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Achilles and Connor Davenport will appear
Given the timeline it will be hard for it to justify their absence. Connor will also appear.
  • Confirmed: Achilles is Shay's mentor before Shay joins the Templars.
  • Connor Davenport is mentioned, but does not appear.

Shay is responsible for the state of the assassin order in the US at the start of Assassin's Creed III
He's an Assassin traitor so it seems possible. Moreover as a ship captain of the Morrigan, he definitely sank down the Aquila and ruined it the first time.
  • And considering that Haytham's Templar faction is founded at the same time, maybe we see what happened to the remnants of the Templars from Black flag.
    • The only Templar left from Black Flag is Woodes Rogers, who was chucked out of the Templars, supposedly.

Shay is Elise's father.
Because Elise as a Fiery Redhead, a classic Fighting Irish stereotype, and it would make sense for her to befriend an Assassin raised by a Templar if she's the daughter of an Assassin turned Templar.
  • Note that Elise's father could easily be the one to take in Shay after his betrayal at the hands of the Assassins.
    • Jossed. Elise's father is Francois de la Serre, a nobleman and aristocrat.

Since Connor is alive, as per canon, till 1800...
At some point in the game, we will play with Connor's memories as well, and this time we will hunt down Shay Patric on the Aquila and kill him...
  • Jossed.

Shay Cormac is the son of...
...Mary Read. Remember that son of Mary Read that was taken from her before her death. That son was rescued by Assassins and raised by them, only for it to become a Templar. The only thing against this is the fact that the developers have made a point of refusing protagonists to be descended from historical figures but it can be done...
  • Its been stated that Mary gave birth to a girl, at least within the Assassin's Creed Universe, as the gender of the child in the real world is unknown. Does he really have to be related to any previous character?
  • He could be Anne Bonny's son. Anne was also Irish, and lived until 1782 in real-life. Perhaps she will appear as well, an old woman in her seventies who scolds her estranged son Shay for betraying the Assassins when they meet by chance at some point?
    • This is possible but developers always stated that they wanted to avoid main characters descending from historical figures since it opens a can of worms in terms of genealogy. But they did say they considered DLC for Mary Read/James Kidd and Anne Bonny has very little information on her life, so they could work it in that way.
    • Well, in real life Anne Bonny's birth name was Anne Cormac, so that's some points in its favor.
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    • This possibility is Jossed, Shay is unrelated to Anne Bonny. An interview with Ivan Balabanov confirms the name was coincidence.

The finale will deal with the Quasi War or the XYZ affair...
It will tie in with the French Revolution and it will culminate in a Ship vs Ship duel between the Morrigen and the Aquila, during which we will switch between memories and play as both sides.

One of the mission will have Shay assassinate Adewale
Adewale died in 1758, the game takes place between 1752 and 1761. Which means Adewale would be assassinated near the latter part of the game.
  • Sadly confirmed. He goes down fighting and its a Tear Jerker.

The reason Shay turned his cloak...
He was ordered/manipulated to do it by Achilles. Achilles realized that with the plague and Haytham's leadership that all hope was lost for the Assassins, so he forced Shay to make a Sadistic Choice in a Zero-Approval Gambit. He was tasked with a special mission, either to recover, hide and destroy and to do whatever it takes, including infiltrating the Templars and hunting his former allies, to achieve it.
  • Jossed. He really is a convert.

Haytham and Shay don't get along.
Haytham sees Shay as The Brute while Shay views Haytham as an Upper-Class Twit
  • This would certainly explain why Haytham gives Shay so little thought in Forsaken. He also gives Shay a "Don't disappoint us" speech and at the end he sends Shay on a decades long mouse hunt.

We will see the famous Rogers Rangers
Major Robert Rogers commanded a unit to cut a swathe through North America to find the Northwest Passage, Rogers is a Templar and Shay's mentor or friend. The mission will include brutal raids on Abenaki tribes so it will be among the darkest moments in the Franchise.

