics like Flip Summon. But why is his family here? It's because it is the first dimension Academia conquered, which would explain why he has heared about Fusion Summoning, and his family managed to escape from the war into Standard. Yuzu being the fourth piece means that she is the fourth girl to be captured, since Serena doesn't need to be captured and belongs to Academia all along. However, as a contra argument, Ritual Summoning is nothing special in Standard and LDS doesn't even have a special course about Ritual Summon and you can just learn it in the composite course, so it isn't monopolized like the rest.

The Fusion Dimension isn't the world of GX, it is Z-One's timeline
At the moment we assume that the Fusion Dimension is the world of GX because Academia is the main setting and they use Fusion Monsters, like in GX. Similarly we assume that the Xyz Dimension is the world of ZEXAL because Heartland is the main setting and they use Xyz monsters, like in ZEXAL. We assume from that, that the Synchro Dimension is the world of 5D's. Back when ZEXAL was airing, it was a common theory that, because it didn't have many ties to the previous show and because we didn't see Domino City in any capacity, that it was from a different dimension then the first 3 shows. The 4 dimension plot point would seem to strengthen this idea, but we know thanks to the Bonds Beyond Time movie that the original show, GX, and 5D's share a universe. However, we know that 5D's has its own alternate dimension, Z-One's future.

Maybe in Z-One's timeline once Synchro Monsters became more widespread, the people of Academia became more worried about them and blocked themselves out from the rest of the world. After the Meklord Emperor Genocide, because they refused to use Synchros, they were spared destruction, and continued to use Fusions as the dominant form of summoning. Also because they blocked themselves off from the rest of the world, Z-One and his gang wasn't aware of their existence. After the end of 5D's, the people of Academia would have been the sole survivors, meaning Academia would have been the only inhibited location, and Fusion would have been the only advanced form of summoning. Also thanks to Z-One's experiments, they would have been able to figure out how to travel between dimensions. When Leo saw that their were other dimensions that still thrived, he would have wanted to bring his dimension back to glory, leading to his ambition and starting wars with the other dimensions.

With the release of Red-Eyes Fusion and Black Dragon Archfiend
A Red-Eyes Duelist, probably from the Fusion Dimension will appear.
  • I have the feeling that Yuri will use a Red-Eyes deck. I wondered why Red-Eyes support is coming in Clash of Rebellion (CORE) instead in a Structure Deck like Blue-Eyes and Black Magician; the new Structure Deck has been announced recently. Considering that Yuri will probably duel in the episode 47, his cards might be featured in CORE, either that or in the next set. Red-Eyes is becoming a Fusion archetype, and other cards of Jonouchi have been appeared in ARC-V (Battleguards, Panther Warrior). Also, Red-Eyes has been appeared in all previous series (originated in Duel Monsters, played by Fubuki in GX, stolen by Paradox in BBT which is basically a canon 5D's movie, is a statue and spirit in ZEXAL), so it's not unlikely that Red-Eyes will appear in ARC-V at all.
    • However, after watching episode 47, I start to doubt that since it appears that Yuri won't duel in the near future, so he probably don't play Red-Eyes cards.
  • If a Red-Eyes duelist ever appears, he/she is not likely from the Fusion dimension, since Red-Eyes Metal Flare Dragon is an Xyz Monster.

The Yuya's are meant to destroy dimensions while the Yuzu's are meant to create dimensions
Leo Akaba is planning to "unite" all the dimensions together. He is capturing the Yuzu's so he can to bend them to his will and create his ideal, unified universe. The Yuya's are being tricked into fighting each other to find their respective Yuzu's; so they bring out the power of the dragons and merge to destroy everything. Yugo and Yuto during their fight and suddenly got glowing eyes, was rambling about destroying everything and Yuya's new magicians called "Destruction" and "Creation" Magicians, are hints to this.
  • To support this, the Destruction Magician's face resembles Yuya's and the Creation Magician's eye resembles Yuzu's.

Yoko's um.......interest, in Dennis, Michio and others will not make it into the dub
I don't normally hate on dubs, but I don't think a dub aimed at children can have a Cougar on it.
  • Unnecessary 4kids edits, sometimes there are exceptions.
  • I don't think that children would think in that way.
  • It's really more of her fangirling than anything related to cougars.

Yuya would let Yuto take over his body just like how Yugi does it for Yami/Atem.
However, Yuya does it out of despair due to the events happening during the tournament and his ideals being repeatedly crushed. Yuto himself opposes with the idea and tries to persuade Yuya not to do so but ultimately fails. This situation is highly unlikely to happen but given Arc-V's unpredictability, there may be a possibility.

Yuya will get carded
(Related to the WMG 2 spaces above) ...But to the surprise of the person who cards him, his physical body stays. Yuto's soul will take over the vacant body and get back Yuya's soul.

The reason why Dennis was able to talk Yuya out of his Berserk Mode is because he has done it before.
He seems to know Yuri personally (based on how he greeted him when the latter arrived). He may even have been a witness to one of Yuri's Berserk Mode episode before.

Ruri and Serena are in a similar situation to Yuto and Yuya
While Sora does imply that Ruri might had been sealed in a card, it does seem unlikely considering her apparent resemblance to Yuzu and Serena and the importance they have (That and lying doesn't seem out of character for Sora). It is possibly that Ruri and Serena might had been merged together like Yuya and Yuto did (whether willingly or not). This might tie into the "Yuya and Yuzu use to destroy and create the universe" WMG above with the Evil plan requiring the dimensional counterparts merging into one.
  • Technically Sora did not know for sure, he just assumed that she was in a card.

Yugo will become fused with Yuri.
Since Yuto is already fused with Yuya, (and this appears to make them more powerful), Yuri will defeat and absorb Yugo to make himself more powerful. I hope it doesn't happen, but I have a feeling it will since how dark everything is getting.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is in fact capable of time travel.
And at some point, it will bring Yugo and Yuya to the Standard Dimension three years in the past, and this is how Yuya (and the viewers) will learn how and why Yuya's father disappeared.

Serena and Yuzu will pull a Fusion Dance
With the result being Yuzu being a part of Serena. As opposed to the reverse. It might be related to the "Serena and Ruri merged" theory I posted previously.

Ryozanpaku is secretly an offshoot of Academia
Their brutal training regime and dueling philosophy are reminiscent of those of Academia; furthermore, the fact that they're the only Dueling School besides LDS who still has access to Fusion Summoning is very suspicious. Perhaps Leo decided to plant them there as a means to keep an eye on Standard while at the same time recruiting more soldiers for his army.

If there is a Ritual Dimension, it'll foreshadow the Yugioh Series that comes after Arc-V
As noted by some other WMGs, the other 3 dimensions aside from the Standard Dimension that have been revealed so far (Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ) have elements from the previous series (Duel Monsters/GX, 5Ds, and Zexal), with each of the previous series focused around a specific type of summoning (Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ). However, none of the previous series have had a main character with a ritual monster as his signature card - while Duel Monsters did have Yugi use a few ritual monsters, most of the time they were used as trump cards to win duels; he did not use them as often as he used the Dark Magician. Since the XYZ dimension is primarily in Heartland (as shown in Kurosaki's flashbacks) and the Fusion Dimension is primarily set in the Duel Academy from GX, the Ritual Dimension will be primarily set in the city that the 6th Yugioh series will be set in - and have it's own version of Yuya who has a similar appearance to the next Yugioh protagonist (similar to how Yugo looks somewhat similar to Yusei).

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