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BeerBaron is a troper (since 2012) from Central Pennsylvania who currently resides outside of Philadelphia. He works in software development, is a freelance writer, and loves dogs. He is a big believer that Tropes Are Flexible, dislikes tropes that are overly narrow in scope, and hates deletions without an edit reason.

Favorite series and pages with major contributions:

Tropes Launched:

Trope Ideas:

TLP Adoption Consideration

Tropes with Major Efforts:

  • Drafting Mechanic (Expanded the formerly Board Game-focused description and added numerous examples.)
  • Good Guns, Bad Guns (Cleaned up the overly long, overly technical, largely lacking context description. Alphabetized the examples, expanded some, added plenty, and commented out ZCEs.)
  • Very Fake Résumé: (Planned to adopt the TLP effort, worked on it in a sandbox... then realized the OP had very quietly launched it. Added my expansions, cleanup, and examples.)

Favorite Tropes: