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The Fro in question. Well, most of it.

Well, I said that I’d get around to editing this page eventually, so I’m going to do it now. But seeing as I’m a complete and total noob to formatting any kind of web base page, let alone Tv Tropes pages, I’m going to try and keep and simple and edit it in stages. Not that many people will be following this, but I like to think of it as my own person struggle to learn the formatting here and a way to fit in. So here goes nothing.


Background Information

  • Real Name: Corey
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthdate: October 15, 1990

     Anime and Manga 
     Tropes that apply to me 
     My Catch Phrases 
  • Fun
  • Oh dear
  • That's not good
  • That works too
  • Apparently
  • For some reason

     Vandalism goes here 
  • Your name's Corey and you're in your early twenties. At first, I thought you might be cs188... —Füsch
  • Hello there. I thought I'd vandalize your page. It seems that there's quite a bit on your page that was put there by me. - Completely Normal Guy
  • Ahoy-hoy. You're a nifty dude. Have a nice day!~ -Muramasan13
  • And after a magnificent Frosplosion, everyone in the room was suprised to find that they had suddenly grown an awesome fro. A disco party of awesomeness soon followed. - Demoralized Ant
  • THAT TEREZI PIC I WANT IT. - Johnnyfog
  • DECAF!? *Dies* - That One Guy Named X
  • You call that a fro? You are a disgrace to fro-kind. I mean, it doesn't even have more volume than your head and neck combined! ~flocculentCamelidae

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