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The Dullahan is Ms. Smith
She seems to appear in buildings quite often even when it would not be reasonable for her to have gotten in, the most blatant example being when she showed up among the rest of MON during the hostage situation that introduced them. She is almost constantly grinning, the one visual trait that wouldn't need to be removed from a Dullahan to be a Cute Monster Girl. Her eyes are almost always hidden, but are a dark color when seen.The silhouette of the Dullahan seen at the end of Chapter 22 was in a top that looks incredibly similar to the one Ms. Smith wore during her "date" with Kimihito and she was noted to be absent during that chapter, just as Doppel, the first "D" was. Papi has also mistakenly referred to Ms. Smith as a "terminator", but it wouldn't be the first mistaken word usage from her that turned out to be technically correct.
  • Jossed: The Dullahan is still unnamed, but her face has been seen now and she's someone else entirely.
    • Her real name is now revealed to be Lala.

D is Doppel the Doppelgänger.
Because why not?! ... And also because she's the only one from MON who hasn't had a turn at watching Kimihito while luring D out. It's also possible Doppel might be used as a red herring in a future chapter for D.
  • Double subverted. The first "D" was indeed Doppel. The second "D", however, was from a Dullahan.
  • The second note wasn't from the Dullahan after all. She showed up to warn him about his impending death, writing a note to a mortal is not something a Dullahan would do according to her.
    • Then in the next chapter, it is revealed the Lala, the Dullahan, was the second "D".

The death threat was sent from the Director.
  • It would be too easy to expect a D named monster girl to have sent it, and every single one who's come up so far has had nothing to do with it.
  • Nothing was said about what happened to him after they found him webbed up, and prior to that merely that they would be investigating him. He knows where Kimihito lives, he's got a grudge against him, and has been shown to consider pretty much everything about the girls to be his. As far as his twisted logic is concerned marrying any of them would be stealing them and their potential profits from him.
    • While possible, it's unlikely he could act on it, as he was shown being arrested.
    • He was never shown being arrested, he was never even shown being found. MON showed up because he called, they were looking for Rachnera and the scene followed them and her. The only reason we even know he was found is that Ms. Smith stated that it was him who placed the call.
  • Jossed. The first one was Doppel, the second "poem" one was from a Dullahan.
    • No longer Jossed. The second note wasn't from the Dullahan after all. She showed up to warn him about his impending death, writing a note to a mortal is not something a Dullahan would do according to her.
      • Then Jossed again. It was from Lala, the Dullahan.

The death threat was sent from a Dullahan.
And, much like the other girls, she'll end up living with Kimihito.
  • Quite likely seeing as how all of the girls so far are from the mangaka's previous Living With Monstergirl hentai, and a Dullahan and Minotauros were a part of that.
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  • Confirmed, at least with the second letter. The first letter was Doppel.
  • Jossed: By her own admission the only reason she'd interact willingly with mortals is inform them of their deaths. The note's writing style was not a warning.

A Dullahan and a Minotauros will end up joining Kimihito...
...if the death threat is from an unrelated monster. After all, the mangaka has already made a side series with each of the present monster girls from Miia to Rachnera in addition to a Dullahan and a Minotauros.
  • Adding to this, they'll be Kimihito and the girl's guards. It'll be great fun to see two other "warrior" girls in the house, especially if they are incredibly professional and show no interest in Kimihito at all.

The Next Girl will be a Dullahan, or possibly a Minotauros
Because as pointed out earlier, all the girls that are ending up with Kimihito are the ones from the mangaka's previous Hentai stories, and these are the two Monstergirls that haven't been seen/mentioned at all.
  • Possible, but depends on what the audience wants/asks for.
  • Confirmed. Lala the Dullahan joins in chapter 24.

