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  • As with previous Soulsborne games, the critical attack animations can be quite hilarious, with many of them looking like you're shoving your weapon (or, if unarmed, your fists) up the enemies' butts or or through their crotches. This is especially and famously apparent with the Maneater Boar.
  • The description for the Pebble item.
    "Can be thrown at enemies. Quite thrilling."
  • The Doll's reaction when you do the Make Contact gesture in front of her is to stare blankly for over a minute, and then clap enthusiastically once you switch arm positions. Actually, quite a few of her gesture reactions fall into either this or the "downright adorable" category. Several other gestures cause her to give a delightfully polite and understated Quizzical Tilt.
    • Since the Brain of Mensis also only reacts when you switch arms, it seems to imply that you and possibly the Healing Church in its entirety has been getting the gesture wrong, and it's supposed to be with the other arm raised.
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  • Kicking corpses around for the Ragdoll Physics to kick in in all their wonky glory is a very good way to defuse the tension after a big fight.
  • SunlightBlade's Top 10 Funny Moments video is about 11 minutes of ridiculous shenanigans.
  • The supposedly-safe Hunter's Dream is full of bloodstains showing people who either jumped off of ledges to kill themselves or using the transformed state of the Chikage or Logarius' Wheel to drain their own health to nothing. Not to mention the ones with cursed blood gems on their gear that reduce their health over time. More than a few blood stains can be found in front of the weapon fortification station, where someone added a cursed gem to their equipped weapon, and were working on another, blissfully unaware of what was happening until it was too late...
  • The mace-wielding Merciless Watchers. They're stark naked except for a pair of tattered booties. And they roll. Talk about taking the piss on "Fat Rolling"!note 
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  • On the first floor of the Lecture Hall, there's a room where you'll suddenly be assaulted by a dozen blob students. After killing all of the aggressive ones, you will, regardless of which door you started from, see at least two students who remained fast asleep through the entire battle, even with gunshots and molotovs going off. Whether human or monster, some college students can sleep through anything.
  • Micolash is probably the only character in the game who can be described as wacky. He makes odd moans and howls, will trip over his own shoelaces if you chase him long enough, and when killed will scream about forgetting everything with all the gravitas of a whiny toddler. Never mind the fact that he's dead in the real world.
  • Rom's spiders landing on their head if they miss you after a jumping attack. Has quite a cartoonish feel, leg twitching and all.
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  • Some of the enemies you'll encounter in the game are wheelchair-bound old men wielding unusually large firearms, such as lever-operated gatling guns or large long rifles with a heavy kick, and they cackle like giddy children while using them. You get the sense that in spite of the rampant plague and deadly beasts running amok, these old-'n'-loopy coots are having the time of their lives.
  • Using the Make Contact gesture in front of the Brain of Mensis nets you a rune. Eventually. It takes at least a minute of you standing there, arms outstretched, before it happens. And just before it does, you shift the positions of your arms. So, either you were doing the gesture backwards, and finally got the idea to try something different, or your arms just got tired. Or the ability to perform this gesture is sufficient contact for a Great One to try and talk to you.
  • If you wear the Gold Ardeo, helmet of the Executioner set, and slide down a ladder, it will clank against every rung on the way down. (While the sound effect in the video is, sadly, edited in, the animation of the helmet smacking on the rungs is not.)
  • One of the new runes in the DLC changes you into a Lumenwood. Besides just looking ridiculous, with your head looking like an over-sized glowing cauliflower, it also changes your rolls to what can best be described as a faceplant.
  • In the Cathedral area of the DLC, you can find a stack of books, including copies of How to Pick Up Fair Maidens. You know who else owns copies of this book? Gehrman.
  • On occasion, Central Yharnam hunters can be seen lifting their boot, giving it a shake, and scraping the sole on the ground. Even if you're a blood-crazed werewolf, stepping in dog poop is still just gross!
  • This Reddit post, which posits that the weirdness of Bloodborne is a result of the Player Character getting drunk on blood vials. The original post is funny enough, but the comments are also hilarious (for example, one comment is "I like the idea of the Hunter and Gascoigne being two hobos in a drunken, back-alley fistfight").


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