Shay Cormac's Link to the Kenways...
Shay Cormac, as per developers is stated to have a real-link to the Kenway Lineage. So there are several possibilities:
  • He is Edward's illegitimate son and Haytham's half-brother...highly unlikely because if Haytham had known he had a half-brother he would have mentioned it in the journal that is regarded as canonical, Assassin's Creed: Forsaken. He can't be connected to Jenny either since she was rescued from Damascus in her 40s. The only other possibility is...
  • He is Connor's father-in-law. At some point, he'll have a family and his daughter ends up stealing Connor's heart which makes Shay an ancestor of Desmond.
    • Jossed for both of them. Developers state that he is not an ancestor of Desmond.

Connor vs Shay.
The game will end with us controlling Connor one more time and having a battle with Shay, first in the Aquila vs Morrigan, then hand-to-hand.
  • It could even be a privateer vs privateer fight, with both men (and their dual eagle and wolf themes) hunting each other for an entire level.

Shay as a Templar.
Shay will serve as an Evil Counterpart to Connor.
  • He's got the hallmarks of being one. Both men are Assassin-trained warriors and ship captains motivated by a combination of personal and idealistic reasons, with Conflicted Loyalties, and members of people groups subjected to racism by the people around their homeland. Heck, even their names and their ships names are reversals; Connor is named for wolves and pilots the bird-themed Aquilla, while Shay is named after birds and pilots the wolf-themed Morrigan. And both men are hunters of their "kindred." Shay is hunting his adopted family and his mentor father-figure, while Connor hunted his father's order and took his father's life.

A new batch of Legendary Ships will appear
And they'll be just as brutal, if not worse, than the ones in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
  • Confirmed. They will be accompanied by a smaller fleet to defend it. So they are now Legendary Battles.

Shay will be the one to choose to spare Achilles.
Shay's beef will be with the majority of the Assassin Order, but he'll have known and befriended Achilles. Believing him to be a good man who's Harrell or at least more of a heroic Assassin than the chaotic ones he killed, Shay will convince Haythem to spare Achilles.
  • Confirmed. Shay talks Haytham out of it, both because Achilles is harmless and because if they kill him now the Assassins will continue dicking around with the roots of the world, whereas if Achilles lives he can at least talk the assassins out of it.

Shay will die at the very end
After the main events of the game are concluded, we're given a secondary protagonist, Shay's child, who we briefly play as to see Shay be killed by the Assassins (or maybe even the Templars, depending on how the game turns out), perhaps similarly to John Marston's death in Red Dead Redemption, with Shay's kid in the place of Jack, which will consequently turn his son/daughter to the opposing side.
  • Jossed.

There will be DLC to properly conclude Connor's story
Set after the events of AC3 and The Tyranny of King Washington, we'll be given some insight into Connor's later years as he explores similar areas to Shay, perhaps in the vein of Adewale's adventures in Freedom Cry with minimal alterations to the overworld, since it's still set in his same general time period and location. As for what the story will be about, who can say? Perhaps Connor learns about a First Civilization site buried under the ice, or he's chasing some Templars into the the Arctic and, much like Adewale, gets wrapped up in larger events taking place at that same time.
  • Since Connor is regarded as Persona Non Grata by Ubisoft and his Vocal Minority Hatedom, they will probably not have him be playable in an entire DLC, more likely they'll use it for Aveline, since it's unlikely she'll get a full sequel game anyway and the DLC is the only way they can continue to use that character. And to be fair, Connor did have a full game and a three-part DLC which gives him more screentime than Altair, if less than Ezio. They may even use the Aveline DLC to wrap the story as a Distant Finale, she'll come to the Davenport Homestead in the early 1800s and attend Connor's funeral and even meet his family(thereby wrapping up his story) and she gets to solve the mystery of his death and maybe pilot the Aquila one final time...
    • Though that would be ignoring the significant Sequel Hooks from ACIII. Both Altair and Ezio had their stories concluded; Connor has not. There's less justification for leaving him behind.
      • The real problem is that there is no big major historical event for Connor to take part in after the Revolution. There is maybe the War of 1812, by which Connor would be pushing 60. Rogue is a side-game and its unlikely there will be DLC for it. And Ubisoft probably doesn't see much to do with Connor simply to resolve his story. The most to hope for is maybe some mention, some comic and background revelation. In Initiates, Connor is still active by 1804 (which makes him 49 years old) which means that he might have an appearance in Rogue.
      • Hell, Ezio was in his 50s during Revelations and still just as agile then. As for Connor, though, he may still be quite handicapped after the end of 3.

Shay's High Collar of Doom is a gorget as well.
It's already got a gas mask for him to wear, it's thick, and it looks an awful lot like it covers his entire neck. Previous Templars have used gorgets to stave off the Assassin's usual One-Hit Kill. Shay's got one that's hidden and stylish, allowing him to survive multiple assassinations.
  • Probably why he survives Air-Assassinations.

Shay won't cause the The Purge
Not directly, at least. It seems safe to assume he'll do it, given part of the game revolves around killing Assassins, but instead it will turn out he was only a catalyst. A particularly extreme Templar will study Shay's methods and extend his goal to killing all Assassins. Even Evil Has Standards, and Shay will have to once again question his alignment, because Templars and Assassins are Not So Different.
  • Jossed.

Mary Read's daughter will appear as a Templar
Well, we have no idea what happened to the child after she was born, and it sounds like the kind of cruel irony the Templars love dishing out, taking the child of an Assassin and raising them as a Templar.

The Assassins Shay will hunt:
Adewale and Achilles are seen in the trailers, so the first is likely the leader of the Assassins in the New World and the latter has to survive The Purge to train Connor. As for the others:
  • A Dark Action Girl: perhaps one who had a relationship with Shay before he switched sides.
    • Confirmed. Hope Jensen easily fills out the role, but is also The Smart Girl in the Brotherhood
  • A Noble Savage: perhaps one to remind the audience of Connor and even act as a foreshadowing of Connor's later entrance into the game.
    • Confirmed. One of the Assassins shown in the story trailer is a Native, most likely to Connor's tribe.
      • A further look confirms that Kesegowaase is Abenaki, not Mohawk like Connor was.
  • The Rival: The only Assassin able to go toe-to-toe with Templar!Shay and one of the last enemies of the game.
    • There are two who meet The Rival trope between themselves. Chevalier is the Assassin most antagonistic and competitive towards Shay. Liam is Shay's close friend who Shay considered a shoo-in for the next Mentor.
  • The Mole: An Assassin spy betrayed by Shay.

Haytham in Rogue is trying to fight the Obstructive Bureaucracy of the British Templars
While Haytham is setting up the Colonial Rite, the British Templars led by Big Bad Reginald Birch, as implied in Forsaken are disturbed by his lack of interest in First Civilization artifacts. So they take advantage of his recruitment of ex-Assassin Shay to police Haytham, serving as a check and balance to his power. Shay is even asked by Birch to kill Adewale so as to make sure Haytham doesn't find out about his father Edward's past. This will probably create tension between Haytham and Shay, who likely views the latter as a potential starscream. Likewise, it will be Shay who will point Haytham in the direction of his sister Jenny to rescue her so as to send him out of Colonial America. Meanwhile, Shay will conduct a special mission in America to look for First Civilization artifacts directly serving the Templars.