The sender of the threatening letter is Kimihito's D(ad)
Just because of its wording: It doesn't say anything about "don't marry X" or "don't marry a
Cute Monster Girl", merely "if you marry someone I will kill you." That, and his parents are yet to make an appearance.
  • Jossed. The first one was Doppel, the second "poem" one was from a Dullahan.
  • The second note wasn't from the Dullahan after all. She showed up to warn him about his impending death, writing a note to a mortal is not something a Dullahan would do according to her.
    • Jossed. It was Lala, the Dullahan, who wrote it due to her overactive imagination.

Kimihito is not really human
Afterall, has he even mentioned having a family? And if he only works part time normally, how did he afford have such a large, fancy house, even before Miia moved in? And while it could all just chalked up to Rule of Funny or Rule of Cool, he's still demonstrated feats of superhumanity, taking hits from the girls and getting right back up, pedaling a wheel paddle boat fast enough to actually ram another ship, hijacking a truck and getting it under a bridge in under the span of five seconds. To quote Ratso: "No way he's human"
  • Kimihito lived with his parents beforehand (they left for a trip overseas). It's his folks' house, not his. Also, running a super-expensive live-in program without providing an allowance for the volunteer? That's a very, very, very fast way to quickly run out of host families. As we've seen, supporting a Monster Girl (let alone six of them) is problematic in itself, what if the government didn't even give you a check each month?
    • There's also the fact that his house is getting constant upgrades/renovations without him getting a bill. Home renovations can be quite expensive. If that alone is the extent of compensation, he's coming out quite well.
  • The fact that he is Nigh-Invulnerable is quite ambiguous though, as while it's revealed by Lala that the reason he didn't die is because he's Determinator enough to resurrect again and again, it's still not revealed how that works, and even doctors are baffled by his condition. Since this is very definitive of Purpose-Driven Immortality, maybe there's a powerful creature that's intrigued by him?

D is not trying to kill Kimihito. D is trying to save him.
In the original shorts, the Dullahan came to foreshadow the protagonist's death and ended up living with him, getting into a relationship with him, and telling death to leave him alone—with her scythe. In this incarnation, D has visions that marrying any one of the girls will end up horribly for everyone, so she's trying to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • Why? Kimihito was nice to her—even before he realized she was a Dullahan—of course!
  • And the solution will turn out to be to Marry Them All
  • Partly Jossed. "D" wants to be Together in Death with Kimihito.
  • While the Dullahan has arrived, she is not D. Revealing herself to the living was forced on her, but she was around because she was aware of his impending death.
    • She was lying and was the second D but really does not mean him harm.

The series takes place in the Rosario + Vampire universe, and Tsukune started the Exchange Program
Am I the only one who thinks the two series are similar?
  • Interesting, but then the public wouldn't be quite so happy about "extra-species" with characters like Akuha around.
    • Not to mention, many world details are contradicted between the two.
    • With the reveal of Curie Drakuyla, Vampires are confirmed to exist in the MM universe. However, their biology and appearance is completely different from those of the Rosario + Vampire universe.

A Dryad will appear.
Cause why not, we already have a lot of other Monster Girls from Classical Mythology origins.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 20.

Mero will become a villain, temporary or recurring.
Her realization that being on the losing end of a Tragic Romance is horrible will cause the seeds of jealousy to sprout between her and Miia, causing them to have a falling out. Mero will slowly become a Yandere: from there she may serve as a villain for one chapter before having a My God, What Have I Done? moment, or she'll leave the harem for good and free up the group for new Monster Girls, while she becomes the arc villain.

The Dullahan people mentioned above will be yet another Red Herring.
Seriously, how long can Okayado drag this mystery out?
  • As long as the audience wants him to.
  • Jossed, it's indeed a dullahan.
  • And the following chapter shows that, once again, the Dullahan was yet another Red Herring.
    • And the chapter after that reveals that she did write the second one but she is actually harmless.

This series will end as Marry Them All.
Because anything less is just freaking depressing for a series like this.

