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The games:

  • Acceptable Political Targets: In most of the first game you are an American fighting Nazis in 1938.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The way to beat almost all of the bosses in the first game is to build up your blood meter by hitting them, then activate blood rage and curbstomp them into bloody chunks. A couple of the bosses, namely Mauler and Wulf, are invincible against anything except blood rage. Blood Rayne 2 is almost exactly the same, except you build up the blood meter by executing minions instead of just whacking at the boss.
  • Complete Monster:
    • First game and the comic series:
      • Jurgen Wulf was a German World War I war criminal fascinated with the occult. Becoming the leader of the Gegengeist Gruppe, Wulf uses his position to seek out the parts of Beliar, the first devil to ascend to self-proclaimed godhood. He introduces himself having summoned the Queen of the Underworld and her offspring to infect and wipe out a whole town to get Beliar's rib. Later, when he discovers Rayne's friend Mynce was a Double Agent, he rips Mynce's heart out in front of Rayne. Returning in the comics, it's discovered decades later that Wulf was resurrected from Hell by what he calls "Saviours", ancient beings that far predate the universe, and denounces his past as a Nazi in their favor. Wulf takes over Red Blood Run, a Human Trafficking operation that abducted thousands of innocent people to forcibly experiment on them and turn them into vampires. This was part of a greater conspiracy in which Wulf infiltrates Brimstone with his "Saviours" in a plot to usurp God and sell out humanity as his masters subjugate all creation.
      • Dr. Bathory Mengele, aka "The Butcheress", is a particularly vicious member of the Gegengeist Gruppe and proud descendant of Elizabeth Báthory, continuing her "family tradition" of bathing in the blood of virgins. Growing a fascination with the parasitic Daemites, she keeps breeding them to further the GGG's plans, but mainly for her own amusement. Bathory callously feeds her soldiers to the Daemites, enthusiastically describing to Rayne how they horrifically infect and kill their victims, as well as her considering setting them loose on America. In the comics, Bathory reemerges decades after her seeming death as a treacherous ally to the Kagan Cult and master of an army of Nazi Zombies. When Rayne confronts her, its revealed that Rayne was one of many young girls and teenagers taken by Bathory to have their blood collected when Bathory realizes she's a dhampir and attempts to test a Daemite larvae on her, before gutting Rayne and leaving her to die.
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    • BloodRayne 2: Kagan is Rayne's father. A powerful Vampire Monarch, Kagan has a fascination with the Dhampir race and creates his own by raping human women to produce offspring before eventually killing every member of their maternal family and everything they care about, leaving them with nobody but Kagan himself to rely on. Kagan ended up working with the Nazis to further his own goals and killed Rayne's mentor and friend, torturing him by strangling him with his own intestines before the man used a grenade to destroy himself with Kagan, except Kagan had survived. Kagan uses a plan to blot out the sun and leave a vampire kingdom for himself and his kind, to rule as a king. Kagan displays no care for any other being, coldly informing one of his daughters her services are no longer required before having her thrown into a miles-long drop, and later mocks Rayne by declaring she's scarce worth the "effort I took to create it."
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  • Demonic Spiders: Ephemera's sword-wielding female mooks. They can electrify their swords for extra damage, which also causes attempts to harpoon them to damage you. You can't feed on them from the front because they'll block you, throw you to the ground, and smack you. Even without electrifying their swords they hit like a truck. The best way to attack them is to get behind them, but they're also fast enough to make that a tall order.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Butcheress from the first game is one of the most popular characters, to the point they brought her back as the antagonist in one of the comics.
  • Foe Yay
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The first game's implementation of the Blood Rage mechanic makes Rayne virtually unstoppable. Time slows down, Rayne speeds up, and she inflicts so much damage in such a short amount of time that almost any non-boss enemy will be instantly killed or maimed, and most bosses will have their health drained very quickly. The Bloodlust gauge is also refilled by any melee attack, making it easy to replenish.
    • Use your Super Reflexes to get behind specially-uniformed officers (who otherwise resist frontal bite attempts). Then suck them dry—this can be much quicker than slashing or shooting them while healing you to boot.
    • The Final Boss's lair in the sequel contains a fountain filled with blood which can replenish both Rayne's health and blood meters when the player stands in it. Standing in the pool and using Rayne's time stopping ability makes this the easiest fight in the game.
