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This part covers the confirmed, jossed and crack theories of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

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     Confirmed Theories 
Someone will use Ritual Monsters against LDS
It's the only summon type, bar Pendulum, the LDS do not apparently have a monopoly on. A Ritual Monster (Elemental Mistress doriado) also appeared on an advertisement, the only of the special summon type monsters to do so. Plus, Sawatari did throw Hungry Burger at Yuya as a 'trash common'.
  • An upcoming foe Yuya is to duel will be using them, though her allegiance is of yet unknown.
    • Mieru has now made her appearance, and has joined the protagonists.

Sora is connected to the Dark Duelist/Yuto
  • Doubtful, considering they met face-to-face in episode 15 but Sora didn't recognize him at all, and vice versa.
  • They still might be somehow related. Sora mentions that the Dark Duelist isn't "from around here" and he retorts the same about Sora.
    • Confirmed. Sora is part of the enemy Fusion faction Yuto has been fighting against.

There will be a series of dragons named after the various Summons
We already have Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
  • Considering that in a flashback, the Dark Duelist faced a white dragon wielded by an apparent D-Wheeler, we might have a X Y Synchro Dragon, considering the connection between Synchro monsters and D-Wheels. As he summons it, there is the same beam of light from which Synchro monsters emerge present, albeit without the green rings.
    • Add to that Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, the above monster.

The show's setting up characters to represent the 4 summoning techniques.
Yuya obviously represents Pendulum Summoning. Sora represents Fusion, the Dark Duelist Xyz, and possibly Sawatari or Reiji (though the latter might get Pendulum, because he's The Rival) could represent Synchro. All four would have an important role because of their summons.
  • Do Ritual Monsters fit in here somehow?
    • Mieru Hochun.
  • The series does have a few sets of this: (Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, Yuri), (Yuzu, Serena, Rin, Ruri) and (LDS trio, Reiji). However, it does seem these sets are pure as each of the Pendulum users in each set can do at least one other summoning.

Reiji will create his own Pendulum cards
Word of God has stated that Reiji is highly intelligent, and he has shown great interest in Pendulum summoning. The manga oneshot shows him using "DD" cards, a new Pendulum archetype. The episode 13 preview states that during Yuya and Reiji's duel, "Everyone, including Yuya, can't believe their eyes at what they see!" Looking back to Yu Gi Oh Zexal, episode 13 was wherein Yuma gets curb stomped by Kaito... and we may see a parallel here.
  • Confirmed, though they do malfunction due to changing level scales.
  • And the duel gets cancelled, too, for the benefit of the protagonist. Though in this case, Reiji's victory is only implied by his set card, rather than shown as imminent with Kaito's attack.
  • Later fully confirmed: he created fully working Pendulum Monsters for Sawatari.

The series takes place in an alternate world than the one in the previous canon, and Sora and The Dark Duelist/Yuto are both from the world of the previous series' timelines.
This would explain why they both have access to summoning types that supposedly LDS has a monopoly on, and there's been no word on whether or not Maiami City is the future version of/related to any of the previous cities.

Masumi will...
  • Make a Heel–Face Turn and join You Show as a protagonist.
    • End up being plot relevant in some way.
  • Somewhat confirmed in that she decided to find Professor Marco when he went missing. Which will likely put her into conflict with the Dark Duelist.
    • Confirmed in that she did interact briefly with the Dark Duelist, though he was able to escape.
    • Somewhat more confirmed thanks to her duels with Kurosaki and Yuzu.

Sawatari will get Pendulum/Xyz/Synchro/Etc Monsters
He has that necklace of his, although it hasn't glowed like Yuya's pendulum or Yuzu's bracelet. He'll probably get something in relation to what Yuzu gets, if anything. (I'm still considering the chance that her bracelet glowed because it detected the Dark Duelist, or some shit like that.)
  • He may get Ritual Monsters. He has previously shown a preference towards main deck monsters, including having a Monarch deck (where all of their new support has the drawback of not using your extra deck).
  • Confirmed, he gets Pendulum monsters. Though his necklace had nothing to do with it, as far as we can tell.

Yuzu will enter the Junior Youth Championship and debut a fusion monster

On Pendulum Monsters....
Pendulum Monsters can only be truly created by Yuya's Pendulum. This pendulum, a gift from his father, is an artifact that opposes the grand goal of LDS in a magical sort of way, and part of the way it does so is creating Pendulum Monsters. Without contact with the Pendulum, you cannot create true Pendulum Monsters, hence Reji's monsters malfunctioning slash looking, well odd and unnatural.

If conflict starts between the LDS and You Show Duel Schools, Pendulum Monsters will be the main weapon used by the students to protect themselves. This will mean that the Pendulum will give the other students Pendulum Monsters.Jossed. It took a lot of R&D, but Reiji eventually made working ones.

Sora is evil

Sora is actually an agent of the big bad behind the big bad.

  • Confirmed. He is evil, though how he fits into their ranks is unknown.

Yuya will Synchro Summon

The rings, to me at least, feel as though they suit him. Plus, Synchro is the least used summoning method yet, only be used by two duelists so far, while Fusion has been used by 3 and Xyz by 4. Considering his aversion to Sora and the amount of problems Xyz summons brought him, it is the logical call

  • If there is a monster that is both a Tuner and a Pendulum, then that would mean free infinite Synchro summons (as everything needed for it would go back to the extra deck, letting you do it again). Alternately, Yuya will get a level 8 Synchro Monster that needs Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon as a material.
    • And it will be called Chaos Shooting Odd-Eyes Ultimate Beyond the Pendulum Quasar Synchro Dragon Victory and it will have the most broken effect ever.
  • That sounds like a fast lane to the ban/limited list, but cool. (And C.S.OE.U.B.P.Q.S.D.V guy, let's try to be realistic here)
  • I for one propose "Future Imaginary Chaos Numbers -∞ 0 ∞: Elemental Masked Vision Destiny Contrast Neo-Space Black and White Magician Girl Hero Soldier King of Darkness and Light Wishes VWXYZ Jet Catapult Cannon Tank Formula Silent Honors Blue-Red-Galaxy-Odd-Eyes Shooting Ultimate Armed Shining Ancient Power Life Abyss Prime Cyber Chimeratech Ojama Ultimate Spirit Titan Photon Tachyon Storm Judge Burning Gagaga Gogogo Dododo Zubaba Over Fortress Etheric Flame Ninja Wing Tech Genus Comet Quasar Noble Sin Earthbound Sky Puppet Sphere Atlantal Killer Medallion Savior Machine Emperor Yubel Armityle Obelisk Osiris Ra Horakthy Zushin Numerronia Holy and Unholy Sacred Wicked Funerary Temporal Blade Metal Crystal Shark Rainbow God Beast Strings Macchu Mech Disaster Caestus Sandayu Stardust Daemons Rose Fairy Tool Stream Feather Resonator Fortune Synchron Junk Different Dimension Rebellion Entermate Infernity Oreichalcos Splash Ragna Hand Umbral Lightning Ragna Masquerade Attack Top Carrier Guard Core Supra Gluon Heart-eartH Coat of Arms Mist Knuckler Tanuki Polar Pegasus Devil Delusion Gunner Beyond the Victory Roots Ray Dyson Gimmick Superheavy Samurai OOPArts New Orders Lion Roid Gadget Vice Master Legendary Ark Halberd Leviathan Fantasia Hope MAXXX the Lady Dragon Knight Ruler, Envoy of the Beginning, Twilight, and End of Heaven, Earth, and Hell LV12/Buster."
    • ... I think I had this for lunch once.
  • ... Somewhat more reasonably, there may be a level 1 Pendulum Tuner monster that can only be used as a material for an Odd-Eyes Synchro Monster. And there will be multiple Odd-Eyes synchro monsters, all requiring Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon as a material (and all being level 8). That would mitigate the problem of a Pendulum Tuner. Finally, they would all have effects tha would destroy themselves at the end of the opponent's turn, forcing Yuya to go back to the base form each turn.
  • Problem, Level 1 monsters cannot be Pendulum Summoned. They have to be in between a scale, and there are no scale 0 monsters.
    • Yet.
  • At the very least, it seems that Yuya will Fusion Summon, if Beast-Eyes is anything to go by.
    • Or that means it will be used in a Tag Duel that Yuya fights in.
  • Possibly confirmed. Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon is a level 7 synchro monster intended to be summoned with a Pendulum Tuner monster that can only tune with a dragon and can drop Odd-Eyes' level by 3 to make a level 7.
  • Confirmed on Episode 79 where he will Synchro Summon the Enlightenment Paladin, a Synchro monster based from his Magician cards.

More duelists with older but popular archtypes will appear
Like the LDS rep trio and Mobius Sawatari, there will be more duelists using old archtypes. Wind-Up, Hero and Scrap being my personal guess
  • There could be a Geargia user, who will be a Sho Expy. Much like the Roids, Geargias look like toys, but they don't need the Magic Poker Equation to be a threat.
    • Geargiant X does make a cameo in Yuto's flashback of Heartland City, though anything else remains to be seen.
    • Confirmed. Dennis uses this deck once he stops using his Xyz deck.

A new Crossover with the other series will soon debut.
  • If this is true, then the WMG about Yuzu's 'massive lady-crush on Aki's tight ass' could come true... this cannot be permitted to occur.
    • Eh... kinda. It's unconfirmed, but more likely that it's a crossover with alternate universe counterparts of the other series, but a few characters from 5D's have shown up or made cameos.

There are multiple versions/counterparts of Odd-Eyes
Yuya has Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Yuto has Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. Yugo's Synchro monster might be "(X) Synchro Dragon". So maybe there will a "Fusion Dragon", a "Ritual Dragon" and maybe even a "Normal Dragon". And Yuya will get all of them. It wouldn't be surprising if even a "Tuner Dragon", "Toon Dragon", "Union Dragon" and "Spirit Dragon" will appear, but I doubt that.
  • Oddly enough, Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon retains the "Pendulum" despite being an EARTH Fusion version of Odd-Eyes.
    • For the Four Dimension Dragons, there is Yugo's Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Yuri's Starve Venom Fusion Dragon. There series showed Saber (LIGHT Effect) and Odd-Eyes Rebellion (DARK Xyz-Pendulum) and The OCG reveals Odd-Eyes' other evolutions/versions such as Absolute (WATER Xyz), Vortex (WIND Fusion), Meteorburst (FIRE Synchro), Gravity (EARTH Ritual). Not to mention, there is also Rune-Eyes and Beast-Eyes for the Pendulum Dragon. Not sure if Crystal Wing counts since it is an evolution of Clear Wing and not Odd-Eyes.

There is/was a Summoning War in Yuto's world
Yuto and Kurosaki are Xyz users and their enemies are a unknown Fusion faction, and Yugo the Synchro user, who is probably not allied with the former. I guess there is a war between the four Summoning factions.
  • In which case, maybe Leo Corp knows about it. Which is why they want to achieve a total monopoly; they're uniting all of the summoning methods under a single banner.
  • Confirmed. Fusion vs. Xyz.

The "Summoning War" is a war between multiple dimensions
Yuto and Kurosaki are from the dimension Yu Gi Oh Zexal takes place in (they all use Xyz and the city they come from appears to be Heartland). Yugo is from the same world as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (uses Synchro and has a D-Wheel/Duel Runner) The enemy that uses Fusion is from a world where fusion summons are still used frequently (Possibly the one Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V takes place in) or even one where the other extra deck summons were never developed. (possibly Yu-Gi-Oh! GX but probably not because GX is the past of both 5D's and ZEXAL)

Arc-V will reveal a Yu-Gi-Oh! multiverse
Going on the above thoughts.
  • Loosely speaking, the YGO-verse already contains a multitude of dimensions; Earth's universe, the Dominion of the Beasts, Neo Space, the Astral and Barian Worlds, the Shadow Realm (loosely), the two dimensions from GX (the one that the Academy was sent to, then the other one). If Misawa's 'twelve dimensions' estimate in GX holds any water, that leaves four dimensions to be named and visited; five if the Shadow Realm isn't counted. There isn't really much of a reason to include alternate earths.
  • Confirmed. The details are unknown, but there's at least four connected dimensions.

When Yuya summons Beast-Eyes, the other fusion material will be Silver Claw.

The little hooded boy is Reiji's little brother
He was show alongside him in the championship's inauguration, has silver hair and blue eyes. Also, episode 28's preview shows that he's quite scared of Himika Akaba. This is because he's an Akaba himself and his mother is pushing him too much into fulfilling very high standards in order to make a prodigy out of him. After all, having an older, professional genius duelist brother can leave a younger sibling under a very large shadow that a very dominating mother will want to repeat, without considering his feelings.
  • If the name Reira is any indication to his connection with Reiji. The majority of Kaiba expy's have little brothers (Kaiser, Kite, and Shark who has a little sister instead). The only exceptions are Jack and Manjoume, the latter being the youngest brother — well, Manjoume is the most poor YGO rival ever (not counting his manga counterpart). And with "poor" I don't mean money.
  • Confirmed. Although the Versus Character Splash spells it "Layra."

Sora will reveal part of his backstory to Yuya and Yuzu after his duel against Kurosaki.
  • He revealed it to everyone during the duel.
  • Confirmed: He then reveals evan more while dueling Yuto.

Yoko, Yuya's mother, was once a professional duelist herself
It'd be cool to be the son of TWO pros, no?
  • It would also be cool of Yoko was Yusho's partner when he was pioneering Action Duels, which could make her a co-pioneer of Action Duel as well.
  • Confirmed in the summary of Episosde 52. She challenges him to a duel.

Alternatively, Reira is NOT Reiji's brother. He is something very disturbing, like Reiji's or Leo's clone, or prisoner from another dimension!
Why would Himika and Reiji to hide their relation to Reira from everyone? Akaba family is famous in this world, yet no one seems to know if Reira is part of this family. His last name is not even called once! Plus, Himika and Reiji act very cold and distant to him.
  • Maybe they are just aloof to him. Mokuba wasn't famous, and Kaiba was aloof to him at the early part of the manga. Also, when Reiji is introduced to the heroes, only Shuzou had an idea who he really was and looked it up on the internet.
  • His deck could be a hint on something, since in Yu-Gi-Oh!, cards are always used as reflection of duelist soul. His main strategy is creating copies of opponent's monsters. Copies looks almost like original, but had to be destroyed at the end of phase.
  • Confirmed in Episode 67. He was a war orphan, picked up by Akaba family and brainwashed to be a duelist.

During Kurosaki's and Sora's duel
  • The LDS trio will finally regain their real memories, prompting them to confront Reiji.
  • Sora is going to Fusion summon a powerful monster. The Fusion materials, two FUSION monsters.
  • Sora will use the Frightfur Factory card to summon his true ace, because of Foreshadowing.
  • Kurosaki will Rank-Up his Rise Falcon.
    • The one on top is Jossed, Frightfur Factory one is partially confirmed because he didn't use it to Fusion Summon his ace and the other two is fully confirmed.
      • Confirmed and then some. Three Fusion Monsters, two Rank-Ups.