The proposed Marry Them All above was actually planned by Ms. Smith
She's planning to arrange a household with enough political influence to fix the system that is in complete disarray, so as to end the darker abuses that have been going on. While Kimihito, Centorea, Suu, and Rachnera were not specifically intended to be part of her plans she quickly adapted to them.
  • After seeing what kind of person Kimihito is after mistakenly placing Miia with him, and seeing how physically resilient he is, she arranges for Papi, who was later revealed to have connections to a critical event in Ms. Smith's career, to stay with him as well and gives them time to bond a bit before bringing up the marriage law amendments on the day of a full moon, when the girls would be acting more on instinct; As the two intended girls are both of single gendered species, sharing would potentially be fairly natural to them and they do in fact bring up that idea.
  • Centorea's presence works out well for her plans, as Kimihito had already effectively married her by accident and she, by nature, is incredibly loyal to the point of putting others' desires well ahead of her own.
    • To at another credence, Cerea is revealed to be a very rare Half-Human Hybrid among centaurs that even her mother wants to use her as a proof that Half-Human Hybrid isn't necessarily weaker than full-blood. This will change a social system that has existed for centuries!
  • She neglects to report Suu's existence not so much over the workload, as she claims, but rather due to the sort of attention identifying a new species would bring, which could ruin her next move.
  • She then arranges for Meroune to stay with him, someone who openly has no intentions of winning his affection but still has an interest and as such would easily be open to a Marry Them All scenario. She is also presumed to be royal, which would hold significant political meaning.
    • While she's actually a princess, She has started to rethink about her feeling for him, which means she didn't really that likely to agree for Marry Them All solution after all.
  • Rachnera, while unplanned, works out as she's willing to bend or ignore rules to get what she wants and is mostly content so long as the people she's with are decent and honest about themselves.
  • With the house now set she begins introducing them to ways they can help fix the system by showing them the sort of work needed to integrate the various species into one society.
  • She also arranges for Doppel's pranks, simply by pushing her in just the right way to provoke it, that help drive MON closer emotionally to Kimihito.
  • Assuming MON moves in next, Kimihito's home is now perhaps one of the most politically important places in the setting, as it's already under observation for some law changes and now has a wide cultural variety as well as several individuals who's experienced the flaws in the legal system from multiple angles, and can easily be used by Ms. Smith to enact much needed changes to the laws that have been behind many of the problems throughout the series.

Alternately, the series will end with Kurusu staying single or hooking up with Ms. Smith.
Because what better way to end this series than to make the protagonist stay single? That, or making him hook up with the only featured human girl.

D will reveal themselves during Kimihito's date with Mero.
And it's going to be at the crucial moment when Meroune realizes that she wants Kimihito as her lover and not as the subject of her tragic fantasies.
  • Jossed: The first D was Doppel, and the second one, a Dullahan, made her appearance by kidnapping Kimihito. Not to say something along those lines won't play out during the inevitable confrontation.
  • The Dullahan did not kidnap him. She hooked him by the neck to get his attention after losing her head. Nor is she "D", but she is aware that he's going to die soon.

What Doppel actually is...
In abizarre translation of a sidepage it is stated that: she isn't an actual doppelganger but a shapeshifter; Doppel isn't her real name and that her real name can't be understood and unpronounceable by humans; even though she often takes the form of a naked long haired jet black skinned girl, no one knows what her real form is; and she is described as having a "Creeping Chaos" about her. Nyarlathotep, from the Cthulhu Mythos, is also known as the Crawling Chaos and most of it's human avatars are black skinned.
  • Confirmed. Despite the inconsistencies in logic between the story and the profiles, the information in those translated pages were mostly repeated in the official English release of Volume 3.

We've already seen D.
In Chapter 22, Kimihito sees a woman standing on the other side of the street, and then subsequently disappears. On the next page, we see the Dullahan appear behind him and hook him with her scythe. A lot of people think that the woman was the Dullahan, and teleported to appear behind Kimihito. But if you look carefully at the image of the woman and at subsequent images of the Dullahan, it's pretty obvious that they aren't the same being. The Dullahan's clothes look different, even at a distance. You can see the large collar flaring up from the sides of her neck, and her hair looks different, too.

