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The first game:

  • The Daemites may be horrifying abominations, but the only thing they have to say to Rayne is quite hilarious.
    Daemite: I'll wear you like lederhosen!
    Rayne: Whatever you are, you just said the wrong words.
  • After hitching a ride in a Nazi truck, Rayne has this to say:
    Thanks for the ride, fucko!
  • After destroying Beliar once and for all, Rayne simply flips off his heart.

The second game:

  • Zerenski's guests are mesmerized by Rayne's dress. One guy in particular:
    That's definitely stimulating my economy!
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  • Most of the game's humor comes from Rayne's snark. A few gems that come to mind:
    Minion: The master — I mean, Mr. Zerenski — would prefer that all the guests remain downstairs, madam.
    Rayne: The master can blow me, monkey suit.
    (after dismembering an enemy) And I thought somebody was going to lose an eye.
    (a car crash causes the bar to catch fire) I'm trapped in a burning honky-tonk and the jukebox is downstairs! Somebody's gonna pay for this!
  • There's a particular Squick-tastic moment where Rayne blows open Slezz's stomach and has to climb inside to rip out her heart. Amidst Severin's praises of her, and is seemingly traumatized by getting "bowel in her hair". She then climbs up Slezz's corpse to the exit.
    Rayne: I think I need a minute alone ...
  • Rayne's first encounter with the Shadow Legion.
    Shadow Legion Vampire: *whispering vampirish*
    Rayne: God, you guys and your stupid, secret dead languages. Always showing off.
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  • And then there's the one she has later.
    Rayne: Do you think it's cool? Really? It's not that cool. You're probably making it up as you go.
  • The minions have more than a few particularly funny moments.
    We're getting our asses handed to us here! Drop the exit now! (the exit drops, crushing another minion into Ludicrous Gibs)
    Alright men, turn the pumps back on! LET IT FLOOOOOW!

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