On Sora and LDS' connection with Academia
The first time we see Sora he's at one of LDS' schools, most likely looking to enter the school's fusion faction; but changes his mind after seeing Yuya and Pendulum summon, allegating it was more interesting that whatever LDS have to offer.Thanks to episode 34, Sora is revealed to belong to (or used to be in) the Fusion faction that destroyed Heartland as a Hunting Game; but Kurosaki's target are clearly LDS and more exactly Leo Akaba and the 2nd opening suggests that LDS used to made nuclear missiles and it's highly implied that Heartland was destroyed with nuclear weapons.So my theories are:
  • Academia is a group created by Leo Akaba, built around Fusion users (and maybe, secretly some Synchro users). Why they decided to target Heartland still it's unknown for me, but right now, For the Evulz is a reason as good as any.
  • Sora was send by Academia to enroll in a LDS school in Maiami City in order to spy on Reiji, but after meeting Yuya and Pendulum summon, his curiosity and his looking for new and exciting opponents won him over and he decided to defect, or considered Pendulum a big asset in his Hunting Game and wanted to studied it closely (and in the best scenario, recruit Yuya).
  • And the 2nd OP and ED suggest that Sora will join LDS. This looks very out of character, unless this reflects that Sora was originally supposed to be among LDS and will be commanded to join as he was supposed to. He probably will do it in order to search for a rematch against Kurosaki, who seems to be staying close to Reiji for a while now.
  • First theory confirmed.

Sora will pull a Face–Heel Turn or be outed as a Mole

The important MCS battles are not chosen randomly, but on purpose
It's very convenient that Yuya vs Sawatari and Sora vs Kurosaki happened at the beginning of the tournament, especially both of them are working for/with Reiji. It's very likely that these matches are not coincidences, like the matches in the Fortune Cup which were obviously organized before. It might be possible that even Yuzu and Gongenzaka's matches were organized, so Reiji can test them as well. It would fit to his character if he has a lot of information about the participants beforehand and organizes their matches to test everyone to their fullest potential.
  • It's implied this is quite correct.

The summoning factions home bases are all settings from previous series.
Forgive me if this has been brought up before but it seems like this could be a very real possibility. It's simple really: Heartland is already confirmed as the place where Yuto and Kurosaki come from. Academia could very well be Duel Academia and of course, Yugo's faction, if apart of one at all, is based in Neo Domino City. Whether or not they're from different dimensions or timelines is a different point entirely, of course.
  • If Yugo really is a Synchro user. As mentioned above, it would be odd if someone whose name sounds exactly like "fusion" in Japanese would not be Fusion user.
    • In the 2nd OP you can see his card plate has a white card on it— a Synchro monster. Though it's not impossible that he uses both.
    • When Yugo was shown summoning his monster during Yuto's flashback, the background was similar to the one used for Synchro summon.
    • Yugo is indeed a Synchro user, with two of his Synchro monsters now revealed.
  • Fully confirmed, though it looks more like alternate universe counterparts of the previous settings.

Turbo Duels will return
We have Yugo after all.
  • Alternatively, Yugo will ride circles around his opponent, who will be standing completely still. On. The. Ground. (Thus making it not a true Riding Duel).
    • Confirmed with his duel against Yuto.
    • Yeah, that happened in 5D's against Goodwin. And he even used the rules against the trio, even though, he was cheating (he attacked them with evil forces that have nothing to do with the duel).
    • Perhaps more visually interesting, it could be a Turbo Duel, where he is on his D-Wheel/Duel Runner, and, through whatever power gives mass to Yuto's monsters, his opponent would be riding on a monster, like in Action Duels.
    • Or rather, he will always ride his D-Wheel in an Action Duel, thus giving him a distinct advantage.
      • Distinct but not necessarily powerful. He would be very good on a straight, even surface. But if the terrain is rough, or the trail too irregular, he may be better off on foot. Unless he can dock his D-Wheel with Clear Wing...
    • Does attempting to run over Yuto during their duel count as an advantage?
  • Confirmed as of episode 54, complete with the intro changing from Action duels to Turbo duels

LDS knew of the Alternate worlds...
And that is where they got the knowledge of summoning tactics from as well as how they managed to keep that knowledge away from most of the populace (Until Yuya pioneered Pendulums and Sora introduced Fusions to Yuzu and indirectly, Yuya)
  • Confirmed that at least a couple of LDS members knew about the alternate dimensions.

Yuto, Yugo, and Kurosaki will ally with Yuya
And together they will investigate Academia and Yuzu's mysterious bracelet (provided it doesn't separate the group)
  • Yuto kind of out the of picture but you could probably count as allying since he decided to reside with Yuya. Confirmed with Kurosaki as being part of the Lancers.

Academia is connected to the bracelet, and to both Yuzu, Ruri and Kurosaki
  • Confirmed with the bracelet, Yuzu and Ruri. All three (and their other counterparts) are crucial to Leo Abakan's master plan in some way.

Goggles are not for nothing!
What if Yuya putting on goggles in tight situations is not just a cute quirk? He is actually hiding glowing eyes underneath!
  • Looks like Confirmed... kind of. In preview of Ep 39 we could see how Yuya's right eye is glowing. And in Ep 25 we saw how blue star on his goggles sparked, when he fought Gongenzaka. That means at least once his eyes were glowing when he wore goggles. Though only one eye (right one) for some reason.

Yugo is searching for the Synchro-Dimension's counterpart of Yuzu.
  • And it would be revealed that she's either his sister or his crush. While Yuto wants to found Ruri, he refers to her as "his comrade and Kurosaki's sister" while Yuto says that she's precious to him, meaning that she's closer to his heart than just a comrade or childhood friend.
    • Almost definitely confirmed, though the way he words it apparently means something closer to outright "girlfriend".

Yuto has merged with Yuya.
Or alternatively, he was absorbed into Yuya's pendant. That blue pillar of light as he disappeared kind of resembled the ones that appear during the Pendulum summoning sequences.
  • Confirmed.

The girl from the preview of ep. 39 is not Ruri.
She is Fusion-Yuzu. She is Dark Action Girl, sent to Standard Dimension to capture Yuzu for Yuri.
  • It's not clear yet if she is Fusion Yuzu or Synchro Yuzu, but it's safe to say she is not Ruri.
  • The hair matches the Fusion card frame, so that supports her being Fusion Yuzu. Yugo may have hinted at a Synchro Yuzu with his "what I held precious" line.
  • Confirmed. The girl's name is Serena.

Academia captured Yuzu's three lookalikes
And she is the fourth piece.
  • Confirmed, though Serena escapes.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon will be used in a duel out of desperation
Yuya will use it when his back is to the wall, and only a pair of level 4 monsters are left in his hand to summon (Skeet Skimmer and Whip Snake perhaps).
  • Desperation, yes. Those monsters, no. Actually was Silver Claw and Cameloose.
  • They are used in episode 45 for such a summon however.

Academia's Professor is Leo Akaba
Hinted in the second opening when we see the Professor's silhouette in Reiji's glasses. Considering that's Yu-Gi-Oh!, related characters often don't look similar at all, just for example Gozaburo and Noah or Dr. Faker and Kaito/Kite and Haruto.
  • Actually wasn't the Professor talking to Leo, or am I wrong?
    • Probably that was just a subordinate of the Professor.
  • Silhouette in Reiji's glasses doesn't look like Professor.
    • It does. You see the mirrored silhouette of a bald person with one of the glowing eyes being noticeably bigger than the other one, which is the lense that is usually on the Professor's forehead. The next images shows the un-mirrored silhouette's "full" body behind a glass panel, looking at the glowing thing that we have already seen in the end of episode 37.
    • And now it is confirmed, Episode 40 states that Leo is indeed the Professor.

Tatsuya will duel Reira
Reira has already dueled Ayu and Futoshi and at the end of episode 28, Tatsuya tried talking to him but was ignored. Plus, Tatsuya is the only one of the You Show kids that hasn't dueled yet.
  • If they do, Tatsuya will help Reira to rediscover the joy in dueling, just as Yuya did for him with his Entertainment Dueling. But that won't save Tatsuya of losing.
  • Confirmed, but Tatsuya loses.

Serena will use an archetype that feels counter to what Yuzu uses
While they will share Fusion Monsters, it will not be a girly (LIGHT Fairy) anti-Special Summon style.
  • Confirmed in a way. Serena's Moonlight deck consist of female DARK Beast Warrior monsters that focuses on the beatdown strategy.

Instead, it will be something more tomboyish ad straight fusiony. Perhaps the new E-Heroes, considering that she is dressed up in a sort of Slifer/Osiris Red get up.

  • I doubt it will be Elemental HERO. Almost all of the good Elemental HERO cards are from the GX manga and only a few are exclusive from the card game.
  • It could be a DARK archetype to clash with the Melodious archetype.
  • As a possible contrast or similarity, Serena might use a music-themed deck like Yuzu. Serena's name comes from "serenade". Heck, the OCG name of Serenade the Melodious Diva is "Serena".
  • Confirmed. Her monsters are the Moonlight deck, a DARK archetype.

Yugo will randomly show up at some point during the Battle Royale.
Probably at a time that will either be inconvenient for the main characters or inconvenient for some of the characters from Academia.
  • In before he crashes his bike into the Ryouzanpaku students, inadvertently saving Yuya.
    • Dennis saved Yuya from the Ryozanpaku students.
      • Confirmed, in Episode 47.

Yuri was directly responsible for (or the single perpetrator of) Ruri and Rin's kidnappings, and Yuto and Yugo both think the other is Yuri.
Might explain why they seemingly attacked each other on sight the first time they met, when the Synchro Dimension is ostensibly not involved in the war and Yugo's pretty clearly not evil, just somewhat of a tool who thinks the Fusion Dimension is out to steal his name (and Yuto doesn't really like fighting randos). Yuri was also totes picked to kidnap Yuzu on the basis of his outstanding kidnapping resume.
  • Additionally, Yuri disguised himself as Yugo/Yuto when kidnapping their respective Yuzu's. This is so the two are too busy fighting each other to properly find their "most precious thing". Yuri could just wear Yuto's mask and goggles and Yugo's helmet to keep his most distinct features (EYEBROWS) from showing and just bait the two into finding someone who wears those clothes and has the same face as them, without suspecting a 3rd person involved.
    • Yuri did kidnap Ruri and Rin, but he probably didn't disguise himself, as Yugo and Yuto's conflict seems to be more of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Yugo's flashbacks show that he personally viewed the invasion of the Xyz Dimension.
    • Confirmed, in fact it seems Yuri did it on purpose.

Yugo and the rest of the Synchro Dimension have been Locked Out of the Loop by Academia
When there's a faction that uses Fusions and their enemies call you a "Pawn of Fusion", the usual response is denial that you're part of the faction, same name as them or not. Yugo was only focused on Yuto getting his name right but not the "Pawn" part of Yuto's accusation. Yugo might've been tricked by Academia to unwittingly be their distraction and he is unaware of the war because of that. Either by giving him incomplete information about the dimensions (like leaving Fusion Dimension out) or by falsifying the Xyz Resistance actions (Which one WMG above says to a similar effect). The rest of the Synchro Dimension could also be tricked into thinking there's no war. Which is why they don't seem to have a presence in the series yet. Academia is keeping their presence hidden to allow themselves to surprise attack Synchro.
  • This seems likely, and I would not be surprised if Yugo showed up at the end of the tournament seeking help because Academia finally invaded the Synchro Dimension.
    • That, or Academia has already invaded the Synchro Dimension, and somehow pinned it on the Xyz Dimension. Yugo suggests he doesn't know anything about the Fusion Dimension, so he may not even be aware of Academia's existence.
  • Confirmed for the public at least, since there's an Academia spy confirmed to be somewhere in Synchro, but it's unclear who.

Michio will be helping out during an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight against Yuya in episode 46.
Since he suddenly seems to be relevant again, I suspect that he will probably be one of the duelists helping Gongenzaka to try to stop Berserk Mode!Yuya.
  • Apparently jossed. Michio is busy dueling Halil and Olga. This role will be given to Mieru, however.
  • Jossed on the fight but Confirmed that he helped out in trying to get Yuya out of his Berserk Mode.

Dennis is from the Fusion Dimension
In light with Episode 45, Dennis reveals to have Polymerization in his deck despite being introduced as a student taking the Xyz course and that he paused when seeing silhouttes of the Obelisk Force. With the possibility that he may not be Yuri, this WMG can go to various points.
  • He left the Fusion Dimension as a refugee as he may not want to be involved in the Interdimensional War.
  • He is one of the Fusion agent and is studying to use the enemy's way of attack against them.
    • Bonus points if he knows/is an associate/works under Yuri.
  • Counter theory: He just a person in Standard who is interested and is practicing both summons.
    • So, he would be a Red Herring then? I hope that's not the case, but you never know.
  • Overall confirmed. One and three are Jossed. Two is Confirmed.

In the 2nd Sora/Kurosaki duel and the Obelisk Force/Yuya duel
  • We'll either see new Frightfur/Des-Toy monsters, or see the anime debut of Frightfurs Tiger and Wolf.
    • Tiger confirmed.
  • See the appearance of the first new Ancient Gear fusion monsters since Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, or we'll get to see that again.
    • Yuya one shots them with his new dragon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon.
      • Yuya one-shotting them with Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon is confirmed.

Yuri will seal Halil and Olga in cards in episode 47
In the preview, we see the two in the Antartic area, and Yuri's says "Younote  are in my way." He possibly refers to those two.
  • Absolutely confirmed.

Yugo will accidentally bring Yuzu to the Synchro Dimension while trying to protect her from Yuri.
Of course, Yuya and his allies won't find out about this until later, and will likely assume that she ended up being captured by the Fusion Dimension. During the next arc, Yuzu will be learning more about the Synchro Dimension and Yugo's motivations while trying to figure out how to get back to the Standard Dimension. The Fusion Dimension will then likely begin an attack on the Synchro Dimension, with Yuri having figured out that that is likely where Yuzu is and hoping to lure her out.
  • Eh, Semi-Confirmed, as Yuzu accidentally got teleported with Yugo when Yuya showed up, but seeing how easily Yugo traverses dimensions and how all of the dimensions have technology that allows them to go to another dimension, I'm fairly certain that Yuzu will be able to contact Yuya fairly quickly.

Yuya will lose his rematch to Reiji
Since Yuya is pissed of for several reasons, Reiji will calm him down and proves that he is still above Yuya's league.
  • Confirmed.