The next "D" will be a Dhamphir.
Since the Dullahan isn't the actual "D" of the letter, that leaves the figure that had been standing across the street from Kimihito at the end of chapter 22. A Dhampir is a possible monster girl that would fit the naming scheme for all the previous suspects, and a vampiric style (modern with a long/trench coat, or fantasy/medieval with a cloak/cape) could possibly fit the profile that was shown in the mystery figure. Whether or not it is the real "D" is up for grabs, though.
  • Jossed, it is a Dullahan.

Ms. Smith is something tricksy
A lot of her flighty mistakes seem to be some kind of Obfuscating Stupidity. She's a witch or a sidhe or Coyote or something, and she's playing some kind of hidden agenda.

Kii will move in with Kimihito.
Because he seems to be the only person she can stand, and she needs a host family anyway.

Future Monster girl predictions.
1. Minotauros.
  • Because one showed up in 12 Beast, another work by the same author and because it's the only one left from the original Living with Monster Girl hentai shorts that have yet to join the harem.
    • A minotaur named Cathyl shows up in chapter 33. She's not joining the harem though since she's already in a host family. There's still a chance a new Minotaur could fill the spot since now there isn't just one character for a monster girl species.
      • Then again, she whispered that she missed his tender touch when being milked with machine, so NTR route?
2. Scylla. (Octopus Girl)
  • Because it ranked 4th in the monster girl popularity poll in chapter 8, and all the other girls above it have appeared already.
    • Confirmed as of chapter 35. Whether Octo is joining the harem is yet to be decided, though with how she acts towards Kimihito, it may be likely.
      • Jossed, Octo doesn't join the harem.
3. Fairy.
  • Because while it only ranked 7th in the above mentioned popularity poll, having a girl with a radically different size from the main cast would make for some great gags. Bonus points if she'd end up a Hard-Drinking Party Girl.
4. Alraune (flower girl) and Papillion (butterfly girl)
  • Because they were in Monster Girl Report, Okayado's other series of hentai shorts.
5. Sphinx (Human head, lion body, possibly with bird wings)
  • Because this series has yet to introduce a single Cat Girl despite them basically being a staple of the genre (and 5th in the frequently mentioned popularity poll), and there's no way Okayado would go the Little Bit Beastly route.

Lilith will return.
It could happen. For one, Kimihito never knew she existed, and given how she enjoys watching "acts", it wouldn't be put past her to attempt to hypnotize Kimihito in a bid to rape him. Unless she's still in the attic as Rachnee's personal toy, which is doubtful.
  • Lilith was last seen in the volume 5 extra, hanging out with Polt, Draco and Kii.
  • Lilith shows up again in chapter 34, upset that Rachnee hasn't been in touch.
  • She shows up again in Chapter 40.

Modifications to the house.
After the attic collapse in chapter 30, the house has been undergoing some construction while the cast has been on vacation. In chapter 34, Kimihito mentions that they've probably haven't made many changes. Tempting Fate if I ever heard it.

1. Added a greenhouse.

  • Since Smith was looking for a host for Kii in chapter 25 (possibly hinting that Kii might be joining the harem), and how else are you going to house a plantgirl?
2. Added at least one new floor.
  • With seven girls under one roof, there's need for more space (to possibly allow for more girls).
3. Added an elevator.
  • A rather mundane addition to allow Mero to freely visit the upper floor.
4. Added at least one more bathroom.
  • With 8 people under the same roof, having more than one bathroom seems to be a must (infact, an early screencap of the anime seems to suggest that there's a line).

