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Trivia / BloodRayne

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The video game series:

  • Banned in China: Banned on Xbox LIVE in Australia.
  • Fandom Nod: Several of the portraits in the first game's levels are based on photos of members of the (now defunct) Spookhouse forum for Nocturne.
  • Retroactive Recognition: BloodRayne 2 was only now-veteran voice actor Troy Baker's second video game role. The Guttural Growler voice he uses for Kagan makes it hard to spot him, but Severin is much closer to one of his "standard" voices, bar the British accent.
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  • The Character Died with Him: Lynn Mathis (who voiced Stranger in Terminal Reality's other games and DarkMan in the first BloodRayne) died in 2003, barely a year after BloodRayne was released. Out of respect, Terminal Reality replaced DarkMan with Severin (voiced by Troy Baker).
  • Throw It In!: Part of the script was written in a bid to make Laura Bailey blush and the lines that did were the ones that were used.
  • What Could Have Been: Rayne's initial character design was meant to be reminiscent of Svetlana Lupescu from Nocturne, Terminal Reality's Survival Horror game that inspired BloodRayne but was later scrapped and redesigned into the Rayne we all know today. There's a passing reference to a character that might be Svetlana in the first game, when Mynce mentions one of Rayne's half-sisters also working for Brimstone.

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