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“Et on s'est tellemont assojetti, en la dernière, à certaines règles et à certains chiffres, qu'on en a fait un art confus et obscur, qui embarrasse l'esprit, qu lieu d'une science qui le cultive.” Translation  - Rene Descartes, Discourse on Method

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Blue-and-Orange Morality Agnostic Grammar Police Not So Stoic Israeli.

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  • I got my handle from the rather insignificant Yu-Gi-Oh! card Des Dendle.
  • I am:
    • Male.
    • A drinker of good tea. Especially Earl Grey.

    This Troper dislikes the following things 

    Tropes that that guy, desdendelle, thinks he's an example of 
  • Agnostic: of the 'weak agnostic atheist' variation. It basically means the following:
  1. I don't know whether God(s) exist, or not.
  2. I tend to thinknote  that no such being exists.
  3. I think that it is possible to know whether God(s) exist, unless it's proven otherwise.

    Lazy man's box 
(This is where I drop off stuff I need but am too lazy to find every time.)

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    Former signatures 
  • "Uhhh, boss? There's this weird portal that's sucking the world up."
    "Build a wall around it. It'll be fine." —Evi I Paladin, describing a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! card.
  • "...I don't even mind this derail because it's so much better than the derails that could be going on right now." -Best Of, in the short-lived second Israeli politics thread.
  • "... You're making me think about a parasitic, Raising Heart wielding Kyubey living inside people" -Sergio Turbo
  • "The! The A and the It have been caught by Daleks!"
    "The who?"
    "No, we left her on Gallifrey..." -hS
  • "Sergio Turbo/firemagic/Desdendelle.
    A cuddly sandwich of animé and magical girls and bespectacled folks." -Lily Winterwood
  • The British Plover that isn't British.
    [17:27:48] Plummet: Stop being British damn you.
  • Madame Vastra: The game is afoot. We are going to need a lot of tea.