Suu is an alien life form.
Slimes aren't supposed to exist in this setting. Her physiology is completely different from every other character and her multiple abilities (like mind reading) border on paranormal. She needed at first to mimic others to get understood by other characters, as if she wasn't used to it. Different chemicals cause weird reactions to her personality and overall body structure. Suu is not quite from this world.
  • Unlikely, given slimes ARE known in the setting by other monsters, just not humans. It humanoid slimes that were unknown, albeit more specifically Centorea and Miia said they hadn't heard of them, not that they are utterly unknown (some of the girls hadn't heard of dullahans either, while others had).

Doppel and Suu are from the same species.
As Suu becomes more experienced with her shapeshifting abilities and learns to regulate her hydratation more efficiently, she will eventually functions just like Doppel. That is not a coincidence, for Doppel herself is an older slime.

Octo will be joining the harem.
Given that this series is notorious for defanging its villains, it's a safe bet. Also, we haven't had any new additions to the harem in a while.

  • Unlikely: Mero and Octo would be redundant, and while we haven't had any villains who've left their chapters with their dignity intact, there's no hard and fast rule for it. In fact, if we define 'antagonist' as a character who actively tried to cause harm to a member of the group, the only one who's joined is Rachnera. Even though Suu caused problems, she didn't know any better, and Lala was playing pretend the whole time and had no intention of actually hurting anyone. The other villains are Draco, Kii, Lilith, Mama Miia (sort of), and the racist couple. It's a given that Octo will get what's coming to her, but I don't think they'd go so far as to bring her into the harem.
  • She's not actually an antagonist or villain. She was framed by the real villain: Mero's mom. And her "actions" towards Kimihito make it a possibility that she may join.
  • Jossed as of Chapter 37.

The Flood never happened in the Monster Musume Universe.
The Nephilim were becoming a problem, and so were most humans. So God (or the regional equivalent) flooded the planet and killed everyone, save for a few humans and a lot of animals. Which would explain why there are little to no monsters (or non-humans, if you prefer) in other universes (and maybe, that’s true for our universe too), because they all got killed along with most of everyone else. But in the MM Universe, the Flood never occurred. Life was allowed to continue on for some unknown reason unhindered, therefore explaining why there is such a large presence of non-human races. As for the Nephilim, perhaps they were never there in the first place. A reason for this not happening may be due to the fact that The Gods Must Be Lazy or none exist at all; although the existence of Lilith and the Oni may disprove this.
  • Given that the series is from a Japanese author, it's doubtful that Christian mythology was a serious influence. Especially given that most of the monster girls who've shown up have been from either Greek or Japanese mythology.

Bike Cop's har(e)m will become a reality.
With the subspecies cards introduced in the anime, people have begun pairing up the humble bicycling police officer with the most dangerous and violent subspecies available.
  • Echidna (venomous lamia)
  • Black Slime (corrupted by pollution, extremely violent and hostile to humans)
  • Shark Race Mermaid (strictly carnivorous, aggressive with a long history of piracy)
  • Large Breed Arachne (huge, venomous and extremely aggressive)
  • Backbeard Monoeye (suspicious in nature and equipped with eye beams)
  • Wyvern Dragonewt (highly aggressive)
It all seems to have started with this image, and has pretty much taken 4chan by storm, with multiple fan comics, fan-made character profiles and more. The general consensus seems to be that the girls are part of a parole program rather than the usual species exchange the main series focuses on.

Mero is Bisexual
'Seriously. Just look at some of her interactions with Miia, especially at the end of the chapter where Mero's wheelchair was broken.

Arachne are naturally nudists.
This is why Rachnera is shown sleeping in the nude, or just being naked in her room in general in the anime. Since producing silk can be exhaustive, Arachne likely don't bother and prefer nudity in their native homes. It's only with the exchange program that they began to adopt wearing clothing in common society.
Kimihito's parents are...
On the other side of the exchange program. They are being taken care of by one of the other species on their extra-species homeland. Which is why Smith knows that they were "Transferred over seas" at the beginning of the series, because she was the one who sent them there in the first place.