The MCS arc, unlike the arcs of the previous series, will have a Bittersweet Ending where:
Bear in mind, taking inspiration from previous WMGs, Yuya's rampage and the attacking Obelisk Force will distract Reiji from Serena and Yuzu, who will be attacked by Dennis, who was being impersonated by Yuri, who had sealed Dennis offscreen in a card, since he had the traits Yuri would need to infiltrate the tournament, avoid Reiji, and know how to deal with his task (Dennis being a fan of Yusho meant Yuri could get to know how Yuya duels in person, which he would want to know, since he most likely knows all about the interdimensional counterpart thing, and do the same with Yuzu). Yuri will fight both Serena and Yuzu at the same time, defeat them, and successfully bring them to Leo, who will do god-knows-what to them, Ruri, and Yuzu's Synchro counterpart to 'unite' the 4 dimensions, likely to begin creating his ideal universe from the previous WMG involving the idea of Yuyas destroying dimensions while Yuzus create them. The tournament will continue from here, but with a definite melancholy feel, ending with Reiji having found his Lancer candidates, likely including a BSOD-suffering Yuya, and begin training them to prepare for a full-front assault on Academia, and the next arc will begin after a Time Skip.
  • Seeing as over a dozen people were carded and Yuzu is MIA, yeah, I'd say it was.

The Synchro Dimension is not as nice as it appears to be
Deconstructions and all.
  • Confirmed, the Synchro Dimension is even more classist than Neo Domino City at the beginning of 5D's.

Since Shinji will be dueling in a few episodes...
  • He will use a Spider Deck, since his last name is Weber.
    • If the name of the episode in which he duels is any indication, he will be using B (or Bee) Forces.
    • Confirmed. It's a Bee Force deck.

It's possible Sam misinterpreted the meaning of Jack giving him Tuning Magician
It's effect could be a really good one and Sam probably wouldn't understand cause as a Common resident he couldn't read very well.
  • Maybe it's Difficult, but Awesome. A card whose effect is unintuitive, but if you use it just so, it's actually pretty good. Jack saw some potential in Sam, and gave him the card as a test. Jack know's it's good, and Yuya will be able to use it correctly, but Sam didn't understand.
    • Just the name should be enough to tell that Sam misunderstood Jack's gift big time. It's a tuner. What are tuners? Small monsters that by themselves are useless, but can create big, powerful monsters by tuning with other monsters. The whole theme in 5Ds is that Synchro Summoning is a metaphor for the weak becoming strong and evolving through determination and cooperation. I personally suspect that it's a setup for the moment when Yuya will be able to "rediscover" the true meaning of Synchro Summoning and remind the whole City what it stands for.
  • This has pretty much be confirmed. Refer to Jack's backstory in episode 70 and compare the card child Jack picks up to the card he gave Sam.

Dennis helped Yuri lure Ruri into a trap, or was at the very least present when Yuri kidnapped her, and this will come up during Dennis' rematch with Kurosaki.
  • To add on: Dennis could have been stationed at Xyz as a double agent way before the kidnapping, similarly to Standard. It would explain how he knows Xyz so well.
    • Confirmed exactly.

If Roget isn't already secretly working for Leo and Academia, he'll prove to be a Big Bad Wannabe.
  • Yeah, this seems likely. He seems suave and confident only because he has the highest authority in the land, and has the manpower to do whatever he needs to capture undesireables (who haven't shown a desire to harm anyone). If Academia decides that the lure of catching the last two renegade Yu boys, and the last two of their female counterparts, to be too great (likely, since that's what caused them to send a strike force to Standard), they may send their forces to Synchro, and suddenly the Security forces, used only to minor criminals, now have to deal with an entire army, who is not afraid to shoot to kill. That may cause Security to break ranks and run away, while Academia starts carding Tops and Commons alike. Basically, Roget is too focused on maintaining the status quo to be an effective villain in the face of someone with more drive like Leo.
  • Alternatively, the writers will chose to be more realistic and yet more complicated, and have Rodger realize that Academia is a genuine threat, but still be a pain in the butt. He'll cooperate just enough to provide a valuable ally, but his prejudice and long-term goals will occasionally interfere with goals that aren't completely aligned with the war. For example he'll have soldiers recruited from commons and treated like Cannon Fodder, fighting Academia while keeping the Commons down. This would be far more interesting, because the Lancers can't just outright declare him an enemy and get rid of him, yet he'll push conflict and continue being an antagonist for a long time (and possibly lead to some deeper political sub-plots that could be very interesting). Instead of wondering, "when can the heroes fight this guy so they can kill him?" The audience will wonder "When will the heroes catch this guy with his pants down so we can FINALLY get rid of this asshole?" Because villains get so much more hate when the characters aren't allowed to stop them than when taking them down is an active goal the heroes pursue.
  • Confirmed, even though he is working for Leo. Roget is actually a defector from Academia.

The current hell the Lancers are going through in the Synchro arc is a test by Roget to see if he will help Reiji.
Like quite a few people, I myself wondered where the hell Reiji went during this arc. Then something hit me: What if he already contacted Roget for help, but he wanted proof of what the Lancers could do before agreeing? Thus, Reiji leaves them behind, anticipating that they'll scatter and eventually get arrested (which they did), and later learn about the Grand Entertainment Duel Tournament. Yuya (most likely him) will win, and it's then that Reiji and Roget reveal the truth. This would inevitably lead to the Lancers giving Reiji an earful for going that far just to recruit help.
  • Confirmed, but it's a test from the Council, not Roget.

Jean Michel Roget will pull a coup in anger for the council overriding him.
Considering how pissed off he looked in Ep. 65's preview, this has a chance of happening.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively or similarly to the above theory, Roget is a spy for Academia
  • Roget seems pretty against Yuya and co from having a proper hearing and is at least distraught to hear the possibility of an alliance with Lancers. And considering Serena had some "special treatment" when confined in the detention centre (a better kept facility compared to Kurosaki's and Yuya's group), it wouldn't be surprising if Academia had spies scattered out through each dimension. If the Council does side with the Lancers, he may pull the theory above
  • Confirmed alongside the above. He was a spy until he defected.

The fourth opening reveals the monsters Yuya will use to summon Enlightenment Paladin.
It seems odd that Silver Claw would appear with Yuya's two new Magicians and two of the three revealed Dimension Dragons. It could be possible that Yuya will use Silver Claw as Synchro Material for Enlightenment Paladin (a Level 8 DARK Synchro Monster) alongside Timesword Magician (a Level 3 DARK Pendulum Monster) and Tuning Magician (a Level 1 Tuner Monster) since Silver Claw is a Level 4 DARK Pendulum Monster.
  • Confirmed in Episode 79.

Yuzu is a Deuteragonist
We all know that all the Yu-Gi-Oh protagonists have the "Yu" Syllable in their names. By this logic, ARC-V is the first Yugioh series to have both a male and female protagonist; Yuya and Yuzu.
  • It should be noted that the "Yu" in Yuya (遊) and the "Yu" in Yuzu (柚) are actually two different Japanese characters, and though they sound similar in English, they have different meanings in Japanese.
  • She at least wants to be; she faced down Sawatari with every intention of beating him, and is similarly motivated to beat LDS. Time will tell how much she will get to duel, though.
  • Alternatively, she'll just be the other major duelist besides Yuya; essentially the Jounouchi to his Yugi.
  • In episode 8, Himika states the You Show vs. LDS duels will be 2 out of 3. Episode 9 has Yuya victorious. Episode 10's preview states that Yuzu misplays. Episode 11 states that Gongenzaka duels. In other words, Yuzu is thrust out of her duel and loses her next, after just one victory. At worst, this may be premature Chickification the likes of which happened to Aki in 5D's.
  • Her bracelet glowing the way it did in Episode 7 shows that it seems to have some kind of power, though what it is hasn't been explained - just like most of the previous protagonists having some kind of magical accessory, though not in the form of a pendant or necklace in her case.
    • Per ep. 18, it seems to force-teleport Yuto/Dark Duelist around. In 18, he was teleported to where the other Dark Duelist, Kurosaki, was dueling Tio from LDS. WHY it teleports him is another matter entirely.
  • Confirmed. Yuya is the protagonist, Yuzu is the deuteragonist and Reiji is the tritagonist.

Friendship Cup Quarterfinal match-up predictions
(Assuming the tournament isn't interrupted this early for a Fusion invasion)
  • Yuya vs Crow, Yugo vs Shinji, Dennis vs Yuzu, Sergey vs Serena
  • Alternatively, Yuya vs Crow, Yugo vs Serena, Shinji vs Yuzu, Sergey vs Dennis.
  • Yuzu vs Sergey is the only confirmed duel.
    • Recent previews have confirmed two of the match-ups: Yuya vs Shinji, Kurosaki vs Crow. This means the final fight will be Yugo vs Serena.

If Dennis loses his rematch with Kurosaki, Yuri will save him before he is thrown underground.
Seems like something that would happen. As for how Yuri could know where Dennis was, the above WMG is a possible explanation.
  • Alternatively, Dennis will be arrested and held separately by the council because Reiji either told them to or something that happened during the duel convinced them he was too dangerous to just throw away, or too useful. The spoiler notes do say that he's taken into custody, so either he wins or he's arrested.
    • Semi-confirmed, Roget, who defected from Academia, sees to it that he personally takes care of Dennis but he doesn't succeed in grabbing him. Sora does rescue Dennis and teleports him back.

Crow will get new Blackwing monsters
Or even better, a new Synchro Blackwing. Or maybe just one of the manga ones.
  • Confirmed.

Yuya will gain some kind of "king" title.
Following the same naming sense as the past series with Yugi's King of Games, Judai's Supreme King, Yuma's emperor's key. The way he addresses his Pendulum magicians the first time he summons them (the whole "O Magician of Creation, who watches over harmony") seems like a king addressing magicians under his service at court. He never says those lines again afterwards. Then there's that "Come forth, my monster servants" line that keeps popping up. Maybe since Yuya doesn't remember what he used to be (or whatever that darkness is), the magicians themselves are coming to his aid when he most needs them out of loyalty.
  • Confirmed. He becomes the new King after defeating Jack Atlas.

Yuya will duel Sergey
Sergey has a monster that become stronger the lower his life points are. Tuning Magician's effect can counter that.
  • Confirmed. However, neither Thorn Overserver - Van Darli Zuma, nor Tuning Magician were used.

Barrett will duel Yuya with a more powerful Beastborg monster than when he dueled Reiji.
  • Confirmed. Barrett used a new Beastborg monster that's stronger than his Panther Predator... in terms of ATK.

Based on the fifth opening position of Sayaka in the same shot as Ruri and Kurosaki, Sayaka was friends with her.
  • Confirmed in episode 104.

Yuya will rank up Dark Rebellion
He gets cornered again, Superpowered Evil Side pops up, Yuto's dragon is summoned, and he will asspull a RUM card. Much collateral damage ensues.
  • I'd like to hope he'll get a RUM card by plausible means - from Kurosaki (or, less likely but still possible, Dennis).
  • The spoilers for episode 46 heavily implies this. Maybe an almost literal ass pull; he gets this card from Yuto's soul.
    • He pulls it out of Yuto's soul's ass?
    • Jossed. At least for episode 46. According to the preview, it looks like Yuya will summon Odd-Eyes, then use the two new Magician's effects to give Dark Rebellion a Level equal to its Rank and then makes it equal to Odd-Eyes's, so he can overlay them.
  • Serena carding Dennis may be a trigger for this.
  • Confirmed in Episode 104 with Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon.

The title of episode 109 is misleading and Kurosaki doesn't die.
Something smells fishy when I look at the preview of episode 109, (Title: The Falcon Perishes on the Battlefield)and Teppei's already a card so that can't be it. Here's my problem. Given all the previews, it appears this will be another tag duel just like last episode, with fields, graves, and LIFE shared. Therefore Kurosaki can't lose without Yuya losing. And when they lose, in all likelihood, they will be carded, or else someone will re-engage to prevent the carding. (Like how Gongenzaka and Sawatari intervened to help Sayaka and Allen, and how Yuya and Kurosaki engaged to prevent Gongenzaka and Sawatari from being carded) If they all lose, they're all carded anyway, so might as well, and if one of them wins, Kurosaki doesn't get carded. So, if Kurosaki's going down they're all going down. Another point to make is during the preview, Kurosaki is seen with Sayaka hugging him, he looks pretty beat up, almost exhausted, I don't think he ever looked that beat up during the Tyler sisters duel, therefore, it's probably from this duel. However, Kurosaki is smiling, and Sayaka is hugging him, practically proof that Kurosaki at least survives the duel. (Can't even say he was beat up more than shown, as he looks unscathed WHILE he is dueling the Obelisk force)One more thing. These are MOOKS! They've both beaten teams of these guys at once, whether tagged or alone. Even with the Chaos Giants, they should be a walk in the park. Hell, Kurosaki already annihilated one Chaos Giant, and despite the chance that multiple might show up, it's unlikely, plus, he's got the main protag dueling with him, which is practically invincible plot armor, unless this isn't a tag duel, as is advertised.
  • Confirmed. He's knocked into a Convenient Coma for a while, but eventually returns.

Yugo was teleported to Yusho and Asuka's location
By the end of Episode 112, Yuzu's bracelet teleported him when Yuya and company arrived. There could be a chance that he ended up with them or with a group of You Show students.
  • Another would be Yugo ending up within the vicinity of Academia.
    • Confirmed for both.

Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon's Xyz Materials of its creation...
Like Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon is the combination of its very first Xyz Materials, it is very likely also the case for Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon. The question are "which?"
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon & Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. As Odd-Eyes Rebellion has more resemblance to Dark Rebellion, Odd-Eyes Raging could be an inverted version of it, having a stronger resemblance to Odd-Eyes Pendulum.
    • Confirmed.
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon & Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon. Since Odd-Eyes Raging is essentially more powerful than Odd-Eyes Rebellion, and Dark Requiem is Dark Rebellion's upgraded form, it is possible that Odd-Eyes Raging is an indirect upgrade to Odd-Eyes Rebellion.
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon & Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. While more difficult to pull off, it's not a stretch that Yuya could have both of them on the field. Odd-Eyes Rebellion already represents wrath, and Odd-Eyes Raging seems to take it even further, going from wrath to violence. It would be a direct evolution, and since only little of Dark Rebellion is inside Odd-Eyes Raging, Odd-Eyes Pendulum is clearly dominant.

Yuzu will be brainwashed at some point of the story
Anzu by Malik, Asuka by Saiou, Aki by Divine, and Kotori by Girag. Do you see the pattern?
  • And there was Rio by Abyss, too (though Aki was more indoctrinated than brainwashed). Perhaps Ruri is already or will be brainwashed as well?
    • I meant the main female leads. Rio and Ruri aren't main females. Also, it's explicitely mentioned by Divine that he "mind-controlled" Aki.
  • I forgot to mention that Anzu was brainwashed by Shadi in the manga, too.
  • Confirmed in episode 124 and 125, albeit only for a short time.