Shay did not leave a descendant
Shay did not leave behind a descendant. He was killed by Achilles in the Arctic but he left him frozen, his body was recovered by Templar scientists who took a blood sample and preserved it a blood vial. His memories are accessed in the present via Blood Vial. It will be a cool way to subvert the Foregone Conclusion of the previous series and it directly follows the blood vial introduced in Black Flag, so as to add suspense vis-a-vis Anyone Can Die.
  • Probably Jossed. Shay has no romantic relationships in the game, but is well alive and easily in a position to father a descendant.
    • Definitely Jossed by the first Last Descendents book. One of the ancestors in that book is Shay's grandson Cudgel Cormac. Furthermore, since Cudgel's memories were being relived in an Animus by one of the modern day characters, Shay clearly has descendants that could have willingly donated their DNA to Abstergo.

Adewale will confront Haytham before being killed by Shay
He'll be very disappointed that his best friend's son is the very thing they fought against. The reason Adewale gets defeated is that Haytham arrives in time and distracts him and Adewale cannot bring himself to kill Edward's son. That mercy costs him. In the White Void Room, he and Haytham will have a chat while Shay looks over.
  • Unfortunately confirmed, but averted in the White Void Room. Shay and Adewale speak to each other before Haytham steps in at the very end

The link between Rogue and Unity
It's the box. Shao Jun's box. It was never explained what it was, but an identical box later made an appearance in Freedom Cry. Adewale is confirmed to appear in Rogue, fighting Shay. Chances are, Shay kills him. Shay will end up finding the box (which wouldn't speak well for Bastienne's safety), and at the end of the game, it will fall into the hands of someone that will show up in Unity, where the box will be integral to the plot. At the time of Freedom Cry, Ubisoft had already confirmed that Freedom Cry hints at a later game...
  • As it turns out, Shay was the man who killed Arno's father.

"Joe" the Night Stalker will appear
Either as a main target, or as part of a side mission. We know he was an Assassin, we know he was active in New York, and we know he was particularly effective and terrifying. Considering he hunted Asshole Victims with a freaking butcher's hook, he'd make an interesting Anti-Villain for Shay. Additionally, it would give them an excuse to bring him back once again, and they haven't shied from using multiplayer characters in single player before.

The game will end with Achilles killing Shay and getting his famous injury...
The usual assumption that the Player Character has to father a child to pass his memories are no longer necessary after Black Flag where the Data Dump Scanner can build a sequence with DNA samples, hence the "Sample 17" where we can relive Desmond's memories instead of having him undergo bleeding effect. So it's possible that we are accessing Shay's memories after his corpse, long missing, was recently uncovered, perhaps dumped in the Arctic so preserved in a block of ice. Or that Achilles managed to take a sample of his blood in a vial, also introduced last game at the moment of his death.
  • Partially. Shay lives, but Achilles does get his injury when Haytham kneecaps him.

  • This explains why Shay isn't even referred to in III and downplays the Remember the New Guy? aspect of his insertion into the game. Achilles and Haytham both saw Shay as a dead end and had not relevant to Connor's story.
    • Alternatively, Shay is preserved in a block of ice in suspended animation until being thawed out by Connor who in the 1790s picks up on some loose ends Achilles left behind. Connor discovers that Shay is somehow alive, and after hearing his story of the fall of the brotherhood, offers him a second chance or a unity. That leaves the game open to say, send Shay to Ireland and fight the 1798 Irish Rebellion.

About the Modern Day story
The achievements for the game are out now, and since they involve fixing computers, it's gonna go two ways: either you're a new IT guy replacing John after the events of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, or you are still playing as RL, the previous modern day character.

John is in the Grey
The same achievement leak mentioned above includes "He's Not Dead, is He?" for the second modern day mission. John died screaming "Guide me into the Grey beloved!"...

Adewale will be a recurring boss
We've seen him with both a shorter beard and a longer beard in pre-release materials. You'll probably have to fight him several times over a long period of time in Rogue, with perhaps even being a climax boss.
  • Jossed. Adewale is dealt with in a single mission.

One of the people Shay kills was Stephane Chapheau's father
Stephane tells Connor that his father died fighting in the French and Indian War. It's most likely his father was an Assassin and/or part of the French military.

