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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Episode 29 is one big one for Hiroko Sakurai, Kenji Sahara, Yasuhiko Saijou, and their respective Ultra Q characters Yuriko, Jun, and Ippei.
    • Likewise, Episode 23 for Masanari Nihei, Susumu Kurobe, and Hiroko Sakurai. A photo of Professor Date, Chief Tomioka, and Professor Yoshinaga together when they were younger is literally of Ide, Hayata, and Fuji, complete with Science Patrol uniforms.
    • Kohji Moritsugu cameos in Episode 19 as an archaeologist. Guess how he puts on his glasses?note 
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    • Nao Nagasawa plays the title girl of "The Daughter of Zetton", and at one point (when possessed by Alien Zetton), is seen in a ninja outfit when infiltrating the DASH base.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Ruganogar from Episode 28 was the winner of a contest Tsuburaya held for children to create a monster to appear in a series.
  • The Danza: Sean Nichols plays DASH's American transfer Sean White.
  • Deleted Scene: A scene that only appeared in the initial broadcast of Episode 11 was a bit at the start where two children are seen playing with toys of Godzilla and Gamera and arguing which one is stronger before Antlar appears to trash the city. Shusuke Kaneko (who directed the episode) had to get special permission from Toho and Daiei to include the scene. It probably helped that he had worked on Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! and the 90s Gamera trilogy before that.
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  • Hey, It's That Sound!: As the first monsters Ultraman Max battles, Grangon and Lagoras use the respective roars of the first monsters in Ultraman Tiga, Golza and Melba!
  • Prop Recycling:
    • Halen was created from the Lidorias suit and later remade into Flygler. The suit was then transformed back into Lidorias for her cameo in Ultraman Saga.
    • Moetaranga was a heavily modified Grantella while Keplus created from Frogos from the same series (later turned back to Frogos when the Space Beast appared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle).
    • Satellite Basark was created from Scout Basark.
  • Shown Their Work: Episode 29 showed a fictionalized behind-the-scenes look at the 1960s Ultra Q. At one point, the three humans are filmed with a smaller camera then with a bigger, more advanced camera for a shot that will have footage of a monster composited/split-screened in. That's precisely how the Ultra shows were filmed back then: filming most of the stuff on 16mm film to save costs but filming shots that would be optically combined with monster footage or other special effects in 35mm. That way, when the shots are combined, printed to 16mm film, and edited with the original footage, there was no loss in quality (the same principal is also how high budgeted films of the 1970s-90s were filmed, only with 35mm as the smaller format). It probably helped that two of the recurring characters were played by actors involved with Ultra Q and Ultraman.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ultraman Xenon's role in Episode 13 (Zetton) was originally going to be Zoffy, but they decided to make a new Ultra instead.
    • Ultraman Max went through several proposed names during development, including Ultraman Phoenix, Ultraman Wing (both in reference to the bird motif incorporated onto his chest armor), and Ultraman Xenon (the last of which was given to his superior).
    • Gomora's role in Episode 22 was supposed to be filled by Telesdon, but the monster was switched at the last moment.
    • Pagos was supposed to return in Episode 29, but Masahiro Yamada (who wrote Pagos' Ultra Q debut episode) died, so TsuPro decided to retire Pagos and create Geronga instead.
    • Yamentaranse, the monster that caused extreme lethargy, was meant to return in Episode 31, but due to a lack of budget to create a new suit, the producers simply modified the Grantella suit to instead make a monster that causes extreme hyperactivity, Moetaranga.


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