     Jossed Theories 
Sora is a time traveler from the time of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Well, he did say that, where he comes from, Fusion Summons are common. And he was being secretive about what just that is.
  • I like this theory, let's expand it a little. Sora was a student in Academy, he is from Obelisk Blue (his jacket is part of uniform, which was slightly altered with time). He is also an illegitimate son of Sho (because... hair). He also was named Sora in honor of victory over satellite SORA what almost destroyed Earth.
  • Unlikely. Sora knows a lot about Synchro and Xyz summon. Those way of summoning didn't exist in GX times.
  • Even less likely now, considering he's (probably) from Heartland City.
  • He's presumably not from Heartland, since it is a city of Xyz Duelists; he merely targeted Heartland because of that.
  • Partially Jossed. More like Dimension Traveler, but Duel Academia is shown in a recent episode as the home of Academia, the ruthless invaders who destroyed Yuto and Kurosaki's hometown Heartland City. And they're explicitly said to have trained students to be sociopathic "Duel Soldiers".

Pendulum Monsters replicate by turning other Duelists' monsters into Pendulum Monsters
Nobody knows exactly what Pendulum Monsters are or how they work, aside from possibly Yuya. We saw in episode 3 and 4 that other people are also able to use Pendulum Summoning, so it's not restricted to the Pendulum. Who's to say that Pendulum Monsters don't turn random monsters in their user's deck into other Pendulum Cards to make the entire thing a bit more balanced?
  • If so, then Sawatari may now have Pendulum monsters of his own in his deck, if they got "infected" by Stargazer & Timegazer Magician.
  • Considering he changed decks to Monarchs, I'd say no on that.
  • Jossed. They're either pulled out of thin air or manufactured, just like any other card.

The Mysterious Duelist/Yuto from Episode 7 is...
  • ...either Yuya's long lost brother/ half brother or an alternate-dimensional Yuya
    • I'd like to think they wouldn't do a Z-One thing again
      • It should be noted that Z-One wasn't actually a future Yusei. It was a completely different person that made himself look like Yusei.
      • What I meant was I hope they don't do something like that again, seeing as no one liked that twist as oppose to 'evil future Yusei'
  • ...a manifestation from Yuzu's subconscious that has taken a life of its own. She kept having intense heart pounding reactions to him, and her bracelet glowed around him, there's definitely some sort of connection between her and him.
  • ...Yuya and Yuzu's son from a ruined future. Hence why he resembles Yuya and also is protective of Yuzu.
    • And Sora is from the future to.
    • And Ruri isn't Yuto's girlfriend; she's his sister.
      • Actually, Ruri is Kurosaki's sister.
    • Confirmed about the ruined part, "future" is unclear.
    • Josseled that he is their son.
  • Someone who has watched the entirety of the other four Yu-Gi-Oh! series. His Deck has at least 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, which on it's own would win practically every important Duel in the entire Franchise by killing the Heel's primary Spell/Trap card, ruining the quote-unquote "unbeatable" combos the baddies rely on.
    • He also realizes (unlike Sawatari's minions) that Xyz Summoning is not some kind of Dangerous Forbidden Technique meant only for the highest level duelists, but something anyone can figure out relatively quickly, and should use if it fits their deck.
  • Female, and attracted to both Yuya and Yuzu.
    • That.....would be a bit hard to pull off. I'd give them props if they did....but somehow I don't think any gender shocks are in the future.
    • No, no, dude, this is definitely gonna happen.
      • Everyone, I have some bad news... As you all know, in the years note  that Arc-V has been airing- YEARS! That Arc-V has been airing, the exact identity and gender of the Dark Duelist has been a mystery. It is a mystery no more, and I am truly saddened to reveal to you all that... this theory has been Jossed... I know that this is troubling news, but we must simply... 'breaks down crying'...
  • ...planning the downfall of LDS. He took advantage of his resemblance to Yuya, who he saw on TV, and specifically targeted Sawatari due to his father being a high-ranking official in order to spark the war between You Show and LDS, confident that You Shou, especially Yuya, would win, possibly destroying the reputation of LDS. His motive is to punish LDS for keeping the strongest cards to themselves and treating them as only good enough for the elite. His ace's name hints to this (Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon), as does one translation of its summon chant containing the phrase "rebelling against the power of stupidity" (referring to LDS's overconfident elite).
  • An alternate version of Yuya that came from the pendulum he wears. Something happened to Yuzu in another timeline and that along with his daddy issues drove him to being more cynical. His Dark Rebellion dragon is an Xyz version of Odd-eyes dragon.
    • The 'alternate universe' idea seems to be getting more credence, as we've seen a ruined timeline where Yuto (Dark Duelist) was fighting a White Duelist on a D-Wheel, and Kurosaki (the second guy) was there too. They also mentioned a 'Ruri' and she seems missing. So Yuto is alt-Yuya, Ruri is alt-Yuzu (which is why he is caring about her) and... we have no idea about Kurosaki.
  • A cynical and heartbroken future Yuya, who witnessed Yuzu's death at the hands of the Leo Corporation. He then tore up his Pendulum and Entermate cards, broke his necklace, and disowned his father, blaming them on the grounds that if he had never Pendulum summoned, Leo would have never come after him, thus avoiding Yuzu's death. He builds a new deck and enters a strained homosexual relationship with Shun Kurosaki in order to travel to the past to try to save Yuzu. However, Kurosaki dies, and Yuya will find out that You Already Changed the Past, leading to him Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, so he goes back even further to orchestrate the Zero Reverse in Z-One's timeline, prompting Z-One, Antimony, Paradox, and Aporia to also go back in time, the four of which are stopped by Yusei. He travels back even further by thousands of years, losing his humanity and manifesting as Zorc Necrophades. After being defeated by Atem, he reincarnates himself as both Darkness and the Light of Destruction. Being defeated once again, he recollects his fragments and travels back to the creation of the universe, gathering the chaos ejected from the Astral World as they attempt to Rank-Up, and using its power to create the Barian World, claiming himself as its god, Don Thousand.
    • Alternatively, he goes to the Astral World and attempts to stage a bloody uprising using the power of Chaos, but is defeated by Eliphas and Astral. The Astral World, now paranoid because of Yuya/Don Thousand's abuse of Chaos, decides to banish it entirely from their realm, making him the sole reason for the segregation of the Astral and Barian Worlds, and the strife between their denizens.
    • In light of the possible connection of Marco's kidnapping with the Dark Duelist, this Troper has realized that Marco was the one specifically responsible for Yuzu's death, out of revenge for his kidnapping, which ties in to how Yuya Already Changed The Past.
    • If you're still following this particular WMG, you may now be wondering "How could Marco kill Yuzu if his soul was sealed into a card?" The answer is straightforward: ... He got better.
    • Belligerent Sexual Tension between Yuto/Kurosaki confirmed!
  • ...a split personality of Yuya's, one where his pessimism overrides his joy, that somehow exists separately from Yuya. As both are technically Yuya, they share certain qualities, one of which being their care for Yuzu. The difference is, while Yuya thinks Yuzu can handle herself, the Dark Duelist is not willing to take that chance and puts himself in her place on the battlefield. The Dark Duelist's Perpetual Frowner persona represents an inner doubt of Yuya's that, regardless of what he tries, even his own smile may vanish forever.
  • Like ZONE for Yuya. You know how ZONE traveled back in time to prevent his own dark future from happening, and he underwent plastic surgery to look like Yusei in order to drive him insane?
    • I... don't think they'll reuse a plot-line...
  • Not A Villain. Instead, he simply wants to start a band with Yuya/Yuma/Yusei/Judai/Yugi/Yami, and wants every character, major and minor, from the past four series as his Roadies. Personally, I think that Aki/Anna/Astral/Asuka/Otogi would make especially awesome Roadies... The instrument that the D-D wants to play? The ukulele.
  • Actually Yuya himself from the present time. Either in the form of a Superpowered Dark Is Not Evil Side or that Yuya is just Obfuscating Stupidity. Before his father disappeared (thanks to the Leo Corporation), he gave Yuya another deck and instructions to Take Up My Sword.
  • A wandering shipper trying to make sure Yuya and and Yuzu have the sex.
    • Dude, that's even less likely than my Ukulele thing...
    • His ploy is that by looking like Yuya, he deliberately fools her into thinking he is Yuya, as well as conveniently timing his exits with his entrances. Thus, he will make Yuya as badass as possible while demonstrating protectiveness towards Yuzu, thus increasing her attraction towards him.
    • Furthermore, the D-Wheeler in his flashback shipped Yuzu with Masumi, and the duel between the Dark Duelist and him was actually Ship-to-Ship Combat.
  • A descendant of Mizael. A dragon tamer with supernatural powers and a competent Xyz duelist. Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon has a very similar color scheme to No. 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon and uses the same roar sound effect. Additionally, he has a motorcycle riding opponent clad in white, who wields what appears to be a Light Dragon monster that uses the same roar sound effect as Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.
  • Yuzu's biological brother, who has come to look for her, and her actual name is Ruri. However, as Maiami City is better than his home, he decides to stay and protect her from afar.
  • A reincarnation of Yuya, sent back in time through the Pendulum to get what he needs to save the world and pass on. Basically, Yami, from the opposite side of the timeline.
  • Droite and Kaito's son, from ZEXAL. I mean, he has the eyes and hair, even the damn upright hairstyle.
  • A person from the real world who plays the card game and managed to somehow enter the TV show in order to make the show match the actual card game more. That MST speaks for itself.

Yuzu will defect over to LDS and pull a Face–Heel Turn due to not being able to fully trust Yuya thanks to the Dark Duelist.
  • It's very unlikely, but you never know.
  • Jossed.

The Dark Duelist/Yuto had something to do with whatever happened off-screen that required Reiji to cancel his duel with Yuya.
  • Confirmed. The Dark Duelist attacked Fusion Professor, Marco.
    • Not quite confirmed yet. It might have been Shun Kurosaki, a new character who is said to know the Dark Duelist and to have attacked LDS.
    • A flashback shows the Dark Duelist and Kurosaki apparently working together, and Kurosaki is shown to be able to seal souls into cards, which is shown to the fate of Marco as well as one of the main investigators in Marco's disappearance. Additionally, the claw marks Kurosaki's monster makes are identical to the ones that were at the site of Marco's disappearance. So while the Dark Duelist is not directly responsible for the attack, he's involved in some way.
  • Jossed-ish. It was in fact Kurosaki who attacked Marco.

The Dark Duelist/Yuto, will, at some point, get cornered in a duel where nobody thinks he can win...
  • ... Only to topdeck Mystical Space Typhoon and use it to destroy a Spell/Trap (or even Pendulum!) card that was integral to his opponent's combo, allowing him to secure victory.
    • Yuto and Michio both enter the tournament. They face each other. Yuto uses MST on Food Cemetery. Michio cries, his strategy totally ruined.
      • Oh for the love of God in heaven! When will these Mystical Space Typhoon guesses end?!
      • Never, because an anime character simply using the card is an instant level in badass.
      • Did it make Shark from ZEXAL more badass because he used it once? Just asking not arguing.
      • Yes, it certainly helped enforce his badassery (Face–Heel Revolving Door tendencies aside).

Yuzu was supposed to get Xyz, but Sora changed that
Her bracelet has been compared to Overlay Units, she has a connection towards the Xyz-using Dark Duelist, and her a few of her cards can special summon other monsters out to her field. The show was purposely trying to get viewers to assume that she'll get Xyz, so they could subvert it with Fusion.

And it we go by the theory that Sora is a time traveler: the reason why he was so hesitant to teach her was because he knew that she was destined to use Xyz in the future. He's teaching her Fusion so she can get stronger, because in the future, she's likely saving the world ala every main character (that duels) ever in the franchise.

  • It is not impossible she can do both.
  • Also, she has an Xyz counterpart, so this theory is probably jossed.

Sora is Yuya's and Yuzu's Kid from the Future
In Sora's timeline, Yuya and Yuzu were at the center of a 'Dueling Revolution', brought about by their shared mastery of all known summoning mechanics and as such, viewed as their generation's Yugi Muto. Hence his extensive knowledge of Duel Monsters: His parents are ones who re-discover it, so of course their child would know.

Under the pressure of the King and Queen of Games and being in the pro-leagues, one thing led to another, and the little guy was a teenage pregnancy. His hair-color and eye-color supports it (have a chart for ease of reading):Yuya: Green (and red) Hair - Red Eyes | Yuzu: Red Hair - Blue Eyes | Sora: Blue Hair - Green Eyes

He was sent back in time to preserve their timeline; what would happen if he doesn't is unknown, but the possibilities are largely narrowed down to (A) harmless alterations of history or (B) a Reality-Breaking Paradox.

Reji and either the Dark Duelist/Yuto or Kurosaki will duel for the duel at the end of the first arc
  • Jossed, despite the setup suggesting it.

The Mysterious D-Wheeler/Yugo is...
  • Someone who deliberately orchestrated an isolated Zero Reverse incident to destroy Heartland City.
    • and he is a hero for precluding any possible suffering of Yuma's dub voice.
    • That, or that's what caused him to be Driven to Villainy and vengeful, which makes him a reasonably sympathetic Anti-Villain.
    • Going to show up in the main.....timeline? Dimension? Whatever it ends up being as one of the main antagonists.
  • A user of both Synchro and Fusion monsters.
  • Jossed.

