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  • Given that this game is a refinement of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, much of the awesome gameplay elements of Black Flag apply here as well.
  • At the end of the Assassin Hunter Trailer, Shay is surrounded by Assassins (Including a younger Achilles), and at the receiving end of a gun. What does he do? Simply turns around, giving them a Death Glare, and draws his Hidden blade implying he's about to take them all on by himself.
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  • Adéwale calling Haytham out by stating that Edward would be ashamed of what he's become, and that he'd be lucky to be half the man he was.
  • A subversion in that after a fairly complex mission of following a ship, acquiring its cargo, infiltrating Mount Vernon (!), and taking down numerous guards with Beserker Darts, you have to kill George Washington's brother. The subversion? The target is a sickly old man with a month to live who even thanks Shay for quickening his death. Shay feels disgusted about the whole thing.
    • Repeated again with the next assassination target, Samuel Smith, as Shay is forced to kill a man who doesn't fight back or even run. The fact the Assassins play these murders off as great victories does a great deal to undermine Shay's faith in them.
  • Shay confronting the Assassins after being forced to murder two helpless old men. He's sick of their hypocritical bullshit and is staying true to the Creed by finding his own morality, and drawing a line. He's had enough.
  • While absolutely horrifying, Shay's free-run through the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake is a spectacular display of parkour.
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker but when Shay steals the manuscript, Achilles orders him to be killed. As a result, it seems the entirety of the Homestead's population turn into a Torches and Pitchforks mob to kill him. Not a single person sticks up for him. Why is it a Moment of Awesome? Because according to the Full Synch requirments, Shay not only didn't get shot while running from an army with a home turf advantage, he manages to escape an entire city of Assassins without killing anyone.
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  • Despite barely being able to stand after his near-fatal encounter with the Assassins, Shay proceeds to beat up two armed thugs and then chase them down on a rooftop before going after their boss in a heavily-fortified compound. The aftermath video implies Shay leaves a huge number of corpses which stuns Colonel Monro.
  • It gets better as it's implied, on the same day, Shay goes to rescue Monro's friend Gist. Shay not only defeats all of the guards there and rescues the man mid-hanging but then proceeds to kill nine or ten fully trained Assassins guarding the Morrigan. The only downside is Shay's thinking is so muddled from his recovery he doesn't seem to recognize they're Assassins. This isn't Gameplay and Story Segregation either as the objectives make it clear Shay actually killed that many.
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  • "Men O' War" is one long Crowning Moment of Awesome for three reasons. One, Shay gets the wheel of the HMS Pembroke, a huge Man O' War with enough firepower to decimate anything short of another Man O' War with a few salvos, which you use to obliterate an entire French fleet. Two, Templar Grand Master Haytham Kenway accompanies you throughout the whole thing. Three, the enemy commander you go up against is none other than Adéwalé, co-star of Black Flag turned Old Master Assassin leader.
  • Shay chases and kills Hope whilst he is poisoned. The poison? Something that stops his heart beating unless he moves. Add to that the fact that Full Synch required Shay to completely avoid the small army protecting Hope, and only kill Hope, an assassin with skills that rival Shay's.
  • Legendary Ships make a return, except this time, they are Legendary Battles; i.e. you take on not just one ship, but sometimes two to three legendary ships, and most are accompanied by other smaller ships. To even the odds, you get some ships accompanying you as well.
    • Special mention has to be make for the last Legendary Battle, which only appears after you completed all the other ones. Even its name on the map adds the word 'Epic' in front of 'Legendary Battle' just to warn you that, yes, this is only for the best of the best seafarer in the business. The battle itself makes good on this promise. You start off with quite a few ally ships backing you up going into a storm. There is only one enemy ship present, the Assassin's best ship in its navy, the Storm Fortress. Its introduction cutscene has it uses its flaming explosive shots and mortars to destroy all ships in front of it, and as the fight starts proper, WILL annihilates all your ally ships in mere seconds if it hasn't go after you first. Forget the El Impoluto and its nightmarish ram, this thing will use everything on its arsenal to send you back to the stone age with its ridiculously fast reload time and impenetrable broadside armor, and when you survive long enough to even down its health to one-thirds of its health bar, two more Men-O-Wars, the Argonaut and the Sceptre, will show up to back up the Storm Fortress with no warning AT ALL, turning the already grueling battle into a desperate fight for survival as you try to evade devastating broadsides and mortar rains. Now THIS is the legendary battle worthy of Assassin's Creed.
  • One of the U-Play DLC packs allows Shay to go around with a Katana. Awesome enough, but collect the Viking Armour, and you have a katana wielding Irish Assassin-turned-Templar Viking Pirate. Do we need to say more?
  • A small one, but when Haytham disarms and knocks down Achilles and is about to kill him, Shay runs out to stop him, complete with a "NOOO!" When Haytham demands why, a stereotypical Templar might have exclusively used or led with a pragmatic argument (That Achilles could warn off other Assassins from Precursor sites) — but that was Shay's second argument; his first was that Achilles was defeated and now harmless, so "what kind of world are we making if we cannot show mercy?"" Considering that only Haytham and Achilles were present, much less in earshot, Shay had his What You Are in the Dark moment and came through intact.

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