The Racist Couple are dead
They were last seen ending up in a brutal car crash, and aside from a past-tense flashback cameo they've never appeared again. In addition, the anime has their car straight-up explode with them still inside, making the chance of them getting another appearance very unlikely.
  • IIRC the last time they showed up was in Ils Imagine Spot when she was talking about her attempts to attract more visitors to the shrine. There was also a 4koma on Okayado's twitter of them visiting the Sno Ball Inn and insulting the proprietress, only for Yukio to freeze them solid.

Suu has or will become a Queen Slime
At the end of Chapter 54, she's enhanced by royal Jelly and about to engage in a kaiju battle against another giant slime, with everyone else present theorizing that the enemy slime plans to absorb Suu and her accumulated knowledge.

Considering how these things usually turn out, the chances of Suu actually suffering Loss of Identity seem small. I conjecture that if Suu is absorbed, she'll start a Split-Personality Takeover... before starting an entire new subspecies of slimes. If she isn't, then that Royal Jelly may still have lasting effects...

The yet-unnamed minotaur girl given primary focus in Chapter 56 will join the harem.
Yes, the crew's already pretty full, but she's been given a lot of special focus, is hinted to have a crush on Kimihito after seeing his...technique, and it would finish up the lineup from Okayado's original hentai shorts: the only kind of monster girl from them not yet a main character is a minotaur.
  • Five of the minotaur girls have actually had a presence on Okayado's twitter for a while. Left-to-right, we have; Chizu, Cream, Mil, Cara & Ruto.

Kimihito's parents will come to visit soon.
All that's known about Kimihito's parents is that they're somewhere overseas at the moment. Given that Kimihito only works a part time job, it's unlikely that he could afford his original, non-renovated house by himself, so it can be reasonably assumed that he still lives with his parents. They also probably have no idea about their son being a host family, otherwise they would have called or visited by now. The next major arc could be about his parent's coming back to Japan and finding out about all the girls.

One future chapter will focus on Papi singing.
In this world harpies are stated to have beautiful singing voices, mainly used to attract mates, so it stands to reason that at some point Papi will be caught by the others singing, maybe for Kimihito, maybe just for fun, and the rest of the chapter will revolve around everyone being enraptured by her amazing singing.

Merino has feelings for Kimihito
Despite having just met him, she appears to have very little problem with asking Kimihito to sheer her wool, which is highly intimate and embarrassing for her, and much later asks that he milk her (to demonstrate his technique, of course), which seems to be much more intimate than sheering. In the latter case she even says she'll be okay with whatever embarrassing things he does to her, words very reminiscent to what Miia tells him all the way back in Chapter 2 in the love hotel.

She and Cathyl are also the only ones the stayrs don't have under their thumb by the end of the farming arc, and Cathyl has the excuse of presumably still being in a relationship with her boyfriend. Merino did seem to fall for a new farmhand at the end of her intro chapter, but other than an omake he hasn't been mentioned since. Not to mention asking Kimihito to milk her while in a relationship would be highly inappropriate of her given the Fantastic Arousal at play. This all makes it seem like the pan faun has a little something for our protagonist. Joining his harem is unlikely, but romantic feelings for him remain plausible.

Devils' wings aren't as vestigial as they're made out to be.
In a Fire and Brimstone Hell, their wings are quite useful: while Lilith can't fly, all the lava pits in her home world mean plenty of updrafts for her to catch and glide.

Male Arachne
Male Arachne are smaller and submissive to females. Considering the Author's dedication to add a serious amount of realism and biology to his monsters (whether they be benefits, or problems), it's possible that male Arachne suffer from this. In nature, most male spiders are easily weaker than females. In the case of Rachnera, who is easily the most dominant personality-wise of the girls (and probably the second strongest), the males are probably ideal for females as a submissive lot who will bend to their wills. Its even possible they may have an appearance more child-like, similar to the Small Breed Arachne. Also taking into account how much of a risk mating his for spiders (some even naturally die from it), it's quite possible that males — while not outright dying — could have some serious health issues from mating, and are less appealed with the idea of having children.


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