The dub names will be...
  • Yuzu Hiragi - Susie Harrison
    • Jossed. Her name is confirmed to be Zuzu Boyle.
  • Reiji Akaba - Ronald Akers
  • Rage.
    • It's confirmed to be Declan. Will his father and brother be renamed too? Desmond and Denzel, or something like that.
      • His last name, Akaba, is still the same, though.
  • Sora Shiun'in - Sunny Sheldon
    • Most likely Sky or Skylar
    • It is confirmed to be Sora Perse.
  • Noburo Gongenzaka - Gerald Norris
    • Bob Gerald
      • It's confirmed to be Gong Strong.
  • Shingo Sawatari - Soren Smith
    • Jossed. His name is Sylvio Sawatari.
  • Himika Akaba - Helen Akers
    • It is confirmed to be Henrietta Akaba.
  • Masumi Kotsu - Julie Belle
    • Almost. It's Julia Krystal.
  • Hokuto Shijima - Astro North
    • It's confirmed to be Dipper O'Rion! (Northern Star theme is still there, though)
  • Yaiba Todo - Blade Torrence
    • Close. His name is Kit Blade.
  • Shuzou Hiragi - Samuel Harrison
    • It's confirmed to be Skip Boyle!
  • Ruri - Lily
    • Almost. Her name is Lulu.
  • Shun Kurosaki - Sean/Shawn Blackhawk
    • It is confirmed to be Shay.
  • Yugo - Fyuse
    • There's no reason for Yugo's name to be changed in the slightest, seeing as he's a Yu- character.
  • Do we need to assume the worst? They only slightly changed the names of several 5D's characters (and some for the better if you ask me) and if the Yu in Yuzu's name is significant, they might try to keep it in. It's too early to say though. So we will see.
    • Yes, because this troper is The Cynic. And 5D's had a lot of English or otherwise non-Japanese names, like Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Rex Goodwin, etc. Aki's name change was stupid, several others were just blatant Americanization. Even Duel Monsters and GX had a field day with Americanization, and as for ZEXAL... Reginald Kastle. Enough said, really.
      • Or Adrian Gecko (lampshaded by Manjoume/Chazz). Or Anna Kaboom.
    • This troper sees "Soren" as an improvement over "Shingo".
      • This troper was too tired to come up with another S-name that was noticeably Americanized at the time.
      • He's always called by his last name, anyway.
    • If you ask me, the names of Yuzu, Sora and Reiji are probably safe from being altered too badly: the others have a decent chance of being altered though.
    • Actually this troper would like to point out that in the last few years unless your name is overly Japanese, the Dub names are... reasonable. Main character stays the same, the main female tends to have a similar name (Yuzu is difficult to work with mind you), the main rival will have their names unchanged (Kite. Kaito is the pronunciation people. And technically Shark, no-one calls him Reginald/Ryoga aside from his sister.) If you have an English Name you're safe (Jack Atlas.) and most other characters either get sorted with similar names (Luka and Lua become Leo and Luna. Easier for kids to remember,) have their names almost unchanged (Kat,) or have it changed to something fitting (Flip). If one wants to argue on the details Bronk Stone is a name word linked with stone/metal family name (Tetsuo is Iron)... and don't ask me why they changed Takashi/Caswell. From one relatively standard name to another.
      • It doesn't really make sense in the case of explicitly Japanese characters who live in Japan itself. Granted, changing the names does make more sense in the case that the dubbing company caters the show towards kids, unlike the original demographic.
      • And what was the reason to change the names of Johan Andersen (Jesse Anderson) or Austin O'Brien (Axel Brodie)?
      • Apparently, even Johan and Austin too exotic for North American viewers. Too European, maybe.
      • But they always call O'Brien by his last name, anyway.
      • Troper who posted the text block above here. Johan, Austin and Declan all fall under the Caswell argument. That is, the argument of stupefying me. Although I would like to note that Gong is continuing another dub name tradition, shortened, similar sounding, names. Jounouchi becoming Joey. Jou-ee.
      • Actually, so far, the names honestly aren't horrendous. Gong is a shortened one, Ally for Ayu is relatively similar, Hokuto is Dipper, which retains the meaning of his original name (meaning "Big Dipper"), and though it might not be clear at first, Reiji to Declan is actually reasonable - they're both "rich kid" names (see Ace Attorney's Reiji Mitsurugi to Miles Edgeworth name change). Additionally, Yoko seems to be keeping her name, so we'll see about characters like Yuzu.
      • Gong and Dipper aren't names; they're objects. Ally is pointless, considering how easy Ayu is to pronounce. Declan loses the "zero" Family Theme Naming pun; even if it is kept in only as a Bilingual Bonus, the change still devalues the original. And Skip Boyle is just terrible. It's confirmed he's an adult; so it's most likely Nico Smiley (dumb, but not THAT dumb), or Shuzou.

The LDS Duelist trio will return during the Junior Youth Tournament as direct opponents
Yuya will end up dueling at least one of the two he didn't duel before: either Yaiba or Masumi.
  • Jossed for Masumi. She lost to Yuzu.
  • Jossed for Yaiba as well.

Yuto's deck is...
Based around the "Dark Rebellion" archetype, which has synergy with "Phantom" Magic cards. For example, one "Dark Rebellion" monster may allow him to send a "Phantom" Magic card from his deck to the graveyard, allowing use of the sent card's effect, to perform a search, while another may allow banished "Phantom" Magic cards to be activated onto the field, adding a recycling aspect. Additionally, he will obtain "Rank-Up-Magic Phantom Force" to evolve his ace. "Dark Rebellion Chaos Dragon" could be a likely name.
  • Jossed. His deck is more like Yuya's, focusing on the Phantom Knights monsters, but with "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" as the ace.

Yuto wants to mold Yuzu into his Ruri
  • Even though Yuto recognizes that Yuzu isn't Ruri, he initially takes the Polymerization card from her because he wants her to use Xyz like Ruri (possibly) did. He wants her to be a replacement for Ruri, even if he knows that they're not the same person.
    • He didn't actually take the Polymerization. He seems to have dropped it or put it back, since Yuya picks it up at the end of the episode, it having been missed when he put Yuzu's deck back in her duel disk for her.
    • Sora gave her two copies (if not three). We see a second copy as she looks through her deck in episode 18.
  • On the flip side, he said it didn't "suit her" because Ruri used it, and something happened to her as a result.
  • From what I saw so far, while Yuto does seem to be stalking her, I don't think he'd go that far. Mr. Shun 'I will steal people's souls' Kurosaki, on the other hand.....
  • Jossed. He mentioned Fusion as being their enemies' summon, but he's glad to see that she is using it to protect her own friends and secure her own future. He's actively trying to rescue Ruri from, according to Kurosaki, the captivity of Leo Akaba.

Shun Kurosaki is Haruto Tenjo
Both have psychic abilities. Eyes and hair same color. Xyz monsters and this city [1] is Heartland...
  • As much as I'd like to jump on this one, Haruto's hair is much lighter in coloration, and his supernatural powers disappeared after he was released from Vector's Demonic Possession. He's also really not the angry, bitter type, unless Kaito died. But in that case, he probably would be using Galaxy/Photon as opposed to Raid Raptors. On the other hand, a small part of this troper would be perfectly okay with him suddenly summoning any of the Galaxy-Eyes, Continuity Snarl aside.
    • Well, Kaito did have a heart condition.
      • That was a result of overuse of Photon Change when hunting Numbers. Haruto was the one with Soap Opera Disease, but apparently Demonic Possession and then being relieved of it cured him.
    • Jossed. There is no mention of Haruto and Kaito having a sister.

Yuzu will at some point try to track down Yuto while leaving her bracelet at home/with another character to see if she can get any answers without being interrupted that way.

Yuzu will be disqualified from the Junior Youth Championship
  • For using a 39 card deck, as a result of her not realizing Yuya took one of her Polymerizations. Thus, a whole clusterfuck of events is set off which could have been easily avoided if the writers were not so hellbent on screwing over the female characters.
    • Can we just assume for a moment the writers are not that bad. 5D's issues with Aki were not as much their fault as the guys in change saying 'Blackwings are selling like ramen at a Naruto convention, make Crow a major character'. Plus deck counts aren't really something that comes up in the show outside of Battle City's final and duels with deck out strategies.
    • The writers have a repeated tendency to shaft the supporting cast, but the females generally have it worse than the males, Executive Meddling aside. The last 20 or so episodes of ZEXAL, despite being a decent series up until then, went to crap because of the poor execution of the plot and undramatic slaughter of nearly the entire supporting cast. Granted, the duels were great, and even some of the character development was decent as well, but it was largely disappointing. Rio gets hit especially hard by this, even before the arc starts. Anna and Droite also are subject to this. Furthermore, even if they wanted to promote Crow to the forefront in the case of the 5D's anime, they didn't have to in a manner that completely and absolutely undermined Aki's role in Team 5D's. And the 40-60 card deck rule has been long established in the OCG/TCG. It's not unrealistic to assume that this would carry over to the anime.
  • In episode 22, she's seen looking for her card back at the docks, so she's aware of losing it. Plus, in episode 23's preview Yuya realizes he put Polymerization in his deck by accident and realizes his mistake. So chances of her card being returned are high. Plus, she should have extra cards. What replaces her field spell cards (When her cards were dropped, "Sanctuary in the Sky" can be seen. Action Duels require a special Field for players to move around and actually use action cards) when she's in an Action Duel?
    • This troper doesn't understand Japanese, so it was assumed she was looking for Yuto or something like that. And the reason she had Sanctuary in the Sky was because she wasn't dueling in Action Fields— she was purposefully avoiding You Show Duel School in favor of training at the docks with Sora. Granted, this WMG came about on the basis that she'd be too shaken up by her repeated incursions with Yuto to realize her deck was below the limit when building it for the tournament.
    • Considering she was looking for the card in episode 22, I'd say there's a good chance she won't be kicked out for a lack of cards. She'd aware of it, and likely can just substitute something else in, like a Mystical Space Typhoon as some people on this page fanboy.
  • Jossed. Yuya returns her card after his duel with Mieru. So there's no problem.

Yuya and Yuto cannot meet each other because they are the same person from alternate dimensions
In some science fictions, meeting your other self is impossible. If this happens, there will be a catastrophe, and the bracelet is made to prevent this.

Related to the above, if Yuya and Yuto do manage to meet at some point, something really strange will happen.
  • What would occur would result in a massive paradox causing ARC-V to go from a Shounen anime to a Boys' Love anime.
    • Well, that one almost happened...
  • Or it ends up like the last Scooby Doo program, with reality resetting to the starting series, or something like that.
  • Jossed. Yuya is forewarned about Yuto's appearance and appropriately weirded out, but Yuto barely reacts at all.
    • Well, technically, something strange does end up just takes Yuto losing a duel and Yuzu's bracelet turning up at the same time to happen.

Hokuto will teach Yuya how to Xyz Summon
Yuzu asked Sora, Gongenzaka asked Yaiba. It actually makes sense. It is also the first or second step to master all kinds of Summoning.
  • Likely Jossed, as Yuya has now used Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, courtesy of Yuto and his Superpowered Evil Side.
    • Jossed forever now that Hokuto was carded.

Kurosaki's LDS hit list:
  • Next is Masumi, whom he will encounter separate from Yuzu, and Yuto will be too busy stalking Yuzu to restrain him.
  • Hokuto and Yaiba, in no particular order, will follow because they'd notice Masumi's absence. Alternatively, they may try to 3v1 him and still become subject to The Worf Effect.
    • Confirmed, since he does duel them in episode 24.
    • And smashes all 3 into dust on his second turn, which he starts off with no hand, no field, and 10 LP. Also Yuto was with Yuzu elsewhere at the time.
  • Very eventually will be Reiji Akaba.
    • Kurosaki encounters Reiji, but whether or not the duel will commence immediately is unclear.
    • It doesn't, Kurosaki instead becomes an Enemy Mine for Reiji, at least for the Tournament Arc.
    • Furthermore, Kurosaki didn't ever have a hit-list so much as he was trying to draw Reiji's attention.

In Kurosaki's duel with the LDS trio.
  • The duel will be interrupted before it can end, or if they lose they will be saved by Yuto first.
  • One of the boys, mostly likely Hokuto since he's done less than the other two, will undergo a Heroic Sacrifice to save his friends.
    • Both Jossed, he One Turn Kills all three of them with his ace, Raid Raptors Rise Falcon.

Yuya is a clone of Yuto.
  • Alternatively, they're both clones from the same source. The point is, Leo Corporation had a department attempting to genetically engineer superpowered duelists, but, for whatever reason, Yuya came up short. Yusho, working in the department, took pity on him and adopted him, raising him as his own son. However, Yuto escaped, prompting Leo to call in Yusho to help track him down, otherwise he would have to forfeit Yuya for testing to replace Yuto. Not wanting Yuya to be caught up in all of this, Yusho disappears without a trace, in order to capture Yuto, so that he can keep Yuya safe from Leo.
  • Jossed. They're alternate universe versions of each other.

When Yuya duels Gongenzaka
  • He will discover Pendulum Synchro.
  • Discover the power of Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • Tie or Win, but a technicality allows Gongenzaka to be in the tournament anyway.
    • The qualifications are based on win percentage. Yuya was just shy of meeting the requirements, but Gongenzaka has probably won enough that he can still qualify even after losing to Yuya.
    • Jossed, but Gongenzaka still has time to get a few more duels in to fix that. Confirmed, he made it in time for another episode.

Sora defected/ran away from the Fusion Faction
  • Sora used to work for Yuto's enemies, but decided he didn't want to fight anymore and left for Maiami City.
  • However at some point he'll either choose or be forced to rejoin and become an antagonist.
  • Partially jossed, he's a part of it, and no defection yet.

Yuya's summoning methods (sans Pendulum summon) are progressing as the series as a whole did
First, Yuya normal summoned Odd-Eyes Dragon (ala the original series) then, ignoring Pendulum Summon, Fusion Summoned using Yuzu's Polymerization (GX) and next, he will probably Synchro Summon. Then Xyz Summon.
  • Actually, the true GX Fusion Summoning he will learn is Contact Fusion. Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a Contact Fusion Monster.
    • Apparently, Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon isn't a Contact Fusion Monster in the anime.
      • In the real life game, it turns out that Special Summoning this card with Contact Fusion is optional. This card can be Fusion Summoned with a Fusion card as well.
  • There will probably also be an Accel Synchro and CXyz version of Odd-Eyes.
  • Jossed, he got XYZ before Synchro. It is instead a case of Yuya's summoning methods evolving as the Arc-V series revealed them. (Fusion with Sora, Xyz with Yuto and Synchro with Yaiba).

When Yugo appears in the present
  • He will be an Affably Evil Punch-Clock Villain, as a foil to Kurosaki and Yuto.
  • Or otherwise not be as bad as he appeared to be in the flashback.
  • He feels like he is the underdog, just trying to survive against the onslaught of Xyz users.
  • Confirmed, with a hefty dose of klutz and goofiness that seems like the end result of having Yuma in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's.
  • Actually Jossed, as he's not a villain at all.

Yugo is not a Synchro user, but a Fusion user
It is only assumed by the fans that he is a Synchro user because he's a D-Wheeler, but it was never stated whether his monster really was a Synchro monster or not. We know that Yuto and Kurosaki's enemies use Fusion monsters. During the 3-on-1, Kurosaki only got an angry reaction towards Masumi's Fusion Summoning, but not to Yaiba's Synchro Summoning. There is also an implication that Yugo is connected to Ruri's kidnapping. Yugo's name is a homonym for the Japanese word for "fusion" (e.g. 'Yugo' Shoukan). And in 5D's there were at least three D-Wheelers who used Fusions: Jack, Sherry and Yusei. Ergo, I think Yugo is a Fusion user.

Reira's Deck uses the Outer God, Elder God, and Great Old God cards.
Think about it for a moment. Himika is trying to make Reira a prodigy like Reiji. What's Reiji's claim to fame? Using Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz in one Deck. With the reveal of Outer God Azathoth, which has a nuke effect if it has all three of the above as Xyz Materials, the Lovecraft Gods focus on pulling the same thing that Reiji can, so they would be the perfect cards for Himika to have Reira use in order to make him as good as Reiji.
  • Looking at those cards, they rely on a duelist using Fusion, Synchro and Xyz summons in perfect tandem, plus they don't look so powerful that they'd be better seen in their dad's hands so it looks like Reira can have them. The only problem is that none of them explain what Reira is doing in that preview.
    • Jossed. Reira seems to be using a CC(C) deck that copies the opponent's monsters.

During Yuzu and Masumi's second duel.
  • Due to the reactions of Masumi and Kurosaki in the preview, the memory erasure will be broken when Yuzu tells them.
  • The duel will end up in a draw or canceled because of this.
  • Or Masumi will lose because her scrambled memories make her sick or something.
  • If she does regain her memories, she will be dismissed by the rest of LDS and be ostracized and thought of as hallucinatory. Reiji will attempt to reinstate the memory erasure.
  • All four are jossed. The issue only comes up in Yuzu's head, and the duel proceeds like a regular duel. In the end: Yuzu wins.