    • Freeze Time in II is like Dilated Perception on overdrive: Rayne moves at normal speed, while every enemy on screen is virtually frozen in place. They still move, but incredibly slowly. Oh yeah, this even affects bosses, including Kagan himself.
  • Good Bad Bugs: There's a cheat code in BloodRayne 2 that opens up the game's debug menu. This allows you to do things like turn off the bump mapping or screw around with the graphics engine. If you're interested in game design at all, it's actually pretty neat.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The rail-grinding sections in the 2nd game are clearly based on those from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, except for the parts where you can use guns or blades against enemies while grinding. The Sonic games wouldn't see anything like that until the following year.
    • In the first game, in the Argentina level, an Easter Egg Shout-Out to Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark is featured in a form of the Ark of the Covenant in a crate in a secret room. Spielberg himself would later return the favor by having Rayne featured subtlety as an avatar in his movie Ready Player One. As shown in this image, just as the final battle is starting and all the players are running into battle, she can be seen in the shot with Tracer, standing very close to Lara Croft on the far left side of the screen with one of her blades held in the air and shouting “First to the key” with the others. Her outfit and bright red hair could be seen for a split second.
  • Les Yay:
    • Rayne and Mynce.
    • Rayne's conversation with the Butcheress is pretty suggestive.
    • Rayne and the female minions in the second game.
  • It's Hard, So It Sucks!: Due to Surprise Difficulty in Betrayal, many complain about the game being a Nintendo Hard platformer and put it down from frustration. It also doesn't help that the third-person shooter games aren't very hard games either.
  • More Popular Spin-Off: Bloodrayne was originally a spinoff of Nocturne, a Resident Evil-style third person survival horror game for the PC.
  • Narm: This scene from the first game, after Rayne witnesses a Daemite possessing a Nazi officer:
    Rayne: "Very attractive."
    Rayne: "Whatever you are, you just said the wrong words."
  • Narm Charm: The Mooks in the final act of Blood Rayne 2 (Kagan's Tower) talk like Jersey Shore rejects and have ridiculously silly dialogue, which can make them seem wildly out of place given the otherwise horror-filled setting.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Any point in 2 where you have to use the harpoon to throw enemies into a specific stage-hazard, as 90% of the time the enemies never land where you want them to (assuming they actually go flying in the first place, instead of just kinda falling 2 ft. away from where they originally where or getting caught on another part of the stage), and other enemies will constantly be attacking you, causing you to lose your hold on the one that you harpooned (and you can't use the Freeze Enemies code to prevent them from attacking you, as mooks will never be in the right position for you to throw into a hazard otherwise, and you'll eventually run out as no more will respawn). And if there's an instance where multiple hazards have to be activated at a time, then good luck trying to activate one before the enemy that's impaled on another eventually fades away.
  • Squick: When Rayne defeats Slezz, she has to crawl inside her blown-open belly to rip her heart out. She's understandably disgusted.
    Rayne: I think I need a minute alone.
  • That One Boss: The Final Boss battle against Wulf and Beliar is also the hardest. Beliar must be killed within a certain amount of time, or he will grow too large to defeat and instantly kill Rayne via cutscene, and is immune to melee attacks. Wulf, meanwhile, is impervious to bullets, runs at super speed, and has a flame-based attack that can heavily damage Rayne. There are also no lesser enemies in this area to feed upon, meaning that Rayne cannot heal herself during the battle.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Part of the fanbase's reaction to the BloodRayne: Betrayal gameplay trailer, due to Metroidvania design and the animesque style of it. And it's about as hard as the 2D Ninja Gaiden games.

The films:

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: The lesbian and truck sex scenes in The Third Reich are well, pretty damn memorable. Mostly because both come out of nowhere.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Kagan, much like his video game counterpart, is a powerful vampire king and Rayne's father, having raped and murdered her mother. Taking advantages of a lawless land, Kagan has an army of vampires and humans at his disposal to wipe out the human race. Kagan seeks the eye, heart and rib of the ancient vampire Belial (Beliar in the first game) to further empower himself. When Rayne allies herself with the Brimstone society, Kagan sends his army to the Brimstone headquarters, killing hundreds of innocent people. When Kagan captures Rayne and discovers she empowered herself with Belial's pieces, he plans to ritually extract the pieces from her. In the final fight, he manages to kill the Brimstone leader, Vladimir, before facing Rayne in a final duel.
    • There's also Billy the Kid. See that page for details.


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