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Describe the troper GRiTHoKSKuLK here.

...How about not?

(G Ri T Ho KS Ku LK is a procrastinator and will finish this later.)

Oh yeah. This guy's got tropes too. Here's a list of 'em, I guess:

G Ri T Ho KS Ku LK is also writing a book in progress, known as Zephyr. Tropes associated with this work's characters, of which Mr. S Ku LK is relatively proud, include the following.

January Lewis Brine
The narrator of the story. Described as being objectionable (which is an Understatement), he is generally willing to lend a hand; that is, if the price is right. Uses a scythe and magic in battle, and is good friends with Aro and Mercades.

Ariandro Lawliet Burezzi
The subject of the story. Ariandro, or Aro, is a mystical being known as the Orloge that is born once every hundred years and is supposed to control everything about Tatsh, the world upon which this takes place. The Whitlock Group, however, wants the Orloge's power to power the DUET, an apocalypse death-ray, and so Aro has to be constantly on the move. He has taken up residence with January where he currently hides from the tenacious Whitlock Group.

Mercades Moira Margatroyde
A recurring character and one of the smartest people at the high school which January attends—Saint Margatroid's Academy. She and January used to date, but now they're Vitriolic Best Buds. She doesn't learn about Aro until about sixty pages in, but afterward, becomes part of January's group, for better or for worse.

Charlie Catcher [[spoiler

Mort Albert Viyer

Dodger Mary Brine


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