At some point in the MCS, Yuzu will have to duel Yuya.
  • Jossed.

Yugo is actually counterpart of Sawatari, not Yuya
Just look at his smug face in the new opening!
  • Recent scan leaves this up for debate.
  • And now some people convinced he is a counterpart of Sora! Let's start making bets.
    • Jossed after Episode 35. He has Yuya's face too.

From the position in the 2nd opening...
Because Sora was shown with the LDS students in the opening, he will end up leaving You Show and joining LDS, whether or not because he ends up losing to Kurosaki for whatever reason.
  • The 2nd ending also doesn't show Sora up to greet Yuya in the end like the others.
  • Partially Jossed. He leaves You Show, but not to join LDS.

Future MCS duels will be...
  • Yuya vs Yuzo Tanegashima, the ace of the Surprise School who looks suspiciously similar to Yusho.
    • Jossed. Gongenzaka is dueling this guy.
  • Yuzu vs Mikiyo Naname, the ace of the Duel Girls Club. She also looks like a Fairy-type user.
    • Confirmed.
  • Gongenzaka vs Isao Kachidoki from the Ryozanpaku School, who looks like an Asian folklore-based fighter.
    • Jossed. Yuya is dueling Kachidoki.
  • Gongenzaka vs one of the Knight School. Samurai vs Knight.
    • Jossed.

The events of episode 35 will strangle Yuya and Yuzu's friendship
The preview of episode 35 shows Sora dueling Yuto and Yuya intervenes and (finally) gets to see Yuto face-to-face. Most probaly Yuto will identify himself as one of Kurosaki's comrades. Yuya will then take it bad, after all Kurosaki injured Sora and turned Yuya's precious Action Duels into a battlefield, so he'll side with Sora out of friendship without knowing better.

But, when he gets to tell Yuzu about Yuto, Yuzu will try to explain to him Yuto and Kurosaki's side of the story as she get to interact wth Yuto more than Yuya did. Yuya will then get furious that she has been keeping Yuto's existence secret and will see her bad for siding with someone that injured Sora. This will get a very bad stain on their relationship and will be a Deconstruction of The Power of Friendship theme that it's all around Yu-Gi-Oh series.

  • Seems to be somewhat confirmed. While there is no strain so far on their friendship, this causes Yuya to side with Sora (or rather, the prospect of Yuto hurting Sora does.)
  • Jossed. Aside from Yuya actually questioning Sora's motivations, he and Yuzu talk about the plot in episode 38.

Sawatari isn't the one who is a Decoy Main Character
Sora was the decoy all along, and his main character status will be claimed by both Kurosaki and Yuto.
  • Jossed on two fronts: Sawatari became a Lancer, so now he's a major character again, and Yuto is Put on a Bus, so it's not likely he'll be a main character.

In the Yuto vs. Sora Duel...
  • Yuzu will show up, and since Yuya is there, Yuto will be teleported away by the bracelet, leaving the result inconclusive.
    • This happens right as Yuto activates a Rank-Up-Magic.
      • Seems to be Jossed, as the preview indicate that Yuto will be sticking around for a few episodes, but could still happen.
  • Des-Toy Scissor Bear will be unable to equip itself with Yuto's Spell Monster Cards, since they will be banished if they leave the field. Even if they would go to the graveyard. They are Spell Cards in the graveyard and not Monster Cards.
    • Jossed. It successfully grabs an Xyz Monster.

Yugo is a lone mercenary, and possibly a Psycho for Hire.
Episode 37's summary calls him "The Fusion Side's Agent", meaning he works for Academia, yet he uses Synchro Summoning, not Fusion. Yugo may only be working for them because he gets paid a load of money or because he likes destroying stuff, as hinted at by his Slasher Smile in Yuto's flashback.
  • Or they pay him with cards. Remember Sawatari's trio?
    • Welp, this was Jossed. Yugo's not even with Academia, and he's not a psycho, either.

The shadowed person in the 2nd Opening is Ruri
The person right after Yugo. Some fans suspect that it's Ruri and they are at least convinced that the person is female.
  • Possible but unlikely. Lightening the image gives you a pretty good view of the face, which has the same structure, in addition to the exact eye structure, as Yuya, Yuto and Yugo. It's most likely the Academia-aligned version of Yuya.
  • The person is revealed to be Yuri. And judging from the face, it's apparently another Yuya-lookalike. Also, Yuri has no girlish eyelashes, so Yuri is probably a guy, regardless of the pink part of the hair.
  • Jossed. It's Yuri.

Yuzu is Ruri
Yuzu doesn't resemble her father in the slightest, but she and Kurosaki have the exact same hairstyle (watch the bangs). Moreover, Shuzou does not know where her bracelet came from, only claiming that 'she's always had it'. Yuzu correctly points out that she can't have been born with it. Likely, Ruri escaped (or was rescued) from the Academia after having her memories erased, was found with the bracelet on and adopted by Shuzou. Following from that, Yuzu doesn't remember where she got the bracelet herself either. As evidenced by the LDS Trio, the means to erase memories most certainly exist in the ARC-V world.

Ruri's own brother believed Yuzu to be her, not upon first seeing her, but after hearing her voice, which is a more reliable indicator than looks. Yuto's reasoning that Yuzu can't be Ruri (because she uses Fusion) is flimsy at best. In a world where Fusion never had any of the negative connotations it has in Kurosaki and Yuto's homeworld, she has no reason to fear it. Yuzu's ace, Bloom Diva, may be a Fusion monster, but its effect is thematically similar to that of Kurosaki's ace: both are monsters that target Special Summoned monsters and gain strength from fighting them. Of course, it must be a happy coincidence that Yuzu's ace features the word Bloom — the second kanji of Kurosaki (presumably also Ruri's family name).

On a more meta level, the frequent cold cuts between Kurosaki and Yuzu when they're in the same scene together hint at a definite connection.

  • A problem with that is that Yuzu has been friends with Yuya and Gon forever, and Ruri has not been missing nearly that long. Yuzu's dad has stated she always had the bracelet. So the most likely option is that Yuzu is a long lost twin sister or something.
    • There's actually no real indication of how long they have been friends. We never get to see a young Yuzu interacting with young Yuya and young Gonzengaka. Likewise, we don't know when exactly Ruri disappeared, or how old she was. And if Reiji could insert Kurosaki seamlessly into LDS and make everyone believe he's always been there (it has to extend beyond the LDS trio—think of all the teachers, classmates, ...), surely it can't be too much of a problem to modify the memories of a handful of people. If Yuzu's had the bracelet the entire time she's been Shuzou's daughter, and Shuzou believes she's always been his daughter, then that logically extends to 'always had it'.
  • Jossed. Ruri was seen in Ep. 38's preview, and just like Yuto in comparison to Yuya, Ruri looks like her, but with different hair (dark blue, like her brother) and eyes (green).
    • Not necessarily. The girl introduced in Ep. 38 actually appears to be Yuzu's Fusion counterpart.
      • Confirmed to be a girl named Serena.
    • Check out this Tumblr post. Be sure to read both the original post (click "Read More") and the additional comments.
      • Considering that Leo specifically called Yuzu the 'fourth piece' he needed, and that Yuri personally confirmed his capture of Ruri and Rin (Synchro Yuzu), I'd have to say this theory is jossed.
  • Forever Jossed. We see Ruri in episode 75, and she's a different person.

Yuya will gain access to Xyz summoning during a duel against Kurosaki.
  • Jossed

Kurosaki will track down and confront Yuya
And considering his personality, it'll hardly be a civil discussion. Kurosaki was obviously upset about not knowing the whereabouts of Yuto, and he'll impulsively assign blame to Yuya and be absolutely livid. However, Yuzu will be there to save Yuya's skin and help talk sense into Kurosaki.
  • Alternatively, Kurosaki will freak out and try to hurt Yuya (Kurosaki does not really care about people who are not his comrades, after all). This will lead to Yuya being possessed by something dark again.
  • Jossed. Kurosaki tries to talk to him when Reiji calls them both together, but Yuto emerges and calls him off.

Reiji will Ritual Summon in episode 40
Come on, give him an EARTH Ritual DDD already.
  • Jossed, he Fusion Summons and Xyz Summons two new DDD monsters, but no Ritual.

Reiji will convince Yuya to join the fight for their world by promising to help him figure out how to get Yuto back to normal.
Since it seems Yuya and Yuto did indeed merge together, I imagine one of Yuya's main concerns upon realizing this will be finding a way to reverse the process. However, as the tournament progresses and the two gradually get to know each other better and learn how to work together, they don't really figure out much as to how they can get Yuto back to normal since they'd barely know anything about how or why they got fused together. So, once the tournament ends and Yuya learns the truth about why Reiji held the tournament, naturally, he wouldn't want to take part in the fight, and Yuto probably wouldn't want to get involved in it either. However, Reiji, having somehow learned of their current situation, offers to help them find a solution if Yuya agrees to help him in return. With a lack of other options available, Yuya will reluctantly accept the offer.
  • This seems to be jossed at least partially. In the subs, Reiji's comment was more that he assumed that Yuya had Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon than he knew what was going on with Yuya.

In dub, LDS will be renamed to DDS
Because LDS sounds like official name of Mormon sect, and also reminds of LSD. Leo and Reira also will get names what starts with D.
  • Or because it is too easy for people to link of LSD because of the name.
  • Jossed. It's actually LID.

Yuzu will become a Living MacGuffin and a Damsel in Distress
Because as awesome as it would be for her to become a badass and plot-relevant character, in Yugioh, female leads are either The Chick and/or The Heart, providing little more then emotional support, Dark Action Girls, or spunky strong side-characters. Considering that Academia is trying to kidnap her, it's only a matter of time before they succeed, forcing a rescue arc. Possibly, whatever the Yuzu's are needed for will go through and a stronger Big Bad will be revealed/unleashed through their power, and Yuya (and possibly some of his counterparts) will save the day. The fact that there's Ship Tease between Yuya and Yuzu would only make a rescue arc more likely.
  • Mai, Aki, Rio... the track record for major female duelists is terrible thanks to the Yu-Gi-Oh! writers. But hey, if they maintain a solid level of badassery for Yuzu throughout the series, then good on them for improving.
  • Actually, given Serena, who is effectively under lock and key and yet still manages to routinely bust out and kick a few asses before being caught again and has managed to flee across dimensions this time, I'm expecting Yuzu and her counterparts to pan out as the Damsel out of Distress trope, or at least cause some problems for their captors (this may be a bit optimistic, but I'd pay to see Yuzu, Serena, Ruri and Rin plan an elaborate breakout).
  • Thankfully Jossed, though she comes close.

Reiji's Lancers will include Yuya and Yuzu
Call it a hunch.
  • Yuya yes, Yuzu no but is regarded as a honorary member.

Yuya's next four MCS opponents
After reading the JYC information, the first round had 32 matches and the second round has 16 matches. That means the third round will have eight matches, the fourth will have four, the fifth will have two, and sixth round is the finale. Yuya (as well as Yuzu and Gongenzaka) advanced to the third round, so Yuya needs four victories to win the JYC. So, here are the guesses. Note: Reiji won't duel Yuya in the JYC because he is the host and doesn't participate in MCS at all, and second, he is too old and even if he would participate, he would be either in the Youth Championship or in the Pro Championship.
  • Kurosaki. Probably in the final or semi-finals, but he could also be an early opponent, so Yuya can clarify the confusion as soon as possible.
  • Yuzu and/or Gongenzaka, probably rather Yuzu than Gongenzaka.
  • One of the two LDS exchange students, Dennis and Halil. Possibly even both if he's "lucky".
    • In the third round, Yuzu is dueling Halil and is tagging with Gongenzaka against Halil and Olga, the third exchange student. Yuya is tagging with Dennis against Takeda and Umesugi.
      • Later on in the same round, Yuzu is dueling Dennis.
  • The ace of the Knight School. They do look suspicious.
    • Unfortunately, in the end of Episode 44, all of the duelists from the Knight School has been carded.
  • A member of Academia, who infiltrates the tournament.
    • Not actually infiltrating, and they aren't participating in the tournament either, but Yuya duels the Obelisk Force.
  • If episode 42's name and synopsis is any indication, a battle royale is going to happen.
    • This might be unrelated to the MCS. My guess it would be Reiji vs Serena vs Yuri or Reiji vs Serena & Yuri.
      • Recent magazine scans have confirmed the battle royale part. Yuya will duel two students from the Ryozanpaku Duel School.
  • Due to the Battle Royale in the third round, a lot of of participants will be eliminated at once, so Yuya will participate in less rounds, but he possibly could duel more opponents than usually.
    • Nico confirmed in episode 41 that the Battle Royale round will eliminate half the total number of players like any other round so it is likely that there will be 3 rounds afterwards left which is not less than a usual tournament.
    • All entries are jossed; the tournament is canceled after the Battle Royale.

The Professor isn't Leo Akaba
Everyone is assuming the Professor is Leo, because Reiji assumes so after Serena references the Professor. Serena never confirms nor denies this- she doesn't say anything in response to that. While it's possible that she didn't say anything because he was right, it's also possible that she didn't say anything because he was wrong and she wanted to let him draw his own incorrect conclusions. Either one is possible.
  • Jossed in Episode 41. Reiji directly addressed Professor as "father".

Kurosaki will pull a Big Damn Heroes moment of sorts during Yuya's duel against those two guys from the Ryozanpaku Duel School.
Since he wants to ask Yuya about why he has Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and Yuya's opponents are using Fusion monsters, I wouldn't be too surprised if Kurosaki were to show up, defeat those guys and then drag Yuya off somewhere to talk.
  • In line with the WMG about Kurosaki tracking down Yuya above, it may turn into a nastier Villainous Rescue.
  • Jossed, Kurosaki is fighting the Knight-themed Duelists in a three-on one match, the one who pulls off the Big Damn Heroes moment is Dennis.

Yuya will use Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon as an attempt to avoid Xyz and Fusion monsters
Considering Academia and Berserk Mode, I don't think Yuya will want to keep using them. Perhaps Reiji will duel him to give him a reminder that it's not the card type, but the evil organization that is the cause of both problems he's seeing with them.
  • Based on episode 50 and the previews to 51, jossed.

In a pinch, Yuya will bet some of the Pendulum cards he already has.
His deck already has Pendulum Cards in it, so that will give him a buffer against those that are just throwing random cards into their deck.
  • Jossed.

