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  • Acclaimed Flop: A variation. Her face push in 2012 didn't exactly go over well with fans, since she missed TV for weeks at a time and didn't get much in the way of storylines. However many noted her vast improvement in the ring and gave her matches good reviews.
  • Dye Hard: She lightened her hair to a caramel brown in late 2012 before going blonde. She reverted to her natural dark brown midway through 2013.
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  • Dyeing for Your Art: Claims she had to work out twice a day and diet to maintain her figure.
  • Fake American: Before her Heel–Face Turn, British Layla used an American accent (Quite convincingly, by the way.) and was even billed to be from Miami, Florida. It came as a shock to those who have not been on the internet when Layla began using a British accent.
  • Old Shame: The Extreme Expose gimmick, along with the other two women involved. She was the only one who actually had dance training, and the girls were never told what music they'd have or how long their segments would run for. So on a TV day they would have a couple of hours to haphazardly put a routine together.
  • Reclusive Artist: Since leaving WWE, she has stopped updating her Twitter and Instagram accounts and has not given any interviews.
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  • Romance on the Set: Inverted. She dated and eventually married a former WWE Superstar, Ricky Ortiz, but they didn't date until long after he had left WWE. She was linked to Cody Rhodes for a while back in 2010, too.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There has been rumors that Kelly Kelly's top face push in 2011 was meant for Layla, who turned face, retired Michelle McCool and was given momentum before she was injured. Notably the Kharma storyline started with Kharma appearing after Kelly and Layla's matches. There has been talk that the storyline would have had Kelly turning heel to recruit Kharma as a bodyguard - presumably feuding with Layla. However this seems to contradict Gail Kim's claims that Kharma was planned to feud with Beth Phoenix.
    • There were talks of her returning after her ACL injury to side with Zack Ryder and feud with Eve Torres who had just turned heel. She did eventually feud with Eve a few months later over the Divas' Championship however.
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    • Although she did turn heel on Kaitlyn eventually, they teased it several times before it actually happened. A rumour circulated that Layla would turn heel and lead an 8-Diva tag team match against Kaitlyn's team for WrestleMania 29. They seemed to start it only to abandon it after two weeks, and the Divas didn't make it to the event at all.
    • It was almost a fluke that LayCool ended up happening. Alicia Fox was the one groomed to be Michelle McCool's Beta Bitch in her initial top heel push on SmackDown. Then Alicia was inexplicably drafted to Raw, and Layla took her place as the one teaming with Michelle. One wonders how Layla's career would have gone if Alicia hadn't been drafted.
    • The creative team outright said that they were planning to move Katie Lea to SmackDown right before she was released in 2010. Given her 'Beautiful Nightmare' gimmick and the fact that Beth Phoenix was injured soon after, it's quite likely that Katie would have feuded with LayCool. This would have put the two British Divas in the WWE against each other for the first time.note 

General Trivia:

  • Layla and Eve Torres are the first Diva Search Winners to have wrestled each other in singles competition.
  • Layla is the only Diva Search Winner to have held the WWE Women's Championship and she is also recognised as the last Diva to hold the title. Despite this, she only defended the title once on television (apart from live events). Michelle defended it in her place against Tiffany once and represented LayCool in the unification match.

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