Shay's Mission Takes Him to Lisbon
The Eurogamer preview mentions a major event in Lisbon, that can only be the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake which was a MAJOR influence on The Enlightenment. Achilles asks him to recover a P O E or something from Lisbon at all costs, but in the process forcing Shay to make a Sadistic Choice between a trinket and saving people's lives from a deadly earthquake. That would certainly make him jump over to the Templars.
  • Jossed: the Assassins inadvertently caused said earthquake by meddling with Precursor technology.

William Miles isn't actually dead
Confirmed as of Origins. William is still alive.
This is a different Abstergo Employee than R.L. from Black Flag.
If you read the modern day journal entries after the epilogue, it's clear that this employee doesn't know about the existence of the modern day Assassin/Templar conflict. They write about them being unaware, and being thankful to the Templars for keeping people safe. They also don't know anything about Juno. R.L. knows just about everything.

Shay's motivations are based on long standing Daddy Issues
As described in Shay's profile, he fell apart when his dad died until he joined up with the Assassins. But his new father figure Achilles is stern and distant when Shay wants approval and love, so Shay acts like a rebellious teenager, always questioning Achilles acting belligerent. But when his new father figure George Monro spoilers him with things like a decent family and Templar friends that are all nice to him, Shay follows Monro without question because he wants his new dad's continued approval.

Animus Memories contain Bias
In the one game where we are allowed to play as a Templar, the Assassins are portrayed as the villains and Templars as the (morally ambiguous) heroes, and back in ACIII, there was no sign that Haytham's group were evil until The Reveal, so it makes sense to conclude that Templars appear more villainous while looking through the eyes of an Assassin, and visa versa. The Assassins in Rogue may not be quite as evil as the Templars in previous games, but that's only logical when you see that Cormac clearly doesn't want to think of his ex-comrades as villains.
  • This doesn't necessarily mean that Templars were not evil and Assassins were not righteous, just that there may have been some exaggeration.

Achilles and Haytham made a point of directing Connor away from Shay.
Shay being a brutal Hero Killer gives a good reason for his utter lack of mention by both men, both of whom want Connor to live.

Shay has somehow survived to modern day and he's the current General of the Cross
From a diagetic standpoint, the General should be someone we know from experience and Shay is one of the only Templars with no confirmed death, and a suitably tumultuous backstory for a great villain. Considering the Pieces of Eden can do pretty much anything, immortality is probably not difficult to achieve in this setting. Add these factors up and you've got one awesome reveal coming your way.
  • If immortality is possible in the AC-verse, why waste it on Shay, why not give it to Edward or Haytham, characters who are more popular than Shay. Anyway, the General of the Cross for it to be a Plot Twist has to be a character we know right from the beginning. So a better candidate for that would be William Miles.
    • This theory raises the question of why Abstergo would bother combing through Shay's memories, since they could, you know, just ask him (maybe Shay's are only used for indoctrination purposes?)

The Templars orchestrated the 1741 Slave Conspiracy Trials
Because of assassins like Adéwalé the order had made huge inroads with former slaves and early abolitionists. In order to weaken this base in New York the Templars spread rumors that, like in 1712, black slaves were about to rebel. Those accusations enabled them to hold kangaroo courts for those they suspected were assassin allies. Depending on his age the Finnegans' son may have been involved as one of the early accusers. It could even have been where he showed his loyalty by implicating others as co conspirators (the 4 white people hung would have been known assassins under this wmg). All of this led to a weakened Brotherhood desperate to preserve whatever connections it can. Which is why when Shay arrives on scene the largest Assassin allied factions are gangs. Armed criminals would be much harder for Templars to dislodge than hapless slaves and civilians.

Shay's mind was warped by the Lisbon Piece of Eden
In order to set the stage for the events of ACIII, Juno warped Shay's memories and perception of reality. His inability to properly talk with Achilles, stealing the manuscript instead of burning it, the Motive Decay in his last scene are because he is being controlled by someone with an agenda different from his own.

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