Yuri is already in the Standard Dimension and is participating in the MCS.
Seeing that he was tasked to get Yuzu on Episode 37, he must have left the Fusion Dimension before Serena and Sora did. When he arrived in Standard, he caught word about MCS and that Yuzu is participating in it. From the theory above, he could be very good in disguise. He may bumped into one of the competitors, took their identity and proceeded to the MCS as them.
  • Additionally, the competitor whose identity he stole was Dennis. He attacked the real Dennis, put him into a card, and used some type of unexplained yet device from the Fusion Dimension to steal his likeness. That would mean that the Dennis we've been seeing is actually Yuri. The preview for episode 44 seems to support this theory, as it shows us Dennis getting creepily close to Yuzu, with her obviously feeling uncomfortable about it. As for his reason for helping out Yuya, I've got nothing.
    • If that happens then his plan is going to backfire thanks to Serena, who has her eyes on carding Dennis thanks to seeing him Xyz summoning in his tag duel...and stopped watching the screen just seconds before her actual target, Kurosaki, appeared on-screen.
      • Maybe, maybe not. Yuri is very likely a better duelist then Serena, so if she does target him (which is very possible) and Dennis really is Yuri in disguise, then I see one of two things happening. Either he pulls her to the side and changes back into Yuri to show her he's not an enemy (this scene could be used to show the viewers that Dennis isn't really Dennis, and maybe also to show that Yuri and Serena have a pre-existing relationship,) or he accepts to duel her and mops the floor with her. If it's the former, then Serena will go on her merry way to fine someone else to target and Yuri will be free to continue his plan. If it's the latter, then the duel will be used to show that there's more to "Dennis" then meets the eye (heck, the mere fact that he would be able to beat her is a pretty big red flag,) probably by having him say suggestive dialogue ("oh, are you really sure I'm an enemy?" type of things,) or by having him do some questionable things during the duel, or maybe both! Either way, I don't see Serena being too much of a problem for Yuri.
    • OP here. I have my suspicions on Dennis even if he seems to be a nice guy. An explanation to why Yuri would help Yuya as Dennis, he might be putting him into some false sense of security. When he took Dennis's identity, he may have done some research on Dennis and probably learned that Dennis admired Yusho. I'm willing to bet that if Yusho is actually in or is somewhat connected with the Fusion Dimension/Academia, Yuri may have been informed on what is going on with Yusho. If Yuri is Dennis, I'm guessing that he is not as racist as Sora and Serena since he performed Xyz without a sweat...that or he is an opportunist.
      • Episode 45 reveals that he has Polymerization which is odd since he is introduced as an exchange student of the Xyz course and that he was distracted when he noticed silhouettes of the Obelisk Force.
      • Episode 45 also seems to imply that Dennis, in some way, knows Serena (or, at least is familiar with her deck,) since he inner monologues "Just as I thought" when she summons Moonlight Cat Dancer, seemingly meaning that he anticipated her summoning it. Serena, however, didn't recognize Dennis. So, how could Dennis know Serena, but Serena not know Dennis? Simple, Dennis is in disguise! It's possible she knows him, she just doesn't know she knows him. Now, if Dennis is Yuri then them knowing one another would make sense, because the show has seemingly been implying that all the Yuyas and Yuzus know each other.
    • Though Dennis has Xyz summoned, he has not used Trapeze Magician to give the final blow, but as a means to an end, so to speak. He let Yuya give the final strike against the Ryozanpaku due and (curiously) switched his Xyz monster for Yuzu's Fusion monster. Just sayin'.
  • Jossed. Yuri appeared from a different dimension in Episode 46.

The eight participants who will be eliminated in the Battle Royale are...
Halil and Olga, assuming that Yuzu and Gongenzaka are able to defeat them and the reverse case doesn't happen; the three Knight duelists who are dueling Kurosaki; Takeda and Umesugi, who will be ass-kicked by Yuya and Dennis; Michio, who will probably be assaulted by both Ninja duelists. Edit: I forgot that the Fisher duelists is also there.
  • Although, it should be noted that the Battle Royale lasts 24 hours, and they are more than just 32 Pendulum cards to collect, so even if you lose, you're not automatically eliminated.
    • Also, none of the duelists bet both of his/her Pendulum Cards, so they won't get eliminated so soon anyway.
  • Spoilers for episode 44 and 45 reveal that the three knights are going to be sealed into cards. So, they won't make it to the fourth round.
  • Spoilers for episode 48 to 50 reveal that Michio will be sealed into a card and that Yuzu is missing. Yuzu disappeared with Yugo somewhere.
  • In episode 47, Halil and Olga are "carded" by Yuri. The cards are currently in Yuzu's possession.
  • Hikage and Teppei are also carded like Michio in episode 47.

Dennis is Yuya's Johan
Dennis's archetype seems to be based of Entermages, something that sounds similar to Entermate. He comes from the Broadway branch, so his dueling style might resemble Yuya's Entertainment style. We can assume that their similarities will bond them and they become best buddies, similar to Judai and Johan or Yusei and Bruno.
  • And considering his name lacking the obligatory "Jo", it would be revealed that his last name is "Jones".
  • Dennis' last name is actually Macfield. Though he could still befriend Yuya.
    • It's possible that he has a middle or first name with "Jo".
  • Jossed: His role is to be The Mole.

Yuri has indeed infiltrated Standard undercover already. But not as a MCS participant. He is in Sakuragi's squad
Check this picture. See the guy behind Yuu Sakuragi? Purple hair. Pink clothes. Long bangs to hide eyes and atrocious eyebrows. It would be really funny if Yuri was hiding all this time right under Reiji's nose!
  • Jossed.

Dennis is actually a part of Sakuragi's squad
Judging by the fact that he has Polymerization in his deck, Dennis can use both Xyz and Fusion summons, and since the show has been treating the ability to use multiple summoning methods as something special, you would think Dennis would be on the top of Reiji's list of potential recruits for protecting the Standard Dimension from the Fusion Dimension. The reason we don't see him with the others is just because he's been having too much fun with the tournament to want to go to the "squad meetings." Inevitably, he will be chewed out by Yuu Sakuragi for playing around with Yuya and Yuzu when he should have been looking for signs of the Obelisk Force and dueling them.
  • Jossed. He is a Fusion agent.

Jack and Crow were manipulated by Academia into attacking Maiami City
This is probably a false rumor, as the setting is not in Maiami City anymore.
  • Jossed. Neither one has done such a thing.

About Dennis after the reveal.
  • His true ace, the Fusion, will be some sort of Evil Sorcerer
    • Jossed, it is just an Ancient gear monster.
  • Yuya will end up with his old Xyz either taking it or being given it.

Sora and Yuya's second duel.
  • Yuya will bring Sora back to the light
  • Sora will start to change, but then get a Heel–Face Door-Slam.
  • Yuya will go berserk again and crushes Sora and shocks him. Bonus points, if he's using his terrifying Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon.
    • Jossed. Yuya does summon Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, but the duel is ended by the Battle Royale ending with no winner.

Jack and Crow are misunderstood
Jack and Crow aren't invaders, they were just transported into Standard maybe by accident and Reiji not taking any chances sent the Lancers to duel them and they just counterattacked.
  • Jossed. Neither one has ever left their dimension.

Yugo personally knows Jack and Crow.
And the whole reason why Jack and Crow go to Standard in the first place is because they're looking for him.
  • Going with that, depending on how old they are here, Yugo will be revealed to be Yusei or Jack's son.
  • Jossed. He only knows Jack as a superstar, and doesn't recognize Crow.

Ruri and Rin will share the same seiyuu, and it will be the other member of P☆Cute
Yuya and Yuzu share the same seiyuus with their Fusion counterparts. Yuto and Yugo have also the same voice (actually not, their seiyuus are twins, but they sound almost the same). So, if we assume that Ruri and Rin won't get twin sisters as seiyuus, they get the same seiyuu to fit with the ARC-V theme. We know that P☆Cute is created exclusively for ARC-V and the pop duo look a lot like Yuzu and Masumi. The members of the duo are Rin Aizawa and Arisa Kiyoto, but by their Stage Names Ruri Shirosaki and Masumi Anzu, respectively. Arisa Kiyoto voices Masumi Kotsu, who looks very similar to the other Masumi. So the band is seemingly also created to foreshadow the plot and the casting. And there is no coincidence that Ruri Shirosaki has almost the exact same name like Ruri Kurosaki or Rin Aizawa sharing the same first name with Rin.
  • Jossed, as Rin is voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt. But Ruri is voiced by Rin Aizawa.

The Synchro arc begins a Two Lines, No Waiting arc
On the one side, we have the Lancers, who are the protagonist group. Led by Reiji and Yuya they try to combat Academia. The plots would deal with Yuya looking for both Yuzu and some answers on why there are AU versions of them both, but will be derailed by the dimension's resident Big Bad.

The Deuteragonist is Yuzu, who will be warped to various dimensions and come across different revelations about Academia's plans (and the whereabouts of Ruri and Rin) with the help of someone who will not interact with the Lancers, and will likewise wind up encountering Academia and being warped to the next dimension.

The two plots shall serve to create a Star-Crossed Lovers vibe between Yuya and Yuzu as well as set up other conflicts. The separation will also be exploited by Leo to aid his plans.

  • Mostly jossed. Yuya and Yuzu are both participants of the Friendship Cup, which locks the participants in their rooms and doesn't allow Yuya and Yuzu to meet face to face.

Jack's ace is going to be Hot Red Dragon Archfiend.
Because it looks like Red Dragon Archfiend, but may not be Red Dragon Archfiend. (Hot Red Dragon archfiend is his ace in the manga, as opposed to the anime).
  • Jossed, it's a new card , Red Dragon Archfiend Scarright / Red Daemon's Dragon Scarright

The losers of the Friendship Cup will get captured by Academia or carded.
  • Jossed. They are forced to do harsh labor in the underground trash plant.

Guesses for Fortune Cup match-ups
  • Yuzu vs. Serena. Or Serena vs. the shadowy figure (if it is really Barrett)
  • Tokumatsu vs. Sawatari.
  • Yuya vs. Yugo (which will be interrupted)
  • Dennis vs Kurosaki.
  • Yuya vs. Kurosaki. (with Yuto possibly playing a role)
    • Jossed: Tokumatsu vs Yuzu. Serena vs Tony, Yuya vs Duel Chaser 227, Sawatari vs Yugo, Dennis vs Kurosaki, Sergey vs Damon

In Sawatari's duel with Yugo, he will lose, but be the first person to defeat Clear Wing in battle.
  • Jossed.

We will finally learn Duel Chaser 227's name in Episode 71
  • Jossed.

Reiji deliberately took Dennis with him to the Synchro Dimension despite knowing he was a spy.
He knew that Dennis would eventually call in Academia for an invasion, showcasing their threat to the Synchro Dimension and entangling them in the Interdimensional War, thus putting Reiji in a position to make An Offer You Can't Refuse to the leaders of the City to force their alliance.
  • Jossed as Roget takes over the Executive Council before he could offer the alliance in Episode 76. Even without Roget's interference, the council has expressed out loud that they have no wish to participate in the war.

Episode 75 showed that Dennis really does enjoy being an entertainer and that when it was time to actually do his job he was sadden at having to give it up. A question arises from that: why doesn't he just quit Academia and become an entertainer for real? Why does he still work for Academia when he would much rather entertain people? There may be a couple of answers to that: one maybe is that quitting is simply not an option, that if he were to try to, Academia would have him killed/carded. Another one is perhaps that he feels like any freedom he would get from leaving Academia wouldn't be worth it because it would only be temporary, that even if he quit and from that point on did nothing but entertain people, eventually war would come to the dimension he's currently in and he would end up being killed/carded like everyone else. There is also the possibility that he continues to work for Academia for a deeper reason then just self-preservation, though what that reason may be is anyone's guess at this point. Either way, this gives the impression that Dennis may not feel like he has any other choice but to do what Academia says.
  • Jossed as Sora saves him from captivity next episode and obeys orders from the Professor to return home to Academia in order to report on current events. Dennis was reluctant to obey not because he's about to further do what Academia tells him to do but because he can longer continue his mission of eventually capturing Yuzu and Serena.

Yuya and Yugo will sync again during Yuya's duel with Shinji.
This will result in the creation of Enlightenment Paladin. Berserk Mode may also be involved as well.
  • Jossed.

Jean Michel Roget has no clue about the interdimensional war
Because he's been pretty smug thus far, looks like the kind of guy who's used to total power, control, and knowledge, and having him be knocked off his high horse by an Outside-Context Problem would likely be hilarious to watch. Even if he doesn't team up with Reiji and the Lancers, it'd still be funny.
  • Jossed.

As a contrast, Roget would instead of helping the Lancers, he would conflate them with the invaders.
He barely has a clue to their existence and would also likely to take threats to the status quo (which would include Yugo and possibly the Lancers should Reiji learn of the Commons) very seriously.
  • Jossed. He knows the difference, and actually tries to make Reiji his ally at one point.

Dennis' Performages will be similar to Sora's Fluffals...
As of right now, they look cute and goofy, but once Dennis reveals his true nature and starts using their fusions, the end result will be akin to the Monster Clown trope.
  • With Shadow Maker I'd say they are halfway there. Though I'd say an Evil Sorcerer Monster Clown would be closer.
  • Jossed. He switches archetypes after he abandons his entertainer persona.

What appeared in the highway
According the to the episode listings, Kurosaki and Crow saw something shocking, to the point that Kurosaki wanted to cancel the duel. What they see may or may not have a connection to the event that will happen during Yugo vs. Serena duel.
  • A duel monster that belongs to neither duelist.
  • The appearance of Yuzu and/or Sora.
  • Academia mooks invading.
  • The appearance of Ruri.
  • The Crimson Dragon.
    • Jossed. Tanner fell and was holding onto Raikiri.

Yuya will not answer Yes or No
He will say, "I have a few conditions." Because not only is it far more interesting and is Roget clearly meant to be a very suave talker, but Yuya has already decided he wants influence in order to change things, and Roget is offering it to him. Yea clearly won't trust Roget, but he might think he can strike a deal with him. Remember this is the boy that sees the best in everyone. He might believe some of what Roget says, or he might think Roget is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who an be persuaded. He'll get used like a dirty rag, but he might figure out what's going on before Roget has a chance to throw him away.
  • Jossed. He tells Roget to stuff it (in politer terms) and gets thrown in prison for his trouble.

What happened in the Yugo vs. Serena Duel
  • Activation of the magical ability of Serena's bracelet.
  • The arrival of Obelisk Force.
  • Yuzu and Sora running around.
  • An appearance of monster that is not theirs.
  • Something supernatural.
    • In the end, it was none of the above. What happened was that Roget changed the course mid-duel to help Serena win.

Yuri is in a constant state of Berserk Mode.
Yuri's entry in the Characters page mentions how he's very similar to the Supreme King from GX. The Supreme King was an alternate personality of Judai's brought on by anger and hate... much like Berserk Mode. Since Judai had no control over himself in that form, perhaps it's the same with Yuri: His current personality is his Berserk Mode, but it completely took over, locking his real personality away and wreaking havoc in his body. Due to possibly being Berserk Mode, it could actually be the Fusion Dragon that's controlling him.
  • Jossed in episode 87 and 88.

