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Ricalna and Lennard are Silas's kids
Ricalna and Lennard were both orphans around 20 years before the main part of the series and have red eyes and black hair. The only other character to have red eyes and black hair? Silas Edwards. Silas was also last seen about 20-30 years ago.

Ricalna and Lennard are Lint's kids
They all have black hair, Lint is significantly older than them and Ricalna is mentioned multiply times to be remarkably similar to Lint's wife, Mary.

Graham and Turkes are Twins
They are a similar age, Turkes being 46 and Graham is between 45 and 55. They were both born on February 5th according to the backs of volumes 5 and 6, and both have a connection to Adam. Very little is known about Turkes before he became a cyborg and nothing is known about Graham
  • before he was modified by Adam.

Jim is a cyborg/android
Jim hasn't aged at all since Syal became a cyborg and it seems that she most likely made Lint. Taking this into account, she should be about 70 years old, but she doesn't look like she could be any older than 40. On the back of volume 8, there's no record of her birthday or blood type, which could be a hint towards her being a cyborg or android.
  • Confirmed.

Silas is a cyborg
In most panels it looks as if Silas's eyes are two different colours, just like Ricalna's are post him becoming a cyborg.

Jim has access to the fountain of youth
Same reason's as for her being a cyborg.

Adam is evil

Silas isn't dead
and will come back to destroy all of Cosmos's plans

Graham Gregson isn't dead and will fight Graham
Since Hugh Reid claims that Graham stole the identity of the actual Graham Gregson and Graham basically confirms this. However, the real Graham Gregson's corpse was never mentioned to be found, so he could still be out there, ready to fight the man who lost him everything.
  • Jossed, it's the same person just with partial mind control.

Lint isn't dead
Cyborgs are immortal, he could have survived.
  • Confirmed. Though he is very quickly killed again.

Graham will be shot in the head
Allen, Silas and Zelik all had a gun pointed to their heads at one point in another, it seems strange that Graham has been left out.
  • Confirmed.

Lint Kaiser is actually Lind L Tailor
Lind L Tailor was a serial killer killed in the early part of Death Note who looks a lot like Lint. Lint and Lind have similar sounding names and are both serial killers. After Light killed Lind L Tailor in front of everyone and he was taken away, Jim took him and turned him into a cyborg, changing his name to Lint Kaiser.

The boy in chapter 8 is Allen's son
This kid and Allen are absolutely identical, it would be strange to think they weren't.

Turkes is Allen
Turkes was mentioned to be turned into a cyborg 20 years ago, while Allen is mentioned to have died 20 years ago. They both make extremely similar comments about not being so excited in a long time. They look similar enough to justify the differences being made while changing him into a cyborg.

Turkes is a Dinosaur
He hates people and enjoys killing them, very similar to a dinosaur.

The Hunters are Silas
Volumes 5-7 contain the bonus story "Hunter", which focuses on Silas and Zelik after Silas gets out of prison. In Volume 8, the volume after Hunter ends, the hunter robots are introduced. This could be supported by Graham taking a body to Adam, and during Hunter, Graham killed Silas. If Silas were a cyborg, as stated in a previous theory, there is a possibility of a backup being installed in him which Adam could use for the Hunters.

Ricalna and Lennard were kids in Elsa's group
The ages match up with when Graham would have found them. Hugh Reid burned down the area where the children and Elsa were staying, killing most of the children living there, an event Ricalna brings up and is clearly angry about. It's possible him and Lennard survived and his hatred of Eden for killing all his adoptive family drove him to join COSMOS. Since the area was under Zelik's protection at the time of the attack, and all children there were sworn to never be sold, it's possible Graham went with him when they heard about it being attacked and was allowed to help out any survivors.

Jim, Silas, and Lint are siblings
Jim is the eldest, Lint is the youngest. Jim decided to go into science at an early age, Lint joined the army, and Silas became involved in criminal gangs. Silas was always jealous of Lint since he was the favourite child. Over the years, Jim lost touch with Silas but kept in contact with Lint. One day, Lint went missing, and it was obviously Silas's fault. From the evidence Silas left, Jim found out about the arena but couldn't find Lint there. She later went back and noticed Allen had Lint's necklace so she called in the army. They found Lint near death, and she only managed to save him by turning him into a cyborg. Lint was made faster than Syal, so woke up first but in the end wasn't as strong or sturdy as Syal. Jim took the necklace back from Allen's corpse when he was killed at the arena and gave it back to Lint. After becoming a cyborg, Lint lost most his memories, causing him to forget his siblings, but remembers the war and Marie. He has some memories of when he was kidnapped by Silas as Silas gave him the persona of Jack the Ripper, as after coming back from the war Lint was suffering from PTSD and psychosis, causing him to be violent and get into fights.

Graham was the first complete human
It is suggested that Graham came from Eden, and
since the people in Eden are artificial, making them unable to live in the slums, it seems strange that Graham has survived 30 years out there without getting heavily sick and slowly dying. This should be genetically impossible, as everyone else from Eden to be exposed for so long died. If there was any way to prevent that, Eden would have been using it. If Graham is the first complete human, that means he would of originally been the bridge between Eden and the Slums.

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