Yuri's Dimensional Dragon's name will be Hell Kaiser Fusion Dragon.
As a reference to both the old Fusion monster Kaiser Dragon, who appears be the main inspiration behind its design, and Ryo Marufuji's Hell Kaiser persona. It probably won't be called Hell Kaiser Yuugou Dragon, since all dragons so far have full English names even in the Japanese version, not to mention the OCG also uses the English word Fusion alongside Yuugou in their card names. It may be a FIRE monster like the Gemini monster Hell Kaiser Dragon (Chthonian Emperor Dragon in the TCG). It'll likely be the only dragon to have its name altered in the TCG, for censorship purposes.
  • Jossed, Yuri's dragon is called Starve Venom Fusion Dragon.

The Friendship Cup will be cancelled.
It is going to be the MCS all over again.
  • Jossed.

The Fusion-Dimension's counterpart of Yuzu (Serena) will be a Morality Pet of sorts to Yuri.
  • Jossed. It doesn't look they even know each other that much other than their names.

The Noble Supreme Paladin is neither a Synchro nor a Pendulum monster.
It's a Xyz monster.
  • Rumor is that it's a Synchro Pendulum monster.
    • The preview for episode 97 confirmed that it is a level 10 Synchro Pendulum Monster.

Reiji and the Lancers will side with Security
Since their primary reason for going to the Synchro Dimension was to find allies in the first place, Reiji tries to align with Chess Man. The Lancers for the most part will be left in the dark concerning the state the Commons are in, resulting in a conflict of interest for Yuya when he sees that Yuzu is supporting the Commons.
  • Jossed.

Fusion Dimension will crash the Friendship Cup like they did the Maiami City tournament which will result in it ending prematurely and no one winning. The Lancers will escape the Synchro Dimension with Yuya never having his rematch against Jack Altas, who will become a Lancer himself, and set their sights on what remains of the Xyz Dimension or head back to Standard Dimension to regroup and plan their counterattack on the Fusion Dimension.
  • Academia did invade but it was a small scale attack and during the night, so the tournament was unaffected.

Alternatively, Yuri is NOT one of Yuya's doppelgangers!
He's actually the Jonouchi/Joey expy! Not only is his name romanized as "Joeri", his Starve Venom Fusion dragon is also a level 8 monster with 2800ATK, which the wikia notes as being the standard stats of the protagonist's close friend like Shark's Shark Drake and Crow's black-feather dragon!
He has too many differences to the many Yu's like a different face(specially those brows), a hair color that is closer to Yuya's hairstyle except with magenta instead of green, and dragon who is not only animated in traditional media instead of CGI like the other dragons(except Odd-Eyes before evolving) but also missing the mark on their naming convention(Dark Rebellion for the Resistance, Clear Wing for the City, Starve Venom for Academia?! Heck even Odd-eyes have a hyphen in his name like in the main title) and his deck is similar to a major enemies instead of the respective protagonist like the other Yu's.
  • Except that Yuzu's bracelet teleported her and Yugo away when Yuri was approaching, which it wouldn't do unless he was a doppelganger.
  • Also Yuri can synchronize/berserk with the other Yuyas thus he is strongly connected to them.

The Friendship Cup will be cut short
Possibly during Yuzu's duel with Sergey, as it's the only confirmed duel after Kurosaki/Dennis.
  • Jossed. The Friendship Cup wasn't interrupted.

Roger will use an Earthbound deck that references a final boss for GX
  • Alternatively, it's gonna be a Meklord deck, to keep the references to 5D's.
    • Jossed. He uses an Ancient Gear deck.

Asuka would have been his friend/girlfriend, and she'll be mad at him for "abandoning her."
  • Jossed. Edo is the Commander-in-Chief of Academia's forces and Asuka is the one who defected from Academia, not him.

The girl with the purple braided hair who Asuka talked to in Episode 106 is originally from the Xyz dimension.
It is either she disguised herself as an Academia student or begged for mercy and was spared by a more merciful Academia student.
  • Jossed. She is an Academia student who persuaded Asuka to defect.

Sayaka is going to be carded by the Tyler Sisters in episode 107.
  • Jossed. Sawatari and Gongenzaka stopped the Tyler Sisters in time. She was even seen in the preview of Episode 108.

The reason why Yuri knows about You Show in the Fusion Dimension is because he has a Split Personality who goes there.
Not really fond of the "past trauma builds the path of villainhood" trope but given on how the treat of Academia does to the students, it is possible that Yuri subconsciously created a personality that rebels against the ideals of Academia.
  • That contradicts with his aim of taking down Yusho (or simply You Show's leader).
    • Jossed.

In conclusion, the only way I see Kurosaki dying in this episode is if his broken ribs act up.

  • Episode 110's description confirms he's injured.
    • Jossed. Kurosaki is still alive. He is in a healing pod in a Fusion base and came back in Episode 117

Yuya didn't completely persuade Edo.
It is a little odd to me that Edo would be immediately accepting of the 'egao' ideology even though it was mentioned in other sources that he has been in doubt of Academia's goals. It could be possible that he understands it but doesn't fully accepting it. To why he could do that, I still think that it is possible that he is still looking for Yusho and is using Yuya and co. as a means to find him.
  • Jossed. His loss against Yuya relieved him of his doubts.

Kachidoki isn't partnered with Dennis or Academia
Dennis didn't appear at all in the preview for episode 113. The weird markings on his skin also don't look like something Academia would participate in, having been a technology-based army and all. Maybe the unknown Greater-Scope Villain is coming out to play now.
  • Jossed in a way. Kachidoki willingly went to Fusion because of Dennis. However, after his duel with Yuya, no one knows if he went back to Standard or not.

Yuri will seal Dennis into a card.
Probably because of You Have Failed Me or You Have Outlived Your Usefulness reasons.
  • Jossed. Dennis carded himself.

The monster that Rin summons in Episode 117 is a Dark Synchro
While Academia may have given Rin some sort of dangerous Fusion Monster or Fusion support card similar to Kaiki, it should be noted that while Kaiki's effect was somewhat disturbing, Kachidoki was pretty much unaffected by it in the long run. Dark Synchros on the other hand, are most certainly cards with an "offness" to them, given that they have negative Levels and can only be used with unnatural forces. Academia may have decided to supplement Rin's deck with Dark Synchro Monsters in order to keep her under their control.
  • Jossed. Rin is clearly doing the Fusion pose along with the Polymerization background, so it's a Fusion Monster.

Instead of being carded, Kurosaki will die at the hands of the Doctor (through Ruri)
Kurosaki's death will not only serve as one of the show's lowest points, but also brings back the horrifying elements of the original manga.
  • And if Ruri finds out that she killed her brother with her own hands, even though she was the Doctor's People Puppet at that time, she will be severely scarred for the rest of her life.
    • Jossed. Ruri was able to go against her brainjacking and let her brother win the duel.

Yuya's Synchro Monsters will return during his duel alongside Jack
  • Jossed.

Aside from being freed from the Parasite Fusioner's influence, Serena and Ruri would end up being scarred (physically, mentally, and emotionally) by Yuya's Superpowered Evil Side at the end of their Duel
Since Yuya carries a piece of Zarc, it makes sense for Serena and Ruri to get understandably scared at him, not only to have additional tension and drama, but also to make ARC-V as grim as the original manga. However, there are also two possible alternatives:
  • Edo and Kurosaki confirmed that the only possible way to completely free the girls from the Parasite Fusioners is defeating the Doktor first. Ruri is the living proof that just defeating the Parasite Fusioner is not enough.
  • If defeating the Doktor is not even the case (mainly due to the Doktor knowing about the whole "destroy the core unit" tactic), then Yuya will have no choice but to kill the Parasite Fusioners within the Bracelet Girls with the possible risk of killing them. For extra difficulty, getting rid of the Parasite Fusioners might be proven useless.
  • Jossed. Not only are Serena and Ruri completely fine despite taking a direct hit from Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon's Hangeki no Destruction Burst, they run away and trap Yuya in the Doktor's laboratory. And there are not mentally scarred at all.

Yusho will die instead of being carded
Jossed. He was carded by Yuri.

The Monster that destroys Zarc will be a Ritual Monster.
Given the lack of a Ritual Dimension, it would be fitting if Zarc was destroyed by a Ritual Monster for several reasons.
  • Let's look at the Fridge Brilliance section at an entry near the end that talks about how each of the Dragon Boys have a power that allows for creating a single person. Yuto has Xyz Overlaying, which allows for multiple beings to be as one person, Yugo has Synchronization which allows them all to get in tune with one another, and Yuri has Fusion, which makes them all come together to be one being. Yuya is the main deck filled with possibilites. The only summoning type not represented is Rituals, which in effect takes other monsters (with levels) and tributes them to become a whole new monster different from the others. This could mean that the Dragon Boys could survive, if in a completely different form or to fuel someone else to take their place.
  • Now let's look at Supreme Dragon King Zarc's Pendulum effect. It cuts out Fusion, Xyz and Synchro Monsters effects, which cuts out on alot of the Extra deck. However, this effect doesn't harm Ritual Monsters, who can No-Sell this.
  • The finale of the Anime could become one into the Original Dimension, which if the various animes took place in the same one, would be something entirely different (but still similar) to the other dimensions in storylines, which is somewhat like how Ritual Summoning is carried out.
  • Jossed, he was defeated by the four spell cards Ray had.

Alternatively, Zarc will be defeated by a Pendulum Monster
Just like Ritual monsters, Pendulum monsters are unaffected by Zarc's own pendulum effect. Plus, them going back to the Extra Deck when destroyed is also somewhat of a counter to Zarc's first effect. Finally, Pendulum Summoning is the mechanic that is tied to the series, so it'd make sense for a Pendulum Monster to deal the final blow to Zarc.
  • Looking unlikely, since Zarc has a Supreme King Servant Dragon version of Odd-Eyes, which slightly acts as a No-Sell towards Pendulum Monsters.
  • Jossed, he was defeated by the four spell cards Ray had.

Actually, Zarc will be defeated by a Ritual Pendulum Monster
As noted in both of the above WMGs, Zarc's own effect doesn't effect Pendulum or Ritual Monsters. We haven't seen any debut in the show, but there has to be at least one out there...since both Ritual and Pendulum monsters start out in the main deck - and both Ritual AND Pendulum monsters require other monsters. It could be Yuya somehow being freed from Zarc, who realizes that he's never used a Ritual Monster before, and decides something along the lines of "Well, I've got nothing to lose if I fail, so why not try right now?", and summons Odd Eyes Gravity Dragon, who in the anime, would be a Ritual Pendulum Monsternote , and it's effect would be instead of just returning spell and trap cards to Zarc's hand, it would return ALL cards to Zarc's hand, and it's pendulum effect would prevent Zarc from summoning it (SKDZ) again; this could also tie into the above WMG about creating a Ritual Pendulum Monster - Zarc will activate some card that will destroy OEGD after his monster is destroyed, sending it to the extra deck...creating the Ritual Dimension, thus resulting in a 5th dimension.
  • Jossed, he was defeated by the four spell cards Ray had.

Supreme King Dragon Z-Arc will have a final form
As a Call-Back to the original manga, Z-Arc's final form will be called "Great Evil God Dragon Z-Arc Necrophades", just like how Zorc Necrophades was to Zorc.
  • Jossed, Zarc didn't get a final form.

     Crack Theories 
Core (Yuya's cat) is...
  • an embodiment of the spirit of Odd-Eyes! As How to Train Your Dragon taught us, dragons are giant fire-breathing cats. The fact that Core also has heterochromia iridium is irrefutable evidence of this fact! Core will grant Yuya a fusion card to summon the newly leaked Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. ... After he returns Yuzu's Polymerization to her.

Just for fun.

Kurosaki is psychic
He says his only friends are his dead comrades, and that's because they tell him he can't trust anyone else.

Dennis is a Long Distant Relative of Sideshow Bob.

Names that will NOT be changes for the English dub.
  • We can already assume Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri will not have their names changed. Relatively English names such as Dennis and Leo may not be changed, either. It would also strike me as odd the change the names of Hikage and Tsukikage, as well. Halil and Olga, though they are foreigners, aren't from Japan, so their names getting changed isn't likely.

Bruno and Sherry LaBlanc are Yugo's parents

Reiji is a Troper
  • He obviously sees himself as The Hero in the fight against Academia, and his personal crew is called the Lancers. Hmm...

Yuya brainwashes people into joining the Church of Smiles.
  • Otherwise stuff like Edo Phoenix and Isao Kachidoki changing their minds in a jiffy seems way too unbelievable.

Yuri has a twin sister named Yaoi.
Because the temptation to troll people who look her up on Google Images with safe search disabled is just too great.

     Crack Theories that have been partially confirmed 
Reiji's true motivation behind the Leo Corporation's actions is...
  • To prevent children's trading cards from destroying the world. He has watched the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and has realized that such card games are extremely dangerous, what with all the Shadow Games, gods, demons, cosmic powers, Zero Reverses, and even aliens involved with them. So, by monopolizing Duel Monsters using the Leo Corporation, he can minimize threats to society. Furthermore, by assimilating all Duel Schools under LDS, he can easily identify Duelists capable of wielding powerful cards, so that he can appoint them to be safekeepers of such cards and guardians of society. He will eventually explain his plans to Yuya, offering him a prestigious position in LDS as well as appointing him to be the guardian of powerful Pendulum Cards, however Yuya will refuse and turn the whole thing into an Aesop about individual choices and free will prompting Reiji to Heel–Face Turn and rectify his actions.
    • Considering his comments about the "Lancers Selection," this may have some truth to it.

At some point, there will be a three-way duel between Yuya, Yuto and Yugo to decide who the main character of the show should be.
It will turn out that Yuto and Yugo both want to be the main characters of the show, and of course, Yuya would have to defend his main character position. Yuzu may or may not get in on it too.
  • Probably nothing so meta, but I do support a three way duel between those three.
    • But if this duel happens and someone makes an Abridged Series of Arc-V then the abridged version will probably be to decide the main character.
    • While not to decide the main appears that it might actually be happening.

The wings on Yuya's pendant is either Odd-Eyes or Yuya's wings.
  • Odd-Eyes with feathery wings would be hilariously weird. As for Yuya, he may be a Winged Humanoid in his past life.
    • Yeah, about that... it turns out that Zarc's original form had wings - demonic bat wings that look like the Destiny Gundam's backpack, but still, they were wings; curiously enough, despite being a fusion of Yuya and his counterparts, Zarc still has Yuya's hair. So partially confirmed.

     Manga Theories 
This is the theory that settings charecters and ideas are mirrored in the Manga-Verse. Here are some things that might happen if so.
  • Shun is childhood freinds with Yuzu but a tragic incident relating to the math tournement tore them apart. I am not gonna expect Shun to be this Emo for no reason maybe Yuzu purposely lost causing Shun to distance himself.
  • Ruri will be a Cool Big Sis to Sora. Simply